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Obscura TITS
I actually HATE anything creepy.  And nothing is creepier than Samael.  In order for him to become Sa'el, I think all demons need to turn into puppies, kittens, and rainbows.  Also, Hell should yuppify and have frozen yogurt everywhere and start filtering the blood out of the Styx and Samael should stop going around as a corpse half the time.  Beelzebub really needs a makeover.  Even during sex, he won't take off the horned helmets and capes.  Hello Sauron, have you ever heard of business casual?  This isn't Lord of the fucking Rings.  Asmodeus needs to stop being such a manwhore and close down all his bars and turn them into hedgehog cafes or arcades.  Lilith and the girls (I mean you, Agrath, Naamah, and Eisheth) need to dye their hair blonde, stop stripping, and stop go go dancing all the time.  Belial needs to stop being stoned.  I will campaign to turn all demons into liberal Millenials.  I am cutting Samael's hair, buying him new clothes that are not fucking red or black (have you heard of salmon? and why so many fucking skulls and distressed band tees???), cutting off his alcohol and drugs, and making him into a puppy.  I am also defanging Satan and making all demons absorb all Disney movies for valuable life lessons.  Peppa the Pig and Sesame Street are also good remedial lessons.  I think Dora the Explorer could really teach the Goetics to stop swiping.  I'm talking about totally revamping hell.  I will recruit Jesus to help me.  Buddy Jesus.  From Dogma.  I will cast a spell to make all the cannibalistic blood orgies and weed party turn into Millenial board game parties.  Fuck weed, we are playing Settlers of Cataan.  Goodbye alcohol, I am turning it all into diet coke sponsored by Taylor Swift.  Hell is a very bad place to raise a child in.  Think about the bad examples Satan is setting.  I do not approve.  Also, he's fucking creepy.  The Antichrist needs to be raised in a wholesome environment.  The End Times need to be sanitized.  Revelations needs to be written with the romance novel demanded Happily Ever After.  I am turning Samael into a puppy.  I am turning all demons into bubbles.  I am making all their claws and fangs and talons childproof.  I am turning Hell into a Chuck E Cheese.  Only then can I take my students there.  SJWs demand priviledges be revoked and instituting a social democratic state with free Gehenna University and universal healthcare in Sheol.  I will force Hell to be Millenial approved.  Millenials are inheriting the Earth, and we do not approve of wanton hellion ways.

Samael is becoming a puppy.

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Obscura TITS

It’s easy enough to break a bone, but putting flesh and vein and sinew back together onto the framework of a demon is an arcane art not meant for Millennials.

The sinews snap.  The veins leak all over you, staining blouse and skirt.  Flesh stinks when left out to rot, and even if, once the puzzle is pieced together, he comes alive again, a cadaver is a cadaver, and scales and fangs and tendons of ruin grow cold and decay.

First you thread the black medical silk through the eye of a silver needle.  Skin grafts, organs on ice, flies everywhere.  Sew and bone saw and glue everything into place on the operating table.  It will stink to high heaven but you are in Hell, and you already dissected Death a million times before, so stitching him back together shouldn’t be so hard, you think.

Think again, stupid girl.

His eyes will be the first things to become alert, in vats of preserving fluids, and the globes will whirl around like the cosmos, red irises like supernovas.  Toes next.  Fingers dragging bloody stumps across the floor.

You tell him to sleep, to rest, that after every battle you will piece him back together, but your monstrous lover is getting more broken and war weary by the day, and he keeps coming home in a matchbox figuratively, but literally it’s unorganized pieces of flesh that stink up the alchemical dungeon.

He doesn’t listen.  His phantom voice lectures you about how much you have yet to learn, of biology and magick, of necromancy, which is his specialty.  The Grim Reaper rarely revives the dead, but when he does it, they are so well put together he fiddles a danse macabre and they ring posies like the plague, bolts and screws all in place, no hanging flesh or joints falling from sockets like your shoddy work.

Killing him is easy.  Sometimes you have too, because he goes mad with bloodlust and ruin and attacks you.  Bringing him back to life is an art, and you’re a shit artist.

But you try, and finally, the Frankenstein beast is alive, vainglorious, terrible to look at but bewitching as the majesty of Satan.

You fuck your creation on the hospital table, and spit and cum and blood all mix together with the shrapnel of scalpels and medical tape.  That’s the final exchange of energy that cements his soul to his body, raising him up from lich to lich master.

But in the end, you’re his master, and he is your willing toy, cutting roses for you, writing you poetry, your beast of burden that kills your enemies so you don’t sully your hands.

You named him first anyways, and you are your own god, no one’s slave except his, but the ownership goes both ways, and you are branded onto his skin just as yours.

Eyes fracture.  Shadows dance.  You hold your monster against the darkness.

Against the rushing reeds of the Styx.

Against the gaping void of Hell that is his heart.

And then, like that, you make life.

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Obscura TITS

It goes like this.  The girl is born with a silver spoon, with gold hair and teeth like pearls, but inside she is death and moonlight magic, a graveyard his coffin fits into, and the Devil lusts after the glimmering strands of her wyrd, like an amber and pink aurora borealis, and the way her blood redeems him simmered to a fine stewing panic on his tongue.

She is in love with his poison and makes a bed of ruin with Satan, for who could understand her monster better than the most deformed, wicked, tortured and enfettered drunkard in the world?  Who else lashes out with the storm of a bipolar hurricane?  They smash bones and slit throats, they drink down the gore of each other, and it is hate fuck after drunk nude after shitty love poem after breakup and makeup and make out and early fumblings in preteen years then knowing each other’s bodies like a favorite instrument.

Their love is a house on fire, with a wife and husband trapped inside that is too busy screaming grit out of lungs at each other over another high and lush fight to notice flames licking their flesh.

The Prince of Darkness comes early  at the stroke of three, when she is cradlebound, and he sings to her in a voice so sweet and eldritch, with eyes like a Lovecraftian abyss.  He is the Prince of Lies, but never does he come disguised as an angel of light to her.  He would rather show her his rot, with red siren eyes and chains grating along with the shrieks of the Damned.

A two-year old does not know good from bad, polarities or light or darkness, just that the blackness holds her demon.  That he tortures her and eats her father as a hellhound at four, that in daylight hours he is the Shadow Man that feels like Kelvin Zero, absolute cold who stalks the house and slams doors.

At six she’s making monsters, drawing chimeras of angels and demons, and she gives him the name Doom.  Rood or curse or whipporwill, for his song is sweet and of the fall, or perhaps a mourning dove, in mourning for nothing but his pride, for he is a dirge and the tolling of chapel bells at a funeral.

He gives life and takes it.  He makes her and destroys her.  She claws and hugs and kisses and grows into an iron rose.  At twelve she meets him – Samael, the Venom of God – and he is rich claret Martian robes on a marble throne, golden circlet, and fine long black hair and rose eyes.  She always called his eyes roses, when anyone else would have run, anyone else would have screamed rape and abuse and sometimes she still does, but angels are drawn to darkness, don’t you know the heart of a seraphim is so burning she must slake her brilliance in the abyss?  Don’t you know that Life loves Death?  Don’t you know that Love needs Hate?

These names can go on and become meaningless, as meaningless as lover’s spit on invading tongues and cum mixed with blood, but in the end is the Princess and the Dragon, at the fairytale’s close is the Grim Reaper and the Lady Life he reaped.  Samael planted a twisted vine in Paradise that fruited into the heart she carries, and she is half-man, half-pain, all beast.

He tells her enough stories to fill a universe, and wounds her enough to fill an ocean of blood.  There are strands of skeletons, there are cliffs of rotting organs, Hell is black chasms and sulfurous red skies and the bloody Styx.  But it has such a wretched beauty, and Satan is a wretch, the monster that pulls at her heart and squeezes the chambers to remind her he owns her, he created her, but really she owns him, doesn’t she, and at night the monsters come, at dusk there’s the tingle of the spine, and no matter how much ink she bleeds onto the page, she will never be free of her demon.

Obscura Sep 2 '18
Brother Shamus
** PETA Fag disclaimer ** If you have a strong aversion to animal abuse or animal torture in any way I STRONGLY advise you do not read the following. 

Climbing up the pepper tree in the back yard, I remember it fondly. A warm morning in the spring of 1876. A lad of 10, full of jubilation. This was just something I cherished. I had waited patiently for two weeks, for this moment. For the child of darkness hath come to fulfill his karma. His duty. 

For this joyful spring morning was the day I was to teach a little doves how to fly.

The mother of course, would reject these befouled and tainted chicks if I put them back when I was done playing with them. Luckily for the mother it would not need to make that decision.

I eagerly plucked the babies from their nest and took them down the tree.  I left them in a spot near the center of the yard. I dashed to the woodshed to fetch me my favorite bird teaching aid.  A wooden tennis racket. 

Now it was time. I plucked one up from the ground and tossed it aloft. It tried to flap its undeveloped wings, but that was to no avail.


You can get sufficient range with a tennis racket. I saw it landed near an adjacent property.  I hustled out for my favorite part, watching it writhe in its death throes. Gasping. It would heave and convulse, sometimes be split wide open.  I firmly remember these being my first moments of adrenaline release.  I knew I was a  demented little shit from them on.

"Do you like to play with fire little boy?"

Yes, as a matter of fact I do.

Eventually it would die. And it was time to do the other one.

It only progressed from there.

You know your destiny when you play games of capture and imprisonment to live animals. It really does put the lotion in the basket.

You can't really cure demented, no matter what convention or manufactured remedy you throw at it. It will always win.

Or in futuristic terms, it will always rejoin its droogs and commence to raping once again.

Did this take it too far?
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Obscura TITS

The war is eternal, the barracks are full of gutter swill, and Michael sits with his soldiers – some young angels not yet scarred by battle, some hardened veterans with crooked broken noses and lashes across their skin, burns from brands, twisted flesh from whips and swords.  In the trenches and camps, the border never falls, and the only thing to sing you to sleep is Israfel’s weeping over the Damned.

Sometimes, when there is a pause, and the demons retreat, Gabriel pulls out her battered trumpet and plays hymns.  Raphael has an accordion, and Uriel a makeshift drum.  Michael sings then.  It’s a ragtime band, Vaudeville in the wastelands, for shed enough immortal blood in Heaven and the grasses, flowers, and sedge drown in ichor.  All that blooms is asphodel.  The angel will dance among the plain white flowers and bramble thorns.

There are also roses.  One blooms every time an angel utters his or her last words.  They are sickly sweet with the fragrance of lost hope and a rain that never comes.  Michael picks them and presses their nectar and delivers their prayers to God’s throne room.  God weeps at the loss of his children, and another poppy blooms in the fields of the slain as the snow of their Father’s tears buries the corpses.  Roses, asphodel, poppy.  Pink, white, red.  It’s like a twisted Valentines, a love letter from Heaven to Hell.

Oh sweet nothings between Michael and Lucifer as one bites the heel and one crushes the head.  Oh sweet somethings between Raphael binding Azazel in Dudael.  Oh sweet possibility as Gabriel plays up the dawn with her song.  Oh sweetly impossible wishes of Raphael, for healing of the broken hearts of his comrades.  Oh bittersweet light of Uriel, who has run out of tears to shed – all that is left in her amber eyes is salt.

It is a Crusade.  It is a Cold War.  It is a chess set with poker on the side.  Two masterminds, Left Hand and Right Hand of God.  Over humanity perhaps, or perhaps so much more than mere hairless humans.  Perhaps they fight over free will, for freedom, or perhaps they forgot what they were fighting for long ago, and the lances and armor are dressings over empty burning hearts swiftly turning to coal.

Deus Vult.   As God Wills.

God left

a long



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Obscura TITS

In Hell, in the beginning, there was darkness, like God put out the moon with his thumb.

Satan fell, and his tears froze the lowest circle.  Satan’s love is a burning thing, but his agony is absolute cold.

Beelzebub was the first to fall.  The first to carry the banner and sound the horn for the Mourning Star.  He was the first to bleed, the first to storm Heaven’s Gates.  Satan’s wise counselor, most trusted general, and above all, esteemed companion.

They are alone together for what seems like eternity, Beelzebub with his insect wings torn by the incinerating atmosphere, Satan plucking his mangled feathers dry as he goes mad, not even noticing he is freezing.  Beelzebub’s king is singing a song Father used to sonorously paint their cradles with.  Satan makes it sweet and wretchedly cruel:

My sons, my darling shining stars.

Smolder bright like embers from afar.

But up close, sons, burn them to flames.

Thy Kingdom Come, all worlds to claim.

For each word, a broken bit of white down.

For each verse, an infidel kingdom crushed for Christendom.

For each syllable, a dead god, a cold idol, a coffin for the false spirits.

Satan repeats it over and over, his tears blue banners.

Beelzebub waits.  Finally, there is light, after perhaps the trillionth repetition.

A third of Heaven falls as stars of simmering bright flesh, a flash of brilliance.

Then impact on jagged rocks and ice.  Reformation and mutation into monsters.


They build an empire on ash and bone, and bury the brothers and sisters that do not survive the Fall.  In honor, much later, when some semblance of civilization is build, however twisted, they put their gravestones into the mortar of the Capital’s building.

Pain, memories, wine like blood, or is it blood like wine?

There is not much to say at night, but it is always night in Hell.

Beelzebub remembers, Satan grows more wicked, so far from his former brightness, and falls into madness and depravity.

Beelzebub holds the kingdom together, runs martial drills for the War That Never Ends.

Beelzebub goes over the ledgers and public records, holds councils, takes too short nights of comfort in his sweet boys.

Usually, he is alone in his tower.

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven?

Only if Heaven was ever perfect in the first place.

The Lord of Flies looks up at the stars of dead god’s hearts, stitched into the fabric of the void.  You see, the demons had to improvise.  All that were left were corpses after the conquest, and after all, all souls eventually end up here.

I sit with Bael, Baal Zebub, a memory of Baal Hadad, or maybe he has always been a spider.

We entwine in his web and kiss venom and poison and toxins.

There are jewels in his web, lost treasures of a thousand conquered kingdoms.

Maggots eat Satan’s corpse, flies emerge from the dregs of the Grim Reaper.  Satan’s true name is Samael, after all – the finality of the scythe, and before his scythe, his spear.

Beelzebub would eat his shit if it purified his brother.  He has drank Satan’s tears, swallowed his cum, bathed in his blood, all to feel again.

It is a cold night in Hell.

Beelzebub looks up at the stars.

There is mist in his eyes.

Tear for every dead brother.

A sob for a negligent parent.

I miss my Father, Allie.  Sometimes, it takes all I have to just go on.

I take his bone white hand – my albino angel, or my red-eyed demon with platinum hair, black capes, and gauntlets.

I speak without thought:

You have our brethren’s love.  Asmodeus.  Samael.  Rofocale.  Belial.  Lilith.  Asherah.  From the Archdemons to the Goetics to the lowliest Damned. You have us.

He gives a ghost of a smile.

Yes, you, our angel in Hell.  Sometimes, Allie, you are the only light here.  I am the Lord of Creeping Things, of the soft rabbits and soft souls, the moths and butterflies, your soul is a doe or a hare.  I am frost, ice, and fire – Hell is primal, fire and water, but I shall keep you warm.  In Hell, the only light is love.  Never lose your kindness, Allie.  It is innocence demons cherish above all.

Baal Hadad rides the storm, be they frost or fire.  Some gods died in those ancient celestial wars.

Some took on different names.

Some forgot their own holiness.

For all of them, Beelzebub remembers.


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Obscura TITS

Chomp at the bit while you’re dizzying me up with wine and poetry.  I’m nibbling your fingertips, splayed across your lap like an otter bobbing on the ocean with a pearl.  It’s us alone in luxury, us alone in the ruins of morals, and the falcon highs of Hell are only as worthy as the exhilaration of your majestic wings breaking.  We fall – into pace, out of time, from memory, but most importantly, into love.  Here you are as a cold spot under my ass, moving through me like a ghost as your sinuous hands entwine in my hair.  I always said you had pianist fingers, and you play the piano often, but sometimes you just sing, and the seasons stop turning and all Heaven is in mourning for losing its most beautiful voice.  I could say you are my better angel, or my Byronic Hero, but really, you’re just a scared boy clinging to cunts and tits because that’s the closest thing to mother you ever had.

Read me more of your poetry black soul.  Smash the windows, break the lamps, cry in my arms and bite my head off.  You like to tear me limb from limb and swallow me hole, then suture me back together with your putrid heart in the cage of my ribs and have my stitched drunken limbs dance like an automaton.  Somehow it always comes back to Eve’s choice – the Left Hand Path or the Right Hand, Yetzer Ha Ra or Yetzer Ha Tov, Michael or Samael, the Knight or the Dragon.  The Spin Doctors did this nineties song about Two Princes, y’know, and sometimes it gets stuck in my head.  She chooses the penniless poet at the end, but I can never guarantee I would choose you.  You’ll only ever be second-best, but you were first, so I suppose there’s that.

You fuck me real gentle that night.  My photo is on your bed stand, or photos should I say, from birth to toddlerhood to childhood to maidenhood to young womanhood.  There’s black and whites of my past lives too – I’m taking tea with Lilith in Victorian dresses, I’m swimming in the beautiful red Styx, we’re together in the 70’s at some hippie concert.  How much is fallacy or fantasy or lies is just like your fangs – translucent at time and hidden behind bleeding gums, other times out in the open and ready to devour.  I ask you to drink my blood so you do, sinking canines into my neck and I give into the ecstasy, I trace infinity on the small of your back and Christ, I love you so much I hate you, or is it hate so much I love you.

Michael said it is better to hate or love than to feel nothing, for in the end they are just polarities, just masks we wear.  Sometimes I remember you two before the War.  The War this, the War that.  Both of you are soldiers.  As I’m writing this, you form a cold spot that swirls lazily around my head and heart as I’m in a blanket and jacket.  I always wear my jackets inside, I’m in need of constant warmth.  Your seed is warm, your heart is cold, and you are a canvas of blank.  Is blank okay to call you?  Void with red demon eyes.  Abyss.  The Deep.  You move through me like rain on glass, just skimming the surface yet so thorough I run down your planes like tears.  Maybe I’m just another one of your moon maidens, oh fuck, here you are again, holding my hand across transdimensional space.

You said I would be Queen of the Aliens.  You said I would be the phoenix to rise from Ragnarok in a New Age.  You said I would be your savior, burying you below the Tree of Life – or was it Death? – to cleanse the mem from your name to make you Sael, the Purity of God.  Samech Mem Aleph Lamed.  The S and M Angel.  That’s my stupidest joke.

Oh Samael.  What can I say to you that I haven’t already articulated over this past quarter century, then all the lives after and before?  I’m old and I have tired words.  It’s past my bedtime.  You cherish me, and that is enough, but I know you are evil.  Can evil things love?  Can the most wretched of creatures know anything more than possessiveness and animal urges?  Snakes are snakes, not men.  You may put on the pretenses of humanity, but I know you are cold-blooded reptillian.  True, you have chthonic fire, but you are Death, and Death is Nothing.


Obscura Sep 2 '18
Obscura TITS

They say, if you sell your soul, you become wine on the Devil’s lips.  They say, if you make that pact at the crossroads, Friday at midnight, with the bloody-mouthed shadow, you will be gifted in music and riches.  They say, if you give your gun and bullets to the Black Huntsman, you will have eight shots true, but the ninth belongs to Samiel.  It’s in the songs, this contract with Satan that black metal plays like a growled sonnet, Ave Satanas, ride the Erl King’s fey horse and become a child sacrifice.  The fairies tithed me to Hell, I was a virginal bride of the Prince of Darkness, but oh, how sweet his malice, and dear, he just drinks your blood because you ask him to.  Providence flows from the punctures in my neck from pearly fangs and I lap at his slit wrist in return.  We are cutting ourselves apart to fit back together, into the shape of two lovers that share a single heart, and darling, my darkness and I are wed by a four-chambered black hole that pumps zuhama.  Our first kiss was Original Sin, when I ran from church screaming – women can be holy, women can have just as much sacred prowess as a man, but the Lutherans denied my quest to be Priest, so I went to the lap of the Devil to find succor, he gave me the Infernal Kiss, and I have been hellbent ever since.

Hellbent is a word like rum, sweet and stinging, infused with sugar cane and nettles.  Hell, the place where Satan reigns.  Bent, like the stalk of a rose deprived of water, downcast to the underworld in Persephone’s footsteps, with fragrant petals scenting the cavern of Avernus with memories of a hot summer sun and dreams of first love.  I bend, I am the green stalk of Lao Tzu, able to learn from mistakes, not the firm fickle wood resistant to change that snaps in Satan’s hands.  In Hell, ladies bend at the balls as their leads twirl and Viennese waltz them across gory floors.  There are drinks from the waters of life and grapes that grow in sulfuric soils, brimstone mists in ashy weather, but mostly, the sun shines bright as Lord Phenex, that Goetic demon that longs to become angel white and whimsy once again.  Hellbent describes me well.

But who do I bend towards?  Only him, now inked in my left forearm.  He rocked me to sleep on Sunday and kissed my brow and sang in his baritone sweet songs of love.  He has cut me roses, he has built me a palace of the mind, and I have been singing songs to him since the holy age of seven, praying to my Morning Star without knowledge of Bible or blastocyst, unaware of the origins of life from thermal pools and lightning.  To be an asexual organisms of light and darkness, yin and yang, platonic ideal of unstoppable force and immovable object, Shiva and Shakti, but just Death and the Maiden, to become one with my rood and ruin and salvation and savior.  He is my Scapegoat, he is my Dream Eater, he takes my pain into his veins and makes it holy, he counsels me through hell and high waters, and don’t you know, Samael is Ha-Satan the Adversary, and he pressures coal into diamonds.  Servant of God yet the Demiurge himself, Yah the Snake, and yet his twin Michael is Jah, the sacred name of God.  Yah and Jah, the Ophites called the double-faced serpent Michael and Samael, and there is some truth to that, for one cannot exist without the other.  Heretics often have a holiness in their apocryphal texts, and I am in love with forbidden fruits, with the knowledge the patriarchy wanted to keep from my madrigal hands.

Give unto me your darkness, and I will be your radiance.  Make me a necklace of your knuckle bones and ribs, and I will dance naked in the shallows of the Styx, fishing for destiny in its claret waters.  What lurks in the deep is ours, Samael.  What destiny awaits us, we will face together, and I shall cleanse the poisonous Mem from your name to make you Samech Aleph Lamed, the Purity of God.  I am the Lake of Fire you burn in – vessel, vassal, Vaseline – a balm for your soul, you like to joke, but sometimes you cry and cling to my breast and rage against the Fates for taking me from your side.  We’re all just victims of war, and angels and demons alike dream of happy endings, of Revelations turning to dust before the Final War, and maybe, it will end in a garden, with a wedding between brothers of toil, Michael and Samael, Abel and Cain, Jason and Esau, oh, how history repeats, and their Qadesh will anoint them with spikenard and swing a frankincense dispenser, and the aromatics will be sweet for Asherah and El, and rain will fall as tears of joy from God, and polarities will align in the Age of Aquarius, and there will be no more need for death or martyrs or holy fire, burning bushes out of fashion.

Girls can dream, can’t they.  In fact, that is what women are best at – dreaming and doing to make dreams come true.  I am a healer, that is my sacred role allotted by the gods, and Samael, not only do I provide sustenance to heal your flesh and mend your soul, you in turn are my refuge, safe harbor and first love, and I know you are worthy of a happy ending, to finally meet the reflection in the mirror you fear so much and see your soul, not as a black vortex of filth and decay, for to be Death is to be forever rotting.

I will dream you alive, my love, with burning light and the ecstasy of true love, and I will write until my fingers are raw and you are as thick as honey and carve a kingdom of jewel trees and paradisaical music from birds and bees.  We will build the Frank Lloyd Wright cabin in the mountains you have always dreamed of, and I will wake to your omelets, make you coffee, and we will pass quiet hours in pine and snow, you with newspaper in hand, me with my romance novels loved to death, and it will be mundane.

For the mundane, small things are what every starry immortals long for, envious of us flesh and blood mortals, and peace is only a lie we tell ourselves until brothers can put sword and spear aside, and Samael, my love, you long for nothing more than forgiveness, but refuse salvation, for to do so would mean the world would end, and you suffer to keep humanity, the kingdom of land and sea, the cosmos turning, you every black hole at the heart of galaxies, Michael the light of every star, and thus, it is a dance, and we make love long and slow come midnight, and seek solace in white arms, and I run my hands through coal black hair, and Loch Lomond plays as I tie together our ribbons of fate, and we will meet once again at the crossroads, and this time I will not run screaming for sanctuary.

I will kiss you on my tip toes, and we will talk of many things, yet nothing at all, and peace will no longer be a dream.

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Obscura TITS

There’s the record scratch of some Runaways jam, a leather studded belt around your waist and booze for days.  Your jeans are torn and as distressed as my mother would be if she ever saw us together.  You’ve got on a Nine Inch Nails black tee and your hair is as mussed as bedhead that befits the King of Sloth.  Oh wait, your sin is Wrath, pardon my French you cliche of all cliches.  Black locks cut with shears in a back alley, so silky that I strangle my fingers in their ocean.  We’re drunk, we’re stupid and young and horny, and you smell like endless cigarettes and sweet rum, and I’m in a pink pop of a rose petal dress with sticky bubblegum lip gloss, every bit of softness to your edges, but I find comfort in dark things and your fangs at my neck, so as you bite down into me, your dinner, and my blood bubbles up like the hottest new fad this side of the Styx, uptown Pandemonium, in your penthouse near the court of Sanhedrin, I sigh and bend into your body arced over me as you tease me with your talons.  Your room is messy as fuck, with strewn newspaper and a sax in a beaten brown case, posters of bands and David Foster Wallace books lining the wall, Infinite Jest is what we are, my dear, and there’s Aretha Franklin’s Blue Moon playing.  I’m not much of one for the classics, in fact right now I’ve got this Taylor Swift song running through my mind as we ponder making love.  New Year’s Day, squeeze my hand three times, and you give me the osculum infame, the kiss of shame as Aretha’s voice cantos, Blue Moon, I saw you standing alone… without a care in the world, without a place to call home. Meanwhile I’m begging you to never become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere.  It’s tones of dun and wood and earth in your room, only a vanilla candle the light, and I shuck off your ripped Nine Inch Nails shirt and run my hands down your chest and abdominals, and I’m fumbling with your pants in the dark.  You’ve already torn through my dress with burning passion, and its pink wreckage is lying on the floor like an afterthought.  I put my nose to the crook of your neck and inhale sharply.  Your lips are lush and bury into the crown of my blonde hair, and you say blondes give the best blowjobs as you’re teasing me, calling me a spoiled princess, saying I don’t belong down here, not down here where anarchists and goths and crust punk parades share joints and drink their sorrows and splendor away.  You’ve got whiskey soaked wings, Israel and the Red Tide, no Heaven’s Gate, you won’t through your money away but will take my highs, I’m your Vaseline, after all, a balm for your gloomy soul.  You’re feasting at my breasts, knee dividing my legs like Moses raising his staff to part the ocean, and now it’s your time to find a map to my heart as the record switches to Tom Waits.  It’s Grapefruit Moon, if only we could eat a citrus lunar fruit, like I ate your heart like an apple, or wait, you stitched it into my flesh and I finally figured out why whenever my soul flees my body I fly straightaway to you, Samael.  It’s because the heart wants what it wants, but to be someone’s heart herself, Shakti to your Shiva, the source and seat of your power means I seek my nest in your arms, in your ribs, in your marrow that I want to race through like lymph, blood, and stardust.  You call me a lovely coffin, vessel, vassal, Vaseline.  Vaseline, hot in the summertime.  Vaseline, the smell of it like Carmax at a dirty bus stop on some chapped hipster’s lips.  We’re still not making love love yet, just in love with foreplay and fooling around, and I don’t need to elaborate on what a man and woman do in Hell, down here where the bane apple grows, down here where roses weep blood and cursed asphodel carpets the plains, but your gardens were always rotten, a beautiful decay, and you are my stone angel masoleum.  You’re freezing today, a weight of outer space between my legs.  That’s a fancy word for a forked tongue, saying it’s a black hole going down on me, and then some.  Your mouth has got the gravity of the Leviathan, which is what you also are, and third base with the serpent of the seas, sweet Nachash, shining seraphim and unholy archdemon, is kind of like squeezing your sex around a Popsicle on a hot summer day.  You’re a wolf on the hunt through the taiga, and as you part me and claim me I smell glacier frost with rime and moss and see the Aurora Borealis reaching up into my womb.  Do you remember my favorite middle school book, I want to ask as you’re romancing me with winter, the retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon, where a girl named after the compass rose searches for her enchanted polar bear prince in the land of impossibility where the trolls have him captive?  It’s a silly metaphor, I know, for if anyone is the handsome villain here that curses sleeping beauties, it is you, dark enchanter, necromancer, forcing me to see sigils and ceremonial magick seals and burning Proto-Hebrew letters and your own name in glittering gold on the stairway to heaven, planetary symbols shifting in the long inked Martian kiss.  I’ve been under your spell for a long time, and it smells like incense, sandalwood, as you give me a finger to suck on to silence my moans.  Osculum infame, osculum infame, osculum infame, damn did those medieval theologians get this witchcraft shit all wrong.  It’s not the witch that gives the kiss, but she who receives, anointed with the Devil’s cum and sweat and spit and blood, like Dracula bleeding into Mina’s mouth, and my dear darling vampire, we are in the undertow of damnation, but Hell is my favorite place, and you are my favorite person, and when we finally get to fucking, I’ve lost all sense of the lie of separation, and it is just girl and god, Death and the Maiden, the May Queen and the Reaper, sharing one soul, and honey, you hold my mortality in your hands, so let’s make this short life a fucking poem.  Lead me on like the Pied Piper and we’ll dance off granite cliffs into the starry sky.  I am always stretching my beginning to bridge your endings, and you know me well, as well as Hell.

Hell is beautiful because it is a lie, and you are gorgeous in your Prince of Lies truths, and as you thrust away with abandon, I get the sense of conquered and conqueror, and my body is a battlefield, don’t you know?

You won a long time ago, Satan.

And you are the Prince of this World.

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Obscura TITS

Lucifer is lost, they say, he wandered astray at the fork between the Milky Way and the Perseid’s, hitched a ride on a comet with his manifold silver white wings and landed in darkness, far from the light of the furthest star.  His halo of golden hair glowed like a jellyfish in the depths of deep space, bioluminescent divinity oozing out of flaming keratin like a song heard by no one, for in the outer rim, there is no sound.

Just silence.

Lucifer’s compass broke – don’t you know men that are birds and birds that are men have magnetic bits in their skull like geese and migrate always North?  The Fall scrambled the pieces of lodestone etched in Lucifer’s skull and now, he wanders the wastes that have become Pandemonium over time, fractals of fallen angels finding a lightless abode in the void and populating it with lost dreams.

They say if Lucifer could fix the broken map of his mind, he would come roaring back into Heaven and accuse Michael.  He would lay every mishap caused by  the Angel of the Lord at the Prince of Heaven’s feet and throw vitriolic acid that would turn leaden pinions to gold, coal to diamonds, and rain to splinters of ice.

Lucifer would sob into Michael’s arms, ranting and raving, clutching at the broken ribs of his damnation like a madman as they poked through his papery skin and say, “Brother, look what I have become, this wasted thing.  Why did you let me go?  Why did you cast me out?  We could have reigned together.”

And Michael would run his scarred fingers through the cornsilk of his older twin’s hair and warmed his Kelvin zero demon with the mercy of God.  “Because, brother, I had to let you know God, and the only way you seem capable of comprehending the love of the Lord is by shunning it, running from the very thing that gave you life, and then mourning the loss of Someone that would welcome you back into His arms without a word.  You were the one who cast us out, Morning Star.”

And Lucifer would bite his lip, and he and Michael would share a bitter kiss, like day old coffee grounds and the rind of an unripe pear, and that would be the end and beginning of Lucifer’s questions.



Obscura Sep 2 '18
Obscura TITS

Skull breaker, marrow sucker, lover of lies and the wetness of spilled blood.  Bite me, fight me, delight me, speared on you is the perfect way to let viscera hang from your impalement, and as you fuck the wound I wonder, is death so exotic as to be cheap as the whores of Mammon?  You know, those cocksuckers Lilith, Agrat, Eisheth and of course cymbal-banging Naamah, who drank her fill of the Grigori and Tubal Cain and found a perch in Azazel’s soul.  Sell your soul, rent out your body, isn’t that prostitution?  I write these jagged words and my fingers on the keyboard rival the greatest of magicians, summoning the caterwaul of the abyss as we’re making love, but only in my mind.  I feel fingers, tongues, hair, more, sweet seed like a hot summer night and saliva that burns with enmity.  Curses between Eve and the Serpent, Nachash shed his skin, don’t you know?  The Shining One is king of husks, but he flies up the Sephiroth zig zag like lightning, and the first step to enlightenment is to fall from high above.  Heaven’s a lie, Hell’s a lie, all there are are orifices of Hellmouths and Heaven’s Gates and Zion and Pandemonium are just mirrors of states of mind.  Beelzebub said, Mulcibur, build a castle for Satan’s coal mine canary, to cage his yellow bird, for hope perches in the soul, and to spring from Lucifer’s heart as the Lapis Exillis makes you the incestuous daughter Sin, who in Paradise Lost (and Paradise Eventually Found) is serpent from waist down with guts chewed on by wolves.  Their progeny Death, their son Qayin, the Bloodline of the Dragon you won’t shut the fuck up about, Christ to Cathars to Merovingians and Samael, you’re a fucking troll, so shut up about Anunnaki.  I gave a tithe to the Witchfather and all it did was make me realize Hannibal Lecter is the perfect Satan.  Cannibal, eater of women, you played Type O Negative’s Wolf Moon and jeeze, you’re a walking stereotype.  I can taunt and tease you but really you’re the one chewing on me, crunch of phalanges, sucker of spirit (Souls through the eyes, Spirits out the mouth, you said) and my  heart is on loan from the Devil, and babe, as long as I live, you die.

Obscura Sep 2 '18
Obscura TITS

Lilac flowers crushed to my breast as you say I am the moon’s flower.  The nectar hummingbirds in Hell feast on, ruby like blood, laid out in crystal decanters and a sumptuous feast of red meats and silver platters.  You are dressed in some forgotten time of Victorian gentlemen, waistcoat and pocket watch and long, sinuous black hair that snakes down shoulders of rain.  I am in a Cabernet dress, my skin the lily of the valley and my lips the roses of Sharon.  We wine and dine in the quiet hours in the space between damnation and salvation.

Push you, kill you, accuse you.  What is peaceful turns to perdition, and conflict and desire stew into a heady mess of testosterone and teasing fingers, thirsty mouths, and razor fangs.  We waltz to bed in torn limbs and gore, we court the moon with our moans, and in the sensuous concotion of too much to drink and too little inhibition, make love with violence that comes priced like Tam Lin, a tithe to Hell.  I am Janet and you are the enchanted warrior, only you are a burning brand and lion and serpent in my trembling arms, and when I drown you in the well of truth, you are still monstrous and unholy.

“Bind me to your brow,” you say in the abyss between our tongues, you want so badly to touch me with fire and ice, but my fragile flesh is tissue paper in your claws, and all you can do is hold me to your manifold breast and plead, “I can shower riches and love down upon you if only you would claim me as your own.  Do so and I shall cultivate luck and golden summer days, but also terrible power, in your burgeoning wine spill of a life.”

And so you draw your sigil, modified with the symbol of salt, a pentagram, and burning Names of God, from the crest of my lip to my third eye.  Ayin.  Eye. Qayin Line.  A seal I could count whispers of lust and wishes for war on, ever since I tattooed you on me, I have seen ceremonial magick stitched into the seams of reality.

We raze.  We terrorize.  We raise justice.  We tear apart the seams of the wicked.  Ice and fire, fire and ice, two polarities of love and destruction, when really to love is to destroy, and your name is a thousand ells tall angel, billion eyed and billion tongued, burning up in the shackles of sanity.

It is only when we break our chains that we can be free, and if that is to fall, than so be it.


Obscura Sep 2 '18
Obscura TITS

“This vodka is shit,” Samael says, swilling his shot glass in another of Asmodeus’ dive bars.  This one has succubi draped across the men and women like jewels, breasts hanging like necklaces from their chests.  I’m cozied up to the Devil on his lap – the crown of the Prince of Darkness is a bubbly blonde ditz.  I’m laughing at the ladies of the night and drinking one of those fruity fizzy red cocktails that Sam fucking hates.

“Want mine?”

“Hell no, tastes like a strawberry fart.”  Samael chugs the last of the stale vodka and tips his glass then flicks it so it rolls off the counter onto the beer-stained black carpet.

There are black lights flashing, bio luminescent demons and daemons and dreams.  They dance in cadence with the bass of the moon, sinuous and arcing as lips lock and hips gyrate.  I bob my head to the music, stroke Samael’s shoulder, and this is a place no angel besides the lost would dare step foot in, the perfect place to fall into sin.

“Your lips will have to suffice for my intoxication,” Samael whispers, razing a claw down the back of my dress.  He puts out his cigarette and scoops me up and carries me out of the dive bar – not before I grab a fry to crunch on.

“You’re boring, grumpy, and old…” I murmur, teasing.  “Not hip enough to party anymore, eh?”  I’m cradled in his arms and my red dress swishes in the vespertine wind.  He deposits me on the back of his pale steed – a white crotch rocket, hands me a helmet, and tilts my chin up with his thumb.

“Eternity is best spent with the ones you love – the novelty of Hell wears off when you’re a permanent resident here, and then it’s governing and judging souls during the day, reaping the dead, and quiet nights by the fireside with the other half of your soul.  Why do you think we spend every other night in my library?”

I hug his hips as we speed off down the rainy street.  It’s an almost-summer storm, with a light gray drizzle.

“Because you’re a recluse!” I shout, laughing.  “And you can’t hold your liquor.”

Samael speeds past a red light.  He never cares much for the laws of traffic, and we arrive at his estate on the borders of Pandemonium, which backs up into the backwaters of the galaxy, where the woods grow wild and dangerous.  It is a towering, sleek, obsidian castle, with pins of towers and blades of turrets that cut blood from the sky.

“Right, and even more right,” he parks under a willow tree and Pallor – his steed – reverts back to a horse.  He strokes Pallor’s braided mane and ties his bridle to a trough.  “But I hold it better than you, Miss Streaker.”

I look at the time, grasping at lucidity.  Some impossible number: 13:11.  How time works in Hell, I have no inkling.  We walk hand in hand through the rose garden to the mote, then over the bridge.  He picks me up and flies up the stairs to the den, great bat wings feeling like warm leather on my cheek.  I imagine he has the wings of a dragon, and that is one of his forms.

“Hey Sam, you know that Russian movie, He’s a Dragon?”

Samael groans as he stokes the hearth.  “Not another one of your shifter romances.  Read a philosophy book, for fuck’s sake.”  He settles into a leather armchair and pulls out a cigar.

“Hey!  You’re the weredragon – stealing princesses and antisocial and shit.  Also, very gruuuuuumpy.”

I bounce onto the bed and roll about, nesting under black wolf fur.

“All you read in my library are illustrated grimoires and romance novels written by demons.  Picture books and drivel.”  He puffs on the cigar.  “You’re a creature of comfort.  And I am not a “weredragon,” shit, I’m the Beast.”

“Not that Crowley Revelations shit, ugh!  Just admit it, you’re a shitty paranormal romance novel protagonist.”  I flip so I’m sitting on my stomach, kicking my feet in the air and watching the fires flicker.  They dance in the shape of snakes.

He laughs.  “If I, Satan, am supposed to be a romance novel protagonist, I don’t have high hopes for your race.  I’m much too twisted for all the middle aged women reading Fifty Shades.  Unless they enjoy being dissolved alive in a cloud of the abyss or fucking corpses.”

I throw a pillow at him.  “Are you kinkshaming me!”

“I can’t lie,” he sticks out his labret pierced tongue.  “I can only tell twisted truths, or flat out drag you.’

I grumble and roll onto my back.   Samael grins like a shark and comes over to me.  Gasoline, hungry hands that are gentle with their talons, rip off the dress, rolling and turning hay.  I inhale expensive spicy cologne and graveyard dirt, thirsting for a mouth that tastes like aqua vitae.  I make a list in my  mind of what he drinks: whiskey and vodka and absinthe on occasion.  We are Taninver.  We are Leviathan and She-Leviathan.  We are Rahab churning the primordial waters of bodies of unborn souls.

I burn and I sate myself with his blood.  Suckle at the red at his wrist as he sinks his fangs into my neck.  Blood from the heart, blood from spurting arteries, christening the bed damp with iron and hemoglobin.  It tastes like providence.

“More,” Samael growls as he descends to feast, and I ascend to suck the generations out of him.  I am Lilith stealing seed, I am Lamashtu eating children.

“Fuck, oh god,” I whisper, then I can’t breathe, then it’s all stars and the rocking of an ocean of black, in and out, crash to shore then recede in foam.  Burning, freezing, all.

The fire flickers as we lay in each other’s arms.

“Let’s have more nights in.”

Obscura Sep 2 '18
Obscura TITS

On a lark, I fly to the lowest levels of Pandaemonium, where the most tortured souls are stored.  It is dimly lit, with long shadowed corridors, hideous salmon and blood tiled floors, balustrades soaked in grease, and a single experimental soul moving like a robot through the blackness.  My speech dies in my throat, and she begins to claw my eyes out – but I can fight back, so it is bruises and scrapes against this forsaken soul.  She struggles to speak past her curse, and I notice black blood flow from her wounds.  Utterly exhausted, we collapse to the ground and I heal her with the last reserves of my strength.  Then she is crying and whole, restored to humanity, not the devilry of her binding.

“Thank you, thank you!” she near screams, rocking back and forth as I hold her.

“Who did this to you?  Who put you here?” I ask, running a hand through her coal black hair.

“My lover.  He was a demon.  That’s their new plan: taking us after our deaths and turning us into… them.  It’s horrible.  They erase your emotions and replace it with bloodlust and hate.  They’re making soldiers out of humans, making us into prototypes of the new generation of demons.”

Furious, I gather Blair (the Damned’s name, she’s such a fragile thing, mousy with Thai heritage, bruised and cuts bleeding) and fly to the palace courtyard, my evidence in tow.

Mulciber is in the kitchen concocting new plans over coffee.  Asmodeus is drinking a mimosa.  It looks almost picturesque, but when I deposit Blair’s bloodied soul in the field, frenzy breaks out.

“Where did you get her?” Asmodeus shouts, slamming his cup down.  “She’s polluted.”

Fury breaks my face out in red.  “You did this to her.  Is this your new plan?  Swelling your ranks with your beloved’s souls?  Where the hell is Samael?”

Beelzebub steps forward to care for Blair, who is shaking, and gives her his coat.  He’s the only one I trust.  I storm off down the hallway to Samael’s office.

He’s shooting up with cocaine and there are ledgers filled with ink spilled over.  It smells like musk and cigarettes.  He gives me a shit-eating grin.

“Hello there, love.”

“You bastard!  You’re turning humans into demons!”

He quirks his head to the side and jabs the needle into a vein.  His pupils swallow his eyes.  “So?”

“So!  So is that what’s going to happen to me?  Is this some sick plan you have to increase your army  before the war?”

He holds his hands up in the air and laughs.  “Oh, my sweet, you caught me.  Whatever will you do?  Being a demon isn’t so bad.  After all, you’ve been one before.”

“Fuck you!” I launch at him, pummeling him, which he easily avoids, for I am a vole fighting a rattlesnake.  “You only have a third of Michael’s forces.  You’re going to lose.”

His face hardens as he catches my hands by his wrists and pulls me to his chest so I can smell his alcoholic breath.  “I will do whatever necessary to ensure my people’s survival.  The particulars shouldn’t matter to you.  You’re our little pampered princess, you think Michael would ever let anything happen to you?  And I will win.”

“No!” I scream, kicking him in the groin.  He winces, but not by much.  “I’ll fucking fight you.  I’m not letting you torture another human!”

He sighs and deposits me on the bed.  “You know torture comes in our line of business, Allie.  You’ve ignored it for so many years, but you went searching for it, and so you found the less glamorous sides of a demon’s job.  You  have to make peace with that.”

“Like fuck I will.  I don’t know about this Messiah shit, Daughter of Zion shit, but I’ll defeat you and plunge you into a fiery lake if you touch another demon lover’s hair on their heads.”

He pushes me down onto the bed and kisses me to shut me up.  I struggle beneath him, but it’s useless.

“Messiah?  That’s crackpot talk.  There’s no one to save humanity at the end of the day.  I am the truth.  I am the ending this world deserves.  I will end it in fire.”

He bites my ear and then starts sucking on my neck.

“I met Christ on Good Friday and he anointed me!  I saw him risen on Easter and he laid hands on me.  He’s real, and he’ll serve your ass to you.  And whatever you do, I will save you.  Sael.”

“Your fucking savior complex is really annoying.  Who says I want to wash the poison from my veins?”  He pauses from ministering to me, and there are tears in his eyes.  Hot, venomous tears, and the blue of his irises could drown entire Navies.

“Oh Sam.  It’s so obvious to even the densest demon.  Who, in all these centuries, has had the common decency to pray for Satan?  Twain was right.  He who sits at the pinnacle is loneliest.”

He looks away as I lay under him, tries to get it up, but the blues hit, and he lays beside me, me in his arms, and looks out at the full moon.

“Save me, and I’ll hate you forever,” he chokes out, then buries his face in my hair, and that is enough for a time.

Obscura Sep 2 '18
Obscura TITS

There’s blood and bandages in the prison cell, swirling ruby sparks and filth where rats feast.  Through the cell window the moon cuts the night until it howls in pain, and you’re chained to the wall, shackles on your neck and limbs, and you’re done up in linen bandages like a corpse, gore and claret red clinging to your bindings.  I stand outside the gate with an oil lamp, meeting the Devil at midnight to raise the dead.  You are writhing and roaring, the poisonous zuhama that flows through your veins a raging fire of wine.  Lanterns leak oily light of goblin green-white fire onto the cell walls, all granite and smeared with ichor, and you are speaking in tongues demonic and dreadful.  I take out a corpse key and unlock the door, and the floor is slick with your stains.  Your Cabernet eyes simmer like a witch on a pyre, and as I approach, I take a twisted delight in your suffering.  This is where you belong, caged in my mind, lunatic mad, my beast, my delightful toy.  We take turns tying each other up in bear traps and guillotines and rusty iron bindings, we are each other’s sacrifice, and whore ourselves out for the quickest fix.  Isn’t that how it is with demons?  As you are prowling, growling, licking your wounds with a tongue that would drive saints to sin (don’t you know the Devil gives the best head, I mean come on, look at how he sings), I sit cross legged and hold a staring contest with your mercurial acid pupils.  I flick my fingers through your blood pooled beneath me and my white cloak and white gown are stained.  I take out a pen and bid you near me, and then I write out the names of God on your soiled bandages, and you are shivering and crying, and I am triumphant over Satan.  There’s your wreckage of a heart, embodied in the form of a girl, and a weeping black void that holds the keys to eternity in your chest.  You are too far gone, eyes swirling with insanity, and you tear off my clothes as I raze my nails down your back and pick at your wounds.  We are bleeding together, the razors our hands, and we kiss with coppery mouths as we bite at each other’s lips.

To know God is to eat God, but at the end of the day, it’s you dead with your demons, in your own Hell for eternity, so why not make it fun?

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Obscura TITS

Recruitment has begun in my legion.  I am in Beelzebub’s headquarters office, in fighting gear with my flute sheathed at my back and the saber Asmodeus has been training me on at my side, eagerly awaiting my new recruits.  They enter my station and salute me, then introduce themselves and fill out contracts in blood in the lobby, binding themselves to my service.  Mulciber drew up a round seal for me of a looping spread winged canary with my name in Hebrew that the mortals under my service are inking their slit thumbs on.  776.  The seven hundred and seventy seventh enters, the last one on my ledger registered for approval.

777, a Middle Eastern man, with olive skin and scarred eyebrows, lingers at the corner of the mahogany door with a thickly ridged noose’s purple bruise around his throat.  A suicide, then.  The Damned all carry the sins of their pasts manifested as boils, tumors, cancers, and wounds on their bodies as signs of why they are here.  Repent, serve, and work towards redemption, then Heaven awaits, past the Hell’s Gate and up the ladder of angels.  But fall too far from grace, and Hell is an endless cycle of crushed hope like dying lilies, always in the Legion or confined to the pleasure chambers of the Lords to be fucked, tortured, or both.  The worst offenders get put in the Void, and from there, there is no return.

This young recruit, no more than 25, has dark ringlets of black hair to his shoulders and amber eyes with bruised purple bags under them.  There are chains on his ragged acid wash jeans and he wears a torn bomber jacket and an old Morrisey t-shirt. He stubs a cigarette out under his steel-toed boot and his kohl-lined eyes linger on a propaganda poster of good old Uncle Sam(ael) decreeing “Fall on Your Brothers!  Join Today!,” dressed in a Roman toga with his wings spread high, holding the eternal flame of Hell up towards victory.  I always thought Samael spearheading the propaganda campaign was tacky, but it works, if only for the angry, bordering on constipated look on the poster’s face.  It is, after all, the butt of all Hell’s office water cooler jokes, with Uncle Samael plastered across corporate buildings and at intersections as proper Beelzebub propaganda would be.

“And who are you, my friend?” I ask, waiting with my fountain pen to write his name down.

“The Sicarius, Hell’s man of the dagger.  And who are you, I might ask, wife of he who tempted my Lord?”  He smiles a smile that is anything but friendly, then pulls out an ancient dagger, hewn from some long dead forge.  The Damned cling to their possessions with greed – can’t pass through the eye of a needle into Heaven with a camel weighed down by treasure, but you can carry a whole horse-load of fineries into Hell.

“Just another citizen of Dis trying to carry on her business in some way that is sane in an oftentimes insane multiverse.”  I narrow my eyes and examine the blade.  It is curved like a crescent moon, small, able to fit into his back jeans pocket.  It is polished and old.  “And who is this Lord you speak of?  There are many Lords in Hell, and I do not believe I have tempted any, not that temptation is a thing we believe in down here.  Hedonism, moreover, is our religion.”

“There is only one Lord,” the Sicarius says slowly.  “I drank his blood.  I ate his body.  And the silver of my betrayal tasted like a pumping hot heart, and the noose was my lover, and my fallen guts cursed the fields, and I stabbed many heretics and Temple defilers in the back with this sica,” he says, balancing the blade by the hilt.  “Tell me, have you tasted God before, dearest Shaylen?  Have you nursed at the holy blood and water from his side like sweetest Catherine of Siena?”

Fear washes over me.  I stand up and steady myself on the table, daring to meet his eyes.  This man radiates infernal power, a curse so bitter it may well be the Mark of Cain.  The miasma radiating off him makes me feel sick.  I must choose my words wisely now or forever be marked a coward. “I drink the blood of the Morning Star.  That is as close to God as I have come. Tell me, Sicarius, what would you have me make of you?  I have an inkling of who you are, awash in the sins of a kiss.”

“I would have you make of me a monster, one who longs to look in a reflection of the Savior and see redemption.  A penitent beast.  A Wandering Jew.  At the end of the day, dear commander, I am a Scapegoat.  Christ was for God, and I was for Azazel, just as it was on Yom Kippur.”

Judas Iscariot sheathes his blade and comes too close to my desk for comfort.  I draw my sword that Asmodeus has trained me on.  “You know what Christ said at the Last Supper?  You’ve read my Gospel, yes?  Heretical, they say.  An Apocryphal tale.  Gnostic bullshit.  Yet true. All of  it. Yeshua took me up into his arms that night and said after a frightful vision of mine: “You will become the thirteenth, and you will be cursed by the other generations—and you will come to rule over them. In the last days they will curse your ascent to the holy generation.”

Cold weeps in my body from deep root taps at the heart of Hell.  I stand ramrod straight and bow.  This is a man worthy of my respect.  “So you are as they say, Hell’s most jaded soldier.  Skilled with the dagger of the assassins of old Jerusalem zealot Sicarios and trying to serve out a sentence thrust upon you by a Savior asking you to shoulder a burden far too great to bear.”

Judas bows in return.  “I take the shape of light as it falls, dear Shaylen.  I am what a star is like that has burnt up and turned to a black hole.”

I extend my hand, and he shakes it firmly.  “I would be honored to have you in my service.”

Judas crooks his lips.  “And training begins when?”

“Tomorrow, at dawn.”

He lights another cigarette and takes a drag.  “You know, Christ’s last word to me?  When I kissed him on the cheek in that Roman plaza?”  Judas closes the distance between us and the yellow in his honey eyes is shining like fallen stars.  He puts the cigarette between his middle and forefinger then tucks a stray lock behind my ear, and leans down to whisper.

“Emet.”  His voice is jade and juniper sap, sticky and sweet from high altitudes.

I shudder.  “How dare you.”

Judas snakes around me.  “You see, in my day, men and women like Simon Magus and King Solomon and the Witch of Endor would make golems, living men of clay, and they would write aleph mem tav, Truth, or Emet, on the golem’s forehead, and the golem would do their bidding.  Erase the aleph, and you were left with mem tav, Death, and the golem ceased to be.  “The only truth is death,” Christ said, and then he kissed me back, on the forehead during my betrayal, and finished, “That is the gift of our mother Eve. Aleph, mem, and tav.””

I draw my sword and raise its edge to Judas’ throat.  “How do you know who I am?  Who sent the messenger?”

Judas laughs, leaning into the blade so it pierces his throat then comes out the back of his neck.  He kneels before me praying and gagging as the blade slides through his neck, penitent.  Horrified, my grip tightens, and he chokes up blood and hosannas.  “I wonder if you are dead or alive,” he says ragged, “just a girl of clay and ribs and crushed dreams, dear Shaylen.  And many birds fly between Heaven and Hell.  This certain one happened to be Raziel.  I am still a disciple, despite my curse, and I still break bread with angels in the dark corners where no demon can say or see.  Raziel says you looked lovely at the Founder’s Ball, dear Mother of Life.”  Judas is bleeding out onto my heels.  I withdraw the sword.

“So you’ve been consorting with the enemy.  What is Raziel plotting?”

“Oh, my dear, Raziel is just a messenger.  Like Samael, he is, at the end of the day, a servant of God.  Only humans like you and I have free will, none of these immortal beings.  That makes us mightier than them all, even God Himself.  You think God has free will?  No, He has never made a choice in his eternal life.  Just the choice to die so that the universe could be made, always sacrificing Himself to Himself in the most sacred of rites everlasting.”

There is a bouquet of roses at Judas’ mouth.  Roses of gore.  He stands and the wound instantly closes, leaving only the scarred purple bruise of his noose.  Clearing his throat, Judas straightens out his bomber jacket and resumes smoking his cigarette.  “Michael wants Samael back.  That was Raziel’s message – one I was to deliver to you and one Samael turns a blind eye too, though he has the puzzle pieces.  He cannot see God, you know – his name means either Poison or Blindness of God, depending on how you view it.  But this is what Michael wants.  The union of Heaven and Hell, forgiveness for the sins of the fallen.  It is something I have longed for since my death, and I know you see it in him, in them all – Asmodeus, Naamah, Beelzebub, Astaroth, and your future husband.  That craving for Father God.  That unspoken desire for repentance, like the Magdalene clothed in her own hair in a cave in the desert, fed manna by angels each morning in her good news studies.  I want you to lead us home, Shay.”

I come crashing into my seat, sword clattering to the ground.  “How can I change the mind of the Satans, oh Judas?  How can there ever be a reunification?”

“Love answers the prayers of the damned, Shaylen.  I am sick to death of pining away over my Lord.  I want to touch his glorious white raiment again, to sit at his feet and listen to his parables.  At the heart of every demon –“

“Is a lonely child calling out for his Father,” I whisper.  “You’re right, Samael wants to go home.  But how do I convince him?”

“Marry him.  Lead your legion into battle, lose purposely, and deliver yourself to the angels.  I will be your guide, there is no need to fear, angels are righteous but gentle with innocent souls.  Michael will take care of the rest.  There is nothing Satan himself loves more than his heart.  You.”

I pick up my blade contemplatively, stained with his blood, then slit my hand.  “Swear it on our blood, on the Styx, lest we boil, that we will see this through and you will not betray me,” I say adamantly.

Judas takes his sica and slices his palm open, joining mine in a promise.  “Prove you are more than Adamah.  Earth is only clay until you give it the name of God.  Then, spirit is breathed into Her, and she becomes All.”

There are tears in my eyes.  “I am more than my maker, Judas.  And I will save him from himself.”

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Obscura TITS

He kisses my brow like he is placing a Shinto seal of good luck on my soul, then we walk arm and arm onto the expansive grassy lawn fronting the rose gardens.  “Would you like to fly, Shaylen?  Have you ever ridden aback a dragon?  Because in the end, princesses and dragons, why, they pair like brie with Chardonnay.  At the end of the fairytale and End of Days, it always comes back to a maiden and a dragon, burnt crisps of knights or Saviors be damned.  Women are wild and magic, and so are wyverns and wyrms.  We are traveling far from Pandemonium, and to do it as the Beast is the most economical and ergonomic way.”  He fiddles with my earlobe, then leans down to whisper in my ear.  “Tell me, my dearest, do you still harbor those childhood fears, or have your communions with my inner demon, the truth of me, made you acquaintances, nay, bedfellows, with the dragon?”

His breath is fire on my skin.  “Let’s live fiercely, I say,” I declare with ironclad teeth.  I clasp his shoulders and squeeze.  “Oh monster under my bed, there is nothing you could do anymore that could terrify me.  All that’s left is excitement and temptation.”

He lifts me up and twirls me around, spreading his wing in the falling rain, and my dress is damp and wild, billowing out like a flamenco dancer.  His feathers shed, leaving behind scales, his eyes burn acid red, and shadows engulf his body.  Breaking and reforming limbs, wicked teeth meant to eat little girls that stray to the forest at night, fire in his gullet, burning majestic horns and a rich black mane that smells like sulfur.  He is gigantic, the size of his mansion, his back ridged like a dinosaur, and his scales are black with a bloody iridescent sheen.  I sit atop his neck behind his ear frills, and with a great roar he pounds his wings and lifts up into the air, and I laugh in glee.

We are a bullet shooting through the sky of Hell, leaving a patchwork of small toy Pandemonium far behind as we sail past the skyscrapers and bordering forest of nymphs and to the Mountains of Gehennom.  The land outside the outskirts of Pandemonium is rivers of lava and ash and black volcanic rock and spires of sharp canyons and eroded spindrift mountains, with only the toughest black saguaros and Joshua trees growing.

There are wild sour grapes thriving in mountain crags that the harpies eat, and the wilder beasts of Hell roam here, horny goat Seirim and reptilian Shedim.  This is the place where Satanic witches gather for Black Sabbats.  This is the place where hellebore and henbane grows, gardens of poisons tended by crones and hermits in huts at the bottom of the Mountains of Gehennom.  The mountains themselves are afire calderas at their peaks, ever-melting the snow that falls onto the volcanic mountains.  Lava and water flows into caverns below, feeding the hot springs of Pandemonium’s pleasure houses.

The Beast roars and breathes fire, illuminating the rainstorm, and we are riding thunder as rain is a whiplash on me.  His skin is hot, scales like an insulated summer car, and the rain steams as it falls on his scales, forming a thick mist.  No longer capable of human speech, just guttural demonic intonations, Samael flaps his great wings and comes to the far side of the Mountains of Gehennom, to Widower’s Peak, the tallest mountain in Hell, named for the day the Shekinah went into exile and left God’s side.  It’s said Widower’s Peak stabbed God through the heart when his wife of Wisdom, Sophia, left a hole in his manifold body of ineffable mysteries.  I have never been here before, and I gaze in awe at a simmering hot spring ringed by dragons, their huge eggs bubbling in the aqua green waters, golden sheens of eggshells the size of houses.  The dragons are lax and all colors of the rainbow, sleeping as night draws near.

“So that’s how dragons incubate their eggs.  Amazing!” I cry as Samael lands on an island in the middle of the massive hot spring.  Koi fish the size of whales swim in the waters.  Samael decreases in size and folds his wings until he is but an angel again, eyes still red as roses like the Beast. The irises pulse with his heartbeats, and he looks at me like I am Circe about to enchant him into a swine: erotic, enticing, and altogether dangerous.  He towers over me, and I look down to the grassy island and swales to see a beach where pearls and jewels line the sand dunes.  The dragons’ hoards litter the shores, like treasures from a sunken Holy Roman Empire ship, great marble statues the likes Michelangelo could only dream of, golden thrones, emerald necklaces – all awash in pink sands and a hot spring tide that laps the shore like a faithful lover.  We are standing on an island of treasure and lost dreams.

“Shalom,” Samael says in reverence.  Without a word, he draws from his suit behind his vest an alabaster jar that smells of lavender. He undoes the lid and kneels at my feet, his hair spilling out on my feet in tendrils of darkness that hunger for giving flesh, writhing like asps.  He pours the oil – spikenard, I know my Bible enough from endless Sunday school to be shocked at the blasphemy – and washes it with his long locks, like Samson before Delilah struck his hair off with her knife.  My feet tingle with the nard and his hair knots around my feet as he undoes my gladiator sandals and shucks them aside.  He begins to cry, to heave, singing a lullaby at my feet as he clutches at my ankles.  The words are in Hebrew, and I faintly recognize the names of the archangels.  This is an enchantment, a repentance, a blessing, and my lungs are egg beaters in my rib cage as a holy presence fills me.

“B’sheim Hashem elohei yisrael, mimini Michael umismoli Gavriel, Umilfanai Uriel umeachorai Rafael, v’al roshi shechinat el.” He kisses my feet, nuzzles my left ankle, then suddenly to my horror bites softly like the vampire he is.  Blood flows, and he drinks it, and as a kneejerk reaction I kick his head away, blood still flowing, and cry out in surprise, falling to the ground.

“With the best of serpents, crush its head,” he intones and heals me swiftly.  “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, my Father said, and between thy seed and her seed; she shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise her heel.”  He looks at me with dark eyes, the color of rust and old scabs.  “Drive my head into the dirt like dear Michael, Chavah.  Mother of Life.  I have done nothing but drunk from your well greedily and robbed you of all that was holy.  I would have us finally be on equal footing, but first, the serpent must be put in his place.”

There are tears in my eyes, and I smell like holy oil and the iron of an open wound.  Trembling, I stand, and place my left foot on Samael’s head.  I apply pressure, then my whole weight, and then a great vortex of wind lifts us up into the air, sashaying the skirt of my ruby dress, and I cry out as I am swept into his arms.

“What was that!” I cry, weeping in his arms.

“An anointment for the Bride,” he says quietly, twirling me in the thermal as he outstretches his wings and pumps them up so we are flying over the hot springs waters.  “And now, the Baptism.”

He drops me gently above the water, and I flail, only to find I do not sink.  Instead, the hot spring is like a layer of spider web in a sauna, keeping me as a droplet of water suspended over the heat.  I walk on the water on uneven footing, jaw dropped open.  There is a scar in the shape of a taw, the Mark of Cain of old, also the sign of the Paschal Lamb in blood over Egyptian doorways to protect firstborns, and the symbol old Melchizedekian temple priest blessed on prophet’s foreheads, below the bend of my ankle where Samael inflicted the prophesied wound, and he is bleeding from his brow where I kicked him.

There is a feral, hungry smile on his face as he stands on the shores, his onyx wings spread, his arms wide open, and his eyes glow alizarin crimson.  I gain confidence on the waters as giant bioluminescent axolotl and koi the size of elephants swim below among the golden eggs, and I walk one foot in front of the other, on the poppy path, the primrose road, into the unholiest of unions.

It’s a nice day for a black wedding.

My ankles finally sink on the shore, and there is blood, my blood, on Samael’s lip, and he licks it with a forked tongue, then enfolds me in his wings.  “In every making, a breaking.  For every pleasure, punishment.  To pledge your troth to me is not the easy path, Shaylen.  Do you still claim me as your Tam Lin?”

I look up, defiant, and prod at the necrotic wound on his chest, under that expensive suit of his.  The laceration reopens as I wedge my finger in, under his necktie, and filthy black blood comes up.  I wrap my hand around his rotten heart, squeeze hard, and he screams.  “You are Death, and I am the Maiden.  Our pact is the danse macabre, Sam.  Stop it with the tests, you’ve proven yourself to me and I to you a million times over.”  Without warning, I jump up and straddle him, wrapping my arms around his pale neck, then bite his lip hard.  He groans, and in a tumbling of wild limbs and unspent desires we fall into a pool of roving hands and lusting mouths.

“Wait, wait!” Samael rasps, reaching into his slacks pocket to withdraw a rose gold engagement ring with a ruby in the shape of an apple, or a heart, up to artistic interpretation and the fragile glint of sunlight on a red sea.  He bites his lip and slides it on my finger, not even bothering to ask, for demons do not ask, simply take.  They are cruel, selfish creatures, but I will be the death of all cruelty in Hell.

Samael just doesn’t know that yet.

“I’m taking my heart back,” I say like a hymn, and I undress him with ravaging hands, me still clad in that red dress of the Scarlet Woman like Mary Magdalene’s veil.  He is naked before me, muscled and perfect and yet rotten to the core.  He lays his head in my lap and cries.  I take the spikenard and anoint his head, washing out his sorrows, and it mixes with his tears and flows into the hot springs of Hell.

“Come with me to the water, Samael,” I whisper into his ear, kissing his earlobe.  He shudders at my breath on his skin.  I delicately strip of my dress and undergarments and press his body to mine as I lift him up.  Black blood weeps from his wound where I applied pressure.  We are half-standing, half-kneeling like Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss,” a shower of gold and flowers my bridal veil.  I lead my devil from a rocky hard place to the deep blue sea, and he follows, rapt, his mind in another place where bane apples and cursed figs grow.  Like a robot, his eyes are mechanical, his limbs metal.  This time, we sink in the water, and soon I am standing waist deep, Samael leaning in my arms.

I lean him back into the waters and baptize him like John the Baptist, washing the nard from his hair.  Then, using my wet locks and tears, I wash the rot from his wound, getting into the gritty necrosis and massaging his heart.  He is shuddering and shaking like an earthquake.  I seal my workings with a kiss.

He heaves, then vomits up the sickness that has plagued him since the Fall, and my blonde hair is black and shining as if covered in grease.  I dive under the water and massage the stain from my tangles.  When I surface, he is a new man.

Samael’s red eyes become blue, purity sinks into his adamant bones, and his once rotten heart is now pure, now that we share it in holy matrimony.

“I do,” I say to Samael, and he is suddenly restored to life, and he embraces me with heady passion, hands scrounging for any hold on my curves, massaging eternity into the swell of my belly and hips.  My sex ripens with need, and the heady waters bubble with mythical warmth.

“You’ve cured me?” he says in awe, fingering where now on his chest, all that remains of God’s curse is a white taw, the same shape as my ankle’s mark.  He looks at me in reverence.  “Shaylen, you are a miracle.  The only miracle I have ever seen since the Creation of the Light.  Bless me with your lips, o qadesh.”

We exchange a simmering kiss, then tongues rove and teeth mark and his turgid cock presses against my chest.  Smiling naughtily, I take my full breasts and secure his manhood in the middle of my tits, massaging his rod with my bosom as I take the head of his cock into my mouth and suck, lick, and pleasure him to perdition.  He moans, threading his hands through my hair as he grinds into my chest, his tip wet with precum.  I lick up the clear sweet substance then deep throat him, taking his engorged, enormously thick and long member down to the depths.  I bob my head up and down, then pause to breathe hot breath on the tip.  He lets out a cry, then withdraws and lifts me up by my hips so that I am floating in the pure waters, their buoyancy mythical like the Dead Sea from some strange quirk of underworld geology.

I lay down on what feels like a luxurious waterbed meets a spa sea salt scrub and Samael parts my legs, tracing his fangs along my inner thigh until he reaches the diamond of my womanhood, peeking out from its hood pink as passionfruit.  He kisses my sex, makes love with tongue and lips and hands, sucking and licking my clit then down to the folds, then spears his long, forked tongue into my channel and swirls.  I gasp, overwhelmed as juices flow from the heavens to my canal as I see all of heaven unfolding and orgasm so intensely I roll over in the waters and am belly-down in the silky waters.

Samael laughs, gathering me into his arms with my legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders.  I laugh too, and he stifles my giggles with a burning, passionate kiss, his hands rolling my nipples and playing with my breasts.  Positioning his intimidating manhood, he strokes the head of his cock against the pearl of my sex and tantalizes me in a deliciously wicked manner.  I gasp and moan as his rhythm grows, and with elegance he slides his proud, rigid member into my sheath.  The tides pull us in a sliding gyration and thrust, and I hold onto him for dear life, meeting his thrusts with my hips in delicious friction.  Oh, how angels fell out of carnal lust for women, and how the women craved to feel the stars pressing against their womb.

He bends down and kisses my brow, and then falls onto his back, floating so I am astride him like an infernal throne, and I ride him as the moments spill out like a pearl necklace, each minute gleaming and full of temptation.  I grind down on him as he fingers my clit with one hand and guides my hips with his other.  His wings act as sails and catch the breeze, carrying us out to the middle of the hot spring lagoon.  Golden dragon eggs simmer beneath us like Japanese hot spring eggs, and the scent of lavender still coats us from the nard.  I close my eyes, feeling lifted to the edge of the universe as his cock pierces me lovingly, over and over as he thrusts with varying tempo, direction, and rhythm, driving me to the heights of ecstasy and pleasure as only a master lovemaker is capable of.  I lean down against his chest and he cradles me, his manhood still romancing my womanhood, and with a great thrust of his sail wings we are aloft, flying, which drives his cock deep into me in a glorious, delicious pain.  With each thrust of his wings, a thrust of his hips, and I hold on for dear life to his neck and wrap my legs around him once more.  He levels himself planar so I am seated atop, then twirls me around so I am reverse cowgirl, with a vista of the Gehennom Mountains and sleeping majestic dragons on par with none.

I cry out as I grow tender and ride the waves of another orgasm, fingering my clit as he grasps my breasts and guides us in flight over the waters.  Finally, gently landing in the sand, he is leaning over me doggy style and grabs hold of my hair, then tugs.  I moan as he smacks my ass, growing in rhythm as he pounds into me, and I let out a cry of a manic high.  Oh, to be ridden by the Devil, speared by his love.  He is like a piston, varying in speed and friction, then pulls out quickly to rub his cock on my clit again from behind.  He spits onto his hand and massages it onto his cock as lube, already coated in the waters and my juices, then strokes himself and asks entry to my ass.

“Take me, all of me,” I beg, head against my arms as I perk my ass up in the air.  He fingers the rosebud of my anus with spit, lubricating me, then eases into my ass, gently at first, wet with pre-cum and everything we have moistened ourselves with.  It has stopped raining, and the clouds part to reveal the splendor of Hell’s sun.  I have never been taken in this way, and there is a prick of pain, then forbidden pleasures as he gently makes love to my ass.  He gains a tad of speed, not enough for pain, just enough for pleasure, and the pearl necklace of minutes breaks, and he comes with a roar, jerking my head back by my hair.  I cry out as his hot seed fills my tight ass, then roll over onto my back exhausted as my vaginal walls convulse in orgasm.  He wipes himself clean then cradles me against him as little spoon.

“That was amazing,” I moan, threading his fingers through mine.

“You feel like Heaven, you are the closest to Heaven I will ever get,” he rasps, spent.  He buries his head in my wet and lavender hair and inhales deeply.  “Oh Shay, you have redeemed me with magic old as the Covenant.  These Flood waters will not break the seal upon my arm, upon my chest, with God’s jealousy as cold as the grave.  You are the closest to death I, the Angel of Death, will ever taste, yet united with you, I am finally alive.  The purification of our heart is proof of that.”

I roll so I am on my side, leaning in to him.  “All it took was love,” I murmur, kissing the pure mark on his chest.  “Matching tattoos, eh?  What a hipster wedding couple we’ll be.”

Samael snorts.  “You just broke God’s curse on the first woman and serpent and all you can do is tease me!”  He tickles my stomach, and I laugh, and then he nuzzles my neck.

We fall asleep to the tune of dragon mating calls, hot springs of our matrimony bubbling.

It is almost so perfect I don’t want to betray him, but I know to fully heal Samael, he must be reunited with Heaven, and Judas, messenger of trickster angels, is the only way.

I sleep, but I do not sleep easily, back turned to the only one I have ever professed undying devotion to.

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Obscura TITS

It begins in a garden.

It always begins in a garden.

This is one where tomatoes grow tall and yellow reeds of flowers stretch in the summer sun.  There are zucchinis for the seven year old towhead to pluck, her fine platinum hair like butter that she obsessively parts down the middle each morning.  Her hands are grubby with dirt, her skin is golden tan, and she has glasses on to help with those bookish eyes of her.  You watch from Above, or perhaps Below, your charge, as she digs for rocks.  Why do all children obsessively dig for rocks, you wonder, as her fingers dig through Virginia red clay then sculpt a bowl from the earth.  She’s making worm pies again, trying to feed the residents of the garden that fructify the earth.

It is any day on Earth, it is any day in Heaven, it is any day in Hell.

She calls you Star after Venus, the Morning Star, singing as she bakes mud and clay in the sun, telling you about her day, and you do not have the heart to tell your charge that you are in fact Lucifer the all too real Morning Star until she is twelve, and even then she screams and runs far away from you, refusing to use the name you gave her until she is twenty.  She prefers the softer sounds, Ariel, Samael, mostly just Sam.  You will tell her she sprang from the heart of Lucifer at seventeen, and you will say it is your own black heart, and that she is your progeny in the twisted ways of hope of angels in hell, but she will throw vitriol at you and deny words from the horse’s mouth.

You can see the beginning and end of her mortal life all at once, for time to you is a circle, and immortals are stuck in eternal patterns.  For now, she plays in a garden, like a girl who you once knew grew up in a much larger Garden, and who you gave your sole fruit to.  That was the greatest mistake of your life, giving the apple of your love to a beautiful woman.  You have been rotting since, a good necrosis, a true decay, with void and abyss stitched into your ribs and the sins of the world running through your blood.

You’re the original Fallen after all, first to say “I want more, I am more, I AM.”  That lie of separation.  That night, as her soul flees her body and runs to your lap, you take her on your cherubim back to yet another garden, where there are fields of slain angels.  There is an important lesson in these brethren felled at your own hands, she knows enough to know you are a slayer of angels and demons alike, only she calls them angels, for girls raised on Madeline L’Engle often confuse the two, yet you are an alien in truth, so you never correct her.

She dismounts your shoulders and slides down your back like a song, gently grabbing hold of your wings as she departs.  “Why did you bring me here, Star?” she asks softly.  “You killed again, and I wasn’t there to save you.  I’m so sorry, Star, this is all my fault…”

She clutches a bloodied buttercup, then rips it off at the stem and smashes it in her small hands, mashing the petals to fragrance and pollen.  She shakes, she cries, and you hold her in your arms and cry as well.

“Do you know what madness is?” you ask her slowly, wiping away her tears and licking the salt of her eyes.

Her lip trembles.  “Yes.  It’s when your eyes are red and your hair is black and your skin is poison.  It’s when you cry and kill, and slaughter, and Star, only I can help you then and sing to you, and then you stop.  But – but when I’m not around to save you, this happens…”  She extends her hand to the mangled limbs and shed guts of self-righteous fuckers, those winged holier-than-thou seagulls, yet your brothers all the same.

“I took you here because it is not your place to save me,” you say slowly, breaking the truth like splitting a crusty biscuit.  “This is what I am.”

“Yes, you’re Chaos.  I knew that already,” she says quietly, eyes downcast, for in her child’s mind she has already named you her equivalent of the Antichrist in a language she invented, and wrote in her seven year old gel pens a prophecy in which you will destroy the universe if she cannot help you find the Light within, well, your heart.

She understands things in Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, ultimatums.  She thinks it is her destiny to save you, to restore your Light and hold back your Darkness, and in saving you save existence itself.  Perhaps there is some truth in that, but you would never place that burden on her shoulders, for she is just a child.

Just a child that speaks to Satan, rides Heaven and Hell on his shoulders, and met him as her first memory, but no matter.  You are the Devil, and you have ruined many childhoods before her.  Or perhaps they were all iterations of the same Eve, over-curious girls with insatiable appetites for wanderlust and knowledge.  Knowledge is her favorite thing, wanderlust her favorite word.

She will wander far in her lifetime, and her knowledge will tithe her to Hell, sacrificial soul indeed.

For now, she holds you close, and says “I’ll always love you, no matter what, Star.  Let’s leave this awful place.”

You carry her away in burning arms to a planet of girl’s first wishes, and she dances with elves and fairies by the firelight, and she is at peace.

As at peace the Devil’s heart can be.

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Obscura TITS

It’s evening, and we’re both drunk as stoned birds, and you look like a young Hannibal Lecter and stink of corpses and rotting roses.  I’m in bandages and heels, I cut myself on your broken bottles again, maybe because I hate myself or maybe because I hate you and I want you to see your precious little canary bleed red, dead, showing the coal mine of your palace is stranger danger.  There’s needle pricks along your forearm and you’re ranting and raving about how I left you for your brother, the Prodigal Sun, and you’re the fuckup your dad kicked to the curb into a joint you call Hell with your bachelor buddies where all you do is fuck and kill and get high any means possible.  I say your twin is worth a thousand yous and I’d rather you were dead by my hands than calling me jezebel and heirodule and all your pretty words for whore.  Maybe you get off on me sleeping with all your friends and enemies – no, I know you do, because you own me and I own you and I only do as we please and you’re a manwhore that likes used goods – but for now you’re pretending it’s only us at night, not succubi or angels of prostitution or all the fancy terms rabbis came up for cheap ladies of the night that dress up in oxblood lipstick and leather and decorate your palace.  I tried to join in on one of your orgies once and you laughed to high heaven at how innocent I was, too pure, and your wives stroked my hair and tweaked my nose and then you got back to your fucking.  So much for sharing.  I don’t know a damn thing about drugs and all the shit you drink and snort and smoke and siphon through your veins but silver daggers are pumping this clear heady substance into your banded arms and I’m cornered, horny, and pissed.  I imagine you are the same, because what fucking loser castigates his wife for straying and throws temper tantrums then comes crawling back drunk for forgiveness and pleads for a second chance, a millionth chance, just take my poetry and books and roses and shittily made tacos and let’s pretend I’m the dragon, you’re the princess, and your fucking knight brother was burned to a crisp.  You grab me from behind and I hike up the bandages and you talk about kids and how pretty I would be pregnant and I tell you to fuck off as I cum and you’re still snorting coke off my spine and we rut until I bleed and you’re raw.  You mock me for missing a spot waxing but I know you’d fuck me if I had a sixties porno bush.  You’ve made it a point to fuck me however I look, lathering me up to a soap with compliments and moaning and weakness as your seed spills out and I could sink my teeth into your manhood and drink down all the black sin inside you.  You’re crying again, sobbing into my hair, saying how could I have left you for the better half, the sober one, the brother you hate and love in equal measure.  I tell you to shut the hell up and let me sleep and that I only keep you around because you’re hot when you’re not an abomination.  I’m pretty sure you raised me to kill you, and you love watching me in other men’s arms, but then you go and haunt my boyfriends and fuck me in their beds so who knows.  All I know is that you think you have me figured out, but then I go and surprise you and you lose your shit and rant and rave like a rabid dog.  Watchdog of the graveyard, you called yourself.  The Scapegoat.  Samael the Judge.  I hope the whole fucking Internet reads this and the Satanists know what a pussy their god is.  The Devil’s a cuckold and cries at Victor Hugo and beats his women and is as disturbed as his favorite eponymous band.  Addict Angel Extraordinaire.  Waste of Space Junkie.  This is just me spewing shit on the page to see what sticks but isn’t that what I always do?

I learned to write from you, after all.

Obscura Sep 2 '18
Obscura TITS
I have no name for it.  It is what all angels and demons and gods and spirits and humanity fight.  The Thing from Wrinkle in Time.  What has tried to kill me since I was born.  Apep that all the gods fight each night to make sure the sun rises.  The death of the immortal soul, a true ending, outside Satan and Michael and Jesus and God and the True Enemy.  That Which Has No Name.  What I am utterly and irrevocably drawn to and what I will enter oblivion for.  What we will all die from, in the end, because no one speaks of it, fewer know it, and to see it is to realize: all the happy endings religions promise you, reincarnation, that love wins, that you can "become a living god," it all turns up trite shit.  Makes the Void look like a fucking fiesta and Chaos seem homey and all those monsters in the dark shit their pants.  It's what I've been fucking running from all my life yet it will be my undoing.  That Thing that Exists Outside All.  Gray.  Neutrality.  Staleness.  Kelvin Zero.  The opposite of noise, the absence of silence.  Where language and Ragnarok and Revelations fail and the truth of the matter is, God can die, no soul's immortality is guaranteed, this very universe, this very multiverse, all stages of reality and all stories we tell ourselves to sleep at night are just lies against whatever the fuck it is.

The virus.  The bug in the system.  What corrupts and is Gray.  Not black or white.  Absence and yet beyond absence.  What makes everything into it.  Fuck Qliphoth, it is the true husk.  Eggshell wanting to swallow everything in it's prison.  Where the Void of the lowest pits of the wailing damned far below the lap of Satan where demons drink to forget it, where that Void ends, where Darkness and Light have no domain, the the Thing hungers yet does not eat.  Dust.  Beyond something and nothing.  What sickens.  The Evil Inclination and yet the very basis for what all existence is destined to fight.  I can't name it, nothing can name it, demons and eldritch horrors and Choronzon all have their place.

The Thing has no place.  It consumes and yet does not destroy.  It creates yet it creates nothing.  It is the very birth of paradox and madness and to touch it is to become a howling void.  The Thing is outside All, and yet wants to Be All.  And defeating it will cost everything I fucking love.

I was 12 when I first saw it.  Lost in Heaven as my soul fled my fucking child body and I witnessed the slaughter of archangels in spilled guts and hacked off heads by these puppets of the Thing.  Beyond dark matter and Kelvin Zero.  Just... a Thing.  A cancer and yet not of anything fleshy or natural or supernatural or bodily.  And despite Michael's legions, despite these angels of immense power with flaming swords and wings of adamant, the Thing was winning.  I was pulled down to the battlefield and screamed and no one could see or hear me.  I wove between angels and the Thing's puppets and knew if It touched me, I would be beyond oblivion, beyond death, beyond any hope of Allie or any love or hate or just, really, anything.  I would become It.  

Somehow Michael fucking found me and pulled me with the gravity of God to a bloody clearing where he was shouting orders with flaming sword in hand, terrified, his red hair matted with ichor.  Michael saved my life and all lives to come and everything that I was, as Michael is the only one that can see the Spy of God, and he shouted "Zophael!" in my small four foot whatever body and shoved me like lightning down my spine to my stomach and his look was utter terror and fury at me daring venture close to it.  I jolted back alive in a daze and knew the source of all my nightmares was very real.  The Thing yawned in my small fragile soul and I grasped something of annhilation.  Spies are only as good as the intelligence they gather, and I am the Herald of Hell, and I have been fucking trying to figure out the Thing for all my life, yet it's like being in the Mariana Trench with a matchstick.  If Michael and Samael fight it, what fucking chance does a kid stand?  Watchwomen are good at crying for help, not much else, and I had never screamed as much as I did that night.  That night I almost was erased.

I saw it again when I was 18.  Gray.  Nuclear winter.  Conformity.  No love or hate or anything unholy or holy.  It fed.  It nursed.  It consumed.  It injected.  The gods and demons and angels manifested to fight it, and people gave their lives over to the spirits as vessels, and I carved two bloody taws into my palms and Samael possessed me for the first time, and my eyes grew red as blood, and I wielded the scythe, and I went to face it while Satan piloted my fucking tissue paper body.  Samael spoke through me and gave commands, fighting at Michael and Odin and Athena and Ra's side - every fucking thing was there fucking fighting the Thing.  And it was a fucking massacre.  I remember seeing just this cancer on everything, the bug, the virus, the Thing, feeding.  Gray.  Winter yet not a time for rest.  Sleep yet not of dreams.  What Hell guards us from but could contain no more.  What Samael is a scapegoat for.  What the whole reason Fenrir and Set and Satan were invented as cardboard villains to project all the lies we have about the Thing to help us sleep at night.

I now give my body over willingly.  That's the whole point.  I can't keep fucking running from my rood, destruction, and husk.  It is in my heart because I am trying to understand It.  I remember locking myself in the Pit with it just to wipe the blood from Satan's brow for eternity as he held it back.  I don't know why he doesn't just give in.  When your soul is in constant battle, when your very being is zuhama, how do you live knowing if you make one fucking mistake the Thing will make you its chewtoy.  Demons are the fucking watchdogs, angels are the second defense, and Hell was invented as a barrier to contain the Thing, to make one last fuck you stand to the Gray.

At twelve, I found it face to face.  At my birth, I felt it.  It haunts and is the reason I am terrified of the dark.  Broken records.  Skips in the matrix.  It's all about programming, at the end of the day.  Do we get a choice in this, or are we already damned.  Apep.  

Snakes are slippery things.

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Obscura TITS
AK does not deserve his fangs.  Ouch.  I am going to take a pair of celestial pliers and defang Samael.  Snakes are slippery things.  Dracula is mean.  Dragons eat maidens.  Bloodsuckers will be destroyed by Buffy.

Run all you want Spike.  I am the Slayer, and your canines must be put down.  Fucking Hannibal Lecter!

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Doctor Sarah Proctor
Ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with the fantasy of being fucked silly by a well-hung stallion 'til my vagina bleeds. Now that I'm a mature woman, I now own 9 horses (all colts and stallions of course), but I still haven't dared to take one of their cocks up my cunt yet.

I've snogged, wanked them off loads of times and stuck my arse in their mouths a plenty. But, you see, bestiality is unfortunately still illegal in the UK and I don't want to break the law, nor lose my job as a respected consultant psychiatrist.

I know it's unlikely I'd get caught and recorded by a random wandering stranger rambling across one of my fields with a smart phone, and later seeing my pussy stretched by rampaging big equine cock on a seedy porn site is indeed unlikely, but it's still too risky.

This is why sex with horses and bestiality in general needs to be legalised in my fascist country already. It's against my human and horses rights to be denied such pleasure.

Please all theistic Satanists pray to the Dark Lord himself for a change in the law. I want the UK to be more like progressive Canada.

Please give this blog 5 stars if you'd like to watch me get fucked hard by a horse.

Hail Satan!

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Hello to whomever reads this post.

I was raised Mormon, for the first 12 years of my life it was genuinely all I knew. I'm 18 now and can proudly say that I've been out of that for 2 years at this point. It wasn't the brightest transition of my life, it involved a lot of drugs, alcohol, suicide attempts and general not so great stuff. I've grown from that and moved on but my very religious family has not. My mistakes are held over my head, used against me and brought up any time the opportunity presents itself. That used to bother me, and at this point I've almost completely cut myself off from my family. 

Turning 18 allowed me to begin to express myself in other ways, i.e tattoos. 

My tattoos aren't what you'd call family friendly. 

I have 10 now, but the most controversial are the Demon on my arm, The word Hellboy across my wrist, a skeleton pope on my leg (where are all my Ghost fans at ;) ) and a naked fairy on my arm.

I'm not an angry person, it's just how I express myself. I'm not bitter towards the church, if anything it brings relief and a certain calmness when I get these anti-religious tattoos. My family definitely does not approve of them (save for my Father and Step Mother) 

I know I did this to myself, and I LOVE my tattoos, but the rejection just kind of sucks. I love my family, but because of my different beliefs it doesn't feel reciprocated. They don't even know I'm a Satanist, doesn't even seem worth it to tell them, they already dislike me enough.

I do not regret my tattoos, but it does make my heart ache for what they caused between me and my family members. I'm trying real hard to stick to me, and my authenticity even if I'm standing alone. 

Ironic in a way, I remember a church lesson about "Standing Alone" As a witness of God or some shit....and here I am...doing the opposite. 

Anyways, that's my life. 

One of the reasons I joined this in the first place was to find others like I am, so if you can relate, or just wanna be buddies, send me a message :)

Loooove and peace and all those good vibes

Erika xx

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Is it true that to be a real satanist you need to be individualistic? And if so, what does it mean? Not caring about other people? 

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EdMenonymous Member

What did I forget today that was so important?




What is LOVE?=


Ok.. Now playing.. What is LOVE


What's for dinner?

Well Zack, The glob book said When they had finished eating Jesus l

let them feed my lambs.. So LAmb..Zack.. LAMB...



yes Zack?

Have you seen theSKELETONS IN MY CLOSET?

Well OF COURSE Zack.. But upon your request .. if any one should see them I am to TERMINATE IMMEDIATELY? Is this correct?

Yes SIRI this is correct..



Have you seen the SKELETONS IN  YOUR CLOSET?!

Well no.. NO NO! OF COURSE NOT!!! 

SIRI? Why has SATAN returned to earth again?

Well Zack.. He came over today, while you were at work and told me, 

HE had to leave because HELL is NOW OVERCROWDED with too many PRIMATES that think HE is ALLAH OOH OO AKHBAR! 


so there's that..

oh.. MG! 





Where the hell did HE GO?!

I don't know Zack.. he said something about VISITING THE FOOTCHAIR..(future) WHERE NO ONE CAN SPELL IT..





hope to get some funny ads in the comments!

I want to sell my soul. There's someone from Reno, Nevada who can help me?
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if anyone has any knockledge in kabbalah blood rituals/ black magic. Please let me know. This is something i’m interested in and would love to learn more about
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So I'm shooting this black metal, satanic festival in october! Pretty cool. Hope to get some good pics and meet some awesome people.

You may have noticed that a lot of people are getting pierced and tattooed these days. I call these art, a point that I'm not really going to argue about at the moment. All cultures, of course, practice body adornment of various kinds, from cicatrization to high fashion, and many cultures practice extreme or painful forms of body transformation. Call these art or not, but I suspect we could agree that they are aesthetic activities in some broad sense. Like dance, they have the human body as their medium. What I want to do here is speculate on some of the reasons why such transformations of the body are practiced in Western culture and what they mean.

To paint on the body with needles, or to make holes in it and push jewelry through those holes, is to try to transform the body into an artifact. Or, to give an alternative formulation, to do these things is to emphasize the fact that the body is an artifact. I give these two formulations to satisfy both sides of a familiar debate about whether there is any decent distinction between culture and nature. Many folks argue, for example, that the gendering of bodies is a cultural or discursive formation rather than a natural biological fact. But whether the human body is always already a cultural artifact or not, to pierce and tattoo the body is to try to take some control over it as an artifact. Many things about us can be changed by efforts of will: we can learn new skills, buy new clothes, perfume ourselves, get a haircut. But tattooing and piercing can be distinguished from these in that they introduce more enduring transformations to our bodies and in that undergoing these transformations is painful . Tattooing, in particular, is relatively permanent, though less so in the face of new laser technologies, and in this it resembles such practices as footbinding, skull shaping, and the elongation of lips and earlobes.

We could think of these activities as attempts to reduce the recalcitrance of ourselves to our own wills. For whatever your position on the artifactuality of your body may be, you have noticed that your body responds only in very limited ways to your desires. You are not going to be able to stay awake forever, for example, or jump over the moon. In fact you are not going to be able to desire what you think you ought to desire: like all of us you are at times anyway the victim of your own desires. That is, you are recalcitrant to the operations of your own will. We maybe have this kind of commonsense notion that we are our own masters (and hence our own slaves) that we can want what we want to want and maybe achieve it. But this is really crazy. You cannot want what you think you ought to want; you cannot even want what you want to want; from which it follows that you cannot decide what to want. Are you with me on this? It is not too much to say that we are the victims of our own desire, and actually I think that is a very good thing. For one thing, it means you can get swept away into desire, that you can have the very human experience of being seduced or swept away in virtue of your own desires. It is almost as though you could ravish yourself. Creatures who were the arbiters of their own desires (and I think, again, that that notion is literally nonsensical; certainly it would entail a bizarrely fragmented account of the self; not that our selves are not bizarrely fragmented, but they can't be fragmented in just this way); creatures who were the arbiters of their own desires would find themselves utterly boring, you see? Desire is what takes ahold of you from somewhere outside your will or it is not desire.

To get back on track, it is certainly right to say that none of us fully chose our own bodies, or fully chose to be who we are. In that sense we are our own victims or the victims of fate: for the most part we all have to play the hand we are dealt. But we also all engage in an attempt to expand the operations of our own wills in the arena of our selves, to get some kind of rudimentary command over something about ourselves. That we actually can get any command over our bodies is probably a pathetic delusion; nevertheless we're out here trying. Now I suggest that many of the things we do, and indeed many of the things we think of as pathological, are attempts of this sort to make ourselves the objects of our own will and hence to transform ourselves into things that are free. You see? We're trying to make ourselves free by treating our own bodies as material that is subject to the operation of our wills, trying to make ourselves free by enslaving ourselves, by taking command of ourselves. We're trying to carve out a zone of control in the absolutely uncontrollable crushing chaos of the universe, even if this zone extends no further than our own skins.

To this extent, it does not really matter what is tattooed on your body; what matters most is simply that your body is somehow marked. The tattoo is a sign of sign; that is, it inscribes the resolution to make your body a semiotic site. It is a kind of pure syntax: you might notice that for the most part, even in the case of good tattoo work, it is very difficult to tell what the tattoo is unless you are standing very close, in good light, with some time to inspect. Mostly what you notice is just the sheer fact that someone is tattooed. This used to mean something fairly specific: bad boy. It identified you by class, gender, and by propensity; you were maybe a biker type, anyway probably a substance abuser and a "rebel": kind of out of control: willing to do crazy shit. Now of course people of all classes and genders are getting tattooed and its significance has shifted: it still means something, but not as much. What it expresses these days is fairly amorphous: again the sheer will to mark your body, to turn it into a text or an image, or to incorporate the text or image on your body. This has also, and appropriately, corresponded to an increase in "abstract" or "tribal" style tattooing, where obviously what the sign or image is a sign or image of is not the point: it's just that you want a cool design which displays your body as marked. Here tattooing becomes a pure syntax, a system of signs without signifieds. In this it resembles most of our talk and most of our writing and most of our singing and most of our painting and so on: the point is not ultimately "what you are saying" but just to keep yapping, keep communicating, keep making some kind of quasi-organized noise. Your body is intentionally marked, which signals a kind of power over the self; the content, if any, of such marks, are secondary.

Again, I suggest that a lot of what people do, and a lot of what we think of as contemporary body pathologies, can be understood from this angle. For example, there is a certain story about what anorexia is supposed to be; it's supposed to be a response to magazine spreads of skinny models, an attempt by young women to bring their bodies into conformity with what they see as a cultural norm of beauty. Maybe it is sometimes this, to some significant measure of frequency. But it is also sometimes this: an attempt to gain control of one's own body or even to transcend one's embodiment altogether: it is an attempt to become a free spirit, to seize control of oneself and hence also the attempt to enslave oneself. Anorexia may be about beauty, but it is above all about power. As we know, food can be a vector of power between parents and children: children can be punished by having food withheld or by being forced to eat. This form of power may be experienced as particularly violating because it reaches inside the body of the person over whom it is exercised. Thus, refusing to eat, or taking control over one's intake of food, can be a resistance to domination and an expression of self-control. And it is an assertion of power over one's own body through an assertion of power over its desires: its hungers. It is an attempt to make oneself autonomous or to refuse to be penetrated; one disavows one's dependence on a world of things. And it is, as well and relatedly, a kind of ascetic spiritual expression of self-overcoming.

That is, the power one asserts in resistance to the blandishments to eat is also and primordially a power of the self and its appetites; for though we cannot control what we desire, it seems, at any rate, as though we can sometimes control whether we act on those desires. And any assertion of power over other people, even the power to resist or rebel against their power, can only be legitimized by one's power over oneself; the threat of violence is always an expression of one's own courage, for example. The basic site of power is within the self; the basic dramas of power are enacted within the self or transacted between the "parts" of the self. To assert the will's power to resist one's own desire is to assert one's "self-command" or "self-control" and hence signals, for let us say an adolescent girl, that one has achieved the forms of self-division and the internal arrangements of power among the portions of a divided self that we associate with adulthood or maturity. The child starts out as "the slave of his own desires": that is every desire is immediate, whole, and cannot be resisted. We mature, at least in this culture, by instigating, or receiving from others, various fragmentations of the self that make the self a transaction of power.

Here is another example: substance abuse. One thing that sometimes motivates the use of drugs is an extreme desire for self-control. It is sometimes said by folks who don't know any better that addicts lack will power. But it takes a hell of a lot of will power to keep swilling cheap vodka until you pass out: you must have a very firm resolve and not listen to what your body is telling you. Being an alcoholic requires iron self-discipline. Addiction is an attempt to control how you feel. A typical addict wants to wake up instantly with cocaine or caffeine, wants to feel ecstasy on demand, wants to go to sleep by knocking himself unconscious: he wants perfect control over his brain chemistry. The things he puts into his body are toxic: he is damaging his body, but he is seeking a transcendence of the mundane limits of his biology: he is seeking to make himself safe and independent of the world by perfect control and transformation of his body. Do you see? He has turned against his own body or pitted one desire against another until the inner conflict begins to rip him apart or collapse him into permanent coma.

Or think about body-building. I am attempting through exercise to transform my own body; I make my body the object of my own will in an enduring way. I am refusing to agree to the body I have and, as it were, growing a new body according to my own specifications. And of course the body I am making is a powerful body, a body armored in muscle, a body that does not need and which cannot be penetrated. I am making my body into my own artifact by a discipline or a craft, and the fact that I am disciplined is signified by the look of my body, which says: this has taken years of hard exercise to achieve. My body is hence a sign of power, of my power over myself, my self-possession, self-domination. It is relevant here as well that I am also trying to heighten the sexual desirability of my body, just as perhaps the anorexic is trying to heighten the sexual desirability of his or her body. But of course, that, too, is a kind of power: to be desired is in some ways to master the one who desires. Very simply: if you want me, I can manipulate you; I can make you pay; I can make you flatter; I can make you perform. One comes to control, through anorexia or body-building, at least in one's own imagination, not only one's response to one's own desires, but the desires of other people.

It is relevant in all these cases, as in other cases of physical self-transformation (such as plastic surgery) that the process hurts. That you have mastered yourself can only be demonstrated by the fact that you can inflict pain on yourself and tolerate or come to desire that very pain. The pain is the sign and the measure of your self-enslavement, that is, of your self-command. That you have the will to transform or transfigure yourself is shown by your willingness to do what you don't want to do; that you have mastered your body is demonstrated in your refusal to accede to its demands. Indeed, finally the desires themselves are transformed, so that one no longer hungers, so that one takes pleasure in the pain of exercise or the disability of intoxication: one wants, finally, what hurts, or finally becomes someone for whom pain and pleasure are not firmly distinguished or are inverted. That is the dirty secret of ascetics everywhere: they get off on it. And tattoos and piercings hurt too: not excruciatingly, but enough to signal power and transcendence. Because I believe that all these forms of self-command and self-enslavement through pain and mutilation are strategies for transcendence: think of the figure of Christ, who must be pierced and lacerated in his journey from sinful human body to godhead. Nailed and bound and displayed in his suffering, he arouses our desire.

If this is beginning to sound like sadomasochism, it should. A sadomasochistic couple is an ascetic machine, a system dedicated to transcendence. Foucault once said that "power comes from the bottom," a scary and profound statement. He had in mind power in big social systems, but he also had in mind bondage and discipline. When I tie you up and hurt you in small ways, I do so by your own consent: I do so because that is what you want, a fact about which I will take care to remind you. Your own desire is the instrument of your pain and humiliation. And you seek by this experience a transformation or transcendence of your desire, or a perfection of your desire, or an annihilation of your desire. Those are all the same thing; or they can all be achieved simultaneously: the perfect satisfaction of desire is precisely its annihilation: desire consumes itself in its own satisfaction: what one seeks through the intensification of desire is the transcendence of that very desire: its surcease in ecstasy. What I, the sadist, seek on the other hand, is an intensification of agency, a transposition into the realm of pure will; I seek annihilation of my objecthood as you seek annihilation into yours. I want to become pure action, agency; I want to disavow my passivity. All this requires pain, or at least it requires that pain be signified. I impose my will into the ecstacy of your torment, as you let your will go.

The point of this is that we together form a system for the transcendence of desire by the indefinite intensification of desire and the indefinite deferral of its satisfaction. Your will is annihilated precisely by the act of your own will: you will your own disappearance, like the anorexic: that is ecstasy. You are overcoming yourself. I am intensifying myself into a pure will, a pure power to command, a sheer imperative statement of what will satisfy my desire. But I am relinquishing my will in the very act by which I impose it: I am releasing myself from myself into your desire, annihilating myself into you. Together we are making pain; we are making pleasure; we are letting go of ourselves and seizing control of one another. We are playing with desire, playing with will, playing, in short, with power, and merging into a system that transcends itself.

Freedom or transcendence is the state in which your desires and your world match utterly, where everything is exactly as you desire it to be or where you desire everything to be as it is. That is: there is a sadistic transcendence wherein one is perfectly empowered and bends the world to one's will and one's will to one's desire. That is why absolute power corrupts, because power is not absolute until the flow from desire to reality is uninterrupted by will: absolute power is, hence, a complete annihilation of self-control, a sadistic transcendence. There is also masochistic transcendence in which one gives up one's will entirely not to one's own desire, but to the desire of another, to an external reality: here the channel is also worn smooth and there is no gap between will and desire, though it runs the other way and issues in the perfect transcendence of self-annihilation.

That there is a masochistic element in the self-mutilating adornment of the tattoo or the piercing is too well understood, I suppose: it is important that one experiences pain. But that there is a sadistic element is not well-understood, because it is not well-understood that sadism and masochism always appear as a system or machine. I am experiencing pain and I am taking a certain pleasure in that. But I am also inflicting pain on myself, willing to cause myself pain. I am a sadomasochistic system for self-overcoming. When I am pierced, I am figuratively damaged and penetrated: someone is sticking a stud through a hole in my body. But I am also doing this through my own agency: I am penetrating myself in an act of self-revelation and self-reflection. I have, in fact, been tattooed. Was that a sadistic act or a masochistic act? I think you can see that the question no longer makes any sense: either is always both. And I am claiming, like the addict, the right and the ability to be the maker of my own consciousness, to control my own body. My power over my own body is signaled in the self-infliction of pain. And through that pain, the body is adorned: I perform a small act of self-veneration; I celebrate my body and draw attention to the point at which by my own will and its integrity has been violated. The tattoo is simultaneously a site of degradation, decoration, and celebration. It damages and exalts the body at a perfectly particular point.

A tattoo is a complex signifier: it signals class; it signals sexuality; and it has specific content as a signifier: a depiction of an animal, a person, an abstract tribal design. The most usual motifs are signifiers of power and masculinity, especially totem animals such a birds and beasts of prey. But what the tattoo signals above all is the power one seizes over one's own body: it signals that one is the predator of oneself and hence also one's own prey. Again, the content of the tattoo is secondary to the general content of tattoos, as the point is just to be pierced in various conspicuous ways: it doesn't matter so much specifically whether it is your eyebrow or your tongue or both. The point is simply that one has seized control of oneself: a contradictory act that renders the body a contradictory location, because it is both sadistic and masochistic, both masterful and slavish, both self-division and, potentially, a site of self-reunification. To see this, simply note too that the extremely tattooed body also signals someone who is out of control, dangerously impulsive, compulsively kinky, and so on. By the very act through which one accomplishes control over one's own body, one may signal that this control is actually out of control, if you follow me. Again here, we see the parallel to addiction, where one controls one's conscious state to the point where one can no longer control one's control over one's conscious state.

The height of the sadomasochistic relationship is the permanent contract, specifying the forms of cooperative subordination. To understand what tattoos mean, it is absolutely crucial to keep in mind their permanence. A tattoo is a mark of resolution or bravery for that reason: one is not only transforming oneself, one is inscribing one's willingness to transform oneself once and for all, permanently. For that reason, tattoos are excellent markers of passage or initiation, and many fraternities, military units, athletic teams, motorcycle gangs, and so forth tattoo or scar their members in order to signal on their bodies the permanence and the seriousness of their commitment. To be branded or tattooed shows also that you have the requisite guts to join the group. It is not the most extreme or painful form of initiation, but it serves as a sign of pain and hence of resolution. You see, the seriousness of the anorexic's commitment to transform herself by the power of her own will is inscribed on her body: it is an enduring discipline that can be read on her body as pain. There is no sense in overcoming something painful: you have to overcome what is pleasurable, and you have to do it by inflicting pain. And to show this forth as a permanent transformation is to signal it as a discipline, an ongoing state of the self, an identity.

What I am trying to say is that these things respond to a fundamental human dilemma and dynamic. We are powerless over much of the world; we are powerless over ourselves, and it is the latter powerlessness which is most intimate, most acute, most important. Finally, what we seek by ascetic discipline, what we seek by mystical ecstasy, what we seek by self-starvation, what we seek by intoxication, what we seek by self-mutilation, what we seek by sadomasochism, is a letting-go into that powerlessness, a reconciliation with ourselves as objects, a destruction or releasement of subjectivity. The tattoo, finally, is an emphasizing of embodiment, a way of drawing attention to the body, including one's own attention; it is a monistic gesture, an attempt to reconcile oneself with one's embodiment. The sadistic moment is a dualistic moment, but the masochistic moment is a moment of release into objecthood. We take command of ourselves in order that we might be commanded, that we might feel even more acutely the power that hurts us, that mutilates us. This power is the world, a fearsome senseless world of sheer objects. And you will have guessed by now what I think we are in this world: also fearsome, senseless, also objects.

We intensify our power over this world and ourselves in a thousand ways and I have been talking only about the most personal of them. We seek to control the environment as a whole, seek its total technological transformation into an object of will. In bondage and discipline, the technology is very, very important: you want to have exactly the right restraints, exactly the right devices so that the transformations that you visit on the body of your lover or which are visited on your body by your lover, are exactly as you will them to be. And we are in a sadistic relationship to our world as a whole. Every attempt to transform our environment shows exactly this dynamic. Art, at its most intense as absolute mastery of the medium, is a most effective expression of this impulse.

But finally what we seek is the moment at which will and world become identical; in which our expression assumes the perfect form by an effort so intense that it appears only as a perfect letting-go. Our self-expression, in its ecstasy, is a self-annihilation: we have expanded into everything and disappeared. There are two ways to find this place: first, by simply falling away into immersion, by refusing to be, by self-annihilation: the fantasy of the masochist. Second: by total control and total transformation, by acts of self-discipline and world-discipline by which the world and the will are made to merge: the fantasy of the sadist. What I'm saying is: these are the same thing, finally. What I am saying is: we are all engaged somewhere in this dynamic, in an accumulation or a letting-go of power and desire that is a self-control and an ecstatic release.

WaeWictis Jul 27 '18 · Rate: 5
Zach Black Owner
These are actual pictures of the shirts I design. I wanted people to see the different between the computer generated examples ( mock ups ) and the real deal. Also I had to test something out in the blogs do here it is ... 

Compare for yourself. 

Most shirts cost  $16.66 USD. 90 designs to choose from Men Women colors and styles. Check us out atSatanic Fashion

EdMenonymous Member
Is there any power in this..?

For me when I said AK Zack Charles DE and EdMe are the GODS TO WORSHIP.. oh and I am sorry ANNA IS THE PRIESTESS.. she is NO DOUBT!'

What did I mean? really? 

i meant don't we do this already? WORSHIP SUCCESS?

 .. what does worship mean?

What do we mean by worship? Do we worship the system or GOD that which WILL GIVE US SUCCESS for our race family friends and things that WE REALLY LOVE AND CARE ABOUT and APPROVE OF? 

our own success `? 

Isn't or is our own success mandated by someone else's measure?

or perhaps this is our   key... 


and you know what everybody I been a crazy head here so far  i KNOW!


But This battle in REAL LIGHFE to get to be MY TRUE SELF!

(without having to live up to the expectations to the anything given to ME or coulda should woulda been taken away) from me!


i think about who am I really?! and mostly I am ashamed and the devils fukkin goat to fuk when I THINK HOW MANY TIMES I'VE JUST GIVEN UP ON MYSELF TO SURVIVE! i will not get into the conspear of how we in whitey world r gettin by these days.. cause it doesn't matter..



anything OR ANY ONE, that if u were face to face with on mushrooms and BUKKED  NAKED FACE TO FACE WITH ...



and you stand yer ground and YOU JUST DON'T GIVE IN.. maybe a little, BY ACTING LIKE IT!'








So I ask u my fellow satanists? 





93 and 23 SKRAMdiddliedoobopFUKOFFWHATEVEROM!

The title of this BLOG.. is a MAGICKAL INQUIRY...

Are ANY OF YOU OUT THERE but in my heart WILLING?---

 any of you willing to worship EdMe>!




which is the reason WE ARE ALL HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE

a brotherhood to LOVE and SUPPORT INTO the OBLIVION into the ABYSS! 


strength of will than FOR A MAN TO DO HIS TRUE WILL

. and even without brotherhood I WILL DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT!

111= 3x37.... 37x6? 37x21=? 31x=93....

as Edme.. I see the message.. yea Yea I can CHANNEL you.. YOU as abramelin and AC and Spare and ANY OF YOU


what I realize is that we have been given everything we need to truly understand...OUR TRUE WILLS!





or the


has put into our HEAD and INTO OUR HANDS?



a subject that EdMe has found, NO ONE HAS ANY INTEREST IN...






ok ok I like to a mystic..'

i'm trying.. Ed's faves are AC RAW W Burroughs..AOS

so this is me..'

So i get it.

 I need to be clear i'm gonna give it my best


and So do YOU believe and I have NO DOUBT..





Priestess CALLISTI

EdMenonymous Member
Ed is lost in the ABYSS fellas.. and I am here to fukkin stay.. Until the burning of hell and all of her wrath either KILLS ME or SETS ME FREE!"

Thing for me is this new RE  FOCUS... that they are not outside of me but exist within me and will surface from within by MY WILL and PROPER CHANNELING... But what really is with in that is not with out..?

They are so like sensitive kittens OUR DÆMONS and only RUN LIKE LIGHTENING upon approach...


Artistic writing aside... yea the fukkin dæmons hide in and under guise of legitimately worshipped gods... now we're talkin...  

and more why can't all of you just fukkin worship EdMe.?.

or AK or Zach or the weakest person you know that you love because they are weakened by OUR SICK MTHA FKKN SOCIETY!..

why don't we set each other up on each others' altars and worship each other.. and give each other our blind undying LOVE ... ?

actually you know what? fuck AC fuck ABREMELIN..

My new gods are AK Zack black Charles and this lovely amazing dude who is the pot at the end of my rainbow!!1

Fuck these gods and dæmons and satan and ALL !!!

now this is one... its just writing.. its just struggling.. it doesn't mean anything..

but what does mean something..?

to you? what really matters and means anything to u and why? 

Love and sex magick connection....

people who inspire me

people and shit I can learn from...

One time I picked this flower and I pretended like um it was a He and um he just wanted to be picked knowing that HE WAS SOON FOR DEATH.. but he didn't care this flower.. He wanted to walk with me.. and SEE THE WORLD AROUND HIM THAT HE'D BEEN PLANTED IN HIS WHOLE LIGHFE...

He was such a funny flower... he kept looking around saying WOW WOW WOW!

WHAT an amazing day! Wow the sky and those clouds and.. oh wow look at those ladies down there! Wow.. hay ladies... and of course he was talking to all the weeds stuck in the ground these little pretty flowers just growing everywhere all around.. and all the lady flowers were like wow who was that... what a hottie... ? oh wow...  and so yea.. here we are IN the ABYSSS...

I don't wanna get out  i LIKE IT HERE GODDAMMIT!

Atleast its NOT BORING AT ALL!q!!

EdMenonymous Jul 15 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: the abyss, flowers, mysticism
EdMenonymous Member
Okay! Everybody! Outta the Gene Pool RIGHT NOW!

Being good at STUPID doesn't COUNT!


I like you Sally, thats why I'm killin you last.

I'm not as THINK as you STONED I AM!§

I hate Prejudiced People!

I hate anti fascist Nazis! because they hate fascist Nazis?

To err is Human, to forgive means..YOU'RE FIRED FRED FUK OFF!!!!

If you are what you eat... then I wanna be you by morning...

Abortion kills and so does Mcdonalds!

We're not doing scientific research..We are KILLING PEOPLE!  ON PURPOSE..

And charging and counting and LAUGHING HAHHAHHAHAH!! and LAUGHING at u and u and u AND YO MAMA!!! HAHAHAH!




It is my firm belief that it is a mistake to hold any firm beliefs..

For further info consult your fukkin self! 

Everything is True.. No where is clothing optional! Unless you are a bird?.

Nothing is True.. Cthulhu IS NOT REAL!


Sometimes I just start the bullet sales in the middle of Wal-Mart under the Basketball hoops by the kitchen accessories in ALL 50 STATES EVERY FUKKIN DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK.364 DAYS A YEAR!..

and if you dont wanna buy anything TODAY



My Inner Child wants to molest buy sell trade rape and kill your inner child!


LSD melts in your MIND and gives you TICKETS TO GET... ON... THE...SHIP!


Do What keepeth thou from wilting shall be the law of the Hole!!

When you call something ya can't handle put it on hold and hand the phone to yer friend with THE SEXY VOICE..

Its not that they die but its like they die like of suffocation on their own feces and each others carcasses, lack of water and dramamine, after up to 3 months of crowding like AUSTRALIAN SHEEP on an exciting sea barg adventure to be SLAUGHTERED somewhere else... Yes they do.. they die like fukkin sheep.. Man all of the sudden I feel like eating Le Gigot D'agneau med sacred blu fuk off le merde!... 

If you yourself would like to join and enjoy this amazing and wonderful Cruise to the SLAUGHTERHOUSE.. we are neither herE nor there at

Factory Farming Cruise Lines FUK OFF! Get a hold of us and maybe we can get you a spot at the TOP of the pile of torturous DEATH! baa haa baahhahah

Don't force it... Use a bigger hammer? Propaganda Machine? Convenient Grocery Store? Machine Gun on a bigger TV on a Bigger News Slander? 

Oh Oh .. OH WAIT WAIT ah I get it... they..mean


Mind your own business SPOCK! I'm sick of your INBRED InterFUK!

If at first you don't succeed wait til yer BRO gets the Banana and take that shit from his ass.. cause the whole distraction'll make em all GO FUKKIN NUTS!!

For me to get a CLUE is definitely going to require a a total REVAMP! 







Freedom is a cage at gun point in desolate desperation FROM ALL THINGS YOU DO NOT WISH NOR WANT TO SEE NOR HEAR.. and now that YOU KNOW --



Pathetic-def. just another Prick tryin to fuck my pussy because he has something I don't.. Why is the cheese moving?

We got news for all you sport fans out there!  



There is no time like a fresh killed pheasant.

Tis an ill will that BLOWS NO MINDS..and is no GOOD AT SUCKIN DICK!

DON'T EAT GARLIC.. It makes yer pussy and yer dick taste like fake ass shit!

Let he who takes the Plunger remember to return it bv Tuesday and make sure theres no fuckin fudge chunks on the handle...

I think we're all Bozos on this SHORT BUS! 

I haven't lost my mind .. Its backed up on a tape somewhere.. and the rest of my brains got fucked out and thrown out with a pack of condoms.. woohoo!

Oh Squirt! Now where the hell did PUDDLES run off to?OO

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner.. with a list of ingredients...

Everything I know IS WRONG!



It is easier to punch the Principle than it is for me to BE GOOD ENOUGH ROBOT TO GRADUATE.. because here is what my diploma says..

I am A.I. (without the I.) diploma...? huh?

I guess the jokes on me, she said..


I believe that everyone who does not have an owner is in a cage or on a dinner plate is entitled to EUTHANIZATION RIGHT AWAY! or no wait.. just on Mondays! We can't afford to euthanize everyone everyday. Okay?


Of all forms of causation.. Caution IN LOVE is the most Considerate

Silence the VIOLENCE in my world and keep me shopping looking good for god country and my parents.. so NO ONE WILL KNOW I AM NOT INSANE..Im just a fukkin piece of shit USELESS IDIOT!! 

In this world Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of lighfe pay the lady with the biggest tits and ass even if she's as BLACK as yer stupid satanic death metal band t shirt!!... 

EdMenonymous Jul 7 '18 · Comments: 2 · Tags: raw, eris, discordia
EdMenonymous Member
So taday.. I read this by RAW.. and then he popped in my head..and atsrted talking to me..

He told me ok ok.. yea yea yea.. you hate the pretty people and they make you sick..

But where is your curiosity.. 

Go ahead look at that woman right there and tell me.. 

What does she care about?

What makes her mad?

How is she feeling inside?

Um but before we started getting my power back 

He also said, look... 

so you are sure that this is all wrong and everyone is wrong and annoying unreal full of shit full of themselves uncaring and trippin on their own self image...

and now that Ive written this.. It is truly how I see myself...

serving no noble purposes makes me so angry at myself... 

consumption and walking and talking and working along with acting nice and looking passably pretty even though its fake is my Normal..

Fair enough... 

I feel disappointed in myself..

I am angry at myself, that I have known longer than most about the fuckness of what humans are getting up to and I have done absolutely NOTHING about it thus far...  

I am twisted between surviving taking care of myself and just letting go and saving some fucking animals..

I am lost to my purpose and I feel as though I should have one because I am a very powerful person.. and I allow mediocrity stupidity and apathy to infect my very soul...  

So tomorrow.. more of the same then.. ask ask ask ask ask ask ask!!! 

why does she wear so much makeup and dress like and smell like a fukkin BARBIE? no more hating them.. It doesnt help and I fukkin know better.. 

even if im right there is always Mors to learn!

Im fukkin seriously retarted!

when am I gonna fukkin get THIS!?  

the short bus never gets to the party in hell..


93 and 23 SKIDOO!

EdMenonymous Jun 9 '18 · Comments: 13 · Tags: raw
      I have been meditating daily. My goal is to get into a deep trance so I can astral project.  the problem is 99% of the time i end up falling asleep. at first I thought maybe it was because was waiting until evening so I could be undisturbed (i have a 5 year old son) Maybe i was just too tired at the end of the day so I tried first thing in the morning after I already slept. still fell asleep every time.  that one time was I able to experience something different than I normally have. I felt like i was in a sleep paralysis and i got all swirly feeling and that's the last thing I remember until I woke up 2 hours later. Basically i wanted to know if anyone had any advice on my situation? Does it just take time and practice or am I possibly doing somethinnt wrong?

     There are some people that claim that they communicate with spirit guides while in a deep trance or experience a past life. I guess I'm just intrigued by the spiritual realm and would like to gain more knowledge of it as well as experience it. I suppose I could find a good book and read more about the subject but I was also curious about others opinions concerning Astral travel and communicating with spirits. 

Amethyst Jun 2 '18 · Comments: 9 · Tags: meditation, astral travel
     I was raised by a very Baptist grandmother. I will always appreciate what she had done for me during her lifetime, but she was very pushy about her beliefs. as a teen I had to warn my friends to never bring up religion or politics around my grandma unless they wanted to get into a heated debate. The only one who seemed to enjoy these debates was an atheist friend of mine. my opinion is he enjoyed getting a rise out of her. But anyways...I feel as I had no freedom of thought. like most people raised in a Christian family I was told the bible was to be taken as absolute truth. Anything spiritual was considered "evil" and of the "devil" (meditation, divination, astral projection ect) i was told anybody involved in the occult was basically all the same they were all evil baby sacrificing devil worshippers. it didn't matter what they believed if you weren't "saved" you were going to hell. I grew up in a world where I felt like i was spiritually walking on egg shells. "you can't do that or you will go to hell" i wasnt even allowed to trick or treat because it was Satan's holiday and i could be kidnapped and sacrificed. oh and i can't forget the time gram read a book about "spiritual warfare" and went on a kick about demons being the cause of every bad thing in the world.

      Another thing that drove me bat shit fucking crazy is there are way too many hypocritical christians. ya know the judgey ones that stick there nose up in the air like they better than everyone. the corruption even within my own former church that I witnessed. our preacher had to resign because he got busted lining his pockets with the money from the offering plate. the same guy who is stealing from everyone is telling me I'm a sinner for getting knocked up before I was married. like i said hyprocrite. I didn't fit in because unlike most of the others I didn't give a fuck if someone was gay, had sex before marriage, had an abortion, had other religious or pollitical beliefs than i. my motto was each to their own. who the fuck am I to tell someone how they ought to live. I have my beliefs you have yours let's agree to disagree instead of arguing endlessly and guess what we still won't change the other persons oppinion.     Basically what lead me to this website was exploring other options and point of views. I had begun to question my faith in the christain god and noticed that the bible contradicts itself. What I have found while researching is those involved in the occult are not all the same. Wiccans aren't the same as Satanists. there are different denominations  (for lack of a better term) of Satanist and pagans. I was surprised to learn there is even atheistic satanist. it's amazing what you learn when you open your mind and quit being so narrow minded and listening to what your told is right and wrong. I also discovered i was not the only one who thought the bible contradicts itself. People have gone so far as to write books on contradictions in the bible and how it can not be historically correct. 

     I've reached a point where I am tired of feeling like i am going to suffer for eternity because I didn't conform to what I was told I should believe. I have always been intrigued by the spirit realm but I didn't dare explore for fear of eternal Damnation or having an evil spirit attach itself to me. I'm done living in fear or feeling guilty for being a human being and having desires. I haven't put a label on myself as far as what religion I am because I think right now I'm still trying to figure that out. I haven't done enough reading or research yet to have enough knowledge to choose a path that's best for me. I do identify with the concept of the left hand path. freedom of thought and doing what you want without the fear of eternal damnation. obviously I have a lot to learn and explore before I can claim im this or that. I just know  I'm  not atheist because I do believe there is a spiritual realm. i believe there is some kind of afterlife i just dont think its heaven and hell. 

     I think I've blabbered on enough for this blog. if anyone cared or was interested long enough to read this whole thing feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions. (now that ive realized its ok to have an opinion.) if you have any good book reccomendations for someone new to a spiritual path I would love to know :) 

Amethyst May 30 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5
Sindy Yalana
Hi Everyone, since I joined this network I would like to share my experiences and my views based on African Satanism. Sadly I'm not able to write at this moment reason being I am not feeling very well and hopefully by Monday I shall be good .looking forward to connect with you all. ☺
Sindy Yalana May 26 '18 · Comments: 4
This is what the rear end of an alpha female looks like:-

Kobwebz Apr 29 '18 · Comments: 2 · Tags: alpha female, genetically superior woman

every time I listen to certain songs from certain artists I feel connected with my spirituality and reinforces everything I believe in. knowledge is key my friends so embrace it. oh yeah check out spaceghostpurrp blackland radio 66.6 album thank you.

Ikey_Mike Apr 13 '18 · Comments: 2
No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.

Tiamat Apr 13 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1

Sometimes it feels lonely being the ONLY member in my family, that has an interest in Occult related subject matters/topics (even though I'm not that much of a "people person").

PuchoAlmighty666 Apr 4 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: michigan, satanism, occult, atheism
I'm new to this and is anyone in new jersey or know someone that lives here that can teach me some things.
Zias Apr 1 '18 · Comments: 1
Zach Black Owner

I sued and won in court 500 bucks in small claims damages against my X. She ignored the judgement to pay me as the court order and drug this out for a year. Well ,I paid to have her wages garnished and her bank froze and she was served by the sheriff. Sheriff called me just now and said they got a check waiting for me for 500 buck in full what she owes. 

Most likely her mom paid it because my X was poor and never wanted to work. Either way I'll take it. And with 14 dollars of it I am gonna make a shirt with my face on it holding her check or money and saying ' I told you so dumb cunt... but have a free shirt' ! 

But seriously I actually going to do that because she made me wait a year and would not make payments for half that much as she promised she would. ..

Zach Black Owner

Another bump ... You can help and make 200 bucks.!

You can maybe. Youtube suspended my account for violating community guidelines. It is fucking bullshit. All I did was talk about my drug past and youtube after years decided that those videos are encouraging illegal and dangerous behavior.

I have tried to appeal and contest my suspension with no luck. Should you desire it cant hurt to contact youtube and google and tell em that is fucked up and that you are a long time subscriber and have learned lots ( education ) from my videos.

Go to youtube/ help /send feed back... You can find help link at the bottom of most youtube pages. If you can find a way to contact a real person , email or phone on google or youtube that will listen to you that is the best. Please let me know I got like three links and have tried em all. I am willing to pay someone 200 bucks that can get youtube to restore my channel. channel was satanicinternational. Email attached to it was

Here are the links I have tried. There is a way but they hide it. Tons of blogs and videos about ' how to contact youtube' and ' How to get your account restored' ect ect..

Remember my account was not suspended for copyright violation. The method for that is different and will not work. Mine is for violating community guidelines.

Here are the three links I have tried and I get ignored or a auto message saying I have already appealed and I can not appeal again.

Have a go at it. It can not hurt. 200 BUCKS IF YOU CAN GET YOUTUBE / GOOGLE TO RESTORE MY CHANNEL. It can be done. I have done it before.But seriously though these links are common . Best bet is to find a email or even send snail mail to the right people .. Good luck and if you know someone who WORK AT GOOGLE that would be golden. Here are the links I have tried.

▼The link to the form you will have to fill out▼


Here is a good video about it.


Zach Black Mar 19 '18 · Comments: 4 · Tags: suspended, zach black, youtube, satanicinternational
EdMenonymous Member
I caught a taxi in Oslo..
Normally the drunken pretty person who is THE MODEL FOR ALL THEE PERFEKT POINDEXTER..
Walks across the street and pops her little skirted makedup ass into the back of taxi...

In the way that she expected to behave .. compared to say any dude with any money,,...

Now.. Before you say im crazy take my pills im just manhating again,...

Hear me out...

I was so fukkin rude and brutal in my language tone and ENTIRE BEING SAID

We even had to have a bery embarrassing conversation in where


So of course.. HE HAVE TO TRY..





He turns around and he says to me...

Then he tries to find out exactly where I live..
He got out of the taxi and tried to follow me home...

He said if you need cigarette I GET YOU CIGARETTE..

I looked at him right in the fukkin face and said..

Poor Samir walked away with what looked to me like a poor broken HEART..
I think my Muslim driver fell in love with me because he couldnt beat the shit out of me for showing him the SAME LACK OF RESPECT THAT HE SHOWED EDME!!



EdMenonymous Mar 15 '18 · Rate: 5 · Tags: taxiwhores, pucgb, sub, dom, snm, satanicbitch
EdMenonymous Member
Hello Lilith...

Fuck I have been so weak... 

I have been waking up everyday.. in panic and stress to get independant and on my own.

I have been worried childish and whiney about everything that goes wrong and a total asshole when everything is working out my way..

I wish to explore why I express myself in this way.. or better yet, I wish to strenghthen my own love and villigance towards myself.

I wish to give myself the love//well maybe not..

Buut when i go about my day hoping that everyone else will be hAappy with me and doing everything so that they will.. 

Perhaps we can look into this behavior of mine if it is not yet done expressing itself and work it so i play into my own favor and not against myself. 

I am done hiding

i am done asking for the aPProval of others

i am done believing that everyone else is waay better and more capable than me.

I wish to commune with you tonight to infuse brand inscribe upon my mind and body with hellishry fire 



ok well if you are my true SATANIC BREATHREN 


Focus for me fukkin visualize..

And anyone who WILL Burn me or put me out

EdMenonymous Mar 15 '18 · Comments: 3 · Tags: lilith, naahmah, eirashtetz, aglabitch!
EdMenonymous Member
bi polar co dependancy.. wtf ever they want me on some fukking pills that everytime i take 

I have to say to myself.. I need this or im not good enough..

but I so fukking am.. 





I dont get why you are cranky! 




ITS ONLY WORKING FOR A FEW WHITE PEOPLE WHO ARE EVIL MEN. and obviously the rest of us can fuk off!


I dont hate MEN! Its ideology the terminology that has to change..





Why you have to show off all the time! and not let me have my day?

why does me having my day offend you so much? 






EdMenonymous Mar 9 '18 · Tags: sucking cock

slicing though human meat with only my teeth.   Absolute freedom from pain and deceit. Deciphering the meanings of past memories forgotten by me.

Only discovering something more disturbing than before I stare in disbelief at the wreckage and guinussnes of my work,

with disembodied victims scouring the earth

 all layed to rest. I can only beg they see me for the true creation I was created to be!! 

They'll never know or even begin to comprehend the trials and misfortunes ive overcome in just a short amout of time. Ill never show the true pain or celebrate the real gains ive vigorously accomplished on my own accord. But accordingly to everyone ive ever known and held dear to me ill never amount to  anything. This is where my story dramatically takes a turn for the worse only to venture further inside my insidious completely hideous and viciously twisted beautiful mind behind these eyes you wouldnt believe the horrendous images ive grown to love and consider my calm and peaceful bliss of a life.

Alwayzfaded1 Mar 9 '18 · Rate: 5

stuck in this warped prison of tangled lies of untold truths and false loyalty sinks in and makes an unreal reality im forced to embrace. 

seeking acceptance from those who I considered to be close only discovering a deeper darkness and betrayal that provokes the menacing skreetches that lay just under the suface of my skin begging to be released seeking any justification or excuse to rip through the flesh and drink from the skulls of every single person who fits the description. calming whispers of the monster within becoming more unbearable than ever before. stricken with pure madness of what can only be described as something unreal from past pictures once seen of someone closely resembling me? All the pain and anger filling in the deepest part of what was once considerd to be me

Alwayzfaded1 Mar 9 '18
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