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EpicFail TITS
When I think about love, I think of Hollywood drama for the most part.  People rant about it everyday without even thinking.  What is Love and where does the idea come from?

It seems people attach emotions to everything. The need to reproduce is a big one.  People keep making new people.  The need to survive as a species creates physiological symptoms, among them are human sentiments.

Every emotion is based on some sort of physical need. For every action there is a reaction. Every desire, concern, or despair are manifestations of physical reactivity.


EpicFail May 22 · Comments: 16 · Tags: philosophy, love, emotions

Today, my auntie told me a diabolical story she read in some shitty tabloid newspaper. It’s a true story, she said, and of course, I believe her. I don’t remember the title but the story illustrates in the best way the sinister spirit. So here it is:

There was once a man, called Johnny, who spent many years in prison for killing his wife. Not that he didn’t love her. In fact, he loved her so much that he got terribly jealous. One day, thinking she betrayed him with another man, in the surge of emotions, he smashed her head with a hammer. When he realized the horror of his deed, he wept and moaned but it was to late. His wife was dead and he found himself behind the bars. In prison he was so kind and humble that he was released earlier for good behavior.

When he came back home, he became a nature lover. He fed hungry birds in winter and started keeping hens. He also cared for stray dogs. But he had one favorite pet he loved fiercely; a little, nearly miniature cock, he called “Lilipucik”, which is a Polish diminutive name for a midget.

One winter morning, on his way to work, he met a homeless man. He was so hungry and looked so miserable that Johnny took pity on him and decided to take him to his home. The homeless man was really grateful and did all the work around the house. Every day, Johnny came back home, there was a hot meal waiting for him.

You know what I long for? – Johnny said to the homeless man – a good hot chicken soup. Kill one hen and cook the soup for me.

So the homeless man got up in the early morning, took an axe and started wondering which hen is most suitable for his benefactor’s dinner. Suddenly, he noticed a tiny thin cock staggering in the yard. Meh – he said to himself – this cock will be dead in no time. Why waste its meat?

And he chopped off Lilipucik’s head.

Johnny came back home and at the doorstep he felt the delicious smell of a soup. Oh how horrified he was when he saw his beloved little cock boiling in the pot! He didn’t listen to the homeless man’s feeble explanations, he wept and shouted at him. “What did you do?! How could you kill my Lilipucik?!” He threw his things out of the house and told him to go away.

The homeless guy shrugged his shoulders, thought the man was crazy, and went his way. Meanwhile, Johnny stopped weeping, looked again at the pot and felt his own head getting hot with surging fury. He took the axe, still stained with Lilipucik’s blood, got on his bike and followed the homeless guy. Finally, he reached him.

You know what it is? – he said showing him the axe – It’s the same axe you killed my little cock with. My dear Lilipucik, whom I loved so much. Now this very axe will chop off your head.

And he smashed the homeless man in the head.

A few months later, Johnny stands before the court.

It’s your second crime, your second murder – the judge says – you deserve the life sentence. Do you have anything to say in your defense?

It was love, Your Honor. – Johnny says – I did it all for love. I loved my wife so much that I killed her. And I loved my cock so much that I killed the motherfucker who dared to take his life. Without my little cock, life is worthless to me.

Bye my Lilipucik. Bye.

And little Johnny, totally devastated, rots in his cell.

Anna Feb 18 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: love, murder, passion, story, cock
Epicurus Member

Where 'love' is concerned  there are 2 particular kinds I shall be discussing about that are:

1. Eros

2. Agape


Eros is the kind of love that involves self-interest, is based on an ego-centric foundation and is based on the need that one feels themselves fulfilled in return.

Agape is based more on an unconditional love, self giving, self-sacrificial, and self-giving foundation. However I see that it contains a paradox in a way because of the the 'give & take' concept it involves, which is why I still see that it is otherwise fulfilling.

Let's go into further detail :


Theologically speaking, meaning love that is centred more towards the Christian view, bends more towards the 'agape' aspect of love rather than 'eros'.

As regards 'Eros' one may find many quotes within Scripture that condemn, particularly lust induced feelings, found in the nature of humans and to make use of 'Eros' for means of procreation - please do correct me if I'm wrong in this. 

What is the satanic love and what is it all about?


Anton LaVey does not condemn anyone to not 'love'. He does not make any distinction between agape and Eros in this. Rather he says (for those of you who have read the Satanic Bible) on the topic of love and hate.


"SATANISM represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on


You cannot love everyone; it is ridiculous to think you can. If you love everyone


everything you lose your natural powers of selection and wind up being a pretty


judge of character and quality. If anything is used too freely it loses its true


Therefore, the Satanist believes you should love strongly and completely those

who deserve your love.." Satanic Bible

So in other words LaVey has told us it is allowed to love but in a 'wise' way.

A huge bad mistake that some people from the right hand path have done, possibly even those on the left hand path as well (Theistic Satanists), and amongst them New Agers, those involved in the occult ie; wiccan's and the Christians alike, have said that the 'spirit' goes against 'the body'. Therefore if one want's to mediate they believe in removing all sexual distractions, and focus more on the spirit not the body as they go against each other.

In my view and interpretation, a LaVeyan Satanic love gives more gain than this way of thinking because it focuses more on the 'authentic self', the 'individualistic self', the ego and your own potential in an earthly way meaning that you are part of the elements of the world - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Personally, I believe that one needs to have a balance between both i.e; 'spirit' or 'external' and also 'internal' which is ego-centric, depending on the situation that comes ahead of you. Therefore a LaVeyan satanic love is much more whole from this point of view - therefore it makes one feel 'complete' as a human being.

When I mentioned the 'spirit' I wasn't referring to LaVey being Theistic, but rather Atheist in this method of reasoning. The idea of 'spirit' that I have mentioned, could be interpreted both as an energy that is present around the world that controls everything. It could also be referred to as the 'law of attraction' that is like a magnet in the world, where whatever one focuses on, will attain more of it because you would have otherwise attracted it. It could also be that this 'spirit' is the same chemical of 'love' characteristics present in the human mind - the same chemical 'adrenaline' which can be also 'orgasmic' energy in a negative form or positive form, all present within man.

What can we actually conclude from all this?


If you take a look above at all that has been written, indirectly I'm stating that 'love' which is an abstract thing cannot be defined, except by it's attributes, and hence in reality 'love' in itself does not really exist, and not even hate but it does actually exist where the circumstance actually brings forth this chemical and energy that there is in us. A Satanic love teaches you, that one should be a 'wise devil' and be aware that around you there are other 'devils', in a metaphorical sense that exist that can actually break you, abuse of you and take everything away from you. This is why the Satanic bible tells you that "Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wastedon ingrates!Satanic Bible.

In other words it means that you should love those that are worthwhile, and hate your enemies with as much passion.

A Satanic Authentic Love- Defined


A Satanic Authentic love, implies, the self determinative freedom  - self determinative love, self-determinative sexual orientation. It is an individualistic and social love.

We are not hermits, we are social animals to give and to receive and vice versa and has a self value without any special explanation for it and this is when one realises that in the 'Satanic love' on has the concept of diversity, where the right hand path is biased.

The Satanic love, is not a way of modernity a fashion or a narcissist love.

Being like the rest of the people for example 'fashion' where media portrays how one is supposed to live and act in order to be 'cool' without being original because you figure yourself out and have that self-pride within. This also means that you are otherwise not authentic and the same for Satanic love.

 To conclude, Satanism helps one to figure out real love without prejudice, helps you find out your true self, and figure out what you really want in a wise way. I am aware of the fact that there are those that will disagree with me because they are extremists and concentrate only on an internal point of view in these matters and think that the spirit goes against the body, therefore they focus only on the body. 

Epicurus Sep 4 '14 · Tags: love
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