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Hey folks. I need your help with something. I need to speak with Anton LaVey son Satan Xerxes Carnaki LaVey. The rightful inheritor to the church of Satan. Last I heard he lives in southern California, where I live. I wish to light a fire under his ass . He will be turning 25 in a couple years. That is the age LaVey wanted him to be high priest. 

Maybe he does not care. IDK. But, I am willing to find out. I heard he is involved with vampirefreaks.com. I need his contact info. Or even his mothers Blanche Barton... although I am pretty sure she will not talk to me. Worth a shot. ..


This isn't as shocking as it sounds. While you read the title correctly, some may have inferred a different meaning than intended. No, Bruce Wayne isn't gay.[1] Instead this refers to a long-time in-joke involving the fact I came out of the bat cave years ago by revealing the secret identity of the caped crusader -- ME! ME, MOTHERFUCKERS! I AM BATMAN!!!

I'll let that sink in. 

So, yeah. I'm Batman. Not Mr. Bruce (ohhhhh my parents are dead) Whine. It's me. I'm Batman. Does this make sense? Are we on the same page? No? Oh well, fuck it. Here's how the damn thing got started: 

Yes, that is a bra on my head. I'll wait while you watch it again.

Heh. :) 

This video was made as part of a stupid social-chain game that people played on Youtube back in the day. It was played like this:

1. Someone makes a video giving their opinions on a range of subjects.

2. The person tags people they know in the video description.

3. Those people who are tagged make videos giving their opinions of the same topics and tag people they know.

4. And the whole thing spreads through the YT network like social cancer.

And one bright and shining day this game was peacefully travelling through YT netizens, minding it's own business, until Hatesfury tagged me.  (Hows Hatesfury doing these days, anyway?)

Heh :)

What could I do but give my most valid opinion on each of the subjects, which, as you know by now is universally :


Don't worry. If you're still confused, I promise that the plot will thin shortly.

The reason why I revealed my secret identity is because it's the most valid answer I could give -- which is to say, not at all. There's no reason for me to have an opinion on any of them simply because some other people do.

It's like Jesus. A Christian recruiter expects you to already know who Jesus is when he asks you "Do you know Jesus?" He wants to get your current opinion so he can get a baseline to change it. What's fun to do and totally fucks their day and brain is when you steal any possible validity from the recruiter by shifting the frame or playing dumb. 

Shifting the Frame: "Jesus?  Do you know him, too? (Recruiter smiles and says yes.) The crackhead down the street? HE OWES ME MONEY!!" (Recruiter becomes sorry to bother you, assures you he made a mistake,  and rushes off to more important matters he suddenly remembered at just that moment.)

Playing Dumb: "Jesus who?" 

Playing dumb is more effective than logic to get people to realize how ludicris they really sound. Why? They have to explain these beliefs, from scratch, to a grown and reasonable person.

Recruiter: Uh, you know, Jesus. He died for you.

Me: I'm sorry to hear he died, but I don't have a clue who you're talking about. (cue sideways look)

Recruiter: You know, Jesus Christ. Our lord and savior who died for your sins?

Me: I said I don't know who you're talking about. Are you from here? We have a president. And I'm not a princess who needs to be saved by ... the death of someone else for my ... sins? 

Recruiter: Uh... 

At this point the recruiter's mind is racing, trying to think one step ahead, desperately checking and double checking that what he's about to say to make sure it doesn't sound crazy. (See, better than logic.)

Recruiter: Uh...

(long, awkward seconds pass)

Recruiter: Uh...

Me: Well, it's been uh.... bye. (cue: walking away.)


So what's all this got to do with freethinkin'? I'll get to that in a second. 

First, what most people call freethinkin' is nothing of the sort. It's more like using the word as an excuse to not think at all. They point, scoff, and say "That's stupid. I know because I'm a freethinker!" Those fuckers are about as freethinking as parrots.

So, what is this freethinking thing anyway? I found this definition:

"A freethinker is defined as a person who forms his own opinions about important subjects (such as religion and poltics) instead of accepting what others say."

Do you see the flaw there? Read it again.

Ok, it's challenge time. The prize: 50 kudos each..

The first challenge: Describe the obvious flaw in so-called "freethinkin',"

I'll give you a hint. Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy) points to the answer by introducing concepts with the following language: "It's a popular and important fact that..."

First answer gets all 50 kudos

The second challenge. (Also 50 kudos to first answer.)

Why is "I'M BATMAN!" an appropriate opinion to each subject in my video?.


1. I know, because I'm from the future. 

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Satanism is an elitist religion, make no mistake about it. It is uncompromisingly 100% elitist with zero shit or fluff to fuck up the mix.

We're so damn elitist that we even have a special term for ourselves -- the alien elite. Aren't we all special snowflakes? Right, get your doc martins and let's start goose steppin'!

It's really nothing like that.

Even though Satanism is absolutely hardcore in it's elitism, what it means to be elite is:

* having your shit together

* not doing anything half-assed

* being relentless in self-mastery

* constantly pushing our skills at the edge

There is no room for being a douche who lives hiding behind the pretense of being 'better' than other people. Someone is better than someone else or they're not in an objective practical sense -- they're more skilled at something. For example, a person is more accurate at shooting a bow than someone else or not.

And, even though someone is really good at something, it doesn't mean that there's a demand for it. Therefore, it's possible to be elite and completely useless at the same time. The point of elitism is all around potency in whatever a satanist chooses to do.

There's no room to act superior (unless it is superior action). Actually, this kind of behavior weakens the potency of elitism. It's like lovingly polishing a turd at the expense of sharpening a katana. No only would such an elitist 'lose it because they didn't use it', they have all the charm of being covered in shit.

Summing up, Satanism is hardcore, but not a license for a satanist to take his nose from the grindstone and shove it up in the air.

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Zach Black Owner
   Well I made it and gave my presentation which you can find on my facebook. Once I figure out how to get it on youtube I then can post it here. Here is a link to it on facebook. 

Zach Black Presentation

The event was great. Some bumps in the road which is to be expected. Lots of egos colliding. Was great meeting everyone. Some of you it was a long time in the making. 

For more pictures check out the photo gallery. I will make a album with all the pictures. 

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My name is Velna, I'm new here everyone... So allow me shout out a great hello to all! This Website seems like a most interesting place. I feel like I've just arrived at a fascinating vacation destination. I cannot wait to explore and hopefully learn. Learning is my favorite thing to do. 

My interests include devil worship, magic, fun, the art of comedy and mass media. I truly enjoy a good argument that allows for respectful debate. I may hate what you say but I'll never hate you. ...
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The left hand path is that part of esoteric mysteries that promises concrete results. It whispers of horrors and pleasures conceived in the magicians mind, which can be spewed forth into the world. Like any tool, this ability can be used to cause harm, restore, or something that isn't quite either of these. I won't go into a full etymological treatise here, but I believe the word sinister means left handed in Latin, and is part of the reason why the path I have described has come to be known as that of the left hand. Those of us who dare to want something in this life and are far too impatient to wait for our stored up treasures were labelled sinister. The left hand itself has an evil connotation because it was customary for guards of the king to check only one side of a possible assassin for weapons, and since most people are right handed, they got into the habit of checking only the corresponding side. Assassins therefore tended to be left handed in order to gain the advantage of not having their hidden daggers taken away. Keep in mind I heard this explanation from a Christian youth pastor, and have done no fact checking, because I think the premise of the post would be moot if I did. It seems like a stretch that guards would never check the right side. In that case even right handed assassins could get through just but wearing their dagger on the right hip. If you do things that even just look sinister, then you can accomplish those things which are sinister. There may be something in that in the way of a lesson for those of us on the LHP, but I won't get further into it here.

Occult means hidden in greek. Again we see some similarity between the Satanist and the words of the categories into which he might fall. Many Satanists are "in the closet" in order to avoid possible negative consequences, or just because they prefer their privacy. In any case, the assassin and the Satanist both must hide as part of their existence. The assassin's work is hidden by necessity, while the Satanist's is hidden mostly out of ignorance, for few people care to learn about his path. Perhaps they are right not to care, because I can't ignore the possibility that everything I think I know about Satanism and the LHP is total bullshit, and there is no benefit at all to what I do. This is a frame of mind necessary to take at every step of your the magical journey, because self deception is the easiest form of magikkk to master. How unfortunate would it be to become an adept in self deception, but deceive oneself so fully that you cannot see how you are doing nothing but deceiving yourself.

The word Satan itself initially carried the meaning of something close to "enemy", or "one who brings temptation." If you have the idea that Satan is a symbol for the self, then you must realize that some part of the self which you allowed yourself to become is an adversary to everything else. You bring temptation to the masses, and evil. What evil is can be fairly subjective. Since I'm not a complete maniac, for my purposes evil means more just things that are condemned by humans. Humans condemn many things which are not damnable, but rather are commendable.

The obvious place to go with this idea is to embrace the absurd, the rebellious, the punk rock. All of those things are well and good, and are a little further from the infamous bell curve human behaviour, especially in certain parts of the world from a lot of behaviour. But even these are just variations on a theme: The consumption of cultural products. I want to be an enemy of much grander things than bad music or derivative art, but if I find nothing else, I guess those will do. I also don't want to fall into the trap of, "Just being an individual" though perhaps that is the greatest height a Satanist can aspire, as hard wired to being a pro-social animal as humans appear to be. Maybe thinking without the influence of the people around you, whispering messages and values into your subconscious ears is the Nirvana of the Satanist. 

If you feel like you have reached the state of mind where none of your decisions are affected at all by those around you, let me know.

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Temple of Baphomet Central Florida
My wife are and I are LHP Practitioners who work very closely with Baphomet and other deities. We practice sex magick, the darker forms of ritual magick, etc. We are seeking friends in the South Florida area whom are interested in joining us in ritual practices and creating a group of individuals to raise our energies through ritual and gain success in our practices. Highly experienced, knowledgeable, and willing to teach as well as learn from others.

Check out our website at www.templeofbaphometsouthflorida.com 

Danniel Ford
When your enemies' only strength is violence make it so they will have to use it against you at your time of choosing. This way you can set up their downfall well in advance, and when it happens exploit the circumstances to your full advantage. Allow it to look as if they won the battle to actually win the war. Before the actual confrontation use all your manipulation skills to appear the innocent victim while all the while gradually antagonizing and provoking your enemy to make the fatal error at the right time. You will have to do some planning, study the environment and its inhabitants and their schedules. Know who's where and when. This way you will be able to set the perfect trap and once it is sprung you must have no mercy on your prey. You must then ensure that they are taken down for good, so fallow through on all your responsibilities afterwards and finish them off even if it makes you seem cowardly, unfair, and unmanly. At this point fuck appearances, the only thing that counts is victory. And remember, it is the victors who write the history. So after the war is won and the enemy is disposed you'll have plenty of time to alter the facts so as to appear the brave, honorable hero. Hahaha
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Hello to whoever is reading this! Hello and hugs!

I am here because I have trouble connecting with others. I crave genuine, meaningful connections in which I do not have to hide a huge part of my self. I am tired of lying and concealing my beliefs and thoughts. I wish to bond with fellow souls.

I am open to anything real from penpals to coffee shop buds to a new best friend. I have a lot of hobbies. They include writing poetry, plant identification, coin collecting, learning languages, and making stuff. I can keep it light or go as dark as you are willing to take me. Just be genuine and give me the gift of acceptance. I will return what I am given.

I am so happy to have joined this site! I already had the best chat with someone that I've had in months. I am convinced this works. If you took the time to read all this, I am flattered. Feel free to say hi if any of this resonates with you. We might have a lot of fun together.
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When it feels its end approaching, it builds a nest with the finest aromatic woods, sets it on fire, and is consumed by the flames. From the pile of ashes, a new Phoenix arises, young and powerful. It then embalms the ashes of its predecessor in an egg of myrrh, and flies to the city of the Sun, Heliopolis, where it deposits the egg on the altar of the Sun God.

Shh honey. Everything is all right. He woke up shaking and drenched in sweat again. The same disturbing dream over and over again. He can’t swim, never been swimming, always afraid of water. Perhaps, this is why… He’s there, swimming with his wife, in a lake and suddenly something, he doesn’t know what, drags him down to the bottom of the lake, holding him down in an iron grasp. He’s struggling to free himself but in vain. Trying to call his wife but not a word can escape his mouth. That horrible feeling, suffocating, fighting for breath and then… all becomes dark.

I’m sure you’ll get this job. You deserve all the best. I’m so proud of you. He loved Elen. She always reassured him. Now, sitting in the company hall, he was trying to forget his nervousness. There were mirrors on both sides of the hall. Crazy. The boss is watching you, always. Mr Morris, please come in. What a pretty secretary Sir Richardson had. Long blonde hair, abundant breasts and a warm smile. And her legs…

Sir Richardson was explaining the details of the company in the most pedantic and boring manner and Mark was pretending to listen. He was in a too euphoric state to even try to focus on the boss’ monologue. So he did it. His dream became true. HR Manager, Phoenix Tobacco Company – that sounded really cool. This photo? It’s my grandfather. He built this little empire. And Sir Richardson began a long rant about the rather turbulent life of his grandpa, how he was selling cigarettes, went bankrupt during the Great Depression but he managed to get up and started selling cigarettes again. Excuse me? You will understand in time. Many of those smart-asses committed suicide but my grandfather never gave up. They thought they buried him in debts but he outsmarted them all. He was that sophisticated. He had this spark in him that couldn’t be extinguished. So he reinvented himself. The truly immortal men never die.

Are you staying late at work again? And she smiled cunningly, her long blonde hair tickling him as she bent down to kiss him. At least, this is what my wife thinks. And he laughed. Then, they drove to the same cosy motel and made love furiously. No no, he loved his wife. They’d been married for fifteen years. Enough for the routine to break into their lives. He would die for her, nevertheless, and for his daughter. The family was everything to him, honor and duty, but this… with Jane, it was just sex, an adventure, easy done, easy gone. How can I be sure you aren’t doing it with Sir Richardson? Her skin was white and soft like velvet. Don’t be stupid, she laughed, that old fat asshole sickens me, the mere look of him.

It’s time to initiate you into the heart of our business and Sir Richardson led him to the lift at the back of the building. They went a couple of storeys down into what looked like a large basement. The large iron doors opened and Mark saw a dimly lit small room decorated with draped dark blue material. A few of his colleagues were sitting behind the table covered with blue velvet cloth. Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, Mark knows you don’t talk about an elephant in the room. And even if you do, nobody sane will believe you. And they all started laughing.

He became more and more frustrated with his job. He worked his ass off for the company but the boss seemed to appreciate his secretary more than him. She got a reward after a reward, a bonus after a bonus. He was damn sure she slept with the boss. They broke up with each other, no more passionate nights at the motel. He’d been feeling bad about it anyway. He was sure his wife didn’t suspect anything but he felt pangs of remorse. And he felt bad about being a part of a swindle and a… criminal. How the hell will he wriggle out of it now? Go to the police? They won’t believe him. No evidence. Another disgruntled former employee trying to shit-talk his boss, they will think. And, most important thing of all, won’t they be seeking revenge?

I’m not lying. I’m telling you. They eliminate competition. If smear campaign doesn’t help, they just kill these people, make it look like an accident or a suicide. It’s all decided in the basement, all draped in blue. They gather there and decide whom to, as they put it, pluck. We’ve already been there, Mr Morris. It’s a normal basement, no blue curtains, they store tobacco there. You don’t understand. I was there with them, took part in it, they cleaned up after themselves. I don’t know what to think of it, Mr Morris, we’ll look into it once again and give you protection just in case. But it won’t harm if you… Have you thought about talking to the psychiatrist?

Mark opened the door and heard sobbing. Honey what’s up? He asked as he took off his coat. The sobbing came from upstairs. He rushed upstairs, the door to their bedroom was left ajar. He opened it and gasped. He and Jane, naked at the motel… their photos… all over the walls. Ho… ho… honey… I…I…I will will explain. It’s not what you think. Elen please… How could you? She was sitting on their bed and sobbing. Who is this woman? How could you? How could you do this to me and our daughter?

It was snowing, beautiful winter  and Sir Richardson’s children were sitting round the Christmas tree, opening their presents when the workers found Mark’s body on the dumping ground. Suicide. He was fired from the job, his wife and daughter left him. He had nothing to live for. Poor chap.

*   *   *

All right. I finished. The written assignment for my doctor is ready. Poor woman is trying to get into the depths of my crazy mind and examine all the dark monsters there. She’s trying to sort it out, guess the reason for my self-loathing. Let her read it if she can make heads and tails of it. Each paragraph is a revelation, all *** of them. Let the bitch do the math. Yeah I know what you think, dear readers. You wonder how much of it is true, if anything. Keep wrapping your head around it.

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EzrelT Chapter Head
In times past that accounted for successive generations over the period, there relatively has been a connection between the 'way to life' and 'characteristic of group persons' who constitute or make up every society.

These invariably which are both captured in the concepts of 'philosophy' and 'psychology', no doubt derive their source from the association of such interpreted modes.

An accurate definitive account, however, might help substantiate the value of such claim, as I shall try to expostulate its truth by a further reference to dictionary definitions of the word Philosophy.

The Oxford dictionary defines philosophy in two ways:

1a. "The search for knowledge and understanding of the nature and meaning of the universe and of human life." This strikes an advanced description of my choice definition and unfortunately lacks the intended grip to grasp the claim, and sadly leaves me the option of descending the stairs of my already embarked diction inquiry.

1b. "A particular set or system of beliefs resulting from the search for knowledge." Still, this lacks my intended quotient from definition.

2. "A set of beliefs or an attitude to life (which best fits my description of way to life) that is a guiding principle for behaviour."

Satanism as a religion, I think, utilizes within its philosophy the tool of practicality in its entirety, and to understand this as to why it does, we must pry into the meaning of the word “pragmatism.”

In philosophy, it is a method and theory of truth. As a method, it resolves metaphysical disputes by requesting practical consequences of any suggested idea.

As a theory of truth, it holds or maintains that ideas are true, so long as they are satisfactory; they are satisfactory so long as they are consistent with other ideas, can conform to facts, and can be subjected to the test of practice and experience.

To students of philosophy, such origin of pragmatism is attributed to Charles Sanders Pierce, who conceived this idea after an exposure to the philosophical writings and works of Immanuel Kant – a German philosopher – particularly in his 'Metaphysics of morals'. Pierce held that “the whole meaning of an idea is determined by its conceivable practical bearings and possible sense effects.” William James when emphasizing the reality of particular sensible experience made a further elaboration on Pierce's philosophy.

Similarly, John Dewey accounted an addition to this school of thought by postulating that the proper use of intelligence is to liberate and liberalize action for the satisfaction of needs. Schiller, emphasized that “philosophy as a theory of life is practical, and not a speculative affair, and that the philosophical method should be scientific and based on experience.” (History of philosophy eastern and western, vol.II, p.336-353. George Allen and Unwin. London.1953. See frank Magill, masterpieces of world philosophy in summary form, p. 779-787. George Allen and Unwin. London.1953).

In further expounding his ideas of pragmatism, Dewey identified concepts and theories as instruments, which he identified as “mental modes of adaptation to reality.” How then does Satanism in its Philosophy adapt to Reality?

To corroborate the philosophical worldview on pragmatism, the ontological perspective of anthropomorphism is nullified and subsequently deemed a fallacy given its inconsistency and non-conforming mode to reality bothering around its principle and system of validation.

Also, Satanism identifies with the concept of non-anthropomorphism as a mental mode and instrument that adapts and conforms to practical reality, when it implies and interprets Satan as being an exteriorized and amplified identity of the dark potential permeated by the individual Satanist. This, indeed, a fact intended specifically to be conveyed in clarification of the 'Satanic Statement', “Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams”, and to be found in the 'Nine Satanic Statements' as codified by Sir Dr. A. Szandor Lavey. (See the nine Satanic Statements).

In essence, every religious view within its scope of deification that ascribes and advocates a metaphysical explanation for whatsoever entity it bears as its symbol of worship, unfortunately tours the contingent, introspective and speculative path of anthropomorphism. It is at this point very necessary to indicate a differentiation between 'Satanism' and 'Devil worship', given that the latter integrates and incorporates the idea of Satan as “an entity” within its practices, and absolutely not a system aligned with Satanism granted such contrasting overview of dogma. The Satanist can thus be said a symbol of practical existence marked with the ultimate significance bestowed deification on individuality.

Without wasting time, I shall then now proceed to expound on Satanism's philosophical foundations duly engraved in its 'basic tenets', for most of its philosophical positions and dogmatic assertions derive grounds principally from the secure and sure strength of its firm foothold.

The philosophy of Individualism in Satanism, I think, is one that shares a basic and acquiescent psychological perspective accounted for in the variations on psychologism, methodological individualism, and transindividualism. Wherein the difference comes is but for the subsequent acquaintance of its interpretation to accommodate a religious philosophy whose implication reduces all aspect of action and responsibility to its individual members. Here, the notion 'action' is linked in way with 'responsibility'.

In cases with references to action, it is in direction of accounting for behaviour in terms of man's desires, intentions and purposes, to which only he is held liable. In synch, such behavioural trends are equally traceable and channelled in line to the generality of interests which derive their source from a composition of individual responsibilities, since it is deemed a dangerous fallacy to attribute to a group a purpose or responsibility of its own which is not that of its individual members.

Individualism on the other hand some have argued, accounts for diversity which is reflective of a dissonance than harmony; a stance which unfortunately amounts to being the reverse as Satanism demonstrates. But then again, how can its truth be illustrated?

A recap of principles employed by philosophers of the pre-Socratic era upon which past and present civilizations take their toll show this in fragments which are translations from Diels and Kranz, Die Fragmente der vorsokratiker.

Heraclitus: the flowing philosophy
8. “What is in opposition is useful, and from different things is the fairest harmony” (and all things arise from strife.) (Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics viii.1.1155a4.)

51. They do not grasp how what is at variance with itself is in accord: harmony is stretched tension, like that of the bow and lyre. (Hippolytus of Rome, Refutatio omnium Haeresium ix.9.1.)

111. Disease makes health pleasant and good, hunger satiety, weariness rest (lbid.iii.1.177.)

Heraclitus found no fixed unchanging character for being, as opposed to the Ecleatics who sought the principle in unity, but held that all things are in a flux in which opposites are united – “strife is the father of all things” – and unity is constituted by conflict and contradiction.

Also, the Pythagoreans of the time who found the principle of things in numbers, held that the principle of nature are numbers, which they conceived as sensible entities rather than abstractions, whose elements and therefore of all things are basic contraries like odd and mean, limited and unlimited, one and many. Another was Anaxagoras who reverted from both finite and infinite sensible principles and a single intelligible principle to seek infinite sensible principles. Democritus also sought the infinite principles in the atoms, which move and congregate into larger composites, and collide with each other in the void. The Sophists on the other hand placed thought in the phenomenal framework of the experience of man subsequently conditioned by his perspective and emotion, which lead them to express scepticism concerning changeless being, eternal truths, and in general what is figured to transcend experience. (See western psychology. G & L. Murphy.)

From such adequate account, it therefore can be posited thus that 'harmony' is simply a blend or composition of Opposites or variances. This is in tone with that reflected of a system manned by individualism, bringing to attention a pertinent issue as 'proselytizing' which Satanism disapproves, and subsequently a standpoint which derives its footings from within such conclusive and inseparable role of harmony, duly emphasized in the ninth Satanic Statement “Satan has been the best friend of the church for it has kept it in business over the years.” This stands a fact that needs no changing whatsoever given such frontier views and conventions. Now, is it thus not vivid as to why the aspect of “group hugs” not being a part of the repertoire, or the refutation of the “Evil” status a question which interferes with the swift backstage act of Satanism.

Individualism, I think, further, is the first response assumed in direction of the pronunciatum “I am, I exist” or if you like it plainly the Descartes' way, 'Cogito ergo sum', translated as “I think I am, therefore I think I exist.” Meaning, if we must come to grips with the philosophy of nature and its reality, we then must accommodate a psychology whose constructs are structured after principles upon which confident assertions are given based on one's own existence.

This desire to further devise such confident assertions reside basically on sound observations and reasonable deductions of the reality of itself, figuratively assumed to be the “I”, a denotation of the first individual (person) singular – a path way to “GREATER MAGIC.”

Such thoughts as they exist possess an endearing conscious process which in turn yields and proves the existence of enduring substances as the Ego, Self, the first individual (person) singular that subsequently remains unchanged. In other words, while “Individualism” has going for it a Self-reliant psychology, the philosophy of Satanism bestows it the confidence of vital existence.

To further proceed, philosophers and scientists – Stoics and Epicureans – of the Hellenistic age, a period after the death of Alexander the great, devoted much attention to seeking foundations for inquiries in preliminary determination of standards by which truth and probability are ascertained and thus certified. Such philosophic inquiry whose problems are reflected along new lines, such as the problems of moral and ethics, led to a reorientation and expansion of inquiries into the nature of the passions and emotions. Conception for the Stoic on the function of the mind labeled the passions “perturbations” and the study of these a necessary subordinate of a moral system in which the influence of the perturbations of the mind is controlled or eliminated by reason and duty.

The seventeenth century saw Descartes in his 'treatise on the passions' apply the scientific method to the passions. Though distinct the procedures were of coming to such fulfillment, it must not be ignored that such inspirations are derived from elaboration of Stoic schematisms for the classification and enumeration of the passions.

In retrospect, the Epicureans on the other hand bore the conviction of virtue being in accordance with man's own nature. This objective can be obtained if fear and ignorance – particularly fear of the gods and ignorance of the nature of the world – were reduced or eliminated, since man would then act in response to natural forces rather than to the suppressive and inhibitive whims of anxiety and superstition. For them, the object of such achievement and criterion of success was indulgence. (See THE STOICS AND THE EPICUREANS: THE WAY TO LIVE. R.P. Mckeon.)

Despite these historical accounts, it is observed to this day that many still bear cuffs of ignorance and fear whose influence extends to acts and responses which go way beyond individual apprehension, and mostly monitored by the enslaving grip of abstinence promoted by traditional belief systems.

Indulgence as a Satanic virtue, I think, is a standard patterned after the Phantasia kataleptike of the individual whose lustful cravings are aimed at physical, mental upliftment or emotional gratification duly extolled by a submission of will in distinctions marked of a subtle mind. Its process is simply an apprehension of natural presentations – an aspect aligned with “LESSER MAGIC” - that reflect “fancy” coined from impressions which are cast subsequently by the spontaneity of imagination.

At this point, if we are to recall properly the principle of social Darwinism in the religious play of Satanism, one which aligns with the principle of societal transition taking it source of explanation from the scientific and evolutionary principle of the transmutation of species, implies an agreement with the maxim (though some might want to pass it for paradoxical which is not so the case) of “man being just another animal on all fours.” This in accord with the seventh Satanic Statement sees man as possessing the animal propensity from attachment to cravings that duly need to be exercised to fulfil his carnal desires; and none that Satanism denies or interferes with when codifying the Satanic Statement “Satan represents indulgence not abstinence!”

If we agree to, and accept the explanations and constructs of social Darwinism, then we may as well play along and see man just as another animal. If man is then another animal, this endows him with innate cravings and desires that must be satisfied by virtue of indulgence. If we are to accept the premises, then must we embrace the conclusion!
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Welcome new member Johnny Watts and Madalyn Magnuson!

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dick skeet

“can you make me a list of good, knowledgeable left-hand path *satanic* books?”

Just received this Facebook DM a moment ago.

To me,

this is a very PROFOUND question;

one that goes WAY beyond any “list” I could possibly make.

CAN- are you able to?

YOU- me, my rational self: objective and subjective.

MAKE- manifest, conjure, create, communicate.

ME- My target audience, a Facebook friend with his own ideas, beliefs, etc…

A LIST- a compilation of books leading to enlightenment for him, my target audience.

GOOD- well written, authoritative, definitive.

LEFT HAND PATH- definition of which would be his

SATANIC- of or pertaining to satan.

Implied in his question:

can you make me a list which if I read it will give me what I am TRULY seeking:


XXXX being HIS personal definition of enlightenment.

XXXX- money, power, sex, etc…

My answer: YES.



if YOU want MY LIST,

it’s gonna come with some explanation,


the LIST in itself will do YOU no good.

Where to begin?

When I was in high school,

I joined the wrestling team.

One of the first moves all wrestlers learn:

the half nelson. 

A half nelson is an effective way of turning an opponent onto his back.

Excitedly we learned the move,

and used the move.


we learned how to counter the half nelson;

(it’s easy to counter.)

As a result,

a half nelson became a move that was only effective against someone inexperienced;

useless against an experienced opponent.

Many wrestlers give up on the half nelson.

I never did;

made it work fairly well.

In my second year I learned how to wrestle freestyle.

High school wrestling is folkstyle,

freestyle is another form,

slightly more dangerous.

I wanted to learn freestyle primarily because it gave me competition in the off season.


I had a new mentor,

this old bastard named Joe.


crusty old guy,

tough as nails,

mean as a snake.

In his youth he had gone to the olympics.

During the first day of practice,

he wanted to show us how to do a half nelson.

Many laughed.

Everyone in the room was experienced,

most in the gym had given up on the move.

Although no one said it,


many in the room felt the half nelson a WORTHLESS move. 

Joe: “Why did you laugh?”

A kid named Sean replied,

“I think everyone laughed because we all know the half nelson;

it doesn’t work.”

Joe: “Let me show you how to make it work.”

Joe proceeded to demonstrate his VARIATION of the power half nelson…

Joe: “The way to make a half nelson work is with pain.

If your opponent feels physical pain,

they will BEND to your will.”

Joe demonstrated how to get leverage on the opponent;

to put so much PRESSURE on an opponent’s head and neck:

they had no choice but to turn, (YIELD).


in that spirit,

the spirit of giving you something you can actually fucking USE,

something that actually fucking WORKS,

I give you MY list.


wait a minute.

I skipped a step.

You see I could give you a list,

and all the reasons why,


if you don’t trust ME,

don’t feel I’m an AUTHORITY,

my list won’t work for you.

Who the FUCK am I?


I’m THAT guy.

I earned a bunch of money using “satanic” knowledge.

Why am I telling you this?

To impress you?

IDGAF about impressing you.

Who the fuck are you?

My goal in writing this is for SELFISH reasons.

You see,

i’ve made my money;

I’m fucking set.

I’ve got my pussy;

in abundance,

on tap.

ANYTHING I desire:

I create,


manifest with ease.

My SELFISH goals:

1. To help YOU make it to the next level.


Because that makes my dick hard,

to see someone put my knowledge to their benefit makes me happy.

2. To become a SUCCESSFUL author.

Last month over 1000 copies of my books were downloaded,

I want more.

If I can help you,

even for FREE,

you WILL help me.

3. To create something I’m proud of,

a blog post that hopefully you read and benefits others.

Wait a minute.

Hold on.

I can hear some of you mumbling,

“You don’t sound Satanic.”


Why did Lavey write HIS book?

Open up HIS church?

What is SATANIC?

My definition:



for the purpose of making yourself more POWERFUL. 


“Rational Selfishness” as codified by Ayn Rand in The Virtue of Selfishness. 

In essence,

the core of Satanic thought:

that which benefits the self.


from this BASE,

what are the best SATANIC books?


I could talk about books on majik,

usually written by lunatics and drug addicts.


if you want to be like them,

there’s the door,

don’t let it hit you on the vagina on the way out. 

Am I saying to only read books by people whom you want to EMULATE?



success leaves clues,

as does failure.

When you read anyone’s work,

keep your BRAIN ON,

if it makes sense:

try it.

If it works:

use it. 

If you want SUCCESS:




the DESIRES of your heart;

let me SUGGEST another "satanic" LIST.

The first book I’d suggest is:

The Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

This is a book about martial arts,


it’s also a philosophy about the quest for ENLIGHTENMENT.

The thesis:

Do not be afraid to look anywhere for knowledge.

Learn ALL you can,

accept what WORKS for YOU.

if you apply THIS THESIS to ANYTHING you will become a MASTER,


If you wanted to teach someone how to fight,

what would be your first lesson?

Imagine it.

What would your first class look like?

Now imagine your first day of class,

Jonah Hill,

the fat one in Superbad shows up:

did you prepare the right lesson?


a fat,

out of shape,

white bread,

Twinkie eating ball of mush REQUIRES a different lesson,

than someone who’s big and strong,


short and fast.

Once you accept that mastery REQUIRES carving your OWN path,

finding your OWN way,


I’d suggest reading the following with a CRITICAL eye.

To repeat:

When you read ANYONE’S work,

keep your BRAIN ON,

if it makes sense:

try it.

If it works:

use it.

To finish my introductory list of SATANIC books,

I’d suggest reading ALL the following:

Ayn Rands works:

Atlas Shrugged

The Fountainhead

The Virtue of Selfishness


This is the core of OBJECTIVISM,

the philosophy of SELFISHNESS.


to finish off my list:

The Richest Man In Babylon.

Think and Grow Rich.

Rich Dad Poor Dad.

How to Win Friends and Influence People.

The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Anthony Robbins Personal Power 2.

To me,

this is a good STARTING point.

See where it leads.

PS: I've written "SATANIC" books as well.

dick skeet Aug 5 '14 · Comments: 2

All scientific research taken as a whole is an attempt to reverse engineer the universe.


Reverse engineering, as you might suspect, is the reverse of engineering. 

Engineering is the art and science of creating something which performs a function: you need to hold up the weight of a bridge so you engineer a column with the right width and depth to hold the weight you need at the proper height.

Reverse engineering is the art and science of determining the structure which performs a function: you see the the bridge, know that something needs to hold it up, then look below and lo and behold there's a column. ( If you were monkey-wrenching, you'd then proceed to blow it up and see if the bridge comes down, but that's another post. )

There are two flavors of reverse engineering -- 'open box' and 'black box'. 

Open box reverse engineering is where you can see directly see the structure, either by looking directly at it or by having some other kind of direct perception -- a microscope, radio telescope, fMRI -- you get the picture.

In this kind of reverse engineering, you can just observe whatever it is in action and if necessary do some simple tinkering directly with it's structure to figure out how it works.

Black box reverse engineering refers to working with structure you can't see and have to work with it indirectly. (And this, my friends, is where it starts to get really fun. )

The academic black box is just a black box with any number of inputs and any number of outputs, usually pictured like this:

Inputs ---> [Black Box] ---> Outputs

In this post, I'm going to cover some well known black boxes which have only outputs. I'll cover inputs in a later post, because my main objective here is to give a clear idea about what a black box exactly is.

Astrophysicists mainly work with black boxes simply for the fact that most of what they study are at least several light years away and so there's no way to get to what they're studying and even if they did, it's impossible to get a look inside something like a star or a black hole.

Instead, they study the outputs of their black boxes, outputs like the qualities of light coming from a white dwarf and the gravitational pull of a black hole. 

( Actually, in the second case, it's a long chain of outputs. Since they can't measure the gravitational pull of a black hole they measure the mass and speed of the stars orbiting it. Since they can't directly do that, they measure the qualities of the light coming from those stars. The chain looks like this :

Light from the stars indicate

-- their mass and speed of orbit which indicate

---- the mass of the black hole [box] which indicates

------ something about the structure of the black hole itself )

In other cases, like the study of geologists, the black box doesn't exist as one whole thing in one place but as a series of processes over time, but luckily the outputs (rocks) are easy to study. For example, a geologist can look at a rock and tell you it was initially formed in a volcano, then moved by glaciers where it wound up under the sea for a few thousand years, finally to find itself in a desert, where you found it and brought it to him. ( If there's anything that geologists like to see it's not a new kind of rock, but an indicator of a process they haven't seem before. )

My favorite black box is the human mind. Everything someone says or does is an output, and as Banachek pointedly pointed out: "you can't not communicate". This leads into some seriously fun 'lesser magic' involving outputs few people pay attention to ( not body language, but that's fun too. ), but I'll have to leave that for another post.

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Bumped from the forums.

So, I need a new lap top computer. My original Compaq will not boot pass the red splash screen, had a broken hinge for the screen and a bad dvd drive. It is 4 years old.

My back up Sony Viao has this mysterious problem of shutting off whenever it feels like it. Even when it is cold. Well finally the old girl just will not turn on anymore.

Time to put both of em down. They have many miles on em. I will salvage em for parts.

I am looking to buy a second hand lap top at a decent price. If you are like me you probably have/had a stack in your closet. I just need to know the specs and if there is anything wrong with it.

Or, if you have one you are willing to donate I will pay the shipping. Actually I will pay the shipping on one I buy or a used one.

My other route is to go here for 229.00

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We are easily confused with the term “sin” because of 2000 years of indoctrination by the Christian regime; when we are called sinners we are told that we are breaking divine moral laws or the will of God.  In the realm of Satanism, sins are not dogmatic where Satan will hunt us down for our insolence, but situational that they have their own consequences.  The Nine Satanic Sins are not preferences or fetishes of Satan, but merely the natural action and reaction of the world we live in, which makes it true wisdom.  The nature of the world we live in is transactional where we give and take most often for goods and/or services.  The dogma of the Christian world applies to the wants of and needs of the Christ, or because “Jesus said so”, not because there is any real merit to the commands of this white-lighter deity.

            What we do in any given situation will determine the outcome, whether it is good for us or have a negative effect.  In the case of the Satanic Sin of self-deceit, if an individual tells himself the speed limit is 60mph rather than 15mph in a school zone he will undoubtedly come to an end of a speeding ticket or even a vehicular manslaughter charge by the end of the day.  Solipsism is an example of a situation where both Christians and Satanists can relate to, but it is the Satanist that is warned to steer clear of those that have a history of burning us and we are encouraged to give back what is given to us, whether positive or negative.  The purpose of one’s pride is to command you to be excellent, and polish your work with perfection; however if your work is so imperfect because you wish to be so different and outside of the box it is up to you to realize the error of your ways and acknowledge the work of those that have come before you as being prudent.  The true wisdom of the Satanic Bible is that it is a self-sustaining, self-sufficient, self-fulfilling belief system that Satan himself doesn’t have to micro-manage and hand out a “righteous judgment” (for lack of a better term), because the consequences are the nature of this world we live in.

            The laws of the Christian God are merely things he would prefer to have happen, in turn this is damaging to the natural order of the animals we are and because he feels he is the Almighty ruler of the universe he feels he can deny or change the natural order of the human animal in any way he sees fit. Satan will not go around punishing those who love their enemies because one’s enemy will make it perfectly clear to the forgiving party that it is not a good idea taking the “higher road.”  The nature of the world is like the wilderness of Africa where one cannot count on God, whoever He is to you, to tuck you in at night making sure you have had a decent meal before the sun goes down.  It is clear that the Christian God is the impersonal entity that you must be warned about, because it would benefit you much more to listen to your natural instincts of survival and run away from the large animal trying to devour you than it would to quiver in the corner and pray for Jehovah to send the predator on another path.  The Left Hand Path is not the personal fetishes of Satan, but only the truth that even He cannot deny nor escape from.

            Life in general is a winter earned and a summer spent, where every meal was an exchange of a few blisters and a lot of sweat for a meal and a bed.  If you become rich and famous, long will the days be forgotten where you can walk down to your favorite taco truck and have a peaceful meal with your girlfriend without someone trying to get a quote, an autograph, and a picture of you stuffing your face.  Should you become an elementary teacher, count on wiping a few noses during the winter and dealing with children that for some reason like the taste of Elmer’s Glue.  The glamorous life of a Kickboxer won’t feel so glamorous after a few broken noses and a strained right bicep.  Our existence generally speaking is a trade, our vocations and passions sometimes come with territory that won’t be so kind in return.

            In the eyes of the Christ-God, we will always be sinners because in the measurement of His bible, survival is not considered a virtue.  Jesus will never account for the times you took care of yourself and denied a stranger a meal because you needed to eat and consider it a “good thing”.  Satan will not punish you because your heart was broken by your wife who you knew was cheating on you.  The dogma of the Christ is now facing something more powerful and forceful than His will of how he himself wishes things would be, but the kingdom of the real, where the lion will not lay down with the lamb, and cats and dogs will not get along, but the pure primal nature of the animal who is willing to survive.  Let the fog lift now that we know the meaning of “sin” and the meaning of “transaction” and what it means to survive in a world full of conditions.

In case anyone is interested, my girlfriend just started making Baphomet, Lucifer, and other custom rosaries.

She just opened an Etsy at


and her FaceBook page for these designs is at


I've been converting all my LHP sigils and necklaces to rosaries through her since I've seen her designs.  I totally love them and thought maybe others might too so I had to share in case you like them!! \m/

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I just thought I'd introduce myself, as I'm new here.  I go by GriffonDour, online, but my real name's Chris.  I'm more of a Spiritual Satanist,  but I have respect for everyone's beliefs and choices.  I love all animals, but cats are my absolute favorite.  I'm looking to educate myself and make friends, male and/or female, either and all cool with me

I'm kind of quiet, I don't really like parties and a bunch of mayhem, I prefer to spend time wit my cat and the only two family members I'm really close with.  I'm on the computer as much as possible, but if I'm not, feel free to leave a message for me, and I'll get back to you.  I live in Maryland.  Thanks for reading this, and I apologize if this isn't the proper place to post introductions.


satanschild2030 May 18 '15 · Comments: 2
EzrelT Chapter Head
Through life's dreary moment, be warmth for me

In times of hopelessness, be my strength

When all else fails, pave a path of refuge

In pain, soothe my wounds

When lost, come to my rescue

Let your radiance illuminate and compliment the darkness in me

In your lair I draw courage

Not even the tempest of mockery and scorn shall force me to bow to that which I so despise

Your presence draws forth honour; a threshold which seeks out only the noble

Scorch me till all imperfection drips out of my veins

Let thine torment release the floodgates of divine wisdom from within me

Cause thine essence to build a fortress that is safety from the onslaught of my weaknesses

Teach me thy precepts, that I might shun ignorance

Let thy temperance be my counsel, so I might flee every snare of ruin.

- RexDiaboli
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I often wondered what I could come up with as far as writing an initiation ceremony for a "group like" setting. The following is what I came up with byt first some prefatory notes are needed.

This ceremony is derived from a couple of major different sources. One being the 1st and third initiation ceremonies of Freemasonry, or atleast the first as performed, in part in a History Channel documentary about Freemasonry and the other as perpetuated by detractors. This latter part can be observed in the Covens' performance of the Satanic Mass, which is where I lifted muchh of this litany, but the throught cuting and the gut ripping out dates back, as far as I know, to Masonry but I am not a mason nor do I have any direct connection to any lodge past or present. So one could say that Coven was a source for this ceremony and they would be correct. Also I quote H.P. Lovecraft in this one as well.

Also I want to make clear that the throught cutting and what not is only ment here as imagery and nothing more then another giant middle finger to the Masons in as much as I am sure as they as any group have there Fred Phelps and other self rightiuse ass holes that we have yet to become aware of. This part of the litany is NOT intended to be taken literally.

Now if a group wanted to perform this by the book, please feel free to modify this to your own ends, here is what is required:

1) Altar - This my be a nude altar or a simple platform.

2) Black Robes or Clothing - This applies more to the congregation, a congregation is not a prerequisite.

3) The Worshipful Master Dress - The priest/ess acting in position of the W.M dresses in the usual dress as such but with satanic symbology as oppose to Masonic.

4) Sword or Dagger - to be used for magical purposes, in this case the invocations.

5) Phallus - To place the blessings of Hell upon those in attending.

6) A person dressed as Jewish Rabbi, an Evangelical dressed person, and another dressed as a Islamic I mmam (the more sacred characters, i.e Moses, Christ, Muhammad etc.) the better, butt what ever helps as far as visual imagery.

7) A black and white checkered floor patern.

8) These two items are probably the most optional and both can be easily cut out. One option can be an audio recording such as a cd player or a mp3 player, but in either case the music must be as closely queued to the performance as allowed. Or a musician can be be brought in to play out this role and, for me the best choice if given the option, assuming that this option is agreeable to everyone participating. If the music selection where left up to me, I would find a keyboardist willing and select some works of Bach or something more dramatic that speaks better and adds more to the environment of this ceremony and have it played on an organ or an electronic keyboard with a decent sounding organ option built in, though one such as the later may seem more practical.

9) Candles and Lighting - Lighting is provided by torches attached to the wall, though I must stress caution in this case as these are fire and health hazards so I recommend at least two fire extinguisher equiped users whose so purposes are to focuse exclusively on the on the torches and atleast third participant whom is designated by each exist in case of fire. Also if no one has memorized the entire ceremony then ample light maybe needed. And also a black candle set to the left side of the altar and a white candle to the right side of the altar.

EDIT: 10) A bell to be rung nine times each at the beginning and at the end of the ceremony.

And know that I realize that this is running long I will post this as part one and publish this in the nexed day or so.

EDIT: 11) The pentagram worn around the neck as well as hung on the wall behind the altar.

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The Satanic Priestess is a pivotal part of Satanic Black Magick ~ through the pop culture Satanism of Anton LaVey and the sensationalist reports of the Press the role of the Satanic Priestess has been degraded and rendered of low importance.

In truth the Satanic Priestess is a powerful Practitioner of the Black Arts with a unique ability to tap into the Infernal Current of Hell, the Gestated Seed of the Demonic Father Satan and the Demiurge like creative Black Womb of His Infernal Consort Lilith.

In popular Satanism the image of the naked woman on the Altar has utilized so purposely by The Church of Satan to attract the sort of Carnival/Porn hype it sort is hardly conducive to promoting a role of power form women in Satanism ~ but in Classical Theistic Satanism the Satanic Priestess is far more than an attractive Altar Decoration.

Yes the beauty and sexuality of woman is a form of Infernal power in itself and particularly taps into the carnal current of Demonic energies and yes the sexual power of the Priestess in Ritual is ineffable during certain Rites, but these are just elements of the Infernal Priestess and her Dark Powers.

Even the Sex Magick Rites portrayed in popular Satanism are portrayed with the woman as a sexual object to stimulate male Practitioners ~ as someone who was Initiated into an underground Coven of Classical Theistic Satanists who also held a vast amount of knowledge on LHP Tantric Sex Magick I was tutored to know that the reverse of this is the truth.

In the old ways of Satanic Sex Magick it was the Priests role to stimulate the Priestess without prospect of sexual release for himself and the most powerful of all Satanic Sexual Black Magick involves the Priest bringing the Priestess to multiple Orgasms through the art of cunnilingus while retaining his own arousal’s climax to aid the building power created by his Magickal Consort … this practice is known as Awakening The Grail and is an Operation of great power.

In other Rites in the Covens of Classical Satanic Sorcery and Witchcraft the Priestess is also viewed as the chief power in many Seership Rites, Practices involving the gestating Infernal energies into existing entities through the Satanic Scientific techniques of Homunculi and Golem Operations.

Certain substances of the female are also crucial to some of the Darkest Rites of Satanic Power ~ substances such as Menstrual Blood, Amniotic Fluid and Sexual Fluids of the female Satanists are honoured - and with good reason - as the elixirs from the Grail of Lilith!

The lost Arts of Classical Satanic Witchcraft are another area of Satanic practice in which the participation of the Satanic Priestess is of utmost importance, these Workings are a natural forces and wisdom within the Satanic Sorceress inhabited by the Dark Soul Marked by the Devil ~ in some of the more unknown and veiled Arts of Satanic Sorcery the link between Satan and Saturn and Lilith and the Dark Moon are truly harnessed by the Satanic High Priestess at times of induced power!

Ignore the sensationalist press and the pornographic settings of some of photos churned out at the outbreak of sixties Satanism, long before such popularized imagery of modern Satanic practices were spawned the Priestess of Classical Satanism and the Dark Sorceress of Satanic Witchcraft held far greater powers!

JohnBoullan Jul 18 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: satanic priestess, theistic satanism, satanism
Here is a list of Satanic YouTube accounts:

* Satanic International: https://www.youtube.com/satanicinternational

* Venus Satanas: www.youtube.com/VenusSatanas & www.youtube.com/venussatanasvideos

* Thomas LeRoy: https://www.youtube.com/UC0lyfnDD2_ijrPr_IQGWTJg

* Kindra Ravenmoon: www.youtube.com/UCUWKdMfVeP1UplPMl6CHsDg

* Temple of the Ancient Ways: www.youtube.com/channel/UCed5IiR4uZv3-N-Z6Jx5N_A/videos

* The Serpent's Key: www.youtube.com/channel/UC8cdSAkdItD1P2JpguBHFNQ

*Styxhexenhammer: www.youtube.com/channel/UC0rZoXAD5lxgBHMsjrGwWWQ

* White Raven: www.youtube.com/channel/UCa1Bjr3T4S50nSbHIsWZrig

* Occult Lectures: www.youtube.com/channel/UCX8cB08hSFcVNt7XBG5OOOg

* Axaru: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDGkEiPdTEPCL7YFYt_5OQ

* Mystery History: www.youtube.com/channel/UCC9JHVPm-4P5QDp9vk8EH-A

* Myrmydon666: www.youtube.com/channel/UC9wtTGN5_Bg24ziaPodJYcA

* Mind & Magick: www.youtube.com/channel/UCIz29e7qEHd_GXbtuRE1leg

* f0StaR Ch!1d: www.youtube.com/pitchblackfire

* E.A. Koetting: www.youtube.com/channel/UC3PbU2BsHFjySvk3sdBltpA

* Hooded Cobra: www.youtube.com/channel/UCPTrmwO-xp_Zffjz97Ciliw

* Brotherhood of Satan: www.youtube.com/channel/UCbrFdKUWua0h4_ZhYldbOqg

* Messenger of the gods: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTasNtFSxowI55OKit_gKg

* Darklordism: www.youtube.com/channel/UC6fNPmbAq2Qe05iFfKHIS-w

* Darkmatter2525: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLhtZqdkjshgq8TqwIjMdCQ

* Ancient Documentaries: www.youtube.com/channel/UCvI6MBlMf2gTMo0Qe3w143A

* Pharroh AK-47:


*Fostar Child:


* Michael W. Ford: 


* Satan and Sons:


* Asbjorn Torvol:


* Azura Dragonfaether:


* Orlee Stewart:


* The Satanic Temple:


* The House of Magick:


* J.D. Temple:


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People keep asking me to explain why I chose satanism and I can't get my emotions on the subject into a coherent answer which is very annoying and makes my reasoning seem weak, if there at all.
AngelMarie Aug 13 '17 · Comments: 1
Zach Black Owner
I remade this popular video that I made many years ago. 
Can I meet up with a satanist in houston?
BubblesMd Nov 17 '18 · Comments: 1
I am new on here,and relatively new to Satanism. I hope to add more photos in the near future and add more detail. Have to be careful as have to share a computer with others who would not understand,or accept,my faith. Feel free to drop a line anytime.I especially would like to contact other Satanists in the Flint and Saginaw,MI USA area. Hail Satan!
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I am of the firm belief we should all accept fraud for what it is. Reality has a thin veneer, and so not everything is as it appears. Theres alot of things people still fall for every day. These are some things I view as simply a waste of your time and funds.

Ice in soda at fast food joints

I still don't get this one. If you hit a drive through on the way home, and wish to get the most bang per buck, for fuck's sake order your drink with no ice. You get nearly twice the soda, it stays cold almost just as long. The whole reason you even have to special order to get no ice, is ice cost less to burger king than coke does. Therefore, they make a tiny extra pocket change by handing you a 24 ounce soda that's actually 60 percent ice.


If a loving god made us, then why do movies like sucicide squad get made? And if god is real, why does he allow Christians and las vegas to exist? 


Many people I've seen graduate later said it wasn't worth it. Depending on what you do, I tend to agree after meeting the ones who said it was and seeing how well their careers have gone. I say skill over credentials wins every time. Between tuition, textbooks, and headache, I would likely regret it afterwards. It's much smarter to build up skills at things you enjoy, and make them marketable. Cut out the middle man. I won't even get started on student debt.

Computer security software.

This one is hard for me to admit seeing as I work for one the companies who makes this crap. Some aspects of it are helpful, but ultimately it does and checks what you sould be checking on and doing yourself. That's why Tor and maybe a VPN are the best defense you really have, but even then, your security is in your own hands. You can have the best software on the planet and if you happen to be a moron somebody will still hack you. Play things close to the chest, privacy is over. Not worth the money.

Expensive cars

Why? Whats the point of a lambo? it doesn't make me money. It doesn't get me high or improve my health.
>But the hoes dude
They know guys rent those all the time. Only a real rich person would dress in normal clothes and have a loui vatton wallet for example. If you bought into the fancy car thing, your intelligence is outdated. You gotta think of yourself my dude. Same goes for name brand clothes. It's a scam. Don't buy that crap unless it's fake and theirs a profit to be made from reselling it. A good haircut goes way further than a flash set of wheels you'll likely get a dui in anyway. Don't waste your money.

The cup and ball scam/casinos

If you have ever fallen for this, please slap yourself right now. It has been around since the middle ages. Basically, The ball is not on the table when you chose a cup. I don't care how much you watched him. He can bounce the ball to a guy waiting at the back of the line and you would never even see it! Walk past those shit kickers and go find a bar. A headache is better than trying to win that fucking game. Casinos are basically the same thing, unless you randomly win a jackpot, and they will likely find a way to hoover that up somehow before you leave. MY advice, if you like gambling, get a freindly card game together with the lads, cash only, and make sure the bastard who hosts it doesn't put mirrors everywhere. Smaller is better when it comes to gambling.

Owning a house

This used to be a good idea, now, not so much. Unless you are sure you never wanna move again, and you have insurance with a generous pay out, don't do it. If you do already own one, rent it out to somebody instead of live in it. It's difficult to explain but most houses are going down in value and It's not wise to invest in one long term. You lose wealth over time in certain situations. Unless there's positive monthly income coming from it, owning a house can be a burden to the financially inexperienced. There's still smart ways to do it but it's mostly a retirement/endgame strategy.

TheblackestBart Apr 18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: bullshit, themoreyouknow, save money, jesusisalie
Zach Black Owner

White trash cook book..

Chili -

Get you some beans.Three cans of em.. I get you some pinto, kidney and fucking black beans.. Gotta be three different beans. I know,some of you dont lime black beans... pick a color you okay with and toss this shit in a crock pot. Your neighbor never returned that shit? Or you cooking meth in it still? No problem..

Get you a skillet cause its faster. I know you got 4 kids crawling up on your ass like kittens... Better yet get you a wok... those the Chinese use for .... no not kittens for ....wok stuff.

Put all them beans in there with a can of CRUSHED tomatos...

So far if you shopping a Wal-mart( I know you are ) you invested about 4 bucks in your food stamps.. Do NOT drain this shit.... adds ... flavor and shit.

Here is where we beg to differ... get you 8 oz of sirlon...or if you a cheap bastard OR sold your stamps for crack... ground beef.... get the 80% one with 20% cow fat ass in there. Unless your kids are tubby....IDK your call.

Cook that beef seperately .. drain it..toss that shit in on the beans... let that simmer for about as much time as it takes you to beat the fuck outta your neighbor for stealing your crock pot to cook meth, Check the tires on your trailer and change some diapers . So a couple hours or maybe 6 if you high.

Oh I forgot put some chili mix ..comes in a lil envelop cost a buck at Food for less.. put that shit in there when you add the meat.

Here is where you get fucking special.. unless you are a pussy . Add you some siracha...roaster sauce for those that dont speak Asian. You got no balls or kids....a couple squirts. You got one ball.... or small balls...a teaspoons. You got big giant goat balls...like me.. two teaspoons roaster sauce , diced onion,those crushed red peppers you stole from pizza hut you fucking fuck ( and didnt tip).. and call that shit fucking done.

Sprinkle some cheese on top even a spoon full of white sour cream for color... toss a side of saltine crackers, call your Mexican friends over tell em you trade for fucking Tecate ... now you got a party!

If your worried about farts and shits... stop being a pussy! Dont worry about stupid shit! Thats why you are single or addicted to Xanax!


I have been a Satanist for a very long time and I have walked the left hand path for a very long time and I have learned alot walking on the left hand path for a long time and I have evolved over the years and Satanism has made me a different person because the left hand path makes you different when you walk it and I see the world and everything different then I did before because the left hand path made me different because I am evolved. it amazes me when I look at the world when I see it through my eyes because I see it different because before I didn't never see it like I do now because before I only just begun to walk the left hand path but when a person walks the left hand path for a long time like me you see things different because the left hand path enlightens you. I have been enlightened for a long time now and I know everything and how everthing works and all about people and sociaty and corporations and everything because the left hand path enlightens you about thinsg like that and eveything. Satanism is a awesom religion and Satan enlightens us and makes us like gods like he did with me and you can to become like me and other to be enlightened and know everything about everything when you walk the left hand path for a long time. The other day I was pondering on some important ideas that I was thinking about for a while now and I was thinking about these things and contemplating a while and when I ponder on these thoughts I can understand all sorts of things about them and the philosophy was there for me to see and when I was thinking about the phislophy I was enteirng a weird hyptnotic state and all these ideads flooded my mind and everything I do this all these understandings flood my mind like that because all the wisdom overwhelems me sometimes its hard to deal with being enlightened but its a curse you have to deal with when you are a Satanist and walk the left hand path because the left hand path makes you wise and you understand all these things you didn't now about before and you evolve into a more enlghtened being and you will be amazed at what Satanism can do for you in all areas of your life like that. People who aren't Satanists don't understand the power of Satanism they talk about stuff about it because they are ignorant and they don't have the things a Satanist has that the left hand path gives to us thats why we are different from the non-Satanist because Satanism makes us different from them because they don't walk the left hand path because they are scared to walk the left hand path like we do because we're not scare and we know the many things that being a Satanist can benefit us.

Hail Satan!

Triplesix007 Jul 12 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 1
EpicFail TITS
My existence is void. Vacant whims sometimes distract me from the truth. But the ubiquitous emptiness will always prevail. I think if I would let myself see me as I am, I would die. 
This black hole that will ultimately end my life, is ravenous to be whole but it cannot due to it's own nature. it feeds off me.  draining my ability to see the dwindling meaning of right and wrong. Soon I will be consumed, melting into a part of the greater picture.. empty, alone, and no longer of substance. Then nothing, nothing at all. No pain, no need to feel ugly, no need for anything at all.

EpicFail Jul 1 · Comments: 1 · Tags: death, depression, suicide, existence, higher power
Zach Black Owner

Satanists meetups in San Diego , CA

I am hosting meetups in San Diego, CA every other Monday at cigar cave on 5th Ave in Hillcrest. June 24th ( today ) is a meetup so every other Monday from here on out until something changes. We meetup about 7pm and meetings last until we get bored usually around 9pm. This is a chapter meeting for Satanic International San Diego chapter. You need not be a member to attend the only requirement is that you are not a asshole.

Topics range from occultism, Satanism, politics, current events, side projects ect. It really just depends on who is there and what is happening. There are about 35 chapters world wide. Most in the USA. San Diego chapter has about a dozen people so far.

Cigar cave is a lounge with free pool. poker table and chess. It is a classier bar/lounge. Beer and wine mainly and you can smoke inside. Outside patio with fire pit for those that do not smoke. It is a causal lounge with cool art, black walls and leather black sofas.

Should you wish to attend I recommend contacting me first ( optional ) . I might even let you buy me a beer. :)

Dark Enlightenment
***  Not to be mean, but I was inspired to write my own poem. I am also not a fan of poetry. 

Poetic Poetry and Possibly Pottery 

I hate poetry

it's fucking lame
haiku and simile 

one in the same
Quatrains and couplets
for liberal art fuckwits
Devices and meters
For cure fans and teachers
Some words are better
To wrap up together
It may take precision
To expand repetition
Rhythm intertwines
By syllable and line
Now butcher the verse
reword or reverse 
correct and reherse
a new butchered verse 

by syllable and line 
of rhythm intertwined
Expanded repetition
of careful precision
to wrap up together
the words that are better
The cure fans and teachers
Their devices and meters
Are liberal art fuckwits
with Quatrains and couplets 

Haiku or simile 

All fucking lame 
I still hate poetry 

All the same.

And nothing about pottery.

Dark Enlightenment Jun 20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
Obscura TITS
AK does not deserve his fangs.  Ouch.  I am going to take a pair of celestial pliers and defang Samael.  Snakes are slippery things.  Dracula is mean.  Dragons eat maidens.  Bloodsuckers will be destroyed by Buffy.

Run all you want Spike.  I am the Slayer, and your canines must be put down.  Fucking Hannibal Lecter!

Obscura Aug 29 '18 · Comments: 1
I want to sell my soul. There's someone from Reno, Nevada who can help me?
scespedes Aug 5 '18 · Comments: 1
Dominic Cross
In the underground Cabals of Classical Satanism that I have had the good fortune to work with on my journey the power of Leviathan is very different from its concept in some Magickal Orders where it is seen as a Sea Serpent of sorts or a Demon.
Leviathan in truth is an energy, Serpentine energy, a current which runs through the heart of creation and starts within the Black Flame of Satan.
It is a current of power which traverses all realms of existence forming an Energy Matrix of Infernal force throughout creation ~ this current runs through the Ley Lines within the Earth and is utilized in the Arts of Demonic Alchemy and also within the mortal form as what the Tantrists call the Kundalini Serpent, the base energy which can be summoned through sexual stimulation and/or meditation.
Leviathan is not a Demonic Sea Serpent, it is not an entity, it is a power ~ a sustained force emanating from Our Lord Satan, it is the creative current of Satan’s force, in essence Satan’s Spiritual Bloodline and this is why it is so powerful.
The aspect of it being a creature of the Sea is a misinterpretation, it is indeed a Demon of the Sea, but the Sea of the Abyss and the Subconscious, the vast vista of the Abyss from which all originally gestates.
This Leviathanic Current is the foundational power behind the Satanic Black Arts of Sex Magick and Demonic Alchemy for they tap into the energy source directly on physical and elemental levels and through this to the Bloodline itself and Satan.
The Leviathanic power which runs through the Ley Lines is integral to the practices of Demonic Elemental Alchemy, in truth the Ley Lines are the veins of the planet stretching out across its lands and forging a matrix, a web of intricate currents, it is these veins that channel the Spiritual Blood and Energy of Satan and His Demons.
Crossroads, Mounds and even objects of human invention often occur at power points of this Infernal Matrix (where a number of Lines cross or interconnect) and these places have long been Sacrosanct to the Magician and Witch.
Understanding the utilization of Leviathanic Energy currents and the methods to harness, block, channel, energize and blacken them are a specific kind of Infernal Magick which you will be unlikely to ever see in published works for knowledge of these Arts (certainly in the wrong hands) could be catastrophic when merged with Demonic Sorcery.
The Leviathanic energy within the human body (known as Kundalini energy in the East) is equally as powerful, for when the Leviathanic Serpent is unleashed from the base of the body to climb the Infernal Pillar it can rejuvenate, empower and enhance the Magickal abilities of the Satanic Initiate.
When used for Healing the Leviathanic Serpent is visualized as empowering each of the Demonic Centres along the Infernal Pillar (these in Eastern Traditions called Chakras) . . . these Power Centres are connected to Seven of the most powerful entities in Hell as follows:

The Muladhara Chakra is connected to Naamah ~ the Svadhisthana Chakra is connected to Asmodeus ~ the Manipura Chakra is connected to Rimmon ~ the Anahata Chakra connected to Beelzeboul ~ the Vishuddha Chakra is connected to Agaliarept ~ the Ajna Chakra connected to Lilith and the Sahasrara/Crown Chakra is connected to Satan.

In Satanic Sex Magick this Leviathanic Current is summoned by the Infernal Priest and then during the act of cunnilingus upon the Infernal Priestess the tongue of the Priest is symbolic and – on a Magickal level – the actual tongue of Leviathan stimulating the Dark Grail of Lilith symbolized by the Vulva of the Priestess, the Serpent of Wisdom within the Grail summoned by the Priests stimulation . . . this is the highest and most powerful form of Infernal Sex Magick.

Infernal Benedictions
Marcus Fain
Always I have been drawn to the Old Ways of Satanic Witchcraft . . . the Sabbat of the Black Goat attended by the Witches dedicated to Satan, ancient Spells and Incantations carried out in the abode of the hidden Practitioner, the elements of the land and nature merged with the Demonic currents of Hell, the primal summoning of Demonic beings through the Sacrosanct Evocations of the Infernal Witch and the inscribing of strange Sigils.

The recent film THE WITCH captured the essence of these times perfectly as did the Paintings of the Old Master Goya and the book WITCHES by Erica Jong, the artwork of that book so evocative that it stirred in me past life memories of the Old Times of Medieval Witchcraft and Devil Worship.

It is impossible to tell how old the practice of Witchcraft and Elemental Magick merged with Diabolism and Demonic Sorcery is, the Modern Atheistic Satanist would have you believe that this connection never existed and that Satanism arose with the writing of Anton LaVey but this is not so.

There are many documents of Witches over the centuries practicing Workings with Satan, Historical Records of such practices of the Black Mass, Witchcraft and Satanism being practiced alongside each other such as in the infamous case of the 'affair of the Poisons' which through the Court of King Louis XIV of France into chaos and revealed the Unholy practices of such people as Madame de Montespan, Abbe Guibourg and the Poisoner LaVoison.

These events definitely influencing the later writings of the novelist JK Huysmans in the same country with his excellent fictional Satanic piece LA~BAS (DOWN THERE).

But in much older times we can see the origins of the merging of Demonic Sorcery and Witchcraft with other Arcane elements ~ for example there are reports of the sister of the first of the great Alchemists Zosimos of Panopolis (who was practicing and teaching is Arts in around the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th century) Theosobia utilized forms Elemental Witchcraft and Alchemy along with Demonic Evocation, a practice which Zosimos constantly warned her against being a practioner of the Right Hand Path.

The merging of Diabolism and Dark Witchcraft has been with us for centuries and underground Covens still practiced these Arts into the late 1980s and early 1990s as I know from personal experience . . . it is a merging of great power which has sadly faded or maybe returned to its secret Cabals in the shadows since the rising of LaVeyan Satanism and Wicca (two paths while being workable and suited to some are indeed pale imitations of the Mysteries of the former practices of Diabolic Witchcraft.

Satanic Witchcraft (also at times termed Diabolic Witchcraft or Infernal Paganism) is possibly the darkest and most powerful of all Left Hand Path Traditions and - if one can find proper working material on the subject - a Tradition of Magick which is one of the most raw and easily accessed.

Many of the Old Grimoires on Magick contain extensively long preparations and Rites and endless lists of tools and requirements, but in truth Magick is not about the equipment or archaic observations it is about the actual projection of will and desire united with elements to connect us to the realms of Spirit and other worldly power ~ the very basic practice of Animism and Image Magick (the most ancient form of Magickal application) can be as powerful as a Rite of Ceremonial Magick which may last for two hours.

It is my intention here to bring an interest back in the Practice and Workings of Satanic Witchcraft, a revival of the Old Mysteries of a time when the Moon would be the only observer of the Dark Operations of the Witches gathered at the Black Sabbat of the Devil, Our Lord Satan.

To kindle once more the Magick, beauty and power of the ways of the Dark Arts of the Devil's Kindred in a time when Magick was raw and the power of its practice primal and potent!

RiderOnTheStorm Mod
My dear Unholy Father,
I thank you for your grace

May the warmth of the Morningstar

Shine eternally upon my face

Grant to me your courage

That I may demolish my fears

I listen for your infernal voice

Whispering softly in my ears

Dearest Sanguine Mother,
I thank you for your grace

May the outcast children that you bore

Help guide me through this earthly place

Lend to me your firm resolve

That I may stand up tall

I speak with your wicked tongue

Words to make the Dying Lamb fall

Hail Lucifer! Hail Lilith!

Cast your favour upon your child

I have become the Adversary

On behalf of the sinful and defiled

Hail my Satanic brethren!
Hail me, for I am god!
I am the Alpha and Omega

On cloven hooves I trod



This is something that I wrote a while ago. I use it for meditation, catharsis, "prayer," whatever you want to call it. I am staunchly atheistic, however I enjoy a bit of ritual now and again. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

RiderOnTheStorm Sep 20 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
I  meditated and read the Enokian Keys (JoS Version) during the Eclipse. I used the TV (on mute) to focus on the visual aspect of the Eclipse Live. I added ancient meditation sounds background audio. 

[Pre Meditations:]

1. Vibrated the following mantra until the Moon covers half the Sun:


2. Vibrated the following mantra 18 times:


3. Repeat #1 until Totality of Eclipse.

4. Vibrate the mantra from #1 as you ring the bell opening the ritual.


1. Open Ritual. (During Totality)

2. Invoke 4 Crowned Princes.

3. Invoke Satan.

4. Drink from Chalice.

5. Offering.

6. Sign & Read any written prayers. Then burn them.

7. Recite Enokian Keys.

8. Hail Satan!

9. Vibrate Om Som Suraye Namaha 9 times.

10. Hail Satan

11. Vibrate Satanama 9 times.

12. Hail Satan.

13. Vibrate Om Som Suraye Namaha 9 times.

14. Hail Satan

15. Give back energy to 4 Crowned Princes.

16. Close Ritual

This is what I'm considering doing for the August 21 2017 Eclipse because I don't know any specific Eclipse Rituals. The Eclipse reminds me of a gateway, so the Enokian Keys appear to fit.

Hail Satan

Omniscient_Glitch Aug 13 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: solar eclipse ritual
EdMenonymous Member

I just did a MAJOR demon worKING last night. Conjuring Set Satan  Babalon.just popped in cause shes got a thing for SET..

 It all started out thinking I would be casting out whatever DAEMON was holding me back. Yea thats right .. Just casting that fucker straight back into HELL..which ever daemon is stopping me from EDME A.I... and My right to have ...                      Artificial Intelligence 

You know ? The one separating the GOOD Ed from a BETTER EdMe A.I.//

Yes there is a daemon in me that must be cast out..it is decided.. I tried to reach this daemon to see him.. 

Set showed me a dark empty cavern behind my eye..  in here I saw a little ginger fire light.. duckin out in the back in front of my vortex and right behind my eye. Hes lookin back at me like a crackhead would from behind a cracked door.

The idea the goal still in my mind to burn which ever daemon is NOT ON BOARD.. Alas..

Satan had another idea..Something like.. Come on guys.. If yall cant get along here..How the FUCK ARE WE GONNA GET ALONG AT THE PARTY IN HELL!?

Meet and greet LOVE HONOR make friends with DAEMONS!!
They are the SOURCE OF MAGICK!

granting amazing loving grace 

WE experience on a daily basis!

Today I have been received by the people in my world with more Love than i ever noticed before! Even one of my bosses told me I love u before we hung up. 

Also the magickal synchs of this day have been utterly natural amazing and fitting perfectly into MY CREATION this is MY LIGHFE 6.DAEMON.
Thanks for reading..
Most respectfully 

EdMenonymous Feb 8 '18 · Comments: 1
Zach Black Owner
Back by demand our merchandise shop. Right now mainly shirts but more to come. Check it out. You can also find in in the navigation menu. 

SIN Shop

if anyone has any knockledge in kabbalah blood rituals/ black magic. Please let me know. This is something i’m interested in and would love to learn more about
izabellajh Aug 1 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: kabbalah, blood rituals, black magic
No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.

Tiamat Apr 13 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1

Sometimes it feels lonely being the ONLY member in my family, that has an interest in Occult related subject matters/topics (even though I'm not that much of a "people person").

PuchoAlmighty666 Apr 4 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: michigan, satanism, occult, atheism
I'm new to this and is anyone in new jersey or know someone that lives here that can teach me some things.
Zias Apr 1 '18 · Comments: 1
Venger Satanis
Hello Satanists,

How's it going?  This is Venger Satanis.  I haven't been on SIN in a long time, but I keep seeing Zach Black on FB and that jogs my memory enough to come back and say hi.

What have I been up to?  I'll get to that in a minute...

Satanism, like Cthulhuism or any philosophy/religion, does very little in a vacuum.  Just being a Satanist or Cthulhu cultist or LHP practitioner without applying that belief system to one's life, is worthless.  

I decided to focus my time and energy on writing, leaving the task of cult leadership to others.  Specifically, I delved into roleplaying game writing (like D&D).  That's where almost every drop of dark weirdness goes, where it gets used.  

Instead of celebrating the Great Old Ones for the sake of celebration, I did something with it - out in the real world.  Hopefully, the majority of you have done the same over the past 7 years or whatever it's been.

There's been progress.  When I go back and look at my early writing, such as Cthulhu Cult, I smile knowing how much improvement I've made.  That alone is worth something.  I took a skill that I was better than average at and honed it into something to be proud of.  LaVey said something similar when he was alive.

Recently, I finished a book that's doubtless my greatest work.  It's a campaign setting and megadungeon, usable with every incarnation of Dungeons & Dragons and similar rule-sets, called Cha'alt.  This is where you can find the PDF (hardcover coming soon):


Hopefully, you guys can tell me about the amazing things you've been up to.  I'm all ears... and tentacles.  ;)


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