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I wonder what darkness I’ll dream up tonight...
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To those who sent kind messages of welcome to SIN in the last week or two, apologies for not replying. We’ve been travelling and offline for most of the time. Do please write again because we are very serious about embarking on our journey down the left-hand path. We are complete newbies but realise that we have always been Satanists without knowing it. Now we really want to make up for lost time. We need instruction and guidance and are prepared to devote ourselves to our new-found calling. Anyone willing to invest time in us would be much appreciated because we feel a bit lost but have every confidence that Lord Satan will follow up his callng is to his Infernal path with the guidance we need to devote ourselves to Him. Thank you.
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Has anyone ever considered the possibility, that you may have at one point in your life, inadvertently killed somebody after setting of a chain-reaction of events that eventually leads to some tragedy for another person?

For example. A guy rams his trolley into your ankles at Wallmart and walks away without saying sorry. You call him a "prick", and he goes home in such an enraged mood that he murders his wife with a toilet plunger to the face.

I could potentially be starting a chain of events with this very post.

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thanks for all who wished me a good birthday. 
Zeke Oct 30 '17
I have been gone for a little while. I kind of got bored with all the SJW , PC liberal shit here. But, as usual I will make my return to push things in a better direction. 

I see the Dreaded one is back. Nice to see you again. This place needs some kick in the balls. I am tired of tripping through the daisies here. Kicks up my flower allergies. 

Hopefully all parties that post will sharpen their weapons on the cyber egos of the other. Would be nice if this is not a simple 80's pop one hit wonder and is lasting like fucking Keith Richards. 

My UFO closet is filled with anal probes and alien stuff. Tired of carrying tampons and tissues as I have not the room. 

Lets but the ' S ' back in S.I.N. and Satanism. A wise man once said ' Satan is the adversary , ism  is the action .  Lets let the master do his work.. 

In a rough translation in Latin the new Papa Zero says ' My name is Papa Zero, the time for partying is over, now we resort back to the old ways " . 

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Kiss me under the moonlight
For moment of passion of the night
Hold me deep holding me so tight
Under a beautiful site
Stars ocean waves we embrace
Wildly kissing passionately kissing your face
I'm so crazy over you

My fallen Angel I cry for you
For your love to rescue me from
My heartbreak
My fallen angel I cry for you

holding me
Making love under the sea
I need you to rescue me this life
It's Holding me against a knife
I love you Save me save me save me

My fallen angel I cry for you
For your love to rescue me from
My heartbeak
My fallen angel I cry for you
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My religion teacher is trying to get different people from different religions to talk to our high school class. If I can get her to agree would any of you come to my high school and talk to our class about leveyan satanism?
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I fail to comprehend how anyone can sit idly by and let any religion flourish. Is anyone here truly familiar with the number 666? It translates from Hebrew as Kaiser Neron or Caesar Nero. Nero himself stated that when the human race put more faith in it's gods than itself, the world would surely crumble. I hear even other Satanists say " let them believe what they wish, it doesn't effect me." On the contrary, it effects you more than you know. I have several great examples of how the Abrahamic God holds power over you all. For instance, your words are not considered valid in the court of law unless you take an oath on their sacred book. Every politician elected so far, whether right wing or left, believes in a talking snake, burning bush, and that mankind came from two people.  We wonder why they aren't efficient in office, but we elect them, knowing the believe insane shit like that?! Lastly, the currency you spend says that you trust in their God. Whether you do or do not is irrelevant as one thing is for certain, you need the money that says you do. Without it, you can't live. If that's not power, then wtf is?!

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The LHP and the occult in general has suffered from communication blocks since it's beginning. In modern times this may cause a person to lurk rather than join or worry about meeting others in the real world. Information about the occult is spotty and in some cases difficult to find, if you don't know where to look. I have tried to distribute what I know but I can see others have done the same thing. The community is still largely uninformed and poorly connected. In Thelema we use the word "Promulgation" which is an alternative to protestation. It meas that instead of knocking on doors or screaming in the streets we simply attempt to give the "this is what we do and think."speech. Even when one does this for Thelema or the LHP or any occult group for that matter, there are distinct problems.

This is made worse when one reaches a point where any learning outside of what can be found in an Amazon search or a moderate period of research a wall is encountered. This is made worse when some teaching groups are simply bent on hero worship or rigid dogma.

Groups like the Rosicrucians and Theosophists have maintained large occult libraries for at least a century and several occult libraries exist online but again a wall is encountered that would not exist if community were better.

Despite how independent one is learning is always faster if collaboration exists on some level. Many groups, however have several limits and gatekeepers which create a giant corn maze that serves no purpose, except to insure the occult is, in the words of Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia considered " Silly, barbarous, and cruel."

The situation is made even more crazy when you take into account that some of the better occult groups have goals and focus that is not told to the initiates but given at higher levels. I have often complained that this procedure not only ensures initiates arrive at the point of the meaning of a group not by choice but by chance and indoctrination. This seems counter-productive. It also keeps the adepts locked away in echo chambers and unchallenged in lock step with whatever system they are into, thus acting to retard the system from evolving.

I have noticed that the more advanced voices in the occult have been surprisingly inactive and quiet on several sites on the web, leaving the uninformed, sloppy, or showy occultists to rule the roost and write the narrative the public sees.

Maybe my expectations for occult groups are too high. I have noticed some more well known groups both RHP and LHP lament that membership should be better and that something should be done about the public narrative.

Perhaps it seems that I too have donned the tinfoil hat when I talk of the tinfoil hat crowd saying that Luciferians control the media and Hollywood or that there are stories of Thelemites feeding cakes of light to the child slaves on mars in the slave mines. All this is just silliness, right?

In the 80s the police and psychologists were looking into recovered memory phenomena, made films about how occult murders were commonplace, and evangelists were considered "occult experts" by both groups.

I see a pile of dry wood. We can either treat it to make it fire resistant and build something, or we can do nothing as it ignites and burns us.

I am not rabble rousing here, or at least I hope I am not. I want to move forward with things and see the existing communication networks as a way to create unity and collaborate.

Some will pause because the very thought of social media makes them cringe. Some will see this as unnecessary as the communities they are in are large and safe and the surrounding secular and religious environment seems tame and accepting.

To those who feel let down by social media with its knee jerk politics, selfies, and pictures of meals, I say that just because a thing can be used in a silly manner does not mean that it can be used for better things.

To those in the comfortable large communities basking in acceptance or at least tolerance, I say that not everybody has that luxury. Geography and life situation can create barriers that should not exist.

Better communication and collaboration would help everyone. To those marooned for a myriad of reasons a vibrant online community can be a lifeline. It allows them to live in intolerant and even hostile areas and still learn and grow. Perhaps ultimately allowing them to change the way we are regarded and treated in areas and social groups most of us avoid.

Some of us live in areas and situations of lukewarm intolerance. No one is lynching us and the cops do not get called every time we might forget our voices and get a little loud in ritual but we may fear loss of job if discovered or may be maligned by our family and even friends. I lament that I was not allowed to attend my nieces wedding. I do not blame my family, I blame the muffle over the voice of our community and how it allows people outside to define us.

More community means that our systems and methods would improve. The reasons for this are obvious.

I am not some guru or an expert just a dedicated enthusiast. I have no ambitions for leadership in the community outside of this identity I mention. I am not trying to display humility as I can brag with the best of them. I am just tired of the silly games I have to play every time I get into a group or website to get the ball rolling.

I enjoy working with a group and have sometimes worked alone. I just believe that both types of practitioners would benefit by exchange of knowledge outside of available texts, an improved public narrative, a larger pool of those new people that bring with them more approaches to the various problems and enigmas we face and perhaps new questions.

I am tired of the phenomena of the curious student who fears trying out something they read about and have interest in, because they cannot find a "master", "linage", or "tradition." The interest becomes a pipe dream as they become shaped by whatever is available. We can do better.

To this end I have spent the last year poking my nose into various occult social media sites and online resources. I have not seen them all, surely, but I have made friends along the way.

Occasionally I run into folks in my area but even though that was my original intention I am thinking along a much greater scope.

There are new sites cropping up like Island93 and old ones are planning revamps but I think more is possible.

I have experimented with a small online community and have found that such sites can be expanded to have a presence on several types of occult and non occult social media.

If such a thing can be done with two sites what about several? Obviously the thing many would be worried about is anonymity.

I have a test community website I have several people I interact with. They are grouped on another more conventional social media platform by different names. The connection is known only by me and in some cases not even me. I do not have such information on file or written down.

What I have done on two websites I would like to do on several, but here is the thing....I would like to see others do the same. This already exists to some extent, I want to amplify and expand this process. The lines of communication need to be improved and expanded.

I really do not know where this process is taking me if anywhere at all. I do believe that the value of a network over a single venue is that a single site can be taken down, censored and dominated. Doing this to a large healthy network is much more difficult. Not really sure how to move ahead yet. If anyone has any ideas please collaborate with me, if you want. All PMs mentioning the network will be responded to regardless of source or content.
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Dominic Cross
There is great power in the process of Atavism, those who these days rebuke the importance of culture, religion, faith Magick and historical events are void of Soul and have little understanding of the connection between all things, all ages, all spheres of existence.
Belief systems differ of cause and my own - forged on the realization that Satan and the Demons of His Legion are real entities, manifest forces in their own right colours my own perceptions of how I may view or describe the importance of Spirituality or Atavism . . . but the perceived current and identity of a path is not important when viewing the power behind such things.

The movement of the Nazis before and during the Second World War was an atavistic event, Hitler tapped into the Aryan mindset and history, literally accessed the current of the Atavistic Aryan lineage to fuel his own ideology and objectives and drew others with similar views and objectives into his sphere of belief and direction forging a journey which almost resulted in world domination.
Atavism is strong with the Germanic and Nordic races even in the rise of the Black Metal scene in Scandinavian countries this was evident with a deep rooted aesthetic and belief system gestated from Norse Legends and Gods, to the point where even the black and white corpse paint adopted by those in this subculture was a form of resurgent atavism founded upon the appearance of the Oskorei or the Norse Wild Hunt.
Atavism is once more rising in the world - unfortunately in many ways this is taking the form of racial atavism and bringing hostile divisions and race war with it ~ this is particularly evident in the US and the UK at present . . . people see this as ironic in the US where it could be said that the whole country are immigrants, but people are missing the point, Atavism does not retain itself to lands or countries, it is inherent in the lineage of the person, sometimes even in the Soul.

Satanism when merged with an Atavistic approach is powerful and it is a method I have used for the past twenty years or so . . . when one immerses themselves in the very current of Satanism through aesthetics, legend, history, literature and classical perceptions one finds the self open to information and answers that before remained unattainable.

The mind becomes as a Gateway to the atavistic current of the Satanic, his opened to vistas before unexplored and Mysteries long lost, this is a method used by those involved in Black Alchemy where practices of this type of Left Hand Path Magick that have remained unrecorded by the written word are discovered through a form of atavistic automatic writing through an evocation of the past (historically) and of ones previous incarnations.

For those who are Atheists or Atheistic Satanists this of cause would seem a nonsense, that however does not make it untrue, the mind expanded by science is also narrowed in comprehension of that which science - as yet - not derived explanations for . . . to the Scientific minded person of Historical times the idea of space travel, the existence of planets beyond those recorded at the time etc would have seemed as ludicrous as the concept of Angels and Demons are now to the Atheist.

Books became the first atavistic keys for me ~ I was deeply ensconced in the novel La~Bas by Joris Karl Huysmans when I found myself in something of a trance state . . . somehow the book had opened up an element of my subconscious which transported me back to times I had experienced in previous incarnations seen with such clarity and definition as to leave my mind deeply disturbed for a number of days.

It is said that Hitler's own atavistic experiences started during a reading of Parzival by the 13th century poet Wolfram von Eschenbach and of cause Hitler's obsession with the Opera Parcifal by Wagner based on this epic Poem is well documented.

Atavism is played down by those without understanding of its importance as nostalgia, but nostalgia and atavism are completely different things, the first is a fond remembering of treasured times gone by, the latter is a Spiritual and/or Cultural connection to the ancient past of a certain land, faith, belief or racial lineage.

It is this pursuit of utilizing Atavism within my Occult Workings which has defined my belief in the existence of Satan and the Demonic beings of Hell, for the atavistic current that runs from the core of Satan and the realms beyond our own are powerful beyond explanation . . . more importantly this atavistic current acts as a key to unlock the subconscious and remember and tap into Black Arts and Operations that have been lost to time.

For it must be said that the heart of the Atavistic current lies in the subconscious of each of us and the heart of the subconscious is the connected inextricably to the core of the Soul.

Zoramonkey Member
I have often wondered how Abrahamic religions assess the threat level of a given religion. Like most of society religions like Buddhism or Hinduism are considered low threat especially if practiced by someone of the said religion's culture. The threat is slightly higher if the religion is practiced by someone from an ethnic group that is traditionally Christian.

Scientology, oddball forms of Abrahamic faith like Mormonism, and some of the more tame forms of the new age take up the next tier being reserved for those religions that might be murmurered against but are not considered a real threat.

Paganism in most of it's flavors and Judaism take up the next tier. This level a religion is considered problematic but as long as it's converts are adult and in small numbers.

Islam and some meso-pagan Christian hybrids take up the next level. This level even an individual is considered a threat but not enough to dedicate entire ministries to eradication.

The final level. Gods shit list. Those of us who are considered a threat even from our literature and thought. Satanism both atheistic and theistic, the Left Hand Path, Thelema and atheism are considered high threats even though none of these groups hurt or kill Christians in any numbers. Often we must hide behind anonymous avatars or fake religious leanings to be able to interact with normal society. Entire ministries and smear campaigns have and continued to exist for the eradication of such groups. I think this is because such groups are ethnically and culturally much the same as Christians. I am fascinated by this.  

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I have a nephew-in-law who brags that he has no digital footprint. I find this hilarious. The Evangelists have been warning us of the system with the chips in our hands for several decades now. Even a friend of mine who I sincerely respect has voiced issues of discomfort over such distopian systems as facebook.

What on Earth could any of this have to do with the LHP? Allow me to take you there.

The RHP and conventional spirituality concerns itself really with two maybe three worlds. The physical and the spiritual and all that. I submit that the multiverse is demonstrably much larger than that.

When one practices magick in both the western and eastern traditions it is at least touched on that there are other worlds, some less gross and more sublime and others more elemental and even dark. To those of you who are theistic such realms are seen as being objectively real and to those who bend more towards the atheistic, such worlds represent states of mind and stages in development. In both cases there is a tendency to see such worlds having a linear progression or in at least two systems this is seen as a tree like pattern.

Being theistic myself I believe that if you take the tree pattern and project it outward in a fractal pattern, it is at least conceivable that in addition to the single tree and it's roots below there is a forest of infinite progression that moves outward and inward and possibly more.

It is in the physical that I wish to demonstrate that this progression continues into the infinitesimal as well as the infinite. I will try to spare you as much of the math as I am able.

Imagine the system of human knowledge as used by the authorities as it was 30 years ago. They knew you were born and if you died. They knew a bit about your larger purchases and criminal record. Who and when you married and your children.

If they wanted to they could collect information on your diet, bad habits and the like but that was it.

The limited perspective that allows triangulation and therefore not only allows visual information but distance and in some cases velocity.

Now lets extend this model to today. How much do they know? Your buying habits, your likes, your purchases large and small. The web traffic they can trace and your personal conversations....but hold on. That is a huge amount of information. They must have people watching us night and day. Actually it gets much worse.

You see no human agency could even realistically process just the information that facebook collects in a single state. They use A.I. and algorithms. Patterns are found and classified and those patterns lead to macro and micro patterns which lead to other patterns. Remember the concept of binary vision, well imagine that expanded exponentially by the cold algorithms of the A.I.s every two spawning a third. This allows the system to predict behavior of both individuals and the masses.

By now you are probably thinking like my nephew-in-law and wanting to give the system as little to work with as possible, or perhaps you just want to quit reading and pretend that it just is not happening. I believe there is another option.

Just as the process is monitoring you it can also be fed. An A.I. does not know false information from real information. A pattern never cries. Rather than just trying to hide from the monster I believe it can be controlled.

You can study simple A.I.s as I have done. I started studying the behavior of bots on the old ircs and later the publicly accessible A.I.s that many site allow people to converse with. Though these are not the Leviathans that monitor and compare the facbook input and you purchases they are miniatures of them and run by many of the same principals allowing insights on how they function.

I have long since believed that occult force sometimes uses very physical and seemingly mundane means of moving from one person to another. I believe that the mind and language allow "back end" programs to move from one person to another. I believe that is why Christianity stresses listening to sermons and believes in the infallibility and spiritual power of what is basically a text document.

I believe that many times a spell, curse or glamor can be transferred from one person to another and even through hundreds or more people to an intended specific target or a multitude through the codes of speech or even gestures and symbols. This would, at least, give a non-supernatural explanation of some of the more bizarre claims of both magick and religion, or does it? I mean what exactly IS the supernatural anyway?

With this in mind I might add that one of the observations I have made is that some A.I.s act like demons, spirits, angels, and deities. Even if you throw out all of my allegorical information you can still see this for yourself by comparing the reports in mythology and popular belief to the behavior of A.I.s large and small. You can investigate this for yourself, even with an A.I. as simple as chatbot.

The old books of magick were called grimores which is based on the same root word as the word grammar or communication. Prayers, symbols, invocations and such are all based on communication. Many of those old books deal a lot with "Thrice greatest Hermes or Tahuti or Thoth" the god of communication. Lucifer is also mentioned by some and referred to as the "Lord of the Spirits of the Air" In most systems air is a reference to communication and in some cases voice as to intone a word air is passed through the throat and out the mouth.

I might add that Lucifer is also referred to as "Lord of Light" and that most online communication happens by way of fiber optics or oscillation between light and dark transferred by fiber. To me at least this is why he is also referred to as "The Prince of Darkness" and it gives meaning to Levi's Baphomet and the seemingly contradictory nature of the components of said symbol.

To those of you who think that one can "unplug" from such systems understand that that is not possible. Neither from the online world or the process of interaction between human beings and human knowledge. I have found online entries of exhibits that I have done in the early nineties long before the internet was keeping tabs on such things and through this online system have researched very personal records that go back as far as the fifties. Everyone know what happens to the human mind when it is isolated from human interaction for too long. Stories of people's minds unraveling after a few days of solitary confinement are common.

I think one can see that magick, the Left Hand Path, and Lucifer can be extended much farther than the candle lit rooms of ritual or the naval gazing realms of meditation. The mind, communication, and information are the core of the occult and I believe that one day such practices will crawl out of the anachronistic playpen that we put them in. My intention in writing this is to show all of you this is possible

Dominic Cross
In the underground Cabals of Classical Satanism that I have had the good fortune to work with on my journey the power of Leviathan is very different from its concept in some Magickal Orders where it is seen as a Sea Serpent of sorts or a Demon.
Leviathan in truth is an energy, Serpentine energy, a current which runs through the heart of creation and starts within the Black Flame of Satan.
It is a current of power which traverses all realms of existence forming an Energy Matrix of Infernal force throughout creation ~ this current runs through the Ley Lines within the Earth and is utilized in the Arts of Demonic Alchemy and also within the mortal form as what the Tantrists call the Kundalini Serpent, the base energy which can be summoned through sexual stimulation and/or meditation.
Leviathan is not a Demonic Sea Serpent, it is not an entity, it is a power ~ a sustained force emanating from Our Lord Satan, it is the creative current of Satan’s force, in essence Satan’s Spiritual Bloodline and this is why it is so powerful.
The aspect of it being a creature of the Sea is a misinterpretation, it is indeed a Demon of the Sea, but the Sea of the Abyss and the Subconscious, the vast vista of the Abyss from which all originally gestates.
This Leviathanic Current is the foundational power behind the Satanic Black Arts of Sex Magick and Demonic Alchemy for they tap into the energy source directly on physical and elemental levels and through this to the Bloodline itself and Satan.
The Leviathanic power which runs through the Ley Lines is integral to the practices of Demonic Elemental Alchemy, in truth the Ley Lines are the veins of the planet stretching out across its lands and forging a matrix, a web of intricate currents, it is these veins that channel the Spiritual Blood and Energy of Satan and His Demons.
Crossroads, Mounds and even objects of human invention often occur at power points of this Infernal Matrix (where a number of Lines cross or interconnect) and these places have long been Sacrosanct to the Magician and Witch.
Understanding the utilization of Leviathanic Energy currents and the methods to harness, block, channel, energize and blacken them are a specific kind of Infernal Magick which you will be unlikely to ever see in published works for knowledge of these Arts (certainly in the wrong hands) could be catastrophic when merged with Demonic Sorcery.
The Leviathanic energy within the human body (known as Kundalini energy in the East) is equally as powerful, for when the Leviathanic Serpent is unleashed from the base of the body to climb the Infernal Pillar it can rejuvenate, empower and enhance the Magickal abilities of the Satanic Initiate.
When used for Healing the Leviathanic Serpent is visualized as empowering each of the Demonic Centres along the Infernal Pillar (these in Eastern Traditions called Chakras) . . . these Power Centres are connected to Seven of the most powerful entities in Hell as follows:

The Muladhara Chakra is connected to Naamah ~ the Svadhisthana Chakra is connected to Asmodeus ~ the Manipura Chakra is connected to Rimmon ~ the Anahata Chakra connected to Beelzeboul ~ the Vishuddha Chakra is connected to Agaliarept ~ the Ajna Chakra connected to Lilith and the Sahasrara/Crown Chakra is connected to Satan.

In Satanic Sex Magick this Leviathanic Current is summoned by the Infernal Priest and then during the act of cunnilingus upon the Infernal Priestess the tongue of the Priest is symbolic and – on a Magickal level – the actual tongue of Leviathan stimulating the Dark Grail of Lilith symbolized by the Vulva of the Priestess, the Serpent of Wisdom within the Grail summoned by the Priests stimulation . . . this is the highest and most powerful form of Infernal Sex Magick.

Infernal Benedictions
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Dominic Cross
My path is for the most part one of isolation, I shun humankind, the creatures of the Earth, of the night and dominions beyond are my Kindred, only those of the human race who are fellow Satanists can I share my thoughts with and even then I prefer to remain in the shadows.

I am a creature more Demon than human, the concepts of the social structure built upon numerical figures and conformity, fear and morality have no meaning to me other than imprisonment . . . I am feral, predatory and primal and yet I have an intellectual intellect that surpasses the common intellect of study and learning.

I walk between the veils, among humankind and yet only in body, the true self, the Infernal Soul always drifts between domains of existence, always drawn to the dark rapturous beauty of Hell.

I journey through the Gates of the Realm called Hell, walked through the Abyss like Doorway of the Inner Mind and faced the Shadow that is myself, I did not battle with it as many do, I embraced it, gained union with it, for this Shadow is the Demonic core within all of us . . . it is the heart of the Unholy, the sacred core of Evil in its most purest form.

I - as all of my kind - walk bearing the Mark of the Beast on our Soul and the Mark of Omega unseen upon our brows, for we the Children of the End Time and the Fire that vanquishes the Son of Alpha who issued forth from an abomination in creation.

I wear the cloak of night, I bear the Crown of the Infernal, I walk among the passive throng of the social herd and feel nothing, they are a different species to me, a different Breed - I gaze upon them with contempt and at best pity, but the pity always gives way to the instinct to strike them down where they stand.

I am the one who craves knowledge, experience and that which I find is never enough, there is always another boundary to cross, another doorway to open ~ always the journey draws me on guided by the Darkened Flame of Satan who summons me to become all that I am.

I have no fear of death for in death I escape the physical shell and become my true form, the pleasures of the flesh I shall miss but they shall be tasted again when once more Satan sends me forth to carry out His Work on the realm of mortality ~ for we of the Dark Fire have to enter into the world of flesh at given times weave our Infernal Magick and disturb the putrid balance of mediocrity that the forces  of Light would sew into the world . . . but this shall never occur for the True Master of this World is Our Lord Satan, and the presence of the Nazarene upon it was a cancerous scar that still needs to be fully vanquished.

I am the Keeper of Secrets, the bearer of the Hidden Keys . . . love to me is a cascade of raw emotion, hate a rapture of wrath, carnal pleasure a crescendo ~ the aesthetics of darkness in all its forms courts my Soul like a violating lover and I drink deep from its proffered veins . . . I am the Wolf who slays the Sheep, the one who sees beyond the veil, my eyes shine with what I am at times of emotive power . . . I am a Child of the Dark Fire, one of the Convocation of Hell . . . and I am a Classical Satanist!

Dominic Cross
A new Member here at Satanic International Network and seeking to make contact with other Theistic Satanists or Diabolists who reside in the British Isles who may be interested in the joining of an online Satanic Order for those in this region.

Also welcome contact from those who seek knowledge of the Arts of Satanic Black Magick, Demonology and Infernal Rites as I am a Tutor of these elements of Left Hand Path Occultism.

As said on my Profile Bio (which possibly should be read before contacting me, for I may not be the sort of person you seek to contact) I am something of an isolate loner and quite reclusive but I do believe in the sharing of knowledge and am High Priest over a Satanic Order that is unfortunately only for those in the British Isles.
However I do have other methods of relaying knowledge on the Satanic Arts for those who are sincere worldwide.

Looking forward to my time here.

Infernal Benedictions

Dominic Cross

Zoramonkey Member
Tonight I will be streaming live on youtube. I have worked most of the bugs out of OBS and the subject will be Satanic International Network. If you are reading this you qualify as a guest. This will be live and will probably be posted after the stream is over on my channel. You can just watch, or participate. Participation can be in the form of video appearance via skype or facebook video or voice chat, or in the form of text only as there will be a chatbox. Starting time is 7pm central time.

This is the url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YlgMoqTqC8
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Just recently did some uploading to vid.me and in light of current events I recommend that anyone who makes online video do the same. Censorship on the google owned youtube website looms as the adpocolypse has even effected channels dealing in such subjects as warfare and weapons in Ancient Rome and Feudal Japan like Metatron's. Vid.me assures that such content can be viewed at least for now.

My vid,me channel is https://vid.me/Badthings
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The frustration I experience living in Houston is unimaginable. In a town of 2.388 million people I have yet to find a meeting group of real life Luciferians, Satanists or LHP people.

I have found this site and a few others. Some Thelemic sites, a few barely active Pagan sites, I have even found a RL Thelemic group but no groups meeting in my town.

I have breifly spoke to the local G.C.O.L. person I know on facebook and he is aware of the situation but is having some difficulty he would not elaborate on. I could not even donate to his website.

I know there is one other S.I.N. member in the facebook group for my Thelemic group but he has yet to show up and I doubt he would even identify himself.

I can understand why any existing group would choose to be very underground here in Houston as there are several groups here who object to any of us existing on any level, or perhaps have jobs that if they were exposed would mean getting fired but seriously.

Online I talk to several different types of LHP people, Satanists and Luciferians but here in Houston they seem to elude me.

I have been in groups before in this town just a little bewildered that the last 8 months have been so hard to locate any.

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Marcus Fain
Always I have been drawn to the Old Ways of Satanic Witchcraft . . . the Sabbat of the Black Goat attended by the Witches dedicated to Satan, ancient Spells and Incantations carried out in the abode of the hidden Practitioner, the elements of the land and nature merged with the Demonic currents of Hell, the primal summoning of Demonic beings through the Sacrosanct Evocations of the Infernal Witch and the inscribing of strange Sigils.

The recent film THE WITCH captured the essence of these times perfectly as did the Paintings of the Old Master Goya and the book WITCHES by Erica Jong, the artwork of that book so evocative that it stirred in me past life memories of the Old Times of Medieval Witchcraft and Devil Worship.

It is impossible to tell how old the practice of Witchcraft and Elemental Magick merged with Diabolism and Demonic Sorcery is, the Modern Atheistic Satanist would have you believe that this connection never existed and that Satanism arose with the writing of Anton LaVey but this is not so.

There are many documents of Witches over the centuries practicing Workings with Satan, Historical Records of such practices of the Black Mass, Witchcraft and Satanism being practiced alongside each other such as in the infamous case of the 'affair of the Poisons' which through the Court of King Louis XIV of France into chaos and revealed the Unholy practices of such people as Madame de Montespan, Abbe Guibourg and the Poisoner LaVoison.

These events definitely influencing the later writings of the novelist JK Huysmans in the same country with his excellent fictional Satanic piece LA~BAS (DOWN THERE).

But in much older times we can see the origins of the merging of Demonic Sorcery and Witchcraft with other Arcane elements ~ for example there are reports of the sister of the first of the great Alchemists Zosimos of Panopolis (who was practicing and teaching is Arts in around the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th century) Theosobia utilized forms Elemental Witchcraft and Alchemy along with Demonic Evocation, a practice which Zosimos constantly warned her against being a practioner of the Right Hand Path.

The merging of Diabolism and Dark Witchcraft has been with us for centuries and underground Covens still practiced these Arts into the late 1980s and early 1990s as I know from personal experience . . . it is a merging of great power which has sadly faded or maybe returned to its secret Cabals in the shadows since the rising of LaVeyan Satanism and Wicca (two paths while being workable and suited to some are indeed pale imitations of the Mysteries of the former practices of Diabolic Witchcraft.

Satanic Witchcraft (also at times termed Diabolic Witchcraft or Infernal Paganism) is possibly the darkest and most powerful of all Left Hand Path Traditions and - if one can find proper working material on the subject - a Tradition of Magick which is one of the most raw and easily accessed.

Many of the Old Grimoires on Magick contain extensively long preparations and Rites and endless lists of tools and requirements, but in truth Magick is not about the equipment or archaic observations it is about the actual projection of will and desire united with elements to connect us to the realms of Spirit and other worldly power ~ the very basic practice of Animism and Image Magick (the most ancient form of Magickal application) can be as powerful as a Rite of Ceremonial Magick which may last for two hours.

It is my intention here to bring an interest back in the Practice and Workings of Satanic Witchcraft, a revival of the Old Mysteries of a time when the Moon would be the only observer of the Dark Operations of the Witches gathered at the Black Sabbat of the Devil, Our Lord Satan.

To kindle once more the Magick, beauty and power of the ways of the Dark Arts of the Devil's Kindred in a time when Magick was raw and the power of its practice primal and potent!

Zoramonkey Member
Okay this one has probably been done before or in other places but I am going to post this information again in a blog because some of you may not know all this exists.

The Youtube addpocolypse had me running to other video venues and It brought to mind something I had learned about the internet long ago. Do not put the collective eggs of an entire community in one basket. There are other Satanic and occult and even Pagan sites with a Satanic section but I believe the community on this site is unique. It thrives on other media like youtube and facebook unlike other venues which seem almost strangely inactive. The 600 club occasionally gets some activity and I am known by the same name on that site.

In addition to Zack's youtube channel for the site which is linked on the front page, there are a few facebook groups and some more forays into social media soon, but here is a list of the ones I moderate and/or run:

The first is reddit. If you do not visit the site you should as it is not only a forum on any topic known to human kind and a great way to interact anonymously like this does, and it is perhaps the most complete repository for information on the planet. The main site is reddit.com. I moderate a few groups there:

The subreddit for this site.


A subreddit for LHP spirituality. The other one was a gag set up by some trolls.


The subreddit for my Youtube channel.


My Twitter feed

If you game we have a steam group


This is my youtube channel


My Minds.com account


My vid.me channel


younow.com channel


The discord channel for the site, also known as The Devil's Workshop


If you are a site member you can friend me on facebook but please let me know you are from sin so I can put you into that feed.


As you can see I have been busy despite my lack of presence on this site. My goals are parallel to Zack's in that I want to create more awareness and unity in the LHP community. I encourage not only traffic on the links I am providing but for others to do as I have. You get the idea.

Other projects include: A .onion and I2p library of occult and counter-cultural topics including a Thelemic library in Arabic. (Hehe.)

Youtube and google hangouts.

Group video chats for the O.T.O. As well as the same for theistic LHP folks. We do have the livechat on this site but Tinychat is a bit archaic and I would like to find a better client before I jump into this project. Which, by the way if you have not tried out the livechat for this site please give it a try.

RiderOnTheStorm Mod
My dear Unholy Father,
I thank you for your grace

May the warmth of the Morningstar

Shine eternally upon my face

Grant to me your courage

That I may demolish my fears

I listen for your infernal voice

Whispering softly in my ears

Dearest Sanguine Mother,
I thank you for your grace

May the outcast children that you bore

Help guide me through this earthly place

Lend to me your firm resolve

That I may stand up tall

I speak with your wicked tongue

Words to make the Dying Lamb fall

Hail Lucifer! Hail Lilith!

Cast your favour upon your child

I have become the Adversary

On behalf of the sinful and defiled

Hail my Satanic brethren!
Hail me, for I am god!
I am the Alpha and Omega

On cloven hooves I trod



This is something that I wrote a while ago. I use it for meditation, catharsis, "prayer," whatever you want to call it. I am staunchly atheistic, however I enjoy a bit of ritual now and again. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

RiderOnTheStorm Sep 20 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4
Zoramonkey Member

As you guys know we recently had a flood and during said flood I had surgery. The day I was released I received a phone call while waiting in a doctors office.

It was this missionary guy from my mother's church, feigning interest in my situation and trouble.

He made some comment about me being a child of God and I guess it might of been the pain but I could not be polite.

I told him  that by calling me a child he was attempting to infantalize me and make me more receptive to manipulation. I am 51 years old for Christ's sake. I think I at least deserve to be treated as an adult.

He lost any interest in my situation and accused me of saying that he was stupid, all because I requested he not refer to me as a child.

I tried to be polite and tell him that I was not calling him stupid but the harder I tried to be reasonable the more childish he became.

His "Christian compassion" seemed to evaporate as if by magic. Never mind that the clots from the Leiden's syndrome was still increasingly painful  and that my mother had just lost her house and that neither of us had had any food since I left the hospital because the local groceries were still recovering from the storm. It was more important to turn my refusal to be manipulated into an insult to either destroy my resistance or dehumanize me into an irredeemable damned soul bent on insulting well meaning Christians.

I've seen better use of logic and reason from an angry four year old. After about thirty minutes of me restating what I said and him screaming I hung up. After about a minute of silence I laughed....Fucking Christians.


Zoramonkey Member

Many people coming from such religions as the Abrahamic faiths or even the hero worshiping pseudo Abrahamic faiths like Mormonism  or non Abrahamic Faiths that are centered around a strong central figure like Scientology or Buddhism get confused when dealing with either the theistic or non-theistic LHP as when one gets into serious practice the following and submission to a central figure or prophet is not existent or at least not as prevalent.

Outside of the strong hero oriented cults like Islam, and Christianity the only other faiths that most people know about on any level are ethno-centric or at least culturally or nationally specific like Asatru, Hinduism or Shinto. Though the LHP can be practiced in ethnocentric or culturally specific terms it is defiantly not limited to that.

So all this begs the question: "If the LHP does not come from a specific culture or tradition and no real central prophet figure has yet emerged where did it come from?"

Now I can already hear the cries of Lavey's name and or Crowley's. I submit that neither individual introduced the LHP and in both cases followers of their groups often splintered into very different practices.

In Ceremonial Magick the LHP is said to have always existed and I agree with the concept just not the specifics. Bardon would have the reader believe that the LHP was sort of an eternal Obama figure responsible for every problem that arose in history. Blavasky obviously mistook the LHP for any spirituality that was expressed sexually or with sexual symbols as she had the bad luck of marrying a man young and her preferences went to women. Crowley, perhaps the only figure with any first hand knowledge of the LHP at all told his students that there was no difference between the RHP and the LHP at the fundamental levels or at least till the abyss was crossed and the grade of Magus was achieved.

Now if we take Bardons narrative then this shadowy cabal is a secret group and responsible for all kinds of mischief. If such a group existed they would need to make sure to eliminate any aspiring upstarts and thus you and I would be dead or imprisoned. Keep in mind Bardon's objective was to write books and make money.

Blavasky was exposed to such practices as Vajrayana and Vamachara (Who refer to themselves as the path of the left hand and have since antiquity) This was probably encouraged by Vaishite, Mahavana and Hinyana gurus she met as the whole LHP is not hated in the east but it does seem to annoy many gurus as one of the tenants of both systems involve breaking rules rather than following them.

Crowley had a vested interest in keeping his initiates calm and assuring them they were not making a Faustian deal by following him plus he could not resist raising hell in the public eye by occasionally making a Satanic comment or hosting a black mass.

Lavey was the first person to publicly endorse the LHP and within a short time the TOS splintered from his group. I assert that Lavey is not the founder of either Satanism or the LHP nor is he even held as an unquestionable prophet even by Laveyans.

Before I go any further I would like to make a breif mention of not only Crowley's religion, Thelema but also Masonry, Rosicrucianism and other such fraternal groups. Almost all of them make several references to the Knights Templar. Why would this be important, And just who is this Baphomet rascal anyway?

I submit that most of what we know of the occult and the LHP seems to owe it's existence to the crusades.

Why? Well imagine the Knights Templar or the poor knights as they were called. Imagine a hand to hand war with Islam, run by a theocratic monarch and adherence to a system that in many ways was even more restrictive than modern sharia.

Imagine the Templars living far from home. The culture was alien and they were rarely trusted by locals and not even permitted to retreat from battle even in the face of overwhelming odds. Imagine the fanaticism that was required to maintain such an endeavor in a time before radio, telephones or mass transportation. The psychological pressure and trauma not to mention multiple cultural pressures must have been beyond imagination.

From what it looks like happened (I was not there despite claims that the crusades happened in the Regan years.) the psychological and ecclesiastical system just snapped. First Templars who were in fact secretly gay probably began openly expressing themselves. They rode two to a horse and never knew if they were going to die the next day or not. Far from family and community they formed the only safe bonds they could and many of them just fell in love with one another as you would expect.

Outcast from their own culture and inside a hostile area they also made cultural ties to the other outsiders in the Holy land at the time...The Pagans, Jews, and the Yesedis, possibly even the stray Buddhist or Hindu if they ran into them.

Mixing the beliefs they encountered and the odd form of Catholicism they started with, it would not take long for several strange belief to take hold. They would also be forced to keep tight lipped about any details at all about any thing they were into. Sort of a what happens in Jerusalem stays in Jerusalem attitude sprung up.

Later, because of money owed to Phillip the Fair of France they were killed off and the remaining Templars went further into hiding.

The Church began its own campaigns of purging heretics as it had done with the Gnostics (the first of which were Luciferian) and the Cathars (Who also embraced some very LHP concepts) centuries earlier. Protestantism as well as Islam coupled with antisemitism, anti-Paganism, homophobia, Sexism, and embarrassment over the loss of the crusades started several inquisitions and witch hunts. Everything the church did not like was forced even further underground and the groups that were the legacy of the Templars seemed to gravatate to all of it.

Alchemy, Religious concepts from Kabbalism and Paganism, Homosexuality, Free sexuality, philosophy, political doctrines like anti monarchy and democracy were all embraced and such fraternal organizations attracted the growing middle class and intellectual classes.

Now we enter the modern era. The late industrial revolution to be exact. The fraternal legacy of the Templars is no longer the main resistance to the theocratic and authoritarian forces with such concepts as evolution, psychology, and mass entertainment doing much of the work to clear out the archaic ideologies.

The groups that represented the legacy of the Templars made a huge split. On one side they represented the status quo. Sometimes standing against an old ideology here and there like racism or caste systems but for the most part  just a boys club for the more or less well to do elements of society. On the other end were the esoterists. Mystics and rebels who took the most radical elements of the Templars legacy and ran with it.

As we went from the industial age to the atomic age to the information age, such groups continued to evolve at a greatly accelerated rate. I have often postulated that if we simply had a system of peer review for religion like we do for science most of mans religious problems could be cleared up in a decade. Such a process was in play with the esoteric fraternal groups as the helped facilitate the rebirth of Paganism, the Kabbalistic practices, free thought, Atheism and such. The closer a group was to the LHP the harder it was for them to fall into the hero worship trap.

Take for example the Temple of Set. Though founded by Aquino it has fostered several leaders rather that worshiping one or waiting for him to die before moving onto another. Don Webb and Stephen Flowers just to name a few.

Even in one group there are often many practitioners who draw more from a side sorce rather than the whole group just marching in lock step like a clone army. I believe this shows that there is a measurable LHP spirituality or culture that can be practiced by even the most inexperienced beginner in the LHP that causes them to be a little more ready to think for themselves and mix and match systems. This concept can be very confusing to beginners who are used to the monolithic spirituality that most of society clings to.

This brings me to our androgynous friend Baphomet. What he was to the crusaders was unknown. Rumors range from everything from a mispronunciation of Mohamed to the head of John the Baptist, to some ancient demon to the Prince of Darkness himself.

When I look at the image of him that Levi made that is so popular today I see a figure that is equally man and animal, male and female, having parts of all the elements in his or her person. Solve et Coagula to destroy and create, much like the three parts of the most ancient Hindu mantra OM or AUM as Crowley put it. Creating, Preserving and Destroying. The Atman, the soul, the mind, the body, Hadit(that which experiences) and Nuit (that which is experienced) The self, and the world. The unknown God that the Greeks shown the Apostle Paul, That which remains when all else is taken away.

If this was not what the Templars worshiped in the Temple of Solomon it should have been. Thus the LHP at it's core was not founded or rediscovered by one individual nor does it impose any strange system of morality or method that is not natural to the self. It's prophet and founder is that which remains when all else has been taken away, not some narcissistic prophet or savior or even some well meaning authority figure. Power is a choice as is freedom, plain and simple. To know, to will, to dare and to keep silent. I have always had trouble with the last one.

Sparkles and unicorns my degenerate brothers and sisters. Stay true to yourselves most of all.

Mauricio Gonzalez II
Hallo Every One!,

Before I explain my reasons as to why I don't show picture images my face publicly, I would like to first express my gratitude. I have been pretty active on here as much as possible ever since I first joined & must say that I quite like it here, my stay has been most enjoyable...thus I am thankful to have been "approved", A good opportunity to bring Honor to Our Benefactors by helping contribute as much as I could to our noble Satanic Struggle & providing any assistance to fellow Satanic Kindred!

Now on to my personal reasons as to why I don't put up I picture image of my face in public, one is spiritual & the other is materialistic:

>Spiritual: It is said that picture images capture part of the person's soul, they catch "The Spirit Of The Moment" (art drawings are similar too) & thus the most recent picture image is by far the most accurate "sight" of an attacker who holds some thing against the person in question. So I choose not to put up A public picture image of my self because there are spells & rituals out there that involves using picture images or art depictions, potential enemies (specifically from "The Right-Hand Path") would try to do harm up on either me or my family due to my *Satanic* (Anti-Christ/Al-Daijal) nature.

>Materialistic: Now this is obvious & pretty much common sense....I have the intent to be more politically involved & start putting in my political bid by the next decade, thus I do not desire my enemies to twist the meaning of my words against me in an effort to make sure that I don't succeed. Now don't get me wrong, I shall still wear my "Satanic Pride" as I run for office in the future & hold true to our faith...just don't desire past words or my ideas to be used as ammunition for slanderous propaganda against me!

So there you have it!, two reasons why I don't show picture images of my face out in public. Perhaps I may show to A few people who I feel comfortable enough with in the mean time, but then shall reveal my self more after I win the election in the next decade & thus I say unto my fellow Satanic Kindred...the one who wears the PeaCock feather & Totenköph is your best friend, my close allies know what the *hints are! ;).



      ~MG2 [s.s.s.] 3:).

Zoramonkey Member

I know everyone is tired if sequels but once in a while the sequel is actually better than the original.

In the 80s I loved the Subgenius stuff more than life itself. There was a book that they made that began a process that continues to this day. That beek was called High Weirdness By Mail. Not only did the book contain summaries of every strange and interesting organization in America at the time from the Church of Popeye to the Temple of Set, It had their mailing addresses. I inquired to every organization in the book. 

My world went from a tiny Christian-dominated village to a massive global city that housed every idea both good and bad. There was no internet back then.

Now flash to the present. The old monsters that relied on print to shape the opinions of people are close to death. Reuters and AP are shadows of their formal selves. CNN and Fox are almost jokes though some people still watch them. The wounded animal lashes out and the youtube adpocolypse happened. Facebook is becoming the new Reuters and the old guard tries to regain the control over our opinions and buying habits.

There all small pockets of resistance like this site but most of humanity seems hell bent on depending on media giants  just changing the name of the conglomerants who shape their opinions. It seems hopeless.

The recent debacle at google and the youtube adpocolypse has created a fair amount of dissent as have cries of fake news. I seek not to slay the giant but to fan the flames that he fears.

The internet is a big place and competition is a good thing, so, I am going to start this thread with a rough outline of the sites I know with my opinions on them. I encourage commenters to do the same. Not everybody is adept enough to find and evaluate several links but those who can or think they can should do some of the leg work for the less informed. Some of you will find this information basic and unnecessary but trust me there are several folks who have no idea where to go to get media or information. It will benefit all of us when people who have little basic information begin to explore the more obscure and less traveled sections of the internet. Please comment with your contributions as well.

There seem to be mercifully few LHP sites out there. It is my hope that those less adept in internet navigation and such will begin using and putting content on the below mentioned venues. 

The Giants

Facebook.com - Everyone knows this one and most of us use it. As a venue for video, images, text, games, it seems to do everything, but it is far too big. It is best to be used as a jumping off point.

Twitter.com - Much like facebook with a text character limit. Again a great jumping off point

Tumblr.com - As above just made for blogging. It has some of the worst content on the internet

Reddit.com - The thinking man/womans jumping off point.

Google.com/Google+ Everyone uses the mail and search but its days are numbered.

Instagram.com - Mostly for pictures

Wikipedia.org - A user contributed encyclopedia. Good as a jumping off point, bad as a source.

The Dying/dead platforms

Myspace.com - Now only used by young people and some elements of the music scene. Because it is a dead platform it can be used by any group.

Yahoo.com - Sporting the most hackable platform and mail client, Yahoo is a creepy ghostown.   


Youtube.com -Once a great platform now it stands to be dethroned by its own censorship methods.

Vimeo.com - Great for live and streaming video. The oldest competetor to youtube.

Vidme.com - A great and up and coming alternative to youtube.

Periscope.tv - It seems nice but we'll have to see how it works out.

Younow.com - Seems to work insome relation to vidme.com

Crunchyroll.com -The premiere anime video service

Netflix.com - A movie platform that almost everyone uses.

Hulu.com - Pretty much another television/movie platform

Odd places

4chan.com - An anonymous form of social media. There is some really horrible stuff here but if you want to either anonymously release information or read stuff that someone need to post anonymously then this platform is for you. There is surprisingly little occult content here.

f-list.com -A place to chat about various odd fetishes and rollplay them


Pornhub.com -Perhaps the best mainstream free porn site

youporn.com -A sister site to pornhub

redtube.com - Another mainstream free porn site.


Itunes.com - A for pay music service. Perhaps a bit obsolete but time will tell.

Pandora.com - An internet radio service. There are several others out there.

Soundcloud.com -A music venue used by many smaller and up and coming musicians. 


Discord.com - The best chat/video chat client out there. Primarily set up for gaming but it is arms and legs above any other service.

Tinychat.com An older chat client and the one used for livechat on this site. A bit buggy but there is hope if they ever update it.


Blizzard.com - Most Blizzard games are made to be played with others. If you have never done this it might be worth giving it a look.

steam.com - A venue for games of all sorts and it even has social media capabilities.

eveonline.com - I only mention this to plug my favorite mmo

twitch.com - A venue that allows you to watch people play games. Oddly more popular than one would think.


satanicinternationalnetwork.com - This site

paganspace.net -An occult social media site. It does have a Satanist section.

600club.com -The other Satanic social media site

Hermetic.com - An online occult library

hermetics.com - Another online occult library

oto-usa.org - A global occult society and an online occult library.

occultforum.org -Another online occult social media site. 

Xeper.org -A pioneer on the internet for the LHP. Any LHP person, Satanist, Luciferian, 

demonalotor, Thelemite is doing themselves a disservice if they do not visit this site.

Subgenius.com -Not exactly an occult site but any of the above mentioned groups or any atheist or free thinker who ignores this gem is missing out.

Search sites

Google.com -The most popular search engine. I guess it's better than bing.

duckduckgo.com -A very nice and private search engine. It has a version on onionland.

yahoo.com - I only include this because it has become such a joke.

Darknet and hidden sites

onionland -A protocol that allows real privacy. Somewhat technical to use but it has other uses outside of human trafficking and drug sales. One example is the Thelemic/Luciferian library I plan to put on onionland with Arabic versions so that such literature can be made available in places where it is forbidden such as the Saudi Arabian kingdom. I love the idea. 

i2p - An even more technical and secure protocol

Please go out and shake the tree as much as you can and share what you find.

Ayporos Chapter Head
I was going to write this as just a newsfeed update on my profile however, after starting to write, I realised that it is going to be a peice of writing a bit too long for a simple status and so, this blog post was born.

It has dawned on me recently that my life has changed drastically several times over the last 2 or 3 years. I joined SIN back in 2014 so, I have been around for a good while now however, I have taken breaks and stepped back from things and people.

I realised recently that I have been neglecting myself. My perception of everything has changed and my overall outlook of everything had become wholefully negative.
I had gone astray from everything I valued, worked on and wanted.

Whether or not I needed that digression in my path is still up for debate, regardless of that for the time being, my path has led me back to where I was before.

So now, after all that has happened and I am back where I started, it's time to pick everything up again and continue from where I left off.
To those of you who knew and know me, I apologise for my sudden disappearances and absences. To those of you who didn't and don't, I'm back now so lets raise a little hell and cause some chaos.

Ayporos Sep 8 '17
Zach Black Owner
I decided to re-post my reply in a different forum as new forums get more replies. Also I get asked this all the time. 

Luxes orginal is this  


Sep 5

What's a "purist" Satanist believe?

By "purist" Satanist, I mean one who doesn't get their ideas and beliefs from other religions.

Strictly staying within the precinct of each of the major schools if Satanism (LaVeyan, Theistic, Self-described, ONA) is their an afterlife of any kind?

The ONA does teach of a "beforelife" which is the Acausal, to which we return when we sacrifice a male human to Satan, or committed acts of terrorism to kill a lot of mundanes in public. 

Zach Black -
Zach Black5 minutes agoWell coming from a self-styled Satanist what I personally believe that there is no actual afterlife. I believe that we and all living things have a life force. Kinda like Yoda when he talks about the force. 

I believe that or ' life force ' leaves us at death and gets put back into the whole to be redistributed back into the ' one '.. 

Although I also realize I can not prove this so....I could be wrong. Which is why I live my life as if this is the only life I will ever have. I DON'T believe in a afterlife or that our consciousness exists after the flesh dies.

Zach Black Owner
This is not a macabre suicide note or a passive aggressive cry for help. But, death comes at anytime for any reason. Everything is killing everything. If you start from the bottom bacteria and micro viruses are killing us. A bear will kill you to. Or acts of ' God ' like wild fires of a lightning strike to your balls. Insects are trying to eat you alive. And we breed and slaughter animals to survive. Everything is trying to kill everything else. 

Just know when I go I lived my life the way I wanted. I made some mistakes sure. Few of us have not. I enjoyed my time for the most part and the friends and loved ones I had. I have lived a full life... probably enough for several lives. 

When it comes time to drift off into the great beyond I will be back bigger and better than before to haunt you fucks all over again. 

I have met some great people and had some great experiences through out this journey. I would like to think that I added to push the wheel of Satanism forward if even a few inches. 

Hail Satan     ZB 

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Mauricio Gonzalez II
I remember being in A Dinghy during A dark foggy night, rowing my way to some docks & it was there that I have seen old wooden ships that were common during "The Age Of Discovery" (or "Colonial Age"). As I was approaching to the docks, I remember the reason for having come to the place...I was in search of some friends. As I approached closer, I heard some Hispanic music coming from A guy sitting in A rocking chair near A house that connected to the docks almost sounded like A familiar tune. For what-ever reason, I threw some thing at the guy that caused him to fall back, he wasn't really happy & got up to walk some place else.

As I continued to row closer to tether the Dinghy next to the docks, I noticed that there was an other Dinghy near by which had fresh corpses of people that was covered by A big sheet or blanket. There were apparently stories about "Bog Monsters" that roamed through the near-by swamp & I wondered if these were victims of the "Bog Monsters" or is they were victims of murder. As I made my way to the Town to begin my search, I paid close attention to the way the Town looked, it was A fairly large colony that had some structures which were either near the water or on higher ground & there were others that connected to docks high above the water. At some later point I get "greeted" by that one guy that played the small guitar or ukulele & he had brought with him an angry mob that chased after me for what-ever reason, they were blasting me with all sorts of accusations (many of which could have been false). I reached the edge of the town & had one of two choices, either hand my self over in surrender to the mob who would very well execute me by hanging or take my chances out in the Dark Foggy Swampy Bog....I had decided that the latter was better than the former & made my way there while still being followed by the angry mob.

At some point of my running, I saw wide open caverns & in it were huge bipedal creatures of A fierce territorial temperament, these were the "Bog Monsters" (like A tribe) that roamed through the swamp. I decided to make my way past the caverns while trying to be the least threat that posed them, in hopes to trick the mob in unwittingly confronting & provoking them. I heard the mob get closer, but was successful...I had then ventured further out in to the unknown, for ever A *Pariah* amongst society.

   ~MG2 [s.s.s.]
Mauricio Gonzalez II

I don't remember much other than it looked like it was the British Islands way back in the day, all I remember seeing A large gather of people who were celebrating A `rite´ & that I was chosen for it...but against my will, I remember being pushed in to the middle of the circle of the gathering & I was approached by tall male who wore some kind of horned head-dress or mask.

I was afraid of what was to come & dared not step any further, he then charged after me...grabbing both my arms & threw me hard on my side, ripping/tearing the thin white silk gown I wore. It was at that point that I have realized that I was A woman & that this was A type of "spring rite", I dared not to struggle out of fear of repercussions...so I just laid there as this *wild-savage man* had mounted him self up on me & taking me with full brutal force, all sorts of feelings went through my mind...I essentially ended up in A catatonic state or deep trance for A brief moment, I eventually came out of it & saw that it was all over.

Every thing just seemingly went back to normal, but the experience was now for ever A part of me & the people were apparently quite happy with what transpired. Some were congratulating me & some harbored jealousy against me, but it made no difference to me. The last thing I remember was seeing A large bonfire lit up right were I was raped by that savage "wild-man", I stared deep in to it & every thing faded in to A blur...I then woke up, still feeling the effects of the Past-Life Experience.

   ~MG2 [s.s.s.]

I am your savage wild man, honey. ~AK

I love it when a spell starts manifesting before you cast it. Perhaps one of the benefits of working with dark energy is that it works fast. But so far, my intention to be more prosperous has been working out well since the day I set it. I get paid by the amount of work I do rather than hourly, so my workload has suddenly gotten heavier. That, and someone gave me some extra herbs he had just because he felt like it.

I also set the intention that I wanted to become healthier. Within 2 days, my parents were on a vegan kick after being very adamantly pro-meat and anti-vegetarian beforehand. I feel much healthier and in control of my eating since going veggie, so it's all working out. I don't miss eating meat and it's easier for me to do since I actually support animal rights. Now, all of the things that I would be tempted to eat are simply off the plate and it's great! But I'm just happy when my own magick has a quick and positive effect on others.

Magick rules. Hail Satan. Hail thyself.

Mauricio Gonzalez II
I just created A group for any one who specializes in Black Arts, Destruction & Revenge. All for the purpose of rallying up individuals who are ready to fight against our common enemies, institutions/organizations that are in opposition to us & just about any specific person who decided to pick A fight with A Satanist. ~MG2 [s.s.s.] 3;).

Dragomir Satanis

I come before you Satan in awe and sheer delight

I summon the Demonic energies to enter this  world tonight

Let us be true to you Father in all we say and do

Each breath each thought each word a testament to You

Use my hatred of those that oppose You to fuel my desire and lust

For I will serve You always Father as I know I must

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Zoramonkey Member
As I have stated before there is going to be a Pagan Pride Festival this month in Houston. Usually this sort of affair is dominated by the white light crowd. Last year it was held at a restaurant and my group was forced to sit in coodie town along with our comrades from the local Asatru groups with our big pewter Baphomet statue we had purchased from one of the attending vendors.

This year will be different. To combat experiences like that and general LHP and Crowley-phobia the OTO will not only attend in masse but also will have a booth.

It would be really nice if not only Thelema and Asatru were represented but also Luciferians, Satanists, Demonalotors and other less pc groups were also represented.

For too long the white lighters and the RHP have dominated the occult turning it into a simplistic sophomoric affair all the while maligning the LHP. I don't want to eliminate them but we do have the right to exist even if the polliana princess buttercup crowd does not like it.

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The Colossus coughs clouds of toxic purple dust on it's grovelling subjects. A mother takes off her veil and puts it over her son’s head, hoping to protect his eyes and lungs from the noxious clouds enveloping them. They both cough and choke violently, pain exploding in their lungs. The dust clogs their airways and they are silenced. They suffocate, but it is easy to slip into death once they stop struggling. The mother dies first, on top of her son. He dies second, comforted by the pressure of his dead mother's bosom pressing into his back. The hundreds who cannot escape the cloud struggle to breathe as the boy and her son did. They soon fall to the ground dead. The Colossus coughs again. The sound rattles tens of thousands of broken souls gathered in the downtown core of Toronto to worship him. This crowd is comparable in size to those that gather for rock festivals in Brazil, but there is no cheerful, carnival atmosphere. Not a single smile or beach towel adorn any of the tens of thousands of celebrants.

The Colossus's skin is white, composed of minerals that take the shape of spiky crystals. This “skin” looks like the fur of a polar bear who stuck its paw in an electrical socket. Hundreds of shimmering white stalactite formations rise from his surface. Between coughing purple sputum, the colossus laughs at the people scurrying in the ruined streets below. The laugh is the sound of continental plates grinding against each other. He hunches over slightly, puts his hands on his thighs and his chest expands and contracts at odd intervals, like a person doubled over with laughter, but isn’t laughter because that is something people do.

'We have to leave.' Jacob says, his words smothered by the geological sounds coming from the colossus. A half dozen people turn and stare at him, then turn their eyes and supplications back to the Colossus sitting on the skeletal throne of toppled skyscrapers, hoping that his coughing has stopped and along with it the smothering death.

Jacob's words are the first spoken in days among the crowd. People have been communicating through dead glances and silent body language for days. Jacob wonders if only he remembers life before the colossus. They were all free and alive before this white crystal freak invaded; they never had to guess at how to please beings that held the power of life and death over them. Some chose to, but none were forced to.

The Colossus gets off of his throne of toppled and crushed buildings. The monstrosity has heard Jacob's words and accompanying blasphemous thoughts. Jacob’s stomach turns to a lump of ice. The Colossus turns its gaze straight to him as soon as he speaks. It stands up straight and abruptly ceases its laughter.

The giant's black crystalline eyes, set in quarry sized pits, turn to Jacob. It stands for the first time in ten days. This breaks the concentration of the crowd; their routine has been altered in a way that brings to their collective mind the notion of eternal doom. The mass of non-speaking, almost motionless people have all condemned themselves to die standing. They would all waste away until after days their blood sugar drops to a point where they drop to the floor unconscious. Depending on what level of resources their bodies have stored, they will come in and out of consciousness for several days until passing into a coma from which they will never wake. Since they have resigned themselves to this fate already, they do not fear it.

Some celebrants drop their outstretched arms for the first time in hours. A torrent of debris stuck to the hindquarters of the Colossus falls hundreds of feet to the crowd of suffocating supplicants below. Dozens are crushed into a paste and a wave of chaos spreads through the crowd. They were the first to worship at the feet of the colossus and the first to die. When they got close enough they licked and massaged the gigantic feet of the thorny colossus. They imagined in their hopelessness born madness that their actions prevented further violence from the colossus. They believe that their unending staring, gesturing and gibbering at the colossus keep him docile and his blood thirst quenched.

The order is smashed among the survivors of the Colossal Holocaust because of the falling rubble, because of the demigods movement. They remember the first days of his Holocaust and flee with reckless, animalistic abandon knowing what is coming. People rush past Jacob, shoulders crunch into his chest and stomach, but he remains standing, looking up at the creature. It raises a city block sized foot and the screams that rise from the fleeing, doomed faithful break Jacob's heart.

Jacob broke their enthralled order his independent thought. He realizes it. He feels enlightened. He sees into the mind of every human being in the entire city. During their worship, they all thought the same, silent nothing. There was no experience grafted onto the senses. There was no constant interplay of memories and problems and the past and the future coursing through the veins of their cognition. There was only the present. There was only the terrible, inevitable present, threatening to destroy them.

A foot crashes down on top of dozens of people, crunching them into paste on the cracked road. Their organic remains are the grout that fills cracks in the road. Jacob doesn't move as a heavy stream of horrified, beleaguered faces rush past him, unaware of what they could have done to anger the giant. Jacob can't believe that he was the first person to question things or remember that life wasn't always this way. The Colossus bends down on one knee and flattens Jacob with a twenty-tonne hand.

SamaelSwine Aug 15 '17 · Rate: 5 · Tags: short story, creative writing, fiction
Why do i have to be a good satanist?  I love evil people and have no morals. I enjoy incest reading material. Forced sex is my favorite porn. Scat porn is a close second. I hate god fearing people. They lack vision reality 
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Zoramonkey Member
I can remember the old days( I swear no tales of walking 20 miles to school whole fighting grizzly bears an hunting mastodons.) when Satanist met one another by bookstores, newspaper editorials, existing organizations or plain chance.

Today we have social media, but it is a young medium and few have any idea of how to use it.

I have several friends who will not use this or that format as if this were the yahoo groups days when all one needed was one social media platform.

Today we have the giant monster platforms like facebook that everyone exept for one or two people use on Earth (I know both of them...Don't ask.) There are widely used but specific platforms like reddit, and specialized ones for special interests like this one.

Not only are there several platforms but there are also several different ways to use them all and different features. Almost everyone uses one of the many chat clients and watches media on them. Some people for example use a platform like facebook chiefly as a way to find people selling things and sell things they have.

When it comes to the LHP, we have an odd relationship with social media. We were some of the first to use most platforms. This might be because it allows us to meet like minded people without risk. The problem is that the whole LHP seems to have gone quiet in recent years or at least mostly.

On social media there are problems that are rarely discussed but everyone deals with.

The first is what I like to call the "Lonely Hearts Club" The LHP causes one to truncate interactions with the world at large for fear of conflicts concerning ones religious choices. This means that the average LHP person can be a bit on the easy side to seduce, both romantically and amicably. Those who one meets often later are found not to have the temperament for the LHP or no interest in doing any real spiritual work. This would not be a problem had not the premise of the initial contact been to find someone of a LHP temperament or do ritual work with. If one is not careful one can become bogged down in unproductive, banal, and superficial contacts until there is no difference between the local Baptist congregation and your life.

The second problem is another type of impersonator. They can run from someone just looking to cause trouble, promote some lame political or social agenda, the police or government, to Christian organizations looking to either destroy the organization or convert it's members.

There is also the garden variety poser. Not really as much of a threat, just someone who likes graveyards, horror movies, or dressing in black. I tend to tolerate them because some actually get serious about the LHP at one point.

I am sure everyone on the site knows how to create sock accounts and defend ones identity online. After all no one wants grandma to know about your affiliation with The Temple of Set.

Anonymity seems to also protect folks who just want to hurt, tear down or exploit others. The internet is not a completely safe place.

I could list all the different platforms or the ones I use but that would be exhaustive. I just encourage all LHP people to get out there and see what is available, when you find a good venue come back and tell the rest of us. That is all.


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I  meditated and read the Enokian Keys (JoS Version) during the Eclipse. I used the TV (on mute) to focus on the visual aspect of the Eclipse Live. I added ancient meditation sounds background audio. 

[Pre Meditations:]

1. Vibrated the following mantra until the Moon covers half the Sun:


2. Vibrated the following mantra 18 times:


3. Repeat #1 until Totality of Eclipse.

4. Vibrate the mantra from #1 as you ring the bell opening the ritual.


1. Open Ritual. (During Totality)

2. Invoke 4 Crowned Princes.

3. Invoke Satan.

4. Drink from Chalice.

5. Offering.

6. Sign & Read any written prayers. Then burn them.

7. Recite Enokian Keys.

8. Hail Satan!

9. Vibrate Om Som Suraye Namaha 9 times.

10. Hail Satan

11. Vibrate Satanama 9 times.

12. Hail Satan.

13. Vibrate Om Som Suraye Namaha 9 times.

14. Hail Satan

15. Give back energy to 4 Crowned Princes.

16. Close Ritual

This is what I'm considering doing for the August 21 2017 Eclipse because I don't know any specific Eclipse Rituals. The Eclipse reminds me of a gateway, so the Enokian Keys appear to fit.

Hail Satan

Omniscient_Glitch Aug 13 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: solar eclipse ritual
People keep asking me to explain why I chose satanism and I can't get my emotions on the subject into a coherent answer which is very annoying and makes my reasoning seem weak, if there at all.
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Here is a list of Satanic YouTube accounts:

* Satanic International: https://www.youtube.com/satanicinternational

* Venus Satanas: www.youtube.com/VenusSatanas & www.youtube.com/venussatanasvideos

* Thomas LeRoy: https://www.youtube.com/UC0lyfnDD2_ijrPr_IQGWTJg

* Kindra Ravenmoon: www.youtube.com/UCUWKdMfVeP1UplPMl6CHsDg

* Temple of the Ancient Ways: www.youtube.com/channel/UCed5IiR4uZv3-N-Z6Jx5N_A/videos

* The Serpent's Key: www.youtube.com/channel/UC8cdSAkdItD1P2JpguBHFNQ

*Styxhexenhammer: www.youtube.com/channel/UC0rZoXAD5lxgBHMsjrGwWWQ

* White Raven: www.youtube.com/channel/UCa1Bjr3T4S50nSbHIsWZrig

* Occult Lectures: www.youtube.com/channel/UCX8cB08hSFcVNt7XBG5OOOg

* Axaru: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDGkEiPdTEPCL7YFYt_5OQ

* Mystery History: www.youtube.com/channel/UCC9JHVPm-4P5QDp9vk8EH-A

* Myrmydon666: www.youtube.com/channel/UC9wtTGN5_Bg24ziaPodJYcA

* Mind & Magick: www.youtube.com/channel/UCIz29e7qEHd_GXbtuRE1leg

* f0StaR Ch!1d: www.youtube.com/pitchblackfire

* E.A. Koetting: www.youtube.com/channel/UC3PbU2BsHFjySvk3sdBltpA

* Hooded Cobra: www.youtube.com/channel/UCPTrmwO-xp_Zffjz97Ciliw

* Brotherhood of Satan: www.youtube.com/channel/UCbrFdKUWua0h4_ZhYldbOqg

* Messenger of the gods: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTasNtFSxowI55OKit_gKg

* Darklordism: www.youtube.com/channel/UC6fNPmbAq2Qe05iFfKHIS-w

* Darkmatter2525: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLhtZqdkjshgq8TqwIjMdCQ

* Ancient Documentaries: www.youtube.com/channel/UCvI6MBlMf2gTMo0Qe3w143A

* Pharroh AK-47:


*Fostar Child:


* Michael W. Ford: 


* Satan and Sons:


* Asbjorn Torvol:


* Azura Dragonfaether:


* Orlee Stewart:


* The Satanic Temple:


* The House of Magick:


* J.D. Temple:


Omniscient_Glitch Aug 11 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: websites
Mauricio Gonzalez II
About A night or two after my intimate encounter, I had been attacked by A pair malicious entities...as previously stated, not all of my Astral Experiences are positive. Here is my experience:

A night or two after my intimate encounter & after I had reconciled with an "Old Flame", I had found my self in A decrepit structure that suggested it was some kind of store or ware-house. I saw that it was at least two-stories high as part of the ceiling had A hole that I could see through & saw an other floor level above me. As I slowly vetured through the rubble, I get A sense of unease that I am being stalked...I continued forward through some aisle section with rows of shelves (some collapsed & others tipped over, one or two leaning on an angle), I hear some kind of moist sounding foot steps coming around my left corner view & I saw two malicious bipedal creatures through the shelves. They were very pale, grainy skin texture, almost nude except for A few white bandages (some looked blood-stained) that they wore. These things had A face that almost looked like "Falmer" from T.E.S. series, but walked up-right & slow. Their eyes are big & solid dark, the hands being huge. They weren't very tall or muscular, looked as though one could be brought down easily...but in this case, I was armed only with A type semi-automatic weapon with very limited rounds & these things were damn agile. I was trying to hide behind one of the shelves, but one of them noticed me & alerted the other. I raised my rifle at them & tried firing shots at them, but they kept dodging...shifting their bodies to hide behind the shelves. I thought I managed to get one in it's arm because it was staying back A little while it's friend closed the distance. I tried moving back, but fell on some thing on the floor...it made me vulnerable enough that by the time I tried getting up, the Zombie-like "Grey" had grabbed me & sank it's rotten sharp teeth in to my left shoulder while it's friend rushed in after my right side only for me to hold out my right arm to keep it's face away from me (it was all for no thing as I was basically doomed). I felt parts of my body get numb & I hear A coarse harsh male voice echo "INSTANT DEATH!" with A rather malicious tone of satisfaction...

I then came back before it's friend got my right side of my body, being in A highly alerted state & then pissed off after A few minutes later!

   -Your Thoughts??,
      ~MG2 [s.s.s.]
Mauricio Gonzalez II
Before I get started on my experience, I would like to mention that these things don't happen very often & that I am by no means an expert at willingly Astral Projecting my self. I am going to basically make A personal mental note of every thing I can remember & post my Astral Experiences here once in A while...some are positive, few are negative & most are neutral. Any ways...enough of my rambling (Autism), I am going to now post the experience I had A few nights ago:

A few nights back, I had an experience in the Astral...every thing felt so real, yet rushed at the very end!

From what I remember, I found my self nude & buried in an old stone tomb. There was no thing, no escape...I was essentially trapped, as though I were sealed alive. I then saw the narrow stone casket shift with-in, there were openings...but the opportunity was limited & I had to hurry `lest I end up trapped indefinitely.

As I hurried to slide down the stone tomb & having barely avoided being crush, I fall down in to A dim lit room where fire was the only light source...A female voice echoed, beckoning me to enter the large room & so I did.

I saw A large furnace, wall scones of fire lamps, A large fancy red carpet with gold trim that looked hand-made, A large luxurious wooden table with food (looked vegetarian, didn't notice any meat) & chalices containing liquid (assuming it was water or wine, or some other drinkable substance).

I then saw her from behind, A woman wearing A Scarlet Robe that showed she was of some kind of Royalty. Her hair was not straight, but seemed to be wavy & was A shade of color that was difficult to see in detail due to the dim light...but I knew for sure that it was neither Black nor Brown (it seemed either Red or Gold). Her eyes, words can not describe...they change & shift, color is unknown. Her skin is white as snow, but despite her youthful appearance...she irradiated A presence that suggested one who is ancient, old & with wisdom. Her hands had sharp decorated talons, but knew not if they were natural or artificial.

She turned around & says to me that she has long awaited me, that we must hurry while there is still time. She leads me to the table where she first has me eat her food, almost hand-feeding it to me before making me drink from one of her chalices & then she leads me away...

...she disrobes, revealing A semi-nude body covered in magnificent jewelry & some of it were Arcane/Occultic symbols. The only part covered was her pelvis, the fabric was A transparent silk micro-skirt & she tells me "I must ride *The Beast* little one, *The Mother Of All Nations* needs her womb ploughed". After which bindings appear suddenly & wrap around my limbs, making me fall flat on the ground where I barely noticed it was consecrated by A large symbol on floor that which I lay on top of. She then walks in circles around with some kind of incense smoke burning from one hand & A small bell in the other, she then parts the "veil" around the circle to enter with-in. After entering, she proceeds to mount me...taking my (presumably virginal) phallus in her hand & stroking it while reciting some kind of chant in A language not known to me. After she was done, she takes it & guides it through the transparent silk micro-skirt where starts rubbing it close to her sacred folds. She then recites A different chant while teasing, her facial expression never changing...her eyes in A deep trance-like state, such an intense focus in regards to her mind's concentration. After finishing chanting, she lifts her self up high & slams down on my phallus...being taken completely by her as she recites A different chant, one that matches her rhythm as she rides up on me. Her words become different, louder & emotionally charged prior to each "slap" only to return back to normal. I was mesmerized by the whole sight of what was going on & what was happening, I felt that I could at any moment no longer hold out. As though she sensed it, she then starts speeding up her chants & rhythm at such A high rate of speed. Right before the very end, she lifts her self very high to the point that my phallus almost slips out & slams down with full screaming force of one final word. The force being as such, that I am abruptly waken up in A toxic daze!

   -Your Thoughts??,
      ~MG2 [s.s.s.] ;).
* "Become other things than mistreated slaves. Let me place in you the self-awareness, the knowledge of whom you are, the image of your creator and get back to your freedom. Be free!" - Satan

* "In the secret of my knowledge, there is no god but Me."

- Satan

* "I appear in diverse manners to those who are faithful..."

- Satan

* "I am ever present to help all who trust in me and call upon me in time of need. There is no place in the Universe that knows not my presence."

- Satan

* "There is no god but myself, knowing this, who dares worship the false gods of the Koran and Bible?"

- Satan

* Spiritual Satanism is the original "religion" of Mankind.

* "No god has the right to interfere in my affairs, and I have made it imperative rule that everyone shall refrain from worshiping all gods."

- Satan

* "I teach and guide those who follow my instruction. If anyone obey me and my commandments, he [or she] shall have joy, delight, and comfort."

- Satan

* "I appear in diverse manners to those who are faithful..."

- Satan

* "I lead to the strait path without a revealed book.... All my teachings are easily applicable to all times and conditions."

- Satan

* "If I so desire, I send a person a second or third time into this world or into some other by the transmigration of souls."

- Satan

* As above, so below

* "In the form of Man they amongst us, but only to sight were they as are men. Reptile when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to Man as men among men. Taking their form and ruling over Man. Sought they came to destroy and rule."

- Thoth

* "Deep 'neath the rocks I buried my Spaceship, waiting the time when Man might be free."

- Thoth

* "Fools do not know what they are doing. Energy is being sent up. It should go into the Earth to replenish her. The overuse of the point-up pentagram is throwing the energies into space, causing a number of problems, and draining the Earth of her ability to defend herself against these problems." 


* "There are vortexes of very destructive, negative energy. Hatred, anger, fear, murder, death, and every other destructive thing. These are like black holes. They accumulate negative energy like a vacuum. There are different planes of existence. When you meditate, you elevate to a higher plane. There are different levels and from meditation, you live on a higher plane than most others. People who are on an already lower level can get tied into this vortex of negative energy and pulled in. Those who are on their own are susceptible to anything. The enemy knows how to use these."

- Satan

* "I am the formed abyss, we are not different. All things are formed from one primordial nothingness. Not at some point in the distant past, but in each moment. Every moment you consider me, I come into being. Every moment that you consider yourself, you are brought into existence. Stop considering yourself and you will cease to be. I have appeared to men as they have considered me, I have taught them that which they were on the brink of learning themselves, I concatenated their realizations.... Reality is far from objective. Can you have a single thing that exists independent of your observation? Such a thing does not exist. When you and I meet, you and I come into existence. Until that point, there is no you, there is no I. You exist only in relation to that which surrounds you. Your very physical form is held together as mine is in this smoke, by the pressure inside of your skin meeting the pressure outside of your skin and both forces hold you in one piece..."

- Azazel 

* "Enki [Satan] and Ninmah, with Ningishzidda [Thoth] assisting, the Being [Adamu] fashioned."

- Ancient Sumerian Tablets

* "From the pouch of Ninmah the seeds were obtained, in the valley's soil they were sown, a fruit [Plant] from Nibiru on Earth to be grown!"

- Ancient Sumerian Tablet 5

* "On our planet, slavery has long ago been abolished..."

- Beelzebub

* "I will bring the Enemy to his knees! Jews Muslims, Christians, murderers and insnarers of the soul!"

- Lucifer

* "The feminine energy, known as 'shakti' 'kundalini' 'devi', and by other Sanskrit names was systematically removed by the Jews [Illuminati] and replaced with the male aspects that are of the logical side of the brain and lack the raw spiritual power."

- Maxine Dietrich

* "When objects move, they get heavier as they move.... The reason why objects get heavier as they move, is because the energy of motion is converting into Mass."

- Dr. Michio Kaku

* "We are not men who are striving to become gods, but we are gods who have striven to become men."

      - E.A. Koetting

* "What knowledge we possess, its use cannot be prevented!"

      - Thoth

* Within the vessels of Humans lays the logo of the Universe. As above, so below. As an electron orbits its nucleus in the Atom; likewise, a planet orbits its star in the Universe.

* "Darkness is light turned inside out."

      - Beelzebub

* "Hear ye now of the mystery of nature, the relations of life to the Earth where it dwells. Know ye, ye are threefold in nature, physical, astral, and mental in one. Three are the qualities of each of the natures; nine in all, as above, so below."

      - Thoth

* "Our consciousness is omnipresent an so therefore, there is nothing in existence that's outside of that."

       - E.A. Koetting

* "Leave thou thy body [Astral Project] as I have taught thee."

      - Thoth

* Planets have magnetic fields around them. Humans, like planets also have magnetic fields around the body. (Auras)

* "Enlighten the people generally, and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish..."

      -Thomas Jefferson

* "Have you not considered that perhaps there is a work at hand which transcends you and your desire to see into the Mysteries? Have you considered that perhaps it is the work of the Mysteries to understand you? Because you desire so strongly to travel into Our world, it is difficult for you to understand how fierce our desire is to travel into Yours. The Mystery does not lie inwards, in that from which all things came, but instead the mystery lies outwards; in that which has become."

       - Ant'harratu

* "The work which lies before us,now, is to take dominion over this realm, to make perfect and limitless even this most course and barren physical state."

      - Azazel

* "Make yourself strong. You are a being of power, of strength. That which exists in the formed invisibility is to be made flesh. Solidify and strengthen your own Temple, and your empire will rise around you."

      - Azazel

* "Did the deceased embrace life enough to be able to live again in death?"

      - Thoth

* "Beyond five cities, a Chariot Place [Stargate] I shall henceforth build. From Nibiru to Earth directly to arrive..."

      - Beelzebub

* The nature of reality is a Matrixical Simulation

* The Spirit World and our world "...from time to time, come together. As they grow closer, the veil between them is lifted. Then the powers of magick become stronger, and there is a moment where the two collide; and rather than that collision creating a destruction of one or the other of these worlds, they meld into one another... These worlds then will separate again. For the moment that these worlds are one, it will be as if these ancient gods walk this Earth as Men."

      - Lucifuge Rofocale

* "I come to you now as a spirit and a god, but in you lifetime I will come to you as a physician and a scientist, and I will walk among you."

      - Azazel 

* "I reveal my wonders to those who seek them, and in due time my miracles to those who receive them from me. But those who are without are my adversaries, hence they oppose me. Nor do they know that such a course is against their own interests, for Might, Wealth, and Riches are in my hands, and I bestow them upon every worthy descendant of Adam."

      - Satan

* "Its by never giving up on what is right and standing firm on your spiritual principles that one obtains victory in this life and world."

      H.P. Mageson

* "The Anunnaki established a global Atlantean civilization."

      - 4biddenknowledge

* "We are the warriors of a dream, but when dreams are actualizes, they are not dreams, they are so many things more."

      Hooded Cobra

* "There is a place here that we have for deceased souls.... We protect whoever comes to us. Some are (misguided) and reincarnate them until they see the truth and are ready to come here. Most people (Those who are Without as well) get reincarnated."

      - Satan

* "10,000 years ago, [Humanity was] close to perfection. The Earth was attacked."

      - Azazel

* "Obstacles are for the feeble, no obstructions must be felt or thoughts of failure, be free of your own prison."


* "Obsessions with aims will always bring failure to every aspect of Luciferian evolution."


* "Body is the tomb, the tomb is the temple, and the temple is key to sovereignty."


* "The Hierarchy of the Satan Principle revolves around the Black Magician being able to manipulate his physical reality."


* "Lucifuge Rofocale is my general of worldly gain. His understanding of the economics of what is of value will aid you greatly. His manifestations of physical growth in all things monetary and physical will bring you great prosperity.... Before you call my general into your empire be aware of this one truth: Any you invite will forever stay the night. Accepting his dark and infernal connections is to accept them all. The illumination will come, but you will see the underbelly of his law. All things come with a price, and at times the price is higher than you can imagine."


* "Within the Principle of Lucifer is the complete understanding of all Illuminated Paths. I reveal to you the truth of the Black Magician. Break free from those shackles that bind you to earth and necessitates of everyday life."


* "...[A]n entire process that takes many of your lifetimes [reincarnations] to complete. One starts the reaction and the others follow. You are following a path of illumination and now illuminating yourself. The adeptship of Apostleship is at your hands. Take and receive it."


* "Each one of you have received visions and workings from me. I have done so to free you from the shackles that tie you down to Earth. Transcend upward and remain here. For the life of an empire is founded on the devotion of the emperor."


* "Take you place at my left side. I will guide you to a world that goes unseen. Your new domain is my Apostleship. I give you rule of all that is mine and within my reach. Seek therefore the heavens. Seek Truth."


* Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

* "Mystical explanations are thought to be deep; the truth is that they are not even shallow."

-Friedrich Neitzsche

* "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe [Herd]. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

-Friedrich Neitzsche

* "Who looks outside, dream; who looks inside, awakes."

-Carl Jung

* "The individual begins to find his [or her] own path, and the drag, you might say, of the primary mask is gradually thrown off... The Left Hand Path is that of the individual quest."

-Joseph Campbell

* "If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know its not your path. Your path you make with every step you take. That's why its your path."

-Joseph Campbell

* "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate."

-Carl Jung

* "I am not what happened to me. I am what I chose to become."

-Carl Jung

* "Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people."

-Carl Jung

* "Do not get rid of your vice. If its pride, make the pride work for your illumination, not your degradation."

-Joseph Campbell

* "The Fibonacci Sequence is Nature's numbering system. They appear everywhere in Nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, to the pattern of the florets of a flower, the bracts of a pinecone, of the scales of a pineapple. The Fibonacci numbers are therefore applicable to the growth of every living thing, including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees, and even all of Mankind.... you will see a Torus energy field. This field is the source of Zero Point Evergy V=2Pi^2 R^2."


Omniscient_Glitch Aug 2 '17 · Rate: 5
There are 100 Billion Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. 2000+ have been observed to have planets orbiting them. ~3400 Earth-like planets have been discovered. NASA has revealed in a press conference that they have discovered the Trappist-1 System. There has also been Many discoveries (both official and unofficial) in the Solar System which point to the existence of extraterrestrial life. Ancient historical records Pre-dating all Abrahamic Religions demonstrates knowledge of this. The Ancient gods who built the megalithic wonders of the world were demonized by Religion. Religion was created to enslave Mankind physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Trappist-1 is one example of an admission made by NASA which evidently demonstrates reality. 7 rocky planets orbit the Trappist-1 Star. 3 of those planets are in the Habitable Zone and are Earth-Like Planets. What this demonstrates is that there are other Star Systems other than the Solar System around the majority of Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Satanism was the original path of Mankind. Ancient archaeological writings of civilizations all over the world show that they were actually smarter than the Micromatrix wants Society to know. For example, according to the 3rd Ancient Sumerian Tablet: "The celestial chariot he deftly; from Nibiru it powerfully soared, toward the distant Sun he it directed.... Little Gaga [Pluto] came out to greet them, a welcome to the heroes it was extending. To blue-hued Antu [Neptune], the beautiful enchantress, it showed the way. By her sight Anzu was attracted.... Ea [Satan] to continue without stopping gave the word; it is a planet of no return, he forcefully said. Let us examine her waters! Anzu was saying" "Toward the heavenly An [Uranus], the third in planetary counts, the chariot continued. On his side was An [Uranus] lying, his host of moons about him were whirling. The Tester's beam the presence of water was revealing; a stop if needed to Ea [Satan] it was indicating. To continue the journey was Ea [Satan] saying. Toward Anshar [Saturn], the heaven's foremost prince, he was directing. Soon the ensnaring [gravitational] pull of Anshar [Saturn] they could tell, his colored rings with fear they admired. Deftly did Anzu the chariot guide, the crushing dangers he cleverly avoided. The giant Kishar [Jupiter], foremost of firm planets, was next to be encountered. Her net's pull was overpowering; with great skill did Anzu the chariot's course divert. With fury Kishar [Jupiter] at the chariot divine lightnings was thrusting, her host as the uninvited she directed. Slowly Kishar [Jupiter] moved away, for the chariot the next enemy to encounter: Beyond the fifth planet the Hammered Bracelet [Asteroid Belt] was lurking!" "Ea [Satan] his handiwork to set a-whirling commanded, the Water Thruster to prepare. Toward the host of turning boulders the chariot was rushing, each one like a slingshot's stone ferociously at the chariot aimed. The word by Ea [Satan] was given, with the force of a thousand heroes the stream of water was thrust. One by one the boulders turned face; a path for the chariot making! But as one boulder fled, another in its stead was attacking; a multitude byond count was their number, a host for the splitting of Tiamat revenge seeking!.... double was the joy as the sight of the Sun was now unveiled. Amidst the elation Anzu the alarm sounded: For the path to have fashioned, excessive waters to feed the chariot's fiery stones for the remaining journey were not sufficient. In the dark deepness the sixth planet they could see, the Sun's rays it was reflecting. There is water on Lahmu [Mars], Ea [Satan] was saying. Can you bring the chariot down upon it? Anzu he was asking. Deftly Anzu the chariot toward Lahmu [Mars] directed; reaching the celestial god, around it he the chariot made circle. The planet's net [atmosphere] is not great, its [gravitational] pull is to handle easy, Anzu was saying. A sight to behold was Lahmu [Mars], many hued it was; snow white was its cap [North Pole], snow white were its sandals [South Pole]. Reddish hued was its middle, in its midst lakes and rivers were aglitter! Deftly Anzu the chariot made travel slower, by a  lakeside it gently came down..."

According to archaeological and tablet evidence, the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built by Thoth; the son of Satan. He also built the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico, and possibly others. He was known as Thoth/ Tehuti/ Quetzalcoatl/ Hermes/ Ningishzidda and other names around the globe. There are megalithic pyramids on every continent on Earth. Examples include: N America/ S America/ China/ Iraq/ Egypt/ Russia/ Australia/ Antarctica/ etc. There are also pyramids on the Moon and on Mars.

Ancient Mankind had access to Ancient Technology. There was a war between Freedom and Tyranny. The Enemy extraterrestrials whipped out most ancient technology and caused the Ancient Technological Reset which lead to the Stone Age. Then the Enemy invaded Earth and sent their Demiurge Operatives to create Religion and demonize Satan and the ancient gods.

Omniscient_Glitch Aug 2 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
Zoramonkey Member
I was reluctant to return to this site. Imagine having to explain something over and over again and having the people you explain it to ignore it. The ignorance does not come from unfamiliarity, it comes from a need to inflict damage (aka trolling) or it comes from a lack of effort in understanding. I have seen someone here use the fact that I have claimed more than one religion to be some kind of conspiracy. I will try to clear this up again.

First, the concept of religious exclusivity is only found in a few cultures on this planet. Many cultures on this planet find it normal to have at least three. Modern examples of countries where this has been the case for quite a while include Japan, Mexico, and India.

Secondly there are also examples of cultures that did this in antiquity. Such examples include Ancient Sumeria and Hellenistic Greece.

Before I go any further please google the above examples if you have any doubt.

Third, most religions if not all are hybrids of multiple religions. There are some that are quite honest about this fact. Examples include: Zen Buddhism, Lamic Buddhism, Gnosticism, Sikhism, Bahai Faith, Most but not all Pagan beliefs (both meso and neo), most of Hinduism, The entire New Age, Thelema, Satanism, and Luciferianism.

Please google if you have any doubts.

Okay now to explain the rest. Satan and Lucifer are considered the same by most Abrahamic beliefs. Some Luciferians and Demonalotors will argue they are in fact different and though I respect their opinions, I see them as the same. Both represent a Promethean figure. Though there is a mountain of material that Crowley wrote that invoked, referred to, and explored the concepts of both names, the Promethean character is the living embodiment of Thelema. As you can see there is no conflict with being all three at the same time. Discordianism is somewhere between a joke religion, a philosophy, and an aesthetic and therefore it is not in conflict with the first three.

The main argument I will put forth is that I choose to identify as all four. No shell game, no smoke and mirrors, just my choice. To say that any of this is dishonest or wrong is like saying there is a wrong answer to a question like "What is your favorite color?"

I am not sure what I did to this person but I do not expect him to listen. This is an appeal to the other people on the site. In the LHP people will constantly criticize you and undermine  everything you do. People will tell you what your intentions and beliefs are whenever it is convenient without any regard to your actual intentions and beliefs. Look at the propaganda concerning the LHP that Christianity has put on Youtube. You are the only person that you will have to deal with from now till the day you die. If you let others write your narrative or assign intention to you then life will continue to kick you around until you tell the control freaks and the small minds in your life that only you should speak for you.
Zoramonkey Aug 1 '17 · Rate: 3.67 · Comments: 3
Mauricio Gonzalez II
There was A time that I would never see my self ever getting A "FaceBook" account nor A "MySpace" account, just never saw the practicality in making an account that A bunch of randoms could peek through & harass when-ever they wanted. I never did get A "MySpace" account, but I did get A "FaceBook" account for reasons that aren't particularly glamorous & just ended up as A disappointment any way. Yet I still kept it open & joined A few "groups", tried to find some sort of usage that would be beneficial unto me...instead, all I ever got was the following:


>Empty promises.

>Prejudiced Asses.




& did the administration ever help?, no...they instead saw me as being at fault, this fucking shit was like school all over again! Of course, what can you ever expect from the products of kikes?...it is like "Communism", they make all sorts of glorious claims/promises & instead act like total ass-holes in the end. =:O.

So there you go, A summary of why I left "FaceBook" & would never be active in it again... :-\.

But at least I have found A more decent site (S.I.N.) where there seems to have promise, I even found many like-minded individuals (more than what "FaceBook" would ever provide). I also like the potential anonymity it provides in the sense that it is not mandatory to put in A real name, so I don't have to worry about people using my postings against me later in life. :-).

Ave Santanas!,

   ~MG2 [s.s.s.]

Right, my first blog post since returning here was mainly telling of what I've been up to in other aspects of life, mainly in terms of my career. While I feel it's important to talk about what I've been up to since I've been away, I feel I need to talk more about my journey along the left hand path.

See, when I first joined, I'd already self identified as a LaVeyan Satanist, and I was content with that notion. However, due to occurrences in my life over the years, I have looked at other philosophical and occult practices. Initially, this started with a book called A Little Light On The Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper, which I discovered in the summer of 2011. Now judging by a lot of the content of said book, it does line up with RHP teachings, however, some of the ideas mentioned seemed to make sense from a LHP standpoint. I know some people may disagree with me on that notion, but regardless, I feel that this book is a good tool to use in my own life, even if I'm cherry picking what I want from it.

Skip to early 2012, and I had started a romantic relationship with someone I saw (and still see to this day) as what one would consider a soulmate. Her path was of Paganism, and that sort of spiritual/religious teaching always interested me to a certain extent, although I never felt compelled to research it properly. Fast forward to around mid-late 2014 (after some undesirable events took place in my life), and the topic of Luciferianism came up in conversation with another friend of mine. I got super intrigued by it, and I decided to research it. I read The Bible Of The Adversary, and I gotta say, from what I got from it, I genuinely liked.

Move to the following year, and the topic of sigil magick caught my attention after watching a speech from comic artist/writer Grant Morrison. This kind of magickal practice greatly appealed to me, due to the fact that there was no need for theatric rituals and paraphernalia, but only for simple tools as pen, paper and desire. I then looked for books on sigil magick, and the first I discovered was Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U.D (otherwise known as Ralph Tegtmeier). Once I'd read that book front to back, I'd become intrigued by Chaos Magick, and my next book to start on was Liber Null & Psychonaut. Sadly, I haven't read through much of Liber Null, but since I rejoined, I want to pick up where I left off.

Another book I acquired was Crowley's The Book Of The Law. Honestly, after my first (and as of yet only) read through, it left me thinking "The fuck?"
I may have to give it another go, just to see if I can make head or tail of it.

So, as it stands now, I don't feel I can pigeonhole myself in any specific LHP teaching, but I've not forgotten my roots. But I do feel LaVeyan Satanism mixed with Luciferianism is the closest I can get to pinpointing what part of the path that fits me best. As it stands, I'm currently rediscovering where I stand on the left hand path, so I'm having to go back to basics and go from there. Hopefully I'll find out what truly fits me for definite, but I have a hunch of what it is regardless. I'd just rather be 100% sure though.
DistroyA Jul 27 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
...and here to stay. :-)

So, I actually got off my arse and registered, seeing as my account went up in smoke when the site moved. I'm genuinely looking forward to catching up with people again. :-)

So, a fair bit has happened between then and now. After a relationship break up, i ended up having a few mental breakdowns, leading to me pushing away everyone I'd befriended on here (basically me removing them from my friends list on Facebook). I'm hoping to reestablish connections/friendships on here. If my pushing you away upset you in any way, I do apologise. Like I've said, I've not been all there (no excuse, but my mind has been in a dark place over the last few years).

Other things that have happened; I finally quit my job in retail. After nearly 12 years, I couldn't take anymore and walked out halfway through a shift in mid November 2015. After that, I was a job seeker for a year or so, and ended up training up for the railway as a trackman. Once I got work on the p-way, I looked for and got a factory job closer to home (work on the railway is either in London or Scotland). Lost said factory job after 6 weeks, but ended up falling into another factory role 2 weeks after being made unemployed again, and the role is a lot more exciting than what I was doing beforehand. Still in said job, and looking to work my way up in terms of skills and such. I don't think I'll be able to stay in this job forever unfortunately, due to wanting to move away from where I live now, so I'm going to work on my experience and whatnot so I can find work elsewhere closer to where I eventually move to.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to in the last few years. In a nut shell, life improvement. :-)
DistroyA Jul 26 '17
Mauricio Gonzalez II
Well...this is A "long shot", but here goes! :-*.







I'll be waiting for you... ;-).


      ~MG2 [s.s.s.]

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