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I love it when a spell starts manifesting before you cast it. Perhaps one of the benefits of working with dark energy is that it works fast. But so far, my intention to be more prosperous has been working out well since the day I set it. I get paid by the amount of work I do rather than hourly, so my workload has suddenly gotten heavier. That, and someone gave me some extra herbs he had just because he felt like it.

I also set the intention that I wanted to become healthier. Within 2 days, my parents were on a vegan kick after being very adamantly pro-meat and anti-vegetarian beforehand. I feel much healthier and in control of my eating since going veggie, so it's all working out. I don't miss eating meat and it's easier for me to do since I actually support animal rights. Now, all of the things that I would be tempted to eat are simply off the plate and it's great! But I'm just happy when my own magick has a quick and positive effect on others.

Magick rules. Hail Satan. Hail thyself.

Mauricio Gonzalez II
I just created A group for any one who specializes in Black Arts, Destruction & Revenge. All for the purpose of rallying up individuals who are ready to fight against our common enemies, institutions/organizations that are in opposition to us & just about any specific person who decided to pick A fight with A Satanist. ~MG2 [s.s.s.] 3;).

Dragomir Satanis

I come before you Satan in awe and sheer delight

I summon the Demonic energies to enter this  world tonight

Let us be true to you Father in all we say and do

Each breath each thought each word a testament to You

Use my hatred of those that oppose You to fuel my desire and lust

For I will serve You always Father as I know I must

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As I have stated before there is going to be a Pagan Pride Festival this month in Houston. Usually this sort of affair is dominated by the white light crowd. Last year it was held at a restaurant and my group was forced to sit in coodie town along with our comrades from the local Asatru groups with our big pewter Baphomet statue we had purchased from one of the attending vendors.

This year will be different. To combat experiences like that and general LHP and Crowley-phobia the OTO will not only attend in masse but also will have a booth.

It would be really nice if not only Thelema and Asatru were represented but also Luciferians, Satanists, Demonalotors and other less pc groups were also represented.

For too long the white lighters and the RHP have dominated the occult turning it into a simplistic sophomoric affair all the while maligning the LHP. I don't want to eliminate them but we do have the right to exist even if the polliana princess buttercup crowd does not like it.

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The Colossus coughs clouds of toxic purple dust on it's grovelling subjects. A mother takes off her veil and puts it over her son’s head, hoping to protect his eyes and lungs from the noxious clouds enveloping them. They both cough and choke violently, pain exploding in their lungs. The dust clogs their airways and they are silenced. They suffocate, but it is easy to slip into death once they stop struggling. The mother dies first, on top of her son. He dies second, comforted by the pressure of his dead mother's bosom pressing into his back. The hundreds who cannot escape the cloud struggle to breathe as the boy and her son did. They soon fall to the ground dead. The Colossus coughs again. The sound rattles tens of thousands of broken souls gathered in the downtown core of Toronto to worship him. This crowd is comparable in size to those that gather for rock festivals in Brazil, but there is no cheerful, carnival atmosphere. Not a single smile or beach towel adorn any of the tens of thousands of celebrants.

The Colossus's skin is white, composed of minerals that take the shape of spiky crystals. This “skin” looks like the fur of a polar bear who stuck its paw in an electrical socket. Hundreds of shimmering white stalactite formations rise from his surface. Between coughing purple sputum, the colossus laughs at the people scurrying in the ruined streets below. The laugh is the sound of continental plates grinding against each other. He hunches over slightly, puts his hands on his thighs and his chest expands and contracts at odd intervals, like a person doubled over with laughter, but isn’t laughter because that is something people do.

'We have to leave.' Jacob says, his words smothered by the geological sounds coming from the colossus. A half dozen people turn and stare at him, then turn their eyes and supplications back to the Colossus sitting on the skeletal throne of toppled skyscrapers, hoping that his coughing has stopped and along with it the smothering death.

Jacob's words are the first spoken in days among the crowd. People have been communicating through dead glances and silent body language for days. Jacob wonders if only he remembers life before the colossus. They were all free and alive before this white crystal freak invaded; they never had to guess at how to please beings that held the power of life and death over them. Some chose to, but none were forced to.

The Colossus gets off of his throne of toppled and crushed buildings. The monstrosity has heard Jacob's words and accompanying blasphemous thoughts. Jacob’s stomach turns to a lump of ice. The Colossus turns its gaze straight to him as soon as he speaks. It stands up straight and abruptly ceases its laughter.

The giant's black crystalline eyes, set in quarry sized pits, turn to Jacob. It stands for the first time in ten days. This breaks the concentration of the crowd; their routine has been altered in a way that brings to their collective mind the notion of eternal doom. The mass of non-speaking, almost motionless people have all condemned themselves to die standing. They would all waste away until after days their blood sugar drops to a point where they drop to the floor unconscious. Depending on what level of resources their bodies have stored, they will come in and out of consciousness for several days until passing into a coma from which they will never wake. Since they have resigned themselves to this fate already, they do not fear it.

Some celebrants drop their outstretched arms for the first time in hours. A torrent of debris stuck to the hindquarters of the Colossus falls hundreds of feet to the crowd of suffocating supplicants below. Dozens are crushed into a paste and a wave of chaos spreads through the crowd. They were the first to worship at the feet of the colossus and the first to die. When they got close enough they licked and massaged the gigantic feet of the thorny colossus. They imagined in their hopelessness born madness that their actions prevented further violence from the colossus. They believe that their unending staring, gesturing and gibbering at the colossus keep him docile and his blood thirst quenched.

The order is smashed among the survivors of the Colossal Holocaust because of the falling rubble, because of the demigods movement. They remember the first days of his Holocaust and flee with reckless, animalistic abandon knowing what is coming. People rush past Jacob, shoulders crunch into his chest and stomach, but he remains standing, looking up at the creature. It raises a city block sized foot and the screams that rise from the fleeing, doomed faithful break Jacob's heart.

Jacob broke their enthralled order his independent thought. He realizes it. He feels enlightened. He sees into the mind of every human being in the entire city. During their worship, they all thought the same, silent nothing. There was no experience grafted onto the senses. There was no constant interplay of memories and problems and the past and the future coursing through the veins of their cognition. There was only the present. There was only the terrible, inevitable present, threatening to destroy them.

A foot crashes down on top of dozens of people, crunching them into paste on the cracked road. Their organic remains are the grout that fills cracks in the road. Jacob doesn't move as a heavy stream of horrified, beleaguered faces rush past him, unaware of what they could have done to anger the giant. Jacob can't believe that he was the first person to question things or remember that life wasn't always this way. The Colossus bends down on one knee and flattens Jacob with a twenty-tonne hand.

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Why do i have to be a good satanist?  I love evil people and have no morals. I enjoy incest reading material. Forced sex is my favorite porn. Scat porn is a close second. I hate god fearing people. They lack vision reality 
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I can remember the old days( I swear no tales of walking 20 miles to school whole fighting grizzly bears an hunting mastodons.) when Satanist met one another by bookstores, newspaper editorials, existing organizations or plain chance.

Today we have social media, but it is a young medium and few have any idea of how to use it.

I have several friends who will not use this or that format as if this were the yahoo groups days when all one needed was one social media platform.

Today we have the giant monster platforms like facebook that everyone exept for one or two people use on Earth (I know both of them...Don't ask.) There are widely used but specific platforms like reddit, and specialized ones for special interests like this one.

Not only are there several platforms but there are also several different ways to use them all and different features. Almost everyone uses one of the many chat clients and watches media on them. Some people for example use a platform like facebook chiefly as a way to find people selling things and sell things they have.

When it comes to the LHP, we have an odd relationship with social media. We were some of the first to use most platforms. This might be because it allows us to meet like minded people without risk. The problem is that the whole LHP seems to have gone quiet in recent years or at least mostly.

On social media there are problems that are rarely discussed but everyone deals with.

The first is what I like to call the "Lonely Hearts Club" The LHP causes one to truncate interactions with the world at large for fear of conflicts concerning ones religious choices. This means that the average LHP person can be a bit on the easy side to seduce, both romantically and amicably. Those who one meets often later are found not to have the temperament for the LHP or no interest in doing any real spiritual work. This would not be a problem had not the premise of the initial contact been to find someone of a LHP temperament or do ritual work with. If one is not careful one can become bogged down in unproductive, banal, and superficial contacts until there is no difference between the local Baptist congregation and your life.

The second problem is another type of impersonator. They can run from someone just looking to cause trouble, promote some lame political or social agenda, the police or government, to Christian organizations looking to either destroy the organization or convert it's members.

There is also the garden variety poser. Not really as much of a threat, just someone who likes graveyards, horror movies, or dressing in black. I tend to tolerate them because some actually get serious about the LHP at one point.

I am sure everyone on the site knows how to create sock accounts and defend ones identity online. After all no one wants grandma to know about your affiliation with The Temple of Set.

Anonymity seems to also protect folks who just want to hurt, tear down or exploit others. The internet is not a completely safe place.

I could list all the different platforms or the ones I use but that would be exhaustive. I just encourage all LHP people to get out there and see what is available, when you find a good venue come back and tell the rest of us. That is all.


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I  meditated and read the Enokian Keys (JoS Version) during the Eclipse. I used the TV (on mute) to focus on the visual aspect of the Eclipse Live. I added ancient meditation sounds background audio. 

[Pre Meditations:]

1. Vibrated the following mantra until the Moon covers half the Sun:


2. Vibrated the following mantra 18 times:


3. Repeat #1 until Totality of Eclipse.

4. Vibrate the mantra from #1 as you ring the bell opening the ritual.


1. Open Ritual. (During Totality)

2. Invoke 4 Crowned Princes.

3. Invoke Satan.

4. Drink from Chalice.

5. Offering.

6. Sign & Read any written prayers. Then burn them.

7. Recite Enokian Keys.

8. Hail Satan!

9. Vibrate Om Som Suraye Namaha 9 times.

10. Hail Satan

11. Vibrate Satanama 9 times.

12. Hail Satan.

13. Vibrate Om Som Suraye Namaha 9 times.

14. Hail Satan

15. Give back energy to 4 Crowned Princes.

16. Close Ritual

This is what I'm considering doing for the August 21 2017 Eclipse because I don't know any specific Eclipse Rituals. The Eclipse reminds me of a gateway, so the Enokian Keys appear to fit.

Hail Satan

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People keep asking me to explain why I chose satanism and I can't get my emotions on the subject into a coherent answer which is very annoying and makes my reasoning seem weak, if there at all.
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Here is a list of Satanic YouTube accounts:

* Satanic International: https://www.youtube.com/satanicinternational

* Venus Satanas: www.youtube.com/VenusSatanas & www.youtube.com/venussatanasvideos

* Thomas LeRoy: https://www.youtube.com/UC0lyfnDD2_ijrPr_IQGWTJg

* Kindra Ravenmoon: www.youtube.com/UCUWKdMfVeP1UplPMl6CHsDg

* Temple of the Ancient Ways: www.youtube.com/channel/UCed5IiR4uZv3-N-Z6Jx5N_A/videos

* The Serpent's Key: www.youtube.com/channel/UC8cdSAkdItD1P2JpguBHFNQ

*Styxhexenhammer: www.youtube.com/channel/UC0rZoXAD5lxgBHMsjrGwWWQ

* White Raven: www.youtube.com/channel/UCa1Bjr3T4S50nSbHIsWZrig

* Occult Lectures: www.youtube.com/channel/UCX8cB08hSFcVNt7XBG5OOOg

* Axaru: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDGkEiPdTEPCL7YFYt_5OQ

* Mystery History: www.youtube.com/channel/UCC9JHVPm-4P5QDp9vk8EH-A

* Myrmydon666: www.youtube.com/channel/UC9wtTGN5_Bg24ziaPodJYcA

* Mind & Magick: www.youtube.com/channel/UCIz29e7qEHd_GXbtuRE1leg

* f0StaR Ch!1d: www.youtube.com/pitchblackfire

* E.A. Koetting: www.youtube.com/channel/UC3PbU2BsHFjySvk3sdBltpA

* Hooded Cobra: www.youtube.com/channel/UCPTrmwO-xp_Zffjz97Ciliw

* Brotherhood of Satan: www.youtube.com/channel/UCbrFdKUWua0h4_ZhYldbOqg

* Messenger of the gods: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTasNtFSxowI55OKit_gKg

* Darklordism: www.youtube.com/channel/UC6fNPmbAq2Qe05iFfKHIS-w

* Darkmatter2525: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLhtZqdkjshgq8TqwIjMdCQ

* Ancient Documentaries: www.youtube.com/channel/UCvI6MBlMf2gTMo0Qe3w143A

* Pharroh AK-47:


*Fostar Child:


* Michael W. Ford: 


* Satan and Sons:


* Asbjorn Torvol:


* Azura Dragonfaether:


* Orlee Stewart:


* The Satanic Temple:


* The House of Magick:


* J.D. Temple:


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Mauricio Gonzalez II
About A night or two after my intimate encounter, I had been attacked by A pair malicious entities...as previously stated, not all of my Astral Experiences are positive. Here is my experience:

A night or two after my intimate encounter & after I had reconciled with an "Old Flame", I had found my self in A decrepit structure that suggested it was some kind of store or ware-house. I saw that it was at least two-stories high as part of the ceiling had A hole that I could see through & saw an other floor level above me. As I slowly vetured through the rubble, I get A sense of unease that I am being stalked...I continued forward through some aisle section with rows of shelves (some collapsed & others tipped over, one or two leaning on an angle), I hear some kind of moist sounding foot steps coming around my left corner view & I saw two malicious bipedal creatures through the shelves. They were very pale, grainy skin texture, almost nude except for A few white bandages (some looked blood-stained) that they wore. These things had A face that almost looked like "Falmer" from T.E.S. series, but walked up-right & slow. Their eyes are big & solid dark, the hands being huge. They weren't very tall or muscular, looked as though one could be brought down easily...but in this case, I was armed only with A type semi-automatic weapon with very limited rounds & these things were damn agile. I was trying to hide behind one of the shelves, but one of them noticed me & alerted the other. I raised my rifle at them & tried firing shots at them, but they kept dodging...shifting their bodies to hide behind the shelves. I thought I managed to get one in it's arm because it was staying back A little while it's friend closed the distance. I tried moving back, but fell on some thing on the floor...it made me vulnerable enough that by the time I tried getting up, the Zombie-like "Grey" had grabbed me & sank it's rotten sharp teeth in to my left shoulder while it's friend rushed in after my right side only for me to hold out my right arm to keep it's face away from me (it was all for no thing as I was basically doomed). I felt parts of my body get numb & I hear A coarse harsh male voice echo "INSTANT DEATH!" with A rather malicious tone of satisfaction...

I then came back before it's friend got my right side of my body, being in A highly alerted state & then pissed off after A few minutes later!

   -Your Thoughts??,
      ~MG2 [s.s.s.]
Mauricio Gonzalez II
Before I get started on my experience, I would like to mention that these things don't happen very often & that I am by no means an expert at willingly Astral Projecting my self. I am going to basically make A personal mental note of every thing I can remember & post my Astral Experiences here once in A while...some are positive, few are negative & most are neutral. Any ways...enough of my rambling (Autism), I am going to now post the experience I had A few nights ago:

A few nights back, I had an experience in the Astral...every thing felt so real, yet rushed at the very end!

From what I remember, I found my self nude & buried in an old stone tomb. There was no thing, no escape...I was essentially trapped, as though I were sealed alive. I then saw the narrow stone casket shift with-in, there were openings...but the opportunity was limited & I had to hurry `lest I end up trapped indefinitely.

As I hurried to slide down the stone tomb & having barely avoided being crush, I fall down in to A dim lit room where fire was the only light source...A female voice echoed, beckoning me to enter the large room & so I did.

I saw A large furnace, wall scones of fire lamps, A large fancy red carpet with gold trim that looked hand-made, A large luxurious wooden table with food (looked vegetarian, didn't notice any meat) & chalices containing liquid (assuming it was water or wine, or some other drinkable substance).

I then saw her from behind, A woman wearing A Scarlet Robe that showed she was of some kind of Royalty. Her hair was not straight, but seemed to be wavy & was A shade of color that was difficult to see in detail due to the dim light...but I knew for sure that it was neither Black nor Brown (it seemed either Red or Gold). Her eyes, words can not describe...they change & shift, color is unknown. Her skin is white as snow, but despite her youthful appearance...she irradiated A presence that suggested one who is ancient, old & with wisdom. Her hands had sharp decorated talons, but knew not if they were natural or artificial.

She turned around & says to me that she has long awaited me, that we must hurry while there is still time. She leads me to the table where she first has me eat her food, almost hand-feeding it to me before making me drink from one of her chalices & then she leads me away...

...she disrobes, revealing A semi-nude body covered in magnificent jewelry & some of it were Arcane/Occultic symbols. The only part covered was her pelvis, the fabric was A transparent silk micro-skirt & she tells me "I must ride *The Beast* little one, *The Mother Of All Nations* needs her womb ploughed". After which bindings appear suddenly & wrap around my limbs, making me fall flat on the ground where I barely noticed it was consecrated by A large symbol on floor that which I lay on top of. She then walks in circles around with some kind of incense smoke burning from one hand & A small bell in the other, she then parts the "veil" around the circle to enter with-in. After entering, she proceeds to mount me...taking my (presumably virginal) phallus in her hand & stroking it while reciting some kind of chant in A language not known to me. After she was done, she takes it & guides it through the transparent silk micro-skirt where starts rubbing it close to her sacred folds. She then recites A different chant while teasing, her facial expression never changing...her eyes in A deep trance-like state, such an intense focus in regards to her mind's concentration. After finishing chanting, she lifts her self up high & slams down on my phallus...being taken completely by her as she recites A different chant, one that matches her rhythm as she rides up on me. Her words become different, louder & emotionally charged prior to each "slap" only to return back to normal. I was mesmerized by the whole sight of what was going on & what was happening, I felt that I could at any moment no longer hold out. As though she sensed it, she then starts speeding up her chants & rhythm at such A high rate of speed. Right before the very end, she lifts her self very high to the point that my phallus almost slips out & slams down with full screaming force of one final word. The force being as such, that I am abruptly waken up in A toxic daze!

   -Your Thoughts??,
      ~MG2 [s.s.s.] ;).
* "Become other things than mistreated slaves. Let me place in you the self-awareness, the knowledge of whom you are, the image of your creator and get back to your freedom. Be free!" - Satan

* "In the secret of my knowledge, there is no god but Me."

- Satan

* "I appear in diverse manners to those who are faithful..."

- Satan

* "I am ever present to help all who trust in me and call upon me in time of need. There is no place in the Universe that knows not my presence."

- Satan

* "There is no god but myself, knowing this, who dares worship the false gods of the Koran and Bible?"

- Satan

* Spiritual Satanism is the original "religion" of Mankind.

* "No god has the right to interfere in my affairs, and I have made it imperative rule that everyone shall refrain from worshiping all gods."

- Satan

* "I teach and guide those who follow my instruction. If anyone obey me and my commandments, he [or she] shall have joy, delight, and comfort."

- Satan

* "I appear in diverse manners to those who are faithful..."

- Satan

* "I lead to the strait path without a revealed book.... All my teachings are easily applicable to all times and conditions."

- Satan

* "If I so desire, I send a person a second or third time into this world or into some other by the transmigration of souls."

- Satan

* As above, so below

* "In the form of Man they amongst us, but only to sight were they as are men. Reptile when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to Man as men among men. Taking their form and ruling over Man. Sought they came to destroy and rule."

- Thoth

* "Deep 'neath the rocks I buried my Spaceship, waiting the time when Man might be free."

- Thoth

* "Fools do not know what they are doing. Energy is being sent up. It should go into the Earth to replenish her. The overuse of the point-up pentagram is throwing the energies into space, causing a number of problems, and draining the Earth of her ability to defend herself against these problems." 


* "There are vortexes of very destructive, negative energy. Hatred, anger, fear, murder, death, and every other destructive thing. These are like black holes. They accumulate negative energy like a vacuum. There are different planes of existence. When you meditate, you elevate to a higher plane. There are different levels and from meditation, you live on a higher plane than most others. People who are on an already lower level can get tied into this vortex of negative energy and pulled in. Those who are on their own are susceptible to anything. The enemy knows how to use these."

- Satan

* "I am the formed abyss, we are not different. All things are formed from one primordial nothingness. Not at some point in the distant past, but in each moment. Every moment you consider me, I come into being. Every moment that you consider yourself, you are brought into existence. Stop considering yourself and you will cease to be. I have appeared to men as they have considered me, I have taught them that which they were on the brink of learning themselves, I concatenated their realizations.... Reality is far from objective. Can you have a single thing that exists independent of your observation? Such a thing does not exist. When you and I meet, you and I come into existence. Until that point, there is no you, there is no I. You exist only in relation to that which surrounds you. Your very physical form is held together as mine is in this smoke, by the pressure inside of your skin meeting the pressure outside of your skin and both forces hold you in one piece..."

- Azazel 

* "Enki [Satan] and Ninmah, with Ningishzidda [Thoth] assisting, the Being [Adamu] fashioned."

- Ancient Sumerian Tablets

* "From the pouch of Ninmah the seeds were obtained, in the valley's soil they were sown, a fruit [Plant] from Nibiru on Earth to be grown!"

- Ancient Sumerian Tablet 5

* "On our planet, slavery has long ago been abolished..."

- Beelzebub

* "I will bring the Enemy to his knees! Jews Muslims, Christians, murderers and insnarers of the soul!"

- Lucifer

* "The feminine energy, known as 'shakti' 'kundalini' 'devi', and by other Sanskrit names was systematically removed by the Jews [Illuminati] and replaced with the male aspects that are of the logical side of the brain and lack the raw spiritual power."

- Maxine Dietrich

* "When objects move, they get heavier as they move.... The reason why objects get heavier as they move, is because the energy of motion is converting into Mass."

- Dr. Michio Kaku

* "We are not men who are striving to become gods, but we are gods who have striven to become men."

      - E.A. Koetting

* "What knowledge we possess, its use cannot be prevented!"

      - Thoth

* Within the vessels of Humans lays the logo of the Universe. As above, so below. As an electron orbits its nucleus in the Atom; likewise, a planet orbits its star in the Universe.

* "Darkness is light turned inside out."

      - Beelzebub

* "Hear ye now of the mystery of nature, the relations of life to the Earth where it dwells. Know ye, ye are threefold in nature, physical, astral, and mental in one. Three are the qualities of each of the natures; nine in all, as above, so below."

      - Thoth

* "Our consciousness is omnipresent an so therefore, there is nothing in existence that's outside of that."

       - E.A. Koetting

* "Leave thou thy body [Astral Project] as I have taught thee."

      - Thoth

* Planets have magnetic fields around them. Humans, like planets also have magnetic fields around the body. (Auras)

* "Enlighten the people generally, and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish..."

      -Thomas Jefferson

* "Have you not considered that perhaps there is a work at hand which transcends you and your desire to see into the Mysteries? Have you considered that perhaps it is the work of the Mysteries to understand you? Because you desire so strongly to travel into Our world, it is difficult for you to understand how fierce our desire is to travel into Yours. The Mystery does not lie inwards, in that from which all things came, but instead the mystery lies outwards; in that which has become."

       - Ant'harratu

* "The work which lies before us,now, is to take dominion over this realm, to make perfect and limitless even this most course and barren physical state."

      - Azazel

* "Make yourself strong. You are a being of power, of strength. That which exists in the formed invisibility is to be made flesh. Solidify and strengthen your own Temple, and your empire will rise around you."

      - Azazel

* "Did the deceased embrace life enough to be able to live again in death?"

      - Thoth

* "Beyond five cities, a Chariot Place [Stargate] I shall henceforth build. From Nibiru to Earth directly to arrive..."

      - Beelzebub

* The nature of reality is a Matrixical Simulation

* The Spirit World and our world "...from time to time, come together. As they grow closer, the veil between them is lifted. Then the powers of magick become stronger, and there is a moment where the two collide; and rather than that collision creating a destruction of one or the other of these worlds, they meld into one another... These worlds then will separate again. For the moment that these worlds are one, it will be as if these ancient gods walk this Earth as Men."

      - Lucifuge Rofocale

* "I come to you now as a spirit and a god, but in you lifetime I will come to you as a physician and a scientist, and I will walk among you."

      - Azazel 

* "I reveal my wonders to those who seek them, and in due time my miracles to those who receive them from me. But those who are without are my adversaries, hence they oppose me. Nor do they know that such a course is against their own interests, for Might, Wealth, and Riches are in my hands, and I bestow them upon every worthy descendant of Adam."

      - Satan

* "Its by never giving up on what is right and standing firm on your spiritual principles that one obtains victory in this life and world."

      H.P. Mageson

* "The Anunnaki established a global Atlantean civilization."

      - 4biddenknowledge

* "We are the warriors of a dream, but when dreams are actualizes, they are not dreams, they are so many things more."

      Hooded Cobra

* "There is a place here that we have for deceased souls.... We protect whoever comes to us. Some are (misguided) and reincarnate them until they see the truth and are ready to come here. Most people (Those who are Without as well) get reincarnated."

      - Satan

* "10,000 years ago, [Humanity was] close to perfection. The Earth was attacked."

      - Azazel

* "Obstacles are for the feeble, no obstructions must be felt or thoughts of failure, be free of your own prison."


* "Obsessions with aims will always bring failure to every aspect of Luciferian evolution."


* "Body is the tomb, the tomb is the temple, and the temple is key to sovereignty."


* "The Hierarchy of the Satan Principle revolves around the Black Magician being able to manipulate his physical reality."


* "Lucifuge Rofocale is my general of worldly gain. His understanding of the economics of what is of value will aid you greatly. His manifestations of physical growth in all things monetary and physical will bring you great prosperity.... Before you call my general into your empire be aware of this one truth: Any you invite will forever stay the night. Accepting his dark and infernal connections is to accept them all. The illumination will come, but you will see the underbelly of his law. All things come with a price, and at times the price is higher than you can imagine."


* "Within the Principle of Lucifer is the complete understanding of all Illuminated Paths. I reveal to you the truth of the Black Magician. Break free from those shackles that bind you to earth and necessitates of everyday life."


* "...[A]n entire process that takes many of your lifetimes [reincarnations] to complete. One starts the reaction and the others follow. You are following a path of illumination and now illuminating yourself. The adeptship of Apostleship is at your hands. Take and receive it."


* "Each one of you have received visions and workings from me. I have done so to free you from the shackles that tie you down to Earth. Transcend upward and remain here. For the life of an empire is founded on the devotion of the emperor."


* "Take you place at my left side. I will guide you to a world that goes unseen. Your new domain is my Apostleship. I give you rule of all that is mine and within my reach. Seek therefore the heavens. Seek Truth."


* Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

* "Mystical explanations are thought to be deep; the truth is that they are not even shallow."

-Friedrich Neitzsche

* "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe [Herd]. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

-Friedrich Neitzsche

* "Who looks outside, dream; who looks inside, awakes."

-Carl Jung

* "The individual begins to find his [or her] own path, and the drag, you might say, of the primary mask is gradually thrown off... The Left Hand Path is that of the individual quest."

-Joseph Campbell

* "If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know its not your path. Your path you make with every step you take. That's why its your path."

-Joseph Campbell

* "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate."

-Carl Jung

* "I am not what happened to me. I am what I chose to become."

-Carl Jung

* "Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people."

-Carl Jung

* "Do not get rid of your vice. If its pride, make the pride work for your illumination, not your degradation."

-Joseph Campbell

* "The Fibonacci Sequence is Nature's numbering system. They appear everywhere in Nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, to the pattern of the florets of a flower, the bracts of a pinecone, of the scales of a pineapple. The Fibonacci numbers are therefore applicable to the growth of every living thing, including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees, and even all of Mankind.... you will see a Torus energy field. This field is the source of Zero Point Evergy V=2Pi^2 R^2."


Omniscient_Glitch Aug 2 '17 · Rate: 5
There are 100 Billion Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. 2000+ have been observed to have planets orbiting them. ~3400 Earth-like planets have been discovered. NASA has revealed in a press conference that they have discovered the Trappist-1 System. There has also been Many discoveries (both official and unofficial) in the Solar System which point to the existence of extraterrestrial life. Ancient historical records Pre-dating all Abrahamic Religions demonstrates knowledge of this. The Ancient gods who built the megalithic wonders of the world were demonized by Religion. Religion was created to enslave Mankind physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Trappist-1 is one example of an admission made by NASA which evidently demonstrates reality. 7 rocky planets orbit the Trappist-1 Star. 3 of those planets are in the Habitable Zone and are Earth-Like Planets. What this demonstrates is that there are other Star Systems other than the Solar System around the majority of Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Satanism was the original path of Mankind. Ancient archaeological writings of civilizations all over the world show that they were actually smarter than the Micromatrix wants Society to know. For example, according to the 3rd Ancient Sumerian Tablet: "The celestial chariot he deftly; from Nibiru it powerfully soared, toward the distant Sun he it directed.... Little Gaga [Pluto] came out to greet them, a welcome to the heroes it was extending. To blue-hued Antu [Neptune], the beautiful enchantress, it showed the way. By her sight Anzu was attracted.... Ea [Satan] to continue without stopping gave the word; it is a planet of no return, he forcefully said. Let us examine her waters! Anzu was saying" "Toward the heavenly An [Uranus], the third in planetary counts, the chariot continued. On his side was An [Uranus] lying, his host of moons about him were whirling. The Tester's beam the presence of water was revealing; a stop if needed to Ea [Satan] it was indicating. To continue the journey was Ea [Satan] saying. Toward Anshar [Saturn], the heaven's foremost prince, he was directing. Soon the ensnaring [gravitational] pull of Anshar [Saturn] they could tell, his colored rings with fear they admired. Deftly did Anzu the chariot guide, the crushing dangers he cleverly avoided. The giant Kishar [Jupiter], foremost of firm planets, was next to be encountered. Her net's pull was overpowering; with great skill did Anzu the chariot's course divert. With fury Kishar [Jupiter] at the chariot divine lightnings was thrusting, her host as the uninvited she directed. Slowly Kishar [Jupiter] moved away, for the chariot the next enemy to encounter: Beyond the fifth planet the Hammered Bracelet [Asteroid Belt] was lurking!" "Ea [Satan] his handiwork to set a-whirling commanded, the Water Thruster to prepare. Toward the host of turning boulders the chariot was rushing, each one like a slingshot's stone ferociously at the chariot aimed. The word by Ea [Satan] was given, with the force of a thousand heroes the stream of water was thrust. One by one the boulders turned face; a path for the chariot making! But as one boulder fled, another in its stead was attacking; a multitude byond count was their number, a host for the splitting of Tiamat revenge seeking!.... double was the joy as the sight of the Sun was now unveiled. Amidst the elation Anzu the alarm sounded: For the path to have fashioned, excessive waters to feed the chariot's fiery stones for the remaining journey were not sufficient. In the dark deepness the sixth planet they could see, the Sun's rays it was reflecting. There is water on Lahmu [Mars], Ea [Satan] was saying. Can you bring the chariot down upon it? Anzu he was asking. Deftly Anzu the chariot toward Lahmu [Mars] directed; reaching the celestial god, around it he the chariot made circle. The planet's net [atmosphere] is not great, its [gravitational] pull is to handle easy, Anzu was saying. A sight to behold was Lahmu [Mars], many hued it was; snow white was its cap [North Pole], snow white were its sandals [South Pole]. Reddish hued was its middle, in its midst lakes and rivers were aglitter! Deftly Anzu the chariot made travel slower, by a  lakeside it gently came down..."

According to archaeological and tablet evidence, the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built by Thoth; the son of Satan. He also built the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico, and possibly others. He was known as Thoth/ Tehuti/ Quetzalcoatl/ Hermes/ Ningishzidda and other names around the globe. There are megalithic pyramids on every continent on Earth. Examples include: N America/ S America/ China/ Iraq/ Egypt/ Russia/ Australia/ Antarctica/ etc. There are also pyramids on the Moon and on Mars.

Ancient Mankind had access to Ancient Technology. There was a war between Freedom and Tyranny. The Enemy extraterrestrials whipped out most ancient technology and caused the Ancient Technological Reset which lead to the Stone Age. Then the Enemy invaded Earth and sent their Demiurge Operatives to create Religion and demonize Satan and the ancient gods.

Omniscient_Glitch Aug 2 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
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I was reluctant to return to this site. Imagine having to explain something over and over again and having the people you explain it to ignore it. The ignorance does not come from unfamiliarity, it comes from a need to inflict damage (aka trolling) or it comes from a lack of effort in understanding. I have seen someone here use the fact that I have claimed more than one religion to be some kind of conspiracy. I will try to clear this up again.

First, the concept of religious exclusivity is only found in a few cultures on this planet. Many cultures on this planet find it normal to have at least three. Modern examples of countries where this has been the case for quite a while include Japan, Mexico, and India.

Secondly there are also examples of cultures that did this in antiquity. Such examples include Ancient Sumeria and Hellenistic Greece.

Before I go any further please google the above examples if you have any doubt.

Third, most religions if not all are hybrids of multiple religions. There are some that are quite honest about this fact. Examples include: Zen Buddhism, Lamic Buddhism, Gnosticism, Sikhism, Bahai Faith, Most but not all Pagan beliefs (both meso and neo), most of Hinduism, The entire New Age, Thelema, Satanism, and Luciferianism.

Please google if you have any doubts.

Okay now to explain the rest. Satan and Lucifer are considered the same by most Abrahamic beliefs. Some Luciferians and Demonalotors will argue they are in fact different and though I respect their opinions, I see them as the same. Both represent a Promethean figure. Though there is a mountain of material that Crowley wrote that invoked, referred to, and explored the concepts of both names, the Promethean character is the living embodiment of Thelema. As you can see there is no conflict with being all three at the same time. Discordianism is somewhere between a joke religion, a philosophy, and an aesthetic and therefore it is not in conflict with the first three.

The main argument I will put forth is that I choose to identify as all four. No shell game, no smoke and mirrors, just my choice. To say that any of this is dishonest or wrong is like saying there is a wrong answer to a question like "What is your favorite color?"

I am not sure what I did to this person but I do not expect him to listen. This is an appeal to the other people on the site. In the LHP people will constantly criticize you and undermine  everything you do. People will tell you what your intentions and beliefs are whenever it is convenient without any regard to your actual intentions and beliefs. Look at the propaganda concerning the LHP that Christianity has put on Youtube. You are the only person that you will have to deal with from now till the day you die. If you let others write your narrative or assign intention to you then life will continue to kick you around until you tell the control freaks and the small minds in your life that only you should speak for you.
Zoramonkey Aug 1 '17 · Rate: 3.67 · Comments: 3
Mauricio Gonzalez II
There was A time that I would never see my self ever getting A "FaceBook" account nor A "MySpace" account, just never saw the practicality in making an account that A bunch of randoms could peek through & harass when-ever they wanted. I never did get A "MySpace" account, but I did get A "FaceBook" account for reasons that aren't particularly glamorous & just ended up as A disappointment any way. Yet I still kept it open & joined A few "groups", tried to find some sort of usage that would be beneficial unto me...instead, all I ever got was the following:


>Empty promises.

>Prejudiced Asses.




& did the administration ever help?, no...they instead saw me as being at fault, this fucking shit was like school all over again! Of course, what can you ever expect from the products of kikes?...it is like "Communism", they make all sorts of glorious claims/promises & instead act like total ass-holes in the end. =:O.

So there you go, A summary of why I left "FaceBook" & would never be active in it again... :-\.

But at least I have found A more decent site (S.I.N.) where there seems to have promise, I even found many like-minded individuals (more than what "FaceBook" would ever provide). I also like the potential anonymity it provides in the sense that it is not mandatory to put in A real name, so I don't have to worry about people using my postings against me later in life. :-).

Ave Santanas!,

   ~MG2 [s.s.s.]

Right, my first blog post since returning here was mainly telling of what I've been up to in other aspects of life, mainly in terms of my career. While I feel it's important to talk about what I've been up to since I've been away, I feel I need to talk more about my journey along the left hand path.

See, when I first joined, I'd already self identified as a LaVeyan Satanist, and I was content with that notion. However, due to occurrences in my life over the years, I have looked at other philosophical and occult practices. Initially, this started with a book called A Little Light On The Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper, which I discovered in the summer of 2011. Now judging by a lot of the content of said book, it does line up with RHP teachings, however, some of the ideas mentioned seemed to make sense from a LHP standpoint. I know some people may disagree with me on that notion, but regardless, I feel that this book is a good tool to use in my own life, even if I'm cherry picking what I want from it.

Skip to early 2012, and I had started a romantic relationship with someone I saw (and still see to this day) as what one would consider a soulmate. Her path was of Paganism, and that sort of spiritual/religious teaching always interested me to a certain extent, although I never felt compelled to research it properly. Fast forward to around mid-late 2014 (after some undesirable events took place in my life), and the topic of Luciferianism came up in conversation with another friend of mine. I got super intrigued by it, and I decided to research it. I read The Bible Of The Adversary, and I gotta say, from what I got from it, I genuinely liked.

Move to the following year, and the topic of sigil magick caught my attention after watching a speech from comic artist/writer Grant Morrison. This kind of magickal practice greatly appealed to me, due to the fact that there was no need for theatric rituals and paraphernalia, but only for simple tools as pen, paper and desire. I then looked for books on sigil magick, and the first I discovered was Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U.D (otherwise known as Ralph Tegtmeier). Once I'd read that book front to back, I'd become intrigued by Chaos Magick, and my next book to start on was Liber Null & Psychonaut. Sadly, I haven't read through much of Liber Null, but since I rejoined, I want to pick up where I left off.

Another book I acquired was Crowley's The Book Of The Law. Honestly, after my first (and as of yet only) read through, it left me thinking "The fuck?"
I may have to give it another go, just to see if I can make head or tail of it.

So, as it stands now, I don't feel I can pigeonhole myself in any specific LHP teaching, but I've not forgotten my roots. But I do feel LaVeyan Satanism mixed with Luciferianism is the closest I can get to pinpointing what part of the path that fits me best. As it stands, I'm currently rediscovering where I stand on the left hand path, so I'm having to go back to basics and go from there. Hopefully I'll find out what truly fits me for definite, but I have a hunch of what it is regardless. I'd just rather be 100% sure though.
DistroyA Jul 27 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
...and here to stay. :-)

So, I actually got off my arse and registered, seeing as my account went up in smoke when the site moved. I'm genuinely looking forward to catching up with people again. :-)

So, a fair bit has happened between then and now. After a relationship break up, i ended up having a few mental breakdowns, leading to me pushing away everyone I'd befriended on here (basically me removing them from my friends list on Facebook). I'm hoping to reestablish connections/friendships on here. If my pushing you away upset you in any way, I do apologise. Like I've said, I've not been all there (no excuse, but my mind has been in a dark place over the last few years).

Other things that have happened; I finally quit my job in retail. After nearly 12 years, I couldn't take anymore and walked out halfway through a shift in mid November 2015. After that, I was a job seeker for a year or so, and ended up training up for the railway as a trackman. Once I got work on the p-way, I looked for and got a factory job closer to home (work on the railway is either in London or Scotland). Lost said factory job after 6 weeks, but ended up falling into another factory role 2 weeks after being made unemployed again, and the role is a lot more exciting than what I was doing beforehand. Still in said job, and looking to work my way up in terms of skills and such. I don't think I'll be able to stay in this job forever unfortunately, due to wanting to move away from where I live now, so I'm going to work on my experience and whatnot so I can find work elsewhere closer to where I eventually move to.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to in the last few years. In a nut shell, life improvement. :-)
DistroyA Jul 26 '17
Mauricio Gonzalez II
Well...this is A "long shot", but here goes! :-*.







I'll be waiting for you... ;-).


      ~MG2 [s.s.s.]

Zoramonkey Member
I know we have a quote section but when I saw this I had to post it where it would be seen. Stephen Flowers is deeply respected in both the Pagan and Theistic LHP community. Many of us in the LHP knew that he was involved in such things but most of it keeped it quiet because we did not wish his reputation to be harmed. Unlike many authors in the occult who make outlandish claims or declare titles upon themselves, Stephen has let his heroic research and intense insight speak for him. 

He has changed his pen name several times because of the stigma of both the LHP and the Germanic systems he has mastered. As of yet he has been reserved about showing open affiliation with the LHP, but today he posted a question about the LHP and he commented the following quote. I asked for his permission to quote it here. This man is my hero.

" I asked the question because I have always considered myself to follow a LHP tradition with in the Germanic tradition, which is what I think the true and authentic Odian / Odinic path is. It's not a special form of Odinism, it is the real and authentic Odinism. The "spooky dark side" is PART of it, but only part. Odin is the Lord of Light, Brighten of Darkness. The LHP component is strongest in the heroism involved. We are charged to become special warriors in Midgard, to accomplish great things, to make Names for ourselves and be Remembered. The heroes in Valhalla have reached the level of Individual Identity which is recognizable and worthy of Remembering. That is what we seek to do. (Here I am speaking this those in this group, although my thoughts are well known to any one who asks. *Wodhanaz is our exemplary model of this path. We seek to do, in some small measure, what he does. But remember this: his work was only half way dedicated to his own development, the other half was in the service of making a better world."

-------Stephen Flowers

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Mauricio Gonzalez II
Here I explain my personal motivations of going in to the Occult & what had led me to embrace Satanism, the reasons as to what led me on "The Left-Hand Path". It is A *bit of A long ass story, so I will try to shorten it up (don't mind the Autism)...

For A large part of my life, I had constant issues with my peer-group due to me being different & prefer only striving to be an ideal student. I was different due to my intelligence (I knew what death was & had good knowledge in regards to animals or bugs or insects), mannerisms (I had good etiquette while every one else lacked manners) & I did not dress like the others because I did not want to look like A gang-banger. Unfortunately I would often get harassed & persecuted just for acting or dressing older (`was quite A flirt back then) than what I really was, I was different from the rest. I mostly got on well with the Teachers, except for the ones at charter schools where they are awful dicks with poor sense of judgment & the school administrators were even bigger ass-holes with issues of incompetence (especially at that charter school)! This would continue on until I am forced in to home-schooling multiple times, the last one being some thing done on the internet & (after the courts failed to provide justice) I would eventually "drop-out" as an act of protest against the school system...basically trying to argue the point that the school system does not care about the well being of the student, only caring about numbers & that was all I am to them-Numbers! That so-called "No Child Left Behind" law was all just rotten BULL'S SHIT as I have been left behind & my child-hood dreams of joining the Navy as an Officer from the Navy Academy are just DEAD! Quite, frankly...this would make any one who had to suffer this just PISSED OFF & this is only focusing on the material aspects of life as I have yet to explain my spiritual struggles!

Now I am pretty much going to explain the political/different spiritual phases of my life. As far as I can remember...I can recall that as A toddler, I was attracted to oriental things & was fond of Buddha-like altars (I remember actually wanting one for A while until I would forget about it). I was apparently pretty social & was fond of dancing, but then epilepsy had struck me down...I don't remember much of what occurred. But I do remember that I developed an interest in the military as soon as I saw my first military parade & it was when I moved to Las Vegas-that I first tried military-oriented games (one of the first being "C&C: Red Alert" & "Panzer General III: Scorched Earth"). It was then at the time that I had developed A fascination of Germany & Russia back at that time, I would then become an Atheistic Anti-American Communist (back at time when it wasn't A "Cool Thing" to be like these days) & I didn't really know any better back then because of how History is taught in A biased manner. I didn't like my own country because of how I was being treated by my own peer-group & some of the adults, I had thought that there were other places that are better. My life became harsher, more pain & distress...especially when the blame kept on falling on me, I was even blamed for 9/11 happening (believe it or not)! I would come across some stories from people in Christianity & hear about prayers being answered, miracles occurring...I wanted that & thus became highly devoted in Abrahamic Religions (specifically Catholic Christianity), I had A crazed fanatical craving for purpose. Despite my faith, I was still interested in living in an other country (the U.K. seemed promising) & serving that country's military. I would eventually come to my senses & become more nationalistic in regards to my own country, it was at this time that I joined the U.S.N.S.C.C. with the intent of joining the military as an Officer. Despite my new-found faith at that time, I still was going through issues regarding isolation & depression (I was completely in home-schooling then, but had awful sense of loneliness as well as spiteful envy). I had developed A major case of envy as well as being Gender Dysphoric (ironic, I know), I would still hear about people who were less worthy getting divine favors while some one who was devoted as I was didn't get any thing at all! I then figured that I was doing some thing wrong & took to secretly lashing my self with A car antenna, eventually even cutting my self to put blood on the cross as A means of desperation...the results were rather limited & inadequate. The prayers I said to "Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh" were simple...I wanted Protection, Health, Wealth, Fame, Love, Complete Gender Change, Death To My Enemies, Power, An End To My Suffering, No More Isolation, Swift Justice, My Immediate Death (I was Suicidal)...I got none, there would then come A point that I would lose all patience & just renounce "All Things Christian" (which would of course include Jewism & Islam for obvious reasons, just the same old hypocrisy wrapped up in A different style) in favor of some thing more "Pro-Life".

I then would go on A personal spiritual journey to find what is true & thus during my years of isolation, did I study immensely in A various things in regards to faith. I was first considering Buddhism, but would find out that it was just A philosophy...A good philosophy, but I wanted some thing much deeper. So I looked in to where it came from & was reading about Hinduism, I liked many things about different groups, but was still confused about A few things (such as Castes, for example). So I looked in to some Western counter-parts & came up on Paganism, I was attracted to the idea of making my own miracles, A chance at getting power. The problem of course was that Paganism is some thing small & not very well known enough other than Wicca. So I was looking in to Wicca, reading A book by Gerald Gardner & felt A nostalgic sense of "Coming Home". I would have probably very well been deluded in to being one were it not for one of these people showing "her true colors" by playing A part in justice being denied in regards to my legal issues regarding the school system & (to make matters worse) she was the assistant to the school psychiatrist who had A sick sense of humor about skinning cats alive! I essentially became disgusted, especially since the Wiccan magic I was trying to use never worked & I ended up with an other epileptic attack from utilizing "The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram" (which involves dealing with Angels, which of course are Abrahamic...it was practically like the female-oriented version of Christianity/Islam/Jewism, but with Occultism & wrapped in A different style package).

So now I had no place else to turn to, it was Satanism or Atheism (which was what I originally was) & I choose Satanism. When I first looked in to it, I was thinking it was how jewish-controlled HollyWood & media portrayed it to be...but after reading & reading more, I have found out that every thing was just A lie! I found out about so many things, I was kind of going through shock. I then felt anger, rage & vengeful...that I was fooled for so many years, that I have basically wasted A large portion of my life! I have even learned the disturbing facts of Zionists (Jewish Supremacists), their shills & their deities (The Tyrannical Elohim under "Allah /Jehovah/Yahweh) whom they render worship unto. I would then come to invest full-time in Meditation & furthering personal spiritual development, increasing my personal knowledge until I felt ready to do "The Dedication Ritual". As that night came, there were two things that motivated me to going through with it...*LOVE* & *VENGEANCE*. "Love" ended up being inadequate as A motivator, it held no real meaning to me & so it was "Vengeance" that ended up being the final motivator...the ritual was done. I would also develope the idea of blending Fascism & Monarchy together, the idea of "Emperor Worship" (similar like that of what Japan had) as it is by far the most legitimate Satanic form of government ever to be conceived as the one who reigns is Anti-Christ (our Liberator, chosen & found worthy by our benefactors).

So here you have read some things about me & what ultimately led me in to embracing Satanism (Militant Paganism), *VENGEANCE*. I desire to commit the ultimate act of Vengeance & play A part in freeing the Gentile people from the tyranny of The Zionist Oligarchy, to make sure that "The Tyrannical Elohim" are dead or enslaved as lambs to the slaughter! Vengeance be my virtue, purpose, life & love...it is all I know & desire, heed my words: THERE WILL BE A PURGE. If not, then may my carcass decay & rot where it expires as my failure deserves no pity (despite what the gods/goddesses say them selves). I am for ever devoted to our sacred struggle & shall never relent in my personal duties, I am A *Traditional DeviL Worshipping Anti-Christ Loyal Spiritual Satanist* who is A "Monarcho-Fascist" for ever more....

¡¡¡¡¡¡666 HAIL FATHER SATAN 666!!!!!!


      ~MG2 [s.s.s.]


The Satanic Priestess is a pivotal part of Satanic Black Magick ~ through the pop culture Satanism of Anton LaVey and the sensationalist reports of the Press the role of the Satanic Priestess has been degraded and rendered of low importance.

In truth the Satanic Priestess is a powerful Practitioner of the Black Arts with a unique ability to tap into the Infernal Current of Hell, the Gestated Seed of the Demonic Father Satan and the Demiurge like creative Black Womb of His Infernal Consort Lilith.

In popular Satanism the image of the naked woman on the Altar has utilized so purposely by The Church of Satan to attract the sort of Carnival/Porn hype it sort is hardly conducive to promoting a role of power form women in Satanism ~ but in Classical Theistic Satanism the Satanic Priestess is far more than an attractive Altar Decoration.

Yes the beauty and sexuality of woman is a form of Infernal power in itself and particularly taps into the carnal current of Demonic energies and yes the sexual power of the Priestess in Ritual is ineffable during certain Rites, but these are just elements of the Infernal Priestess and her Dark Powers.

Even the Sex Magick Rites portrayed in popular Satanism are portrayed with the woman as a sexual object to stimulate male Practitioners ~ as someone who was Initiated into an underground Coven of Classical Theistic Satanists who also held a vast amount of knowledge on LHP Tantric Sex Magick I was tutored to know that the reverse of this is the truth.

In the old ways of Satanic Sex Magick it was the Priests role to stimulate the Priestess without prospect of sexual release for himself and the most powerful of all Satanic Sexual Black Magick involves the Priest bringing the Priestess to multiple Orgasms through the art of cunnilingus while retaining his own arousal’s climax to aid the building power created by his Magickal Consort … this practice is known as Awakening The Grail and is an Operation of great power.

In other Rites in the Covens of Classical Satanic Sorcery and Witchcraft the Priestess is also viewed as the chief power in many Seership Rites, Practices involving the gestating Infernal energies into existing entities through the Satanic Scientific techniques of Homunculi and Golem Operations.

Certain substances of the female are also crucial to some of the Darkest Rites of Satanic Power ~ substances such as Menstrual Blood, Amniotic Fluid and Sexual Fluids of the female Satanists are honoured - and with good reason - as the elixirs from the Grail of Lilith!

The lost Arts of Classical Satanic Witchcraft are another area of Satanic practice in which the participation of the Satanic Priestess is of utmost importance, these Workings are a natural forces and wisdom within the Satanic Sorceress inhabited by the Dark Soul Marked by the Devil ~ in some of the more unknown and veiled Arts of Satanic Sorcery the link between Satan and Saturn and Lilith and the Dark Moon are truly harnessed by the Satanic High Priestess at times of induced power!

Ignore the sensationalist press and the pornographic settings of some of photos churned out at the outbreak of sixties Satanism, long before such popularized imagery of modern Satanic practices were spawned the Priestess of Classical Satanism and the Dark Sorceress of Satanic Witchcraft held far greater powers!

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“Lord Satan … Diabolus … Father of the Infernal Kingdom … true Master of the World … Lord of Illusions … Black Goat of the Witches Sabbat … Giver of Knowledge … Adversary of the False Trinity … Monarch of Demons … my Devotion is eternally yours … Grandest of All Demons … the Spear … the thorn … the nail … Ancient Serpent of Knowledge … Defiler of the Pious … Slayer of the Lamb … Lord of the Arts of Black Magick … Keeper of the Black Flame … Tempter … the Devil … Master of Infernal Ceremonies … I am your Acolyte … your Disciple … your Apostle … and your Prophet … my eyes view the world through your eyes … my lips will speak of your Work and your Lore … my mind shall be as a Gateway to your Infernal power … my flesh given to your pleasure … my body a vessel for your Work … Lord Satan always shall I serve at your Altar and ally myself to the Grand Demons of your Infernal Legion … Ave Satanas! … Ave Diabolus!”
JohnBoullan Jul 18 '17 · Tags: satan satanism
Quick question for anyone who can help with any suggestions about invocating satan and the possibly that it went wrong?
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I have tried to coordinate this sort of thing but now Magus has agreed to pop in for it I will announce it. This Tuesday at 9pm and a few hours later at 2am Wednesday morning we will hold a general open discussion on the live chat and answer questions in real time.

The subject will be ritual in the LHP. Not instruction, just trying to clear up misconceptions people new to things like Satanism have. Anyone is welcome to jump on and contribute.

Often times people who have never met an actual LHP person or a Satanist have misconceptions based on movies or stories told by evangelists. Our goal is to paint a realistic picture of what actually happens. Many LHP methods are different but there are similarities.

The best example is a Laveyan ritual. Sometimes Laveyans use a nude female participant as an altar. Though this tradition is harmless and if you do not consider the human body evil then the tradition seems even beautiful. Outsiders will see a photograph of such rituals and insist that the woman is about to be sacrificed. The joke is that I know that Lilith Aquino was often an alter and I do not think anyone sacrificed her.

Misconceptions like this could easily be dispelled simply by speaking to a few people who have been to such rituals in real-time. Anyone who has attended any kind of LHP ritual qualifies to help us inform some of the new folks. I am hoping to not only attract some of the new folks who are not active and some of the lurkers as well.

If this gets some attendance other events of this sort will surely follow.

Zoramonkey Jul 8 '17
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I have found that in light of past mistakes I seem to accept bad contracts, religions, roles, jobs, concepts, and even friendships only later to find out that something has slipped past my awareness that I never really wanted. Mostly this occurs because of the "boiled frog" effect, but it can also happen as a result of manipulation.

Most church-goers do not see the church as an engine made with the intention of accumulating financial resources and collecting governmental and social control. They see it as a thing that exist to help them improve themselves and their lot. The church employs a financial manager or an accountant at least and the minister spends a great deal of time explaining how people should behave and who they should vote for, but who evaluates the needs and progress of the church goers? Ask any minister or clergy how such information is obtained and you will get your answer.

If a person or thing has suggestions, advise, or any kind of plan or grievance for you, but show little or no concern for your well being or feelings then, in my opinion can quickly be disregarded. The problem is that many folks and organizations will keep their actual goals and intentions hidden while presenting a false front of faux agendas to placate those who would otherwise reject such goals.

The awareness of such realizations is often differed first by a disdain of selfishness, causing the victim to silence the opposition in their own head. If the victim does speak out or  question they are accused of being a bad person, or the victim is accused of painting an exaggerated narrative of extreme. Saying "I do not like this sort of treatment." is met with "Well, you just think I am a horrible monster." The same mechanic at play in a personal relationship comes into play in a larger scope in a religion. 

The fact is that if a religion, ideology or person is not acting or concerned with acting in your self interest then it can be avoided without guilt. If said entity acts against your self interests then it should be opposed or at least avoided. The only time the self should be ignored is to achieve a greater goal. Any other approach is not rational.

If you are prevented from or not given sufficient information to evaluate a person or organization in your life, then interaction should be suspended until such information can be obtained. Often the threat of abandonment or marooning is used by individuals and organizations bent on keeping it's victims submissive. I am reminded of tales of Scientologists who remained in the organization not because they believed the doctrine but because they feared being separated from family and friends. I am also reminded of the penalties of apostasy in Islamic countries.

A note on another method that individuals and organizations use to punish  those who begin to think for themselves and sometimes is used as a general control technique. This method is generally known as bull-baiting. The victim is accused or intentionally insulted and taunted until they become angry. The attacker, regardless of if it is a person or organization, can either strike back without looking like the bad guy or if the victim manages getting the upper hand, they then act as if they are the victim. 

Christians are famous for this tactic. For most of my life LHP folks and atheists have been maligned, shunned, and even in some cases killed (the case of Madeline Murray O'hare comes to mind.) Yet even the slightest valid point against the religion is spoken and they cry persecution. The same thing occurs with the cries of Islamophobia every time someone displays any kind of anger or offence at a terror attack.  

Frequent evaluation of ones affiliations and relationships does not prevent every instance of painful interaction and manipulation but it does seem to reduce instances of being used and victimized.

Zoramonkey Jul 4 '17

I'm looking for...

*What religion(s) views I care to support.

*The supernatural while keeping a clear head.

*Orgonians who are around me.
*Friends from different and same walks of life to develop a "ballenced" support system for me. to explore.

*To explore/see/contemplate the complete opposite of what I was raised to be...

*To "get a grip" on life as I see things. Better understanding of myself.

*To live, and let live. I mean to really LIVE. To indulge in my life.

*To develop social skills.

*To clear out false beliefs and behaviors.

*What is my purpose in life.

Looking for a clear explanation of why ...

*Why am I here...I am drawn...and why. 

This, being on here, is part of me trying to understand myself in my self exploration and gain a better understanding. Of life, of me and of you.

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For those of you who have not seen Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece
2001: A Space Odyssey based on a novel of the same name by
Arthur C. Clarke I would recommend watching or reading the first scene at least. You are introduced to Moonwatcher a sickly weak but oddly bold and intelligent pre-human.

There is a watering hole and when Moonwatcher and his pack attempt to drink the larger and fiercer ape-men chase him off. He is hungry and thirsty in a time of drought.

The monolith appears and he alone has the curiosity and courage to get close and touch this unfamiliar and odd thing.

He forgets the watering hole for a moment and begins playing with the bones of a pig or ox that died in the drought. He suddenly realizes that the force that the bone has when hitting the other bones is significantly greater than that of his fist.

Calmly and quietly he approaches the larger ape-man who screams with terrifying ferocity and threatens to crush Moonwatcher. Without warning Moonwatcher brings the jawbone down on the larger apes skull crushing it.

I will stop there with the story because my point is here. Far too often white supremacy and for that matter black militantism or any other racially specific group seeks to be the larger ape-man.

I have always endeavored to be like Moonwatcher and, in fact the name I chose for this site is based on this. Instead of pounding ones chest and growling try examining the unfamiliar and the obscure.

The real master race is the intelligent and the creative, those who think outside the box. Demographics may be different for race and culture but in every group you have those who lead and those who follow.....and those other guys, who seem to be irrelevant and pointless just poking around in the bones and debris of that which has been discarded and ignored.

Nothing to see  here.
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A decision was made by the supreme high absolute Leader of the Barefoot Illuminati that we go public on this day so here goes.

We are the Barefoot Illuminati and we in fact exist. Need proof? We will get to that. Just you sit your butt down and smell what I am cooking.

Our agenda is to promote the better ideas of the 50s 60s 70s and 80s. Groups that kinda sorta thought like us were the Beats, the Hippies, Punk Rockers and Pat Boone.

We promote such things as cartoons, solar power, snacks, relaxation, “alternative” hygiene concepts, bad fashion choices, and any harmless general fuckery that seems to piss off so many folks, like peace, love and freedom.

We tend to frown on things like genocide, murder, mixing religion and politics, super-foods, power lunches, dress codes, social caste systems, violence (unless it is dueling…with non-lethal weapons like bear mace and/or cattle prod fencing), bull cock or dog fighting (unless using biplanes, spaceships or genatalia) generally anything that bums us out.

Our members include celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, lawn maintenance people, tech support agents, corporate executives, school lunch workers, sex workers, and even….HIM. We are everywhere, get over it.

You need proof? HA!!! Okay, Marijuana legalization creeping across the country….You are welcome humanity. Sponge Bob Squarepants, look how many times feet are shown or mentioned…even though few sea animals and no sponges have feet!!!!! In fact look at all children’s programing. Feet everywhere. One minute little Petunia is just watching the Wiggles next thing you know “Mom, why don’t we just get electricity from the Sun instead of burning all that stinky oil?”



We  are everywhere! There is no escape!

We are coming for you! One minute you think you are fine, next: BAMMM!! The smell of B.O. and patchouli as you realize both an advanced dungeons and dragons campaign and a drum circle have broke out in YOUR front yard. Then you scream in terror as you realize that your wife is the DM. Scary huh? You go to get your dog to sick him on them then you see the feet on his color or the foot chew toy and realize that you have been betrayed. What next? Your goldfish? The flowers in your yard? YOUR PET ROCK? You call the cops, the dispatcher answers. “Hello I would like to report a a …..” The dispatcher interrupts you: “Hey man, you sound really stressed perhaps you need a FOOT rub.” OH MY GOD NOT THE POLICE TOO!!!! We are everywhere, there is nothing you can do.

Perhaps at this point you might ask “How can I join?” Well lil pal we have very strict requirements for membership:

1. Potential members must be living, perceived to be living or have been one of the two at one point.

2. Once in,  you must at least be able to tell yourself “I am in the Barefoot Illuminati." This can be difficult for our members who are houseplants and such.

3. You have to work for our agenda or at least try to. This one is actually the easiest as the Barefoot Illuminati isn’t too concerned about failure. We are the Whiley Coyote of conspiracies.

When you suspect someone of being another member of the Barefoot Illuminati simply say "Good luck on your footwork!” If they are not a member, they will be, because that is how new members are initiated. You can leave at any time but whenever you get told the initiating sentence again you will have to quit all over again. It even works when you say it in the mirror or to your reflection in a puddle of water or any other substance.

Okay now for the best part:


Now go and do whatever it is

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Someone actually asked me recently how to get to the sites livechat. This can be accessed directly in the top bar by way of the link that says live chat. Attendance goes up and down. It can be dead and spring to life with 6 video chat participants but you can elect to do strictly voice or just do the text and it is probably the best way to get to know people on the site for a new person.

I have a similar tinychat room but I try to confine it mainly to theistic LHP discussion but I rarely kick anyone out. here is the link LHP Discussion
I plan to be setting up a regular scheduled chat here and we could even organize one on the main live chat for the site.

I have posted the Steam group and several other chat and social media communication methods are available in the section under this video on youtube. Just make sure you click the "show more"

My channel in and of itself is as follows: Bad Things
I plan to be setting up a hangout soon and if enough people participate I can get some more famous you tubers I know to show up.

Many of the people I know on the site do mmos. If you do and would like to do this with people from the site, this could be arranged.

Again if all that is too much trouble then at least try to comment on a forum or two. The LHP, or any esoteric practice for that matter can tend to isolate one. As cool as it seems to fly alone, everyone needs to occasionally interact with others now and then. 30 minutes of conversation does not mean you are a cult member and have surrendered your individuality to the group mind. Anonymity is not nearly as hard to protect as it seems. For once take a peek, you can lurk here forever, but until you find out you will never know.

Zoramonkey Jul 2 '17


The Winds expose the lightning of the scent of the death. The Light of the dead brings joy into our hearts.

Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox, is the midpoint between the two Solstices and the day and night are in perfect balance. The light of day is on the increase with each passing day from Ostara onward.

It is at this sabbat that the young Sun God now celebrates a hierogamy, or a sacred marriage, with the young Maiden Goddess, who conceives at this time. In nine months, she will again become the Great Mother. This sabbat is a time of great fertility, new growth, and newborn animals. The next full moon, a period shown to have a time of increased births, is called the Ostara and is sacred to Eostre the Saxon Lunar Goddess of fertility, (which is from where we get the word estrogen), whose two symbols were the egg and the rabbit.

Later in time, the Christians adopted these emblems for Easter, (the egg and rabbit), which is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. The theme of the conception of the Goddess was adapted as the Feast of the Annunciation, occurring on the alternative fixed calendar date of March 25 Old Lady Day, the earlier date of the equinox. Lady Day may also refer to other goddesses (such as Venus and Aphrodite), many of whom have festivals celebrated at this time. 

Ostara is a time for renewal and rededication to the path.

More Inspiring Symbol Includes the "Prophet of Death" who delights in the murdering of the useless.

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The girl waits patiently

listening for her troubles to come knocking,

knowing it will come.

Mommy’s livin’ in her own little world

too busy to take the time to get to know her daughter

She loves her but other things come first

Daddy is gone, living with his new family.

Don’t come to visit you, don’t know if he truly cares.

He called the other night, said “I love you”

Mommy doesn’t know, if she did then all hell would break loose.

She prays and hopes

for her life to pick up speed.

Wants to make her own decisions.

Not a child, not yet a teen.

Can’t wait to grow up.

To escape

Just hold up, hold on.

You can make it.

Wait for a while, you will come around.

You can’t just wish to be older.

‘Cause while your wishin’,

your life will pass you by.

You can’t live it over.

You have only one chance

so enjoy it while you can.

The boy sits in his room.

Tears silently streaking down his face.

A knife in his hand

slashing his arms to ribbons.

Unanswered questions running through his head

while wishing he was dead.

Why don’t they hear his prayer for help?

Mommy leashes out stress.

Daddy’s in California now.

So many questions

Will someone answer them?

Doesn’t anybody care?

He prays and hopes

for his life to pick up speed.

Want’s to feel in control of his life.

Not a child, not yet a teen.

Can’t wait to grow up.

To escape

Just hold up, hold on.

You can make it.

Wait for awhile, you will come around.

You can’t just wish your problems away.

‘Cause while your wishin’,

your life will pass you by.

You can’t live it over.

You have only one chance

so enjoy it while you can.

God will give you strength.

He will make things come round right.

You just have to pray,

lift your voice to the sky

and thank God for all his creations,

that includes you.

You are a miracle, a blessing sent from heaven above.

He loves you unconditionally.

He will wrap you in his arms

and protect you from all harm.

If you allow him to . . .

He is your Father. 

 This piece was dedicated to two of my closest friends back in the day who were going through some tough times. Made years ago. Thought that even if it was old and old mind set, I should still post it.

SilverAgate Jul 1 '17 · Comments: 1

Have you ever?

Have you ever tried to scream but you never uttered a sound?

Your voice once so clear now is spell bound.

Have you ever felt trapped, feeling like there's no escape?

and the past leaves you wondering if it's just too late.

Have you ever been so lost, you ask the darkness, "Is this reality?"

But as you slowly look up and realize you recognize everything you see.

Have you ever seen your future far ahead in the morning mist?

I did.

And I finally saw what lies in store for me as I calmly slash my wrist.

Have you ever wished so hard to be somebody you know?

So you can quit pretending to be your every day 'Average Joe'.

Have you ever wanted acceptance so badly you just couldn’t live?

And you wish someone could have seen you for who you were, not what you did.

And as my last seconds glide slowly by, I make one final wish . . .

I wish people wouldn’t judge others for their past, what they did.

That they would just let it go, accept it, let them live. 

This expresses how I felt a years ago.  I was thinking about my past and some of my old bottled up feelings . . . and let them go.  So, no I'm not going to kill myself . . . EVER!!! Is just a way to express.

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I'm here, no not really.

Don't lie, don't be silly.

I'm gone, and I don't know where.

Don't ask, 'cause I don't care.

So There!

Forget it, it's just life.

I'll make it, somewhere sometime.

Don't cry, that's what babies do.

Not really, but I'm in the mood.

So There!

So go, I don't care where.

Away, away the hell from here.

Leave while your still ahead.

Die, for all I care.

So There!

I'm nice, like sugar and spice.

Go ahead and roll the dice.

Win me, go ahead and try.

Come on baby, I'm worth the price.

So There!

Drugs, there bad for you.

Addition, that's all they equal to.

Who cares? Well I do.

Why? Because I love you.

So There!

You lie, well I do too.

But no, that life's not for you

or me, you gotta see

what this crap is doin' to me.

So There!

Forget now,

An give me the blame.

Who cares? 

I don't know but we will see.

So There!

Jealousy's go the best of me.

My Angel, why can't you see

I'm blind to reality.

I shouldn’t be, but I can't help it see?

So There!

I'm sad, I want to cry.

Maybe just up and die.

My Angel's fine, don't you dare touch him

Hello!! He's mine.

So There!

I don't plan to lead you astray

But to live life day by day.

A friend?!? A friend would be fine.

Don't worry, I'm not feeding you a line.

So There!

So, let's mend an fix an pray

That our kids can someday play.

Without grownup strife.

It hurts everyone deep as a knife.

Fo sure

So let's go, race you there!

Jump in, jump in with a care.

Friends we'll be.

That's what we can guarantee.


Here, I am on bended knee.

Why can't I just be me.

Tell me, who can see,

My life now to what It's gonna be.

So There!

Yep, no stress and strife

but there's just no such life

Now really, lets just try.

Life ain't no slice O pie.

Lets agree.

Alone, is the place carefree.

So I won't hurt anybody but me.

My frets, time to come clean.

What now? Jus be.

So There!

I'm livin, If you consider my life livin'.

Blue skies are grey today.

Its my life I be wishin'

I'm not now, but I'll be o-tay.

So There!

I'm here. No really!!!!

I'm alive, I guess that's silly.

to say cause duh, look whose writing.

"I say, I've seen a Kay sighting."

That's me.

So There!

Many moons have passed

Now two thousand seventeen.

Been hard, so downcast

Let's maybe smoke some green

It's legal...

So there! 

This is my angry poem. Can be sung or screamed! lol! I've added bits and pieces to it over the years and has been an ongoing special project of mine. I am quite proud of it. Shows a lot of growth! Started writing it around 2000 I believe and is still going to be added to more later. . . after I find all my lil scraps of paper lying around with my additions to this. . 

UPDATE:  Hi. There is more I have yet to write. Please bare with me. This is a storyline of what I was going through at the time.

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Many time when I speak to new people they are confused as to where to find actual groups or information. Conventional religion is very easy to reach. They have huge buildings with parking lots and gift shops, they have tons of literature available in any place any printed matter is sold, there are videos and websites on every aspect of conventional religion from the most orthodox and austere to the most conspiratorial and even flighty.

Plug this into the fact that not only the LHP but the occult in general attracts people who march to their own drum thus tend not to be very social. This combined with the lack of acceptance we get from most (but not all) RHP groups means that most LHP people tend to be hiding in the shadows so to speak.

The problem is that without the spiritual, psychological, and other benefits of community most religions enjoy the deck is always stacked against us.

Even problems like aging and substance dependency are massively more complicated when you are in the LHP. Even death can be a problem as a solitary older LHP practitioner has to deal with things like having to sit through Amazing Grace at the funerals of fellow LHP people.

I have came up with a few suggestions to combat this without rejecting our individuality.

1. Minimize petty squabbles between traditions and systems. It seems that if two LHP people disagree on one thing but agree on twenty other things we seem to focus on whatever we disagree on. This is silly. It's the kind of stuff the mainstream religions do. Start a war because the other guy crosses himself left to right instead of right to left. We are better than that.

2. Orthodoxy and definitions. We get caught up in this "no true Scotsman" crap. Debating who is and who is not a true Satanist. In and of itself this is not a problem but again many folks take this crap way to seriously. It is hurting us.

3. Timidity. We have a live chat. You can speak face to face, voice only, or just by text but it does exist. Sometimes no one is on, if so then you can announce on the site or in other social media that you wish to chat. There are other types of social media and several affiliated with the site.

In addition to this I will soon be doing hangouts on my you tube channel.

You can also use the site to connect with others in your area. You would be surprised how much fun you can have doing this. Many of the folks you will meet will be surprisingly similar to yourself.

4. If you do not seek community for a theistic or spiritual practice you will still benefit from community. Atheists need friends too.

5. Co-op purchases. Many of the books, clothes, jewelry and such can get pricey. This could be deferred by co-op buying in bulk.

6. Post. Much of the community here lives in populated areas under at least partial freedom, but many also live in situations and communities where the options are much more limited. Sometimes even posting a self indulgent trivial post might be someones only way of getting even simple information.



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Often when I mention I am into Thelema to the new folks to the occult and some of the old there is almost tangible disappointment. There are more things connecting Crowley to Satanism than Lavey. I could list them but that would mean writing a book so I will point out some of my favorites.

1. Crowly often referred to himself as The Beast 666 To Mega Therion and Baphomet.

2. The structure and philosophy of his groups dominates not only every occult group regardless if they know it or not but his groundwork with Thelema made all forms of modern Satanism possible and even Lavey borrowed heavily from him.

3. Thelemic groups are some of the few places in the occult where both Thelemic and non-Thelemic LHP people can be open about their practice and beliefs without judgement.

4. The online resources offered for free by Thelemites would help any practitioner of any path.

5. The OTO legal fund was originally created to protect the orthodoxy of the organization but has, at time defended the civil liberties of Satanists and next to the A.C.L.U. can be a big help if any of us ever land in court due to fundie shenanigans.

6. Groups like the OTO are fraternal organizations not religious ones (Though we do have a religious arm...the EGC.) We have a Setian in our group and they put up with me and that is saying quite a bit. You can be any religion and affiliate with the OTO. We even have gatherings specifically for folks who have no interest in joining the order. In some functions said people can even make up the bulk of people at the party.

7. There are no stipulation as to race, gender, religion or political affiliation for either membership or promotion in the order. In fact the only legitimate complaint levied against Thelema (Other than the fact that we are humans like every other miserable jerk on this planet) is that some of our members occasionally engage in sex that might seem a bit odd, but not all of us do that all the time. Oh yea there is the whole "wine and strange drugs" thing but more often than not that might just be Bojalais and metformin. Oh yea ask me about the cookies.

So with all that said we do this thing called open coffee night. We gather at a coffee shop in Houston and the gathering is open to anyone who wants to attend. There is no fee or any other requirements but you will have to buy your own coffee. Usually about 5 or 6 of us attend. It is informal and relaxed. We do this on the first Wednesday of every month. If this interests you please pm me.

I will leave with the best evidence of Crowleys Satanic affiliations, one of my favorite poems:

            The Hymn to Lucifer

Ware, nor of good nor ill, what aim hath act?
Without its climax, death, what savour hath
Life? an impeccable machine, exact
He paces an inane and pointless path
To glut brute appetites, his sole content
How tedious were he fit to comprehend
Himself! More, this our noble element
Of fire in nature, love in spirit, unkenned
Life hath no spring, no axle, and no end.

His body a bloody-ruby radiant
With noble passion, sun-souled Lucifer
Swept through the dawn colossal, swift aslant
On Eden's imbecile perimeter.
He blessed nonentity with every curse
And spiced with sorrow the dull soul of sense,
Breathed life into the sterile universe,
With Love and Knowledge drove out innocence
The Key of Joy is disobedience.

Aliester Crowley


Zoramonkey Jun 30 '17 · Tags: coffee, oto, thelema
Im trying to find Satanic Witches that also practise sourcery and divination Im having trouble finding them and the network Administration told me there are Satanic Witches in this network.Where are you Sistas

Sodivine Jun 11 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: sourcerers, witches, black magik
I am looking to make some friends on here but I am unsure of how to do so
AngelMarie May 31 '17 · Comments: 3 · Tags: friends
Thank you for the add.Im not new to the Occult,just new to this site and Im finding it hard to navigate my way around it.Im a High Priestess Black Witch,born of a witch and a Father I can only describe as Satan himself.I was raised in the Covern and learnt both white and Black Magik.My ancestors go back to the Nordic Vikings of Scandanavia who praticed the Black arts.I have 60 or so Magikal people in my Covern all with different kinds of Occult befiefs.

Dark Blessings 


Sodivine May 30 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
I am curious about satanism and I have been researching it but there is little to nothing to be found on satanic weddings. I find that peculiar and frustrating. Mostly frustrating because my boyfriend has said he wants to marry me and we would both prefer a satanic wedding. Not that we are getting married anytime soon.
AngelMarie May 30 '17 · Rate: 3.50 · Comments: 8

Article 1

I've expressed all I can about magick. I wish there was a more poetic, beautiful, or at least pithy way for me to have done so. I don't think the text I've produced on the matter has ever “sung” the way it ought to.

To say again, anything that you want to do, and then do is magick. Boom. Magick produces objective results, or else its nothing. Kabam. If you don't know what objective means, and can't describe an objective event, then you are a long way from controlling the force that is magick. How many more words are there for it? LaVey and others have gone into lengthy detail about some of the finer philosophical points of following such a path, explored the cultural contexts, and pointed out the poseurs. I needn't bother with rehashing their work.

We should make an effort to make the occult occult again. That is, hide it from everyone so as to increase our power, because knowledge is power. Let everyone else wallow in their blissful slavery, clutching their chains as though they were a toddlers blanket. We psychonauts of the left hand path reap the benefits of freedom. Freedom isn't for everyone. That's why I'm not a missionary. I don't want more people being into this thing. Magick is meritocratic, not democratic; it is part of nature, and nature don't give no fucks. I like being a freak, a weirdo, a closet psychopath. It gives me an edge. I always hold the power to take an interaction to a place others would never dream of (read: talking about Moche human sacrifices or Richard Ramirez), but like Sun Tzu said, the unexpected and the unorthodox gives the general the advantage in battle. Or something like that anyhow.

I wanted to find the most basic principles real magick and move forward from there. The problem is, I fear that I have found such principles, and unfortunately they aren't all that exciting. I've summoned no entities from the shadow realm, recieved no psychic messages, never did jello shots with sasquatch. I have gotten a job, gotten a raise, gotten laid, ended a parasitic infection, resolved a real estate crisis, and a few other interesting things that are harder to quantify (the objective quality here is my sense of satisfaction, which isn't that objective, but the fact that I'm telling you gentle readers about it makes it objective in a way). I have to wonder, would all of these things have happened anyway? And even if they had happened, perhaps it still would have been magick, it still would have been my will manifesting in the universe. Answers are hard to come by, and questions lead me down labyrinthine garden paths.

To do this Satanic thing you have to be a skeptic. Always look to the answers that require the fewest new assumptions. Evaluate your beliefs on the basis of available evidence and the solidity of the logic behind them. Make nature yours.

State of the Satanic Union as I See It.

As I am sure anybody who occasionally peruses this sight has noticed, there are a lot of gung ho folks who make a bunch of posts, private message you, and generally sound like they're really keen black wizards. Then they go away after a relatively short time. You can never join their sweet East Los (presumably gay) Satanic Coven. You can't learn their high-mucky-muck-darkest-of-the-black-trve kvlt-shaman secrets. Well what gives keeners? Do something already! Enough talk, show me something legit Satanic, like a fat bank account or a huge pile of cocaine, then we can talk. With that mound of cocaine we'd talk all night, and I might even think you were interesting.

As for the rest of the Satanic Union, I guess the Satanic Temple is doing some fun stuff. I can't find it in my shrivelled heart to give two shits about political activism, but power to them, they are certainly entertaining. I can maybe, maybe, give half a shit, but that's it. I don't know what Peter Gilly and The Church of Satan are up to. I lost interest in that organization when I realized I couldn't afford official membership, and I probably wouldn't get much for it. I view that as a Satanic endeavour, sure, bilking cash from folks with more money than sense, but obviously there's no reason for me to be involved with it. It would be kinda cool to have the membership card though.

Let's not forget this bloodless newsletter I'm attempting to summon from the beyond. It's a zombie I'm trying to raise from the cemetery of a forum discussion on SIN, but I think I uttered the foul incantation wrong. Now my computer reeks like rotting flesh. That it is pretty sweet. So far, it doesn't seem like the project has legs. I mean, its got my legs, last count seventeen, but I'm not sure that's enough to be a valuable contribution to the site. I think it would be good to harness the intellect of all the dark souls in cyberspace towards something a little more directed, have everybody who likes to write focus and commit to contributing some intellectual content on the same day. It would give them enough time to adequately prepare and focus their thoughts, and possibly discover some powerful ideas. That's the fantasy of a would-be writer like myself though, that words can have power, some meaning beyond the enjoyment of writing and reading them.

New Danzig album out on the 26th of this month. I spooge my drawers in anticipation.

What else is going on?


I had planned to do a massive, multi-participant ritual to coincide with the release of this newsletter, but due to my poor correspondence skills, I've not been able to round up the necessary mad cultists. So instead, I shall lay out my ideas regarding the casting of a “geosigil”.

As far as I can tell, “geosigils” are a novel idea. At least according to the first page of google. If you can't find something on the first page of google, it doesn't exist, as any clever internet lurker knows. When I searched the term, I got mostly search results relating to geosignals. That makes me happy that not many people have thought of this idea.

The geosigil as I wanted to cast, firstly involves the standard creation of sigil. Then I find people at various points on the world map, and re-draw the sigil so that each participant's city is at one of thirteen axes on the map. Thirteen axes was completely accidental, but I was delighted at the accident. Each participant then creates their own sigil, their own spell. Then all participants send their sigils to the best artist of the group, and that person creates an epic sigil combining all thirteen spells on the day of casting. Finally, on the same day at the same time, across the globe, all thirteen participants cast their sigils. And then we wait to see what becomes of such an approach.

There you have it, preserved for posterity and hopefully reproduction and imitation throughout the eons.

SamaelSwine May 23 '17 · Comments: 7 · Tags: sin journal
Zach Black Owner

Dread -

I have this weird feeling. A feeling that something bad is going to happen at anytime. Strange feeling. Not a pleasant on either. It is that feeling that ' something is in the air ' . I can not put my finger on it.

i could be picking up ' vibes ' from someone else close to me. I thinking I need t make my rounds and check in with everyone close. My older brother just got outta pycheward today. He was having suicidal thoughts. That could be it.

All I really know is I have only had a few glasses of wine. That is not enough to sound the alarm. I can feel the pressure physically to. Something, somewhere is about to go down that will affect me in a drastic way.... that is the feeling I have.

Zach Black May 9 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: satanic international network, zach black
Greetings fiends,

I found that I miss writing on this dark corner of the internet, so as alluded to in my SIN QUARTERLY JOURNAL VOL. 1 post, I am currently planning my second volume of the unofficial SIN quarterly journal. Expect more cryptic nonsense and thinly veiled insults for my amusement, unless you fine SIN users get off of your collective tuchi (plural form of tuchus) and post your own insightful article on May 23, 2017. Perhaps at some point I'll collate all the entries into a pdf if enough people decide to write something decent. If you want to contribute, simply make a blog post on May 23, with the same subject heading as this post, followed by the title of your article.

Personally, I'll be writing about casting a geosigil, hopefully reporting on how that went. Speaking of which, if anybody would like to try some collaborative spellcasting, message me, and I'll see what I can do. Ideally I'll need 13 participants including myself, but depending on how rounding up that many people (organizing satanists is like herding blind and deaf kittens hopped up on Nazi-Speed) I may settle for less.


Samael Swine

SamaelSwine May 7 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: nazi, kittens, speed, sin quarterly journal

Title: The Morning Star
Lyric, tune & composition- Pantho
Copy right by Pantho

O fallen angel,
u r the lord of hell,

o morning star,
show me your shining way,

o My Lord Lucifer,

you r the only God of us.

plz dont left my hand ,
become true my wish to u,
cuz you r the one who full fill his follower desire .
only u r the one who never left hand from his lover.

you only you
the source of light,
plz help me to reach my high,
I only beg to u,
I only calling u,
plz accept my every prayer
to only you.
plz grant my loyalty o morning star,
those for u .

you only you,
can full my dream,
cuz only you,
can make me rich,
I only bow infront u,
plz let be my

every wish come true,

plz grant my every prayer
I beg to you.
oh my lord Lucifer,
I summon you

Hail lucifer 666

Zach Black Owner
I have been a little lazy as of late about enforcing site policy. Time to tighten up. Policy is here for a reason. Should you ignore it your account may be suspended or deleted without warning. 

This is not a porn site. If you upload porn or treat this site as a dating sex site you will be deleted. 

Iggy Starman
Here I would like to establish my own train of thoughts and ideas in a public manner for others to notate with their experiences, ideas, information and wisdom. Most of these personal thought forms will be spastic with little structure from one topic to another, often starting or stopping abruptly. 

I figure I may as well begin with origins to myself and where it all began, details may be fuzzy but I'll do the best I can to shed some light on thought processes and etcetera. For those that give two shits about picking the brains on others or view the individuality within strangers, you might be in for a treat.

2006-2007, Aprox Age, 13.

I'll begin with where it all started. I never had my own personal computer or laptop at a young age, but I did have a Wii-system that used Wi-fi, a modern staple that offered me access to various resources for a growing hormonal teenaged boy. One particular summer eve, I grew bored, lonely - the strange kid in the back of the class-room that yearned for friends and companionship, struggling with Father issues and a sweet tooth for horror. I've heard that some in various circles practiced singing praises to Satan, and while I never viewed myself as a Christian at this time, a true one at least, I was left with questions and doubts. My faith with ye-old God were measured in stray hairs at best, never strong but not completely torn. As my mind wandered, I ventured to the ideas of summoning a Succubus. Trivial and immature, but I was alone and guided only by my own curiosity. 

I happened upon Joy of Satan. An old site that seemed to be updating fairly regularly at this time, chocked full of scriptures of demons, summonings, Astral Projection, ideas, so on and so forth. Being susceptible of believing everything I was told, I slowly began to develop similar anti Semitic ideas  to that of the site owner. I dabbled with meditations (Was terrible at them) - Interested in developing relations with Satan and Lucifer (To fill the void of a fatherless life) - believed in a world of Duat, (Satanist Heaven, or the world of which Daemons reside in the Astral.) and even had dreams of traversing a strange back-alley portion of a city where gambling on those whom were about to die in the real world seemed oddly popular. Creatures and beings I couldn't begin to fathom appeared here, some humanoid, others.... I can't describe. All harboring around this gargantuan book. I've labeled this book as 'The Book of Death'. Date, time, location, cause, name, all recorded in real time. (And before you ask, I have /Not/ seen 'Deathnote' during this time, but that's the easiest way to put it.)

Beyond this realm of gambling, there was a grand library, ancient, manned by more impossible creatures and beings I couldn't classify to anything recognizable. Before long a squadron of 'officers' swarmed me and I promptly woke up with a lump in my throat and a haze over my eyes. Most of my practices during my 'Joy of Satan' phase were for naught. I've never been able to properly finish or follow through any of the meditations, and Astral Projection, to this day, eludes me completely. (Despite this, it is still one of my Grand Life Goals, to Astral Project.)

This goes on for a while, onwards to 2010 and 2011, where I slowly wane and drift from these practices. I had friends that claimed they were building Grimories and Black Books of Pagan practices and rituals. All of which I were unable to grasp in time before I moved from Indiana to Wisconsin, and in 2013, back to Indiana. Three years of friends and confusion of this spiritual world I was introduced to were for naught. I would denounce the Anti Semitic ways of myself after speaking to a few members from The Brotherhood of Satan, and after fact checking some of the things written by JoS - it seemed sketchy and I became quite skeptical. 

The idea of Satanism was warped for me, yet I retained my desire by understanding the journey is an individual experience. Now in my early twenties, I've still yet to understand how to branch as my own individual self for self empowerment under my own cause - but more on that some other time.

2015-2016 - Age, 20-21.

I hadn't touched a single word off of Satanism for years after Wisconsin, I grew older, wiser, had a job, had some more friends, established myself in the community and known by a fair deal of people in this small city. Most faces are quite familiar - but yet, when I go home each night and prepare for bed, I felt something was missing from my life. Like a note to my future self, the ideas of Satanism came crawling back to the back of my mind and I begun to yearn to speak to other Satanists. Step in Temple of Atem - a branch of Satanists brought up by the teachings and books of S.S Connolly, an author that has written several scriptures and are selling them on Amazon Kindle. I developed myself very briefly in their community and purchased a very, very, very special book. Goetic Daemons~ a ritual book with drawings and instructions for very particular rituals and practices. 

I haven't thought much of the book, still slowly reading through it and several other books from Amazon Kindle - but recently (After I fell out of the practices for a third, fourth time, lost count) - there were a few pictures from Imgur that referenced this book. Going about talking about the Satanic symbols, denounced the Necronomicon and referenced this book in my possession with heavy warnings and praise of its truth and rights. Thinking about the book now with idle fondness gives me mild chills. 

Skipping out a lot of details and small stories omitted for time sake, here I am now. Once more called back to the LHP by idle thoughts that keep nagging me, dragging me back once I've ventured on my own for too far. Either experiences in life make me yearn for information, or closure. Perhaps community and speaking with real people with real experience and real results appeal to me. 

And here I am now, SIN. Happened upon it on accident, and I've made mention of it from my enlistment questions. One hell of a Google Search - and there it was in shining glory. An active forum that seemed coherent and brimming with experiences, practices and people willing to --- you know --- talk.  The biggest thing that's happened to me, I believe, would have been that dream. Almost a decade ago - and I still remember it vividly, as if it happened yesterday in real life, but it happened so quick I just can't process everything that occurred during that dream. 


Personal Beliefs:

Theistic. Satan and Lucifer are two separate entities - there is not just one realm of which Goetic Daemons reside, however most can be found within the Astral. Lucifer and Satan, personally, are viewed as Supreme Beings and, more or less - father figures.

Personal Goals: 

#1. Fucking Astral Projection holy shit.

#2. Develop friends within Satanic Network.

#3. Understand, practice, and perform successful rituals respectfully.

#4. Develop more goals.

It's 5:30 am, growing tired, train of thought is about as useful as Braille on a drive-through ATM. Will add more to this some other time. 

Iggy Starman Apr 22 '17 · Comments: 3 · Tags: community, theism, theistic, personal, blurbs, astral, ideas
Again, I have sentenced myself to poetry as a means of working with spiritual entities. As such, I've learned of its ease. I had worked with Sitri, and so forth, this had been brought unto the clutches of existence.

Lustful Invokation

Leopard-headed man

With wings majestic

Come unto me

A mage who dreamt this

Prince of deities

As god of lust

Come forth as Sitri

For my cause of such

Belief in darkness

Harbored as lust

Come forth to seek the

One I trust

Charmer of snakes

Confusing to me

I beg for thine aid

In making her see

quael Mar 23 '17
I had worked with Marchosias the other night, my end of the bargain was to write and afterwards publicize three workings of poetry. I'm not much of a writer, so hopefully it didn't come out too awkwardly written or otherwise silly.

Invokation of Damnation

Marquis of The Underworld

Warrior of unlight

Fight for thine justice

Fight for thine throne
Ox-formed spirit

Winged and tailed

Come forth to hear it

The angels have failed

Sinful Shame

Standeth strong upon legions.

Standeth opposed to their light.

Runneth now, Marquis of Heathens.

Runneth now, towards the fight.
Hideth now, from the fair man's sight.

Hideth now, call of witch's name.

Undying now, oppose the false light.

Undying now, cause them sinful shame.

Prayer Upon Strength

Deital prowess

Knowledge of strength

I seeketh thine image

Of muscular freight
I come to you faithful

I come to you late

Now come to my table

And bread we shall break

quael Mar 21 '17
Hello, I'm a relatively new member. I was wondering if anyone knew a specific trick or perhaps a few tips to learn the correct pronunciation of the Inverse Lord's Prayer(Lord's Prayer said backwards). Thanks in advance.
quael Mar 7 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
Sorry for the delay in getting this group going. I recently gave my organization a needed reboot to ensure it went on the path I originally intended. 

If anyone is interested, here is the link for my public profile on Facebook since I am on there often. 

Facebook Profile

Throughout the week I will be adding topics and information in here.

Ave Satanas brothers and sisters \m/

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