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The substance cannot be abused if the substance sustains the person. Let this resound loudly in the halls of critics who choose to denounce the consumption of psychoactive compounds. I don't need to tell most of this board anything here because this is all stuff you probably already know. Does it deserve to be documented and discussed on this board? I believe yes.

Every other religion has procured a large amount of it's number as a result of broken promises regarding substance abuse treatment. I see this as an abuse of other people's self improvement. Does Satanism have an answer to this? no. Satanists accept that every Satanist handles their issues on a personal level different from every other. These are simply some observations I have made, that when properly noted have kept me from suffering ill effects from my own vices. I respectfully present these ideas as a simple example. There will never be a Satanist rehab facility because helping other people over come something nobody else but them can understand is a pointless endeavor.

The problem constantly presented by the establishment is the elimation of the chemical agressor and not the psychological problem. Before anyone can hope to alter a habit with any victory, they must first win a victory over themselves rather than over a substance. For example, if you drink too much, and embarrass yourself, the only solution is to become the most civil and well controlled drunk you can be, before dare attempting sobriety. How can a conflicted, depressed, and misplaced person hope to stay sober? You know full well your problems did not begin with boose, cigarettes, pills, meth, coke, whatever you began using to make your problems hurt you less on the inside.

The problems have been around long before you got high, and they will still be there to greet you when you come down. Rehab cannot help you. Sobriety cannot help you. Confidence, self-awareness, and knowledge can. You shouldn't ask yourself :"why do I get high?". That's a stupid question with a stupid answer. What you should ask is much more direct. "What can I do about these problems, OTHER than get high?" If you pursue this course of thinking, you may find yourself so occupied you have no time for your addiction anymore. This is however, unlikely to be easy at first. But you should always be your own master, and accept help from nobody. Only you can make yourself master of yourself. If you seek somebody else's authority, that authority will be there to stay.

You must appoint yourself judge, jury, and executioner in you're life. That is the only path to true freedom.

If there's a problem, it's your fault, if there's a victory, you got lucky, make sure and record the environment in which it has happened. I claim little credit for many of my victories, I more claim credit for making possible the environment in which they happened. The random aspect of life should not be ignored. It governs far more than the averge person is aware of. Your victories in life are a cast of lots and effort, nothing more. Understand this, and you WILL be victorious every time.

No cult, no social circle, not even one so well informed as this one, will be any help to a struggling addict. Isolation from people and things associated with the object of addiction is only a small relief, one which is made redundant very quickly. Isolation from the self cannot further the goals of the self, or one's true will. The fact is, mental strength wins mental conflicts. Don't let the god squad take over your life just because you like your drugs a little too much. Everybody I've met that quit anything with success did it alone. The people getting piss tested and praying are just a stone's throw away from ODing on their first relapse. 

Fuck god, your family already hates you, and shrinks don't understand you. YOU can do it.

TheblackestBart May 30 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9 · Tags: alcohol, drugs, psychology, satanism, addiction
17 years ago I was going thru HARD withdrawals and almost ended up in hospital. I picked up the phone after a few days of suffering with the shakes, cold sweats and my skin crawling, and called AA. It was not my first time in and there was a slogan on the wall that said, "FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT". I tried. I was in the first time for three years and had to fake having a higher power *THEY* called god. I tried to stay sober and after three years I picked up a drink and said I was not an alcoholic. Some of the things I was told was, "if you don't believe in god, just use your chair as your higher power. It's holding you up!" or, "Say that GOD is GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTION." I hated those. 

So I was able to get to one year. Then it was 5 years. This whole time I had people willing to take me to meetings all over the place. I was in a large city at the time and I was able to get to any meeting near a bus stop. 

Then I bought a house in the middle of no where. 

I didn't have a car, my husband wasn't going to waste the gas to take me to a meeting and then come back out to get me. One person would take me to meetings and back home, but he stopped. I ended up not going to meetings, not even the one down the street from me. We had the same group of people and I noticed that going to hear the same story every 4 to 6 weeks was boring the hell out of me. Also there  was a bit of a problem with the lip service. There were posters and signs and even in the speech at the closing of the meeting that said, "If you have a problem, share it with someone." I would share the problem and get no feedback. Or I would be told to ask someone at the meeting for something, because my father in law knew them, and when I asked, they would just walk away. I knew I didn't want to be there anymore. 

I stopped going to meetings after 10 years. I think it was just before 10 years, because I don't have a 10 year chip. I now have 17 years behind me and I did it without the help of AA. 

I'm glad I left when I did. If you were not a god loving/fearing christian, they wouldn't talk to you at all. I was feeling all snubbed and unwanted, and when I left, I didn't look back. I don't want to believe in something I don't feel in my heart. Telling them that I didn't believe in god made them all question me and how could I be sober without a god in my life. 

I was tired of people in that religious cult (yes I called AA a religious cult) trying to sell me on god. I don't need any of that. I don't need to tell god or any other person what or why I did something wrong. When I talk to someone about how many years I have in, they ask me how I did it. I tell them that I did it on my own and I don't need AA or the 12 steps.

I was watching the tv show Mom the other day and when the drug addicts or alcoholics were trying to make amends, they couldn't see that the other person was being harmed again by them bringing up something from the past. I don't do that. If I harmed anyone in my past, they would see that I have already made amends by not putting them thru whatever hell I put them thru the first time. 

I'm good without god. 

YouHighPriestess Jan 28 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: sober, alcoholic, alcohol
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