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“Open Sesame.” The phrase thought by some to have originated from ancient Babylonian magical practices which in the fable One Thousand Nights when uttered opened the entrance to a magical cave containing the treasure of the forty thieves. While there are probably those who would argue that they know how to find the cave but would not waste their time doing so since everyone knows Ali Baba has taken the treasure. Most would be very skeptical and others would simply tear such a braggart apart.

What if I were to say there is a magical phrase which does not open a hidden cave but is very capable of opening some doors which conceal their own treasures for some people. Some I'm sure would laugh and walk away and if you are inclined to do so I would recommend that you do so now because the three words will probably not open any doors for you anyway.

We live in a very complex world and seem to be but a small part of an extremely complex optimization algorithm seeking the answer to the question, “What is the optimal configuration of a life form?” We share a planet with seven billion other people, innumerable microbes and who knows how many other creatures all evolving in an attempt to become the solution, or maybe it's something else altogether. The non organic portions of the universe are just as complex yet somehow, some people seem to think they have all of the answers.

 It takes very little intelligence to establish that these self proclaimed masters of the universe (HE-MEN) are anything but. While it can be entertaining to ask these types of complex questions and watch them squirm around trying to bullshit their way into producing a solution they have convinced themselves you will buy, it usually is not very productive unless entertainment is one's objective. This is especially true when interviewing someone for a technical job and probably others as well. The question is asked, the candidate's mouth becomes dry, sometimes they sweat and then they proceed to supply a bullshit response which they foolishly believe you will accept simply because they do not know or in some cases are simply incapable of admitting they do not have the answer.

 The net result, they simply establish that they cannot be trusted and when the interview is over, their resumes are unsanctimoniously discarded, they are thanked for the interview and immediately forgotten. As for the three magic words which would have opened the door to the opportunity and rewards held therein. Hmmm ...I don't know.

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A man is stopped by another on the corner of his local drugstore who says “Hey, c'mere. I got these pills that will make you smarter. Only $10 a piece. Want one?” 

The man thinks about it for a second and says “Sure, give me one.”

“Thatta boy!”, replies the man, as he takes the other's 10 dollar bill and hands him a small, chocolate colored ball. 

The man takes it, chews, and swallows. 

“Do you feel smarter?”, asks the pill vendor. 

“No, not really,” replies the man.

“Well, take another, I assure you with each one you will increase in intelligence."

“Sure,” says the man as he pays another $10 and takes the pill handed to him.

“Any smarter?” asks the pill vendor.

“Yeah...”, remarks the man, “yeah, I think it takes a bit different this time. It's got a whang to it. Give me another!”

“Assuredly!” says the pill vendor as he takes another $10 and gives the man another vaguely spherical round ball.

Right as the man bites down on his third pill he exclaims, “Hey! This is sheep shit!”

“Absolutely! See, you're smarter already.”

Some book I'm working on:

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Science and magic are often spoken as if they are opposed. Science supposedly is based on hard facts and magic is the domain of the unexplainably mysterious, occult and often blatantly horseshit. 

Neither of those descriptions are accurate of science or magic. In fact, they're not descriptions of either of them at all. They're descriptions of Houdini style skepticism aimed at a certain kind of fraudulent huckster selling something to the credulous. (Usually books or psychic readings.)

The focus of science and magic isn't to debunk the bullshit of another person but to tease out the secrets of the the mysterious universe in which we live and apply them. Both are a persuit of knowledge and the application of that knowledge (power.)

Essentially science and magic are the same disciplines -- reverse engineering and engineering -- with a few differences.

1. Science is overwhelming academic and magic is purely practical. As such, the scientist is limited by academic standards, the magician by his own abilities. This allows modern day magicians to benefit from the research of more academic researchers even though they show no interest in anything outside their own ivory tower.

2. Theory, research and application within science are almost always separated to the point that all three are done by different groups of people. Magicians must be all three. In the end, the magician must always rely on his own first hand experience, his own judgement, his own understanding, and his own abilites.

3. The mechanism of validation of knowledge in science is peer review. Magical knoweldge can only be proven by first hand results. Even when knowledge is originally from an academic source, a magician must validate it for himself.

4. Science is generally thought of as mainly involving the physical sciences, thus, "hard science" is a science which works directly (or as close as possible) with some kind of matter. Magic, on the other hand, is primarily psychological and social and works using universally applicable models such as networks and systems. It matters less to a magician what something is made of than how it functions.

5. The point of view of a scientist is looking outward. The point of view of a magician is through their own eyes. For example, within science psychology is studied and explained as if it only pertained to other people. Magicians study psychology from their own first person perspective "from within the subject" wherever such first hand observations about themselves can be made.

6. Self-awareness and situational awareness is much more important in magic than in science. A magician is thus much more aware of himself and his surroundings and the dynamics of change in the moment than a scientist. 

7. Science ultimately is focused on the advancement of a body of knowledge. Magic ultimately results in the personal evolution of the magician.

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Codependency, also known as the disease of the lost self, is one of the strongest cultural influences placed upon growing girls. This writing is not meant to admonish a Christian perspective but more of a peek into the psychological underpinnings of a childhood nightly ritual. I couldn't help but reflect on my transition from codependent to Satanist after I looked upon a bookshelf and saw a childhood plaque leaning there. This plaque hung upon every childhood room of mine from infancy to high school. I recall my mother at my bedside reciting the words with me as a young girl, sinking the concepts to the furthest recesses of my mind.
I never knew how something so trite and simple could impact my life.

Prayer for A Little Girl

Now I lay me Down to sleep.
I pray Thee Lord, my soul to keep.
And Angels guard me through the night.
And keep me safe 'til morning light.

Help me to know Thy love for me
So I a loving child may be,
With generous thoughts and happy face
And pleasant words in every place.

Teach me to always say what's true,
Be willing in each task I do.
Please help me to be good each day,
And lead me in Thy Holy way.

I pray whatever wrongs I've done
You will forgive them, every one.
Be near me when I wake again,
And bless all those I love. Amen.

On the surface it appears so innocent but the hidden messages are damaging.

"Now I lay me Down to sleep.
I pray Thee Lord, my soul to keep.
And Angels guard me through the night.
And keep me safe 'til morning light."

Here is the beginning of accepting the control of your life (soul) to someone else and dependence upon them for your safety. Even more deeply the implied message is you are inherently unsafe; you need protection you fragile creature. Is there something a young child should really fear while sleeping? Why instill fear into the subconscious before dreaming? How cruel to use fear to encourage compliance in a young girl's heart. I know, I was that fearful child.

"Help me to know Thy love for me
So I a loving child may be,
With generous thoughts and happy face
And pleasant words in every place."

Can you guess the underlying intent? If I fail to be generous and pleasant (for others) then what am I? Unloving? I am not afforded boundaries. I am not given room to feel anger or selfishness or defiance to establish those boundaries. If I am forbidden the growth of boundaries in childhood when do you expect I will learn? The answer: when abuse supersedes the strength of the psyche. Ever notice how much abuse women will endure? Have you ever asked yourself 'why did she stay?' Because she wanted to be 'loving.'

"Teach me to always say what's true,
Be willing in each task I do.
Please help me to be good each day,
And lead me in Thy Holy way."

Natural children are literal. Children are born honest and learn to lie and they learn to lie faster upon the threat of deprivation, punishment and judgment. Teaching insinuates the child cannot tell truth from lie which is ridiculous. Encourage honesty. There is no need to teach the obvious. Willing implies you have a will, but here we learn it is not really our own. Good little girls willfully comply in every task; no back talk missy. And take my hand please, pave the way because women are notorious for falling off the beaten path. Never point us in the right direction and expect the straight and narrow. Just look at Little Red Riding Hood. Self-navigation is unsafe.

"I pray whatever wrongs I've done
You will forgive them, every one.
Be near me when I wake again,
And bless all those I love. Amen."

Here is the crux of the codependent: shame. Shame needs forgiveness. Without shame there is no victim of judgment. A shameless woman has no strings. She cannot be coerced. A woman that determines her own self-worth cannot be emotionally manipulated. And as for the judge, let him never let me be. His control is constant and ever present. Sacrifice your freedom in return for blessings of love and promises of safety. There's no safer place than prison.

This prayer could be just another indoctrination of religion to the average reader, but for me I see clearly the cultural conditioning that helped prime me for abusive relationships.
• self-sacrifice
• lack of boundaries
• subordination
• dependent for security
• need to be validated by others

Now, here I stand. For every trait I changed above I was charged with the following accusations:
• self-serving
• cold and unloving
• bossy and acting like a man
• pretentious and reckless
• shameless and evil

A ritual for the Satanic Girl is overdue.
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Today’s news gave me a laugh. A nearly seventy-year-old sexual maniac decided to prey on young female students at the university in Poznań. He put on smart clothes, took a suitcase and introduced himself as a professor of anthropology doing a scientific research. He led naive girls one by one to a secluded place, gave them a survey to complete and then asked them to gradually undress themselves so that he could measure their muscle temperature. Each of the confused girls eagerly took off her clothes and let the bogus professor meticulously examine her naked body. The professor then wrote down the “results” in his papers and kindly thanked the girls for their contribution to the development of science.

It turned out that the guy “worked” at several universities and colleges in and near Poznań. When the girls decided to speak up, the police arrested the predator on the grounds of sexual abuse. Then, some psychologists commented on the whole affair; that we have a natural tendency to conform, that we usually trust and obey the authority, that the guy was very persuasive, that his professor disguise was like a magic spell, that the confused victim is easy to manipulate blah blah blah…

Or perhaps, the girls fancied some anal fisting and simply needed a good excuse.

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Dear members,

I first picked up The Satanic Bible about 15 years ago. I'm now revisiting some of the core themes. Due to my career, I'm what you call "in the closet," but nonetheless am looking for others who can discuss these ideas and perhaps improve my philosophy. 

The first Satanic statement, "Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence?" has probably been widely misinterpreted by overzealous teenagers and their parents. However, I've interpreted "indulgence" to mean indulging in life, taking life on life's terms, and working toward becoming successful in my endevours--indulging in the often hard work of trying to get ahead. 

Accordingly, as LaVey articulated, people often mistake compulsion for indulgence. One is a choice, the other is not. Though, isn't there "always" a choice? Despite much of the sensationalist language, naive theories of social Darwinism, and straw-man arguments in The Satanic Bible, I've interpreted "abstinence" to mean, at least for me, abstaining from dominant religious and political ideology which permeates throughout Western culture in a variety of ways, attempting to influence how one should live their life. 

Nevertheless, these are subjective interpretations. Please, correct me if I'm wrong. I'm curious what others on this path choose to indulge in. 


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Does anyone here like to be out at night? Especially on a new or full moon?

For me it is great and the strange things that happen I find interesting. Also you can feel more energy on the two moon phases. Being out late ours give me a sense of fulfillment on any night to be honest.

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I can define it for you the old fashioned way. Give you the glossed over, clinical definition devoid of real world experience but I'd rather give you something you can apply. Our lives are filled with psychic vampires. You encounter them on a daily basis but they slip by undetected until one targets you and then your perspective of normal human behavior forever changes.

First Awakening: Other people are not like you. Not. At. All.

Decency, honesty, justice, compassion, empathy, remorse, conscience, guilt, love -- these are NOT universal traits. Sure, you know that on a surface level but a psychic vampire is going to bring you to question each of these values on a scale you didn't believe a human could reach. When dancing with a vampire you can not only expect them to step on your toes but be prepared to be stabbed in the back, your throat cut, and disemboweled, all with a vampire smile and within arm's reach of bystanders that can't see your pain nor the malicious attack. The hardest thing for anyone to believe is that they have been deceived. It is almost universal that a person will refuse to believe he is gullible. They trust their impressions of people; they don't actually know them. So the vampire continues to exploit victim after victim right under the nose of others, sometimes gaining support in the abuse.

First Rule: Do not TRUST. Verify.

Don't trust psychic vampires' stories or recollection of events if they are the victim. Real victims rarely tell their stories. They are too ashamed and hurt to reveal the most tender part of themselves to any and everyone. Not a vampire. They tell you to gain YOUR emotion; your pity and empathy so they can play you like a puppet. Real victims seek solace and lick their wounds. Manipulators look for gullible puppets.

Words are empty.
Actions speak volumes.

Psychic Vampires depend on your gullible trust in what you're told rather than what you verify because verification takes time. We must be the Judge and Jury on what we will accept as truth.

Identifier: A psychic vampire will display a pattern of attack and remorse, or aggression and denial. Even better; ridicule and oblivion. Oblivious to their own hurtful words or inappropriate actions. They depend on you to only remember your last encounter with them as though you live in a isolated capsule that hinders the memory of elapsed time. They think that if they appear remorseful and kind today you will forget their maliciousness of yesterday. Don't be fooled.
It's a pattern.

 A pattern of abuse.
They don't deserve a second chance.

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Putting all generational gaps aside, I'm pretty certain that I am not the only person shaking their heads in utter disbelief over what is happening to academia in the western world, specifically in private colleges and universities. I've no interest in the public education template, that system is inherently flawed to not meet a student's or instructor's standard of education. You can't get what you pay for if you don't pay. It's basically a class struggle that diminishes a student's drive to excel in learning because of their social status. This environment of sociology-politics is causing a major shift in academia and how education is dispersed to the individual student.

Some of you college grads will remember this saying about the pitfalls of higher education: "You have to have gone to college to say/do something that stupid." This pointed jab at college-level learning is ironic but in many ways true. I'm not trying to apply this to the hard sciences or traditional academia, mind you--I'm talking about the injecting of cultural Marxist values into areas of cultural/social/gender studies. This phenomena is not new to those types of curriculum, and the majority of those types of college-level classes are electives anyway. But, to me, it says something about the value that educators put on these accredited courses that, quite frankly, won't further your situation in life or give you a skill set to master in the real world. Student political activism aside--I'll be blunt and say you can't hide behind privilege to get a real degree in the humanities or cultural studies--it just doesn't work that way outside of a classroom or ideological bubble.    

The way technology has consolidated information and education, there's definitely a social trend or political activist bent to the way people are being formally educated. I can say from experience that the value of a private education is still substantial over a government subsidized one, and that the class struggle is what, pervasively, makes students more politically motivated to change traditional education templates.

As a sometime educator and social worker, it's not hard to see the machinations of higher learning and the politics behind formal education. It's amusing to see where the radicalized educators and activists push the political envelope on issues of ethics or moral imperatives or cultural appropriation. Issues that, ultimately, will impact how future generations of people are schooled.

by sonofject

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I have a fundamental, deeply held belief that all of humanity is totally full of shit. That includes me. Therefore you have my 100% guarantee that everything I say will be no less full of shit than the rest of the human race. That's the only guarantee I can give you. Everything else should be considered possibly full of shit.

I also have an equally fundamental, deeply held belief that the smartest thing anyone can do is realize how completely and totally full of shit they really are and remind themselves of this fact daily.

There are turds everywhere, and the turd you step in most often is your own.


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So a friend of mine works for a moving company. He asked me if I wanted to make some cash as a mover, Well, I did. What I did not realize is that it was a 5 story house two levers. Stairs going up to the house and stairs in the house.

This family had two kinds and two dogs that kept getting in the way.It was a well to do family and they had lots of very nice and very heavy shit. Holy shit it sucked balls. It took 3 movers from 830am till 2am to mover their stuff.

I was so fucking tired and exhausted But 10pm I had to stop. I could not take anymore abuse. The other two movers were not happy but understood. Heavy shit up and down stairs aint fun. 700lbs piano,washer/dryer,600lbs refridgerator. shitloads of heavy dresser draws and tables,

Never again. This is not like helping your friend move. Slowly over a beer. Totally different. I do not think even when I was younger and in better shape I could do that shit. Certainly not regularly. On top of it, I made less money than I expected. Although that was my fault. I did not realize that depends on the job and if the customer times you.

I certainly I am not as strong as I was in my 20's. But, I am not a pussy either. What got me was not moving heavy shit. That sucked, but what got me is the stamina. Doing it for 13 hours..

Oh well, hope my job interview goes well at a sushi bar on Monday. I get paid more and it is easy, well for me it is. Also you get to drink. That was another thing that pissed me off. My friend is a drunk to. I figured we would stop and get some drink and hide it. Nope.. fucking sucked.

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The Stooges were revolutionary in their part of the Punk Rock movement of the 70s. Though they weren't the first, they certainly were one of the best. Also, there's some kickass riffs heard in this album.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH6iDPhUjWs
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What are some of your favorite movies about/with the devil?

Mine is The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Last Exorcism 1 & 2

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Zach Black Owner
I encourage you all to create groups. They are intended to be for meeting people in your area. So Try to narrow it down to Areas within a state or country. Like within a few hundred mile radius.

I also encourage everyone to join a group and use it.
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Many theists are criticized harshly in the Satanic Community and by those of the Left Hand Path for their belief in a literal Satan and I felt it was time to answer back at nay-sayers who think we aren’t as intellectual as they are for our more than magical belief system.  Those who merely use Satan as a symbol are constantly looking down upon us and believe that theists are just rebellious teenagers or are angry with God because their wife just died etc. etc. when the situation is more complex than that.  Atheistic thinkers can be a bit insulting by viewing theistic believers as degrading themselves before a master or enslaving themselves and plain out trading one yoke for another, when there is more confusion in this situation than there is space on the page to untie the knot.  And, of course the nature of the Satanist is to question and examine any given situation to come to a logical and rational conclusion and decide if a piece of information is worth keeping; and the question that lingers is, “Where is your proof?”, that this God of beasts and monsters exists at all and isn’t a figment of your own personal version of Dungeons and Dragons.  Having a master, I suppose would be hard for any theist to deny, but everything has a context and to a proper Satanist, theistic or atheistic, it is up to you to figure out what the proper meaning of that phrase is.

            Those who live in Hell are unimpressed with any new arrival that considers himself a rebel or that has lived on the fringe of society.  Any type of Satanist; LaVeyan, theistic, atheistic, or self-styled, I don’t consider purely atheistic, because if they were they would have picked up books like As A Man Thinketh by Earl Nightingale or 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, but instead were drawn to this outlandish outside of the box “religious” book called The Satanic Bible.  I would think that at that point in time all of us chose The Satanic Bible out of resentment for the Christian God and all he represents.  How then can a theist like myself be called delusional when so called atheists have their altar pointed westward and they keep their white candle on the right and their black candle on the left?  The awkward part is having atheists with so much religion in their lives calling themselves revolutionary, well they are half right (or left) because an atheist with a religion is certainly something you don’t run into every day.  To be a true Satanist you have to be more than just be willing to be rebellious and hate your parents, just like it takes more than hating the devil to get into heaven.

            I do call Satan God, I wear His banner upon my forehead and upon my right hand with pride and I don’t feel any less than who I am because of it.  One shouldn’t think that I’m being condescending, however; we shouldn’t confuse Satan with the Christian God ever!  As a theist I have not traded one cross for another, there is no burden of guilt, fasting, or other such non-sense that lies in Christianity when one becomes a Satanist.  The belief system of The Satanic Bible is now and will always be freedom from the Christian or status quo way of life, and what would be the point if Satan should ask us to behave in such a fashion contrary to the works of our bible?  As a believer in a literal devil I do acknowledge the existence of the soul, to which I deny the needs of it.  I choose to satiate the carnal appetites I find much more appealing as opposed to nurturing that which is the primary cause of guilt, abstinence, and pipe dreams of a heaven that I probably would have failed to get into even as a Christian.  To have a spiritual God with carnal desires isn’t as degrading or humiliating as one might think because as the legend goes Pride was Satan’s first sin, and to be like Him is the true spiritual awakening, the true Christ-consciousness.

            The proof of Satan or even the Christian God for that matter is by far the most difficult to explain.  Satan is not a novelty, nor a parlor trick where someone can summon him to non-believers to explain the ins and outs of the universe that we do not see; He is a force in this universe that the Creator God had trouble controlling, so how can we as humans think we can command Him to go here or go there and expect his obedience?  As it so happens the James Randi Educational Foundation has a “Million Dollar Challenge” to anyone who can prove the existence of the paranormal, and the fact of the matter is this is merely prostitution of one’s own God.  Atheistic Satanists appear to be more than willing to disregard pride of oneself and who they are or who they represent for money or fame than theists.  Is there no honor or respect for ourselves as a group, as a community that we are willing to brand it for the highest bidder?  If one would attempt to do this with any form of the supernatural including Jesus Christ, and try to capture it in a glass case it makes you nothing more than a mercenary and there would be no reason to favor you with loyalty or protection.  I’m certainly not saying be careful what you wish for, I hope everyone has their proof in time, but I don’t see Satan humiliating himself for a measly million dollars.

            Enlightenments of the mind seem to be around every corner, and Satanists around the world shouldn’t leave one stone unturned.  Satanists are all black sheep of the Right Hand Path, but to be a black sheep of the Left Hand Path is the real accomplishment.  Satan is the God that allows me to follow my true nature and really isn’t the accuser as His name suggests, but has stood His ground and defended the nature and right of the human race to be in our natural state unlike that “other guy” who always has a reason we should be forgiven.  The proof of Satan will come, because all the false prophets both Christian and Satanic have had their turn trying to squeeze another lie out of us.  In closing, let it not ever be about right and wrong among our kind, we have the Christians to tell us everything we’ve heard a million times and still not care about. 


From a thinkers & writers perspective

Since people here seem to post their experiences and thoughts I thought it is about time I started posting mine too.

I was indoctrinated to be religious for most of my life. Unlike others I already used to start thinking with my logical perspective. Why things should be as they dictated and so on. Up until the moment was about seven years of age I never had a care in the world except seeking to do what was right and trying to reason out things and of course doing my best to please my family.

My biggest pitfall came at around the age of seven when I lost someone. He was the last person I thought I would loose, I prayed to 'God' desperately to bring him back to me, as my family told me it was the only thing I could do....well I was wrong. I concluded that if God really cared, the God they preached to me about then he would have never allowed it.

I was torn and tormented bound by a promise I had made to him before his death that I intended ( and still do) to maintain. But I didn't know evil marked, I was so enveloped in my own misery my key point was solely - survival. How it mattered was of little importance to me.

I met someone a few years later, someone who was at my father's funeral, someone who knew what I had been through, someone who knew my mother from an early age, someone who bought my families trust and loyalty, someone who would change life's meaning and someone who destroyed me in most ways I thought were impossible - Ironically enough, he was supposed to be a man of God, however weakened by his own obsessions.

I was ten. I didn't know much about life, nor the world, my family kept me innocent, pure and uncorrupted. I had to go to secondary school and go to PSD classes to actually understand 'something' of what was really going on.

I became a rebel. I tormented anyone who dared to oppose me, I stood up to my bullies. If I got slapped, I wouldn't make a whole scene of it I would just accept it and move on. It urged my bullies to go on but they never had the essence to really break me.

Whilst I was tormented and living in my dark and twisted little world, I even laughed at my friends because they were viewed as pathetic in my eyes. Pathetic because of their innocence.

However, I did have a very close friend. She never pressed me for what was going on with me, her simple friendly gestures just grounded me. They gave me a reason to not be completely corrupted and devoured by the darker side of me.

Now one would ask me. Why didn't you talk ask for help? He was  a man of God. He knew what he was doing because he never left enough bodily proof of what he did to me, he never allowed himself to do that mistake. My family looked at him as though he was almost their savior and there was little I could do, especially because he sad if I talked he would take everything I ever loved. My mother being one of them. He also worked within the higher ranks of the Church the Church was regarded almost higher than law back then. Fear when dominant can lead you to conceal anything -so long as it allows you to protect those who you love and care for.

When I was thirteen the frustration, tension, emotional and psychological chaos began getting at me. My religious faith went down to zero. I challenged anyone who dared to prove me otherwise. I met a fair few decent people but it never inspired me enough to radically change. Darkness got a hold of itself and I began actually practicing it, looking for it's deeper meaning and indulging in things barely any teenager should ever do.

Me and a few friends decided to play the Ouija board and I laughed all the way telling them it was amusing how imagination could evoke such interesting things thus turning them into reality. Nah. That was not what I was looking for, but it opened my mind to start searching and likewise I did.

But whilst I was searching, the key came to me. Someone handed me Anton Szanzor LaVey's Satanic Bible and I knew it would change me in more than one way.

But I was still interested in the spiritualistic aspects of it so I investigated deeper into occultism.

By the time I was fifteen I was so dark, tormented and depressed I barely cared for my own existence any longer. I just did what I had to, to survive and I did what I could to keep my promise.

Obviously I built my own standards and belief, doubted in almost everything and didn't care much for anything or anyone. I had had more than enough by then.

Luckily I never resorted to the use of drugs. But I did get drunk a few times just to get rid of some memories that were haunting me.

I had migraines almost all the time, people thought I was making it up no one made an effort to understand me, so instead of opening up and trying to find a solution I literally closed down.

From the moment I was sixteen up until I was seventeen I met someone who inspired me enough to divert my route of choice. I tried, I did it to the best of my abilities. I became Christian again, I read the bible, prayed and was pretty much ok with what was going on even though judgment from my family did not help me much.

I was definitely much happier, people who knew me asked me what the hell happened to me, because the spark of radiance, love and joy was there. They didn't see the darker side of me that they were so accustomed to.

I stripped away all objects related to occultism , evil and Satanism I chose God iin my life, I even baptized myself in his name to confirm it and I lived his word to the best, attended charismatic services, helped and prayed with others...

But clearly there was something that wasn't balanced. There was something that wanted to remind me who I was what I REALLY was, and that I actually belonged to darkness.

The experience as horrific as much as it was enlightening, up unto this day after consulting with experts AND researching non stop I'm not fully sure what it was, no was I alone.I've witnesses to this story but that is up to you to believe not for me to indoctrinate you about it. I know it changed, me once again. I began doubting in everything I was taught, my rebel nature began to kick in again, and I was returning back to the person I originally was.

Now because I unluckily have what we all 'repressed memory' I have only flashes of what actually occurred to me. What I concluded was that I was all mind generated that it was a mental breakdown because of the confusion going n my mind between choosing the path of darkness or the path of light. Clearly God wasn't there in all the suffering and pain I had to endue and inflict on others unintentionally. I'm not proud of it, but I'm glad to say that I rose up from my own ashes, from the dust I myself created and resurfaced as something stronger, something more real, with a story to share and with a lesson to teach.

Today I can say I'm free. I'm an atheist that built her own philosophy and belief based on knowledge and past experience.

I favor logic and knowledge over spirituality and useless trifling methods to lead oneself into possible insanity. I thrive for knowledge learn and exchange experiences with others.

Last and foremost -I believe in myself and what I allowed myself to be.


Vold3mortia Aug 31 '14 · Comments: 4

Wash It All Away (by Five Finger Death Punch) is currently playing on Octane. It's a song where the band almost (just almost) inadvertantly made a Satanic tune. It's missing something vital to Satanism. My (easy) challenge is this: What's it missing? 

Here's the lyrics, with hints.

I've given up

On society

Up on my family

Up on your social decease

I've given up

On the industry

Up on democracy

Done with all your hypocrisy

All of the chaos

And all of the lies

I hate it

I'm wasting here

Can anyone wash it all away

I'm waiting here

For anyone to wash it all away

Wash it all away

I've given up

On the media

Feeds my hysteria

Sick of living down on my knees

I've given up

On morality

Feeds my brutality

Fuck what you think about me

All of the chaos

And all of the lies

I hate it

I'm wasting here

Can anyone wash it all away

I'm waiting here

For anyone to wash it all away

Wash it all away

I won't change for you

And I can't take the pain

There's nothing you can do

And there's nothing you can say

I've given up

On everything

Up on everything

Up on everything

I'm wasting here

Can anyone wash it all away

I'm waiting here

For anyone to wash it all away

Wash it all away

I'm wasting here

With everyone just wash it all away

I'm waiting here

For anyone to wash it all away

Wash it all away

Wash it all away

Hartnell Oct 27 '15 · Comments: 4 · Tags: challenge, music, satanism, the basics
Almost everything within Satanism deals with a simple psychological concept : "Nature / Nurture." In this post (one of two!), I explain WTF that means. The next part will relate it to Satanism. 

"Nature" refers to everything we are born with. In other words, Nature is everything we have and can do at the moment we're shipped brand new from the factory. It's all the base mechanisms we need to survive as individuals as well as a species as a whole. On the individual scale there's critical mechanisms which sustain an individual organism's life --, like the ability to breathe. On the species scale, there's things like individual variations from height to temperment.

"Nurture" refers to everything which has been added to or changed within us since birth. It's everything that we've learned and ways we have changed outside the normal pre-programmed life cycle from vibrant infant to elderly corpse. These are things like habits, the language we speak, the effects of acculturation to our native culture, (more or less) all individual differences in personality, and differences in height due to failure to thrive (ex. due to malnutrition). 

A much more simple way to describe Nature / Nurture is to include them within the same system defined within the interdependent roles they play as two integrated parts of the same system: Nature is the structure and basic life functions of an organism, Nuture is what ensures it's survival within it's environment.

Both are required to work together to ensure the continued survival of such an organism. Nature without Nurture is symbolized by the Tarot card The Fool. Like the Fool, Nature knows nothing about it's environment by itself, and also like the Fool, that ignorance will result in a stupid, if mercifily swift, death. Nurture without Nature is like software on a DVD. It's useless without a computer to run on.To use another metaphor: Nature is like the living spaceman inside a spacesuit. Nurture is the spacesuit itself -- it's an adaption which allows the spaceman to live within a cold, airless vaccum by providing what the spaceman needs to live within that environment -- air and warmth. The spacesuit is like the knowledge of a special forces soldier trained to survive in a jungle. His knowledge provides what he needs to survive in the jungle -- food, shelter, how to avoid being eaten by a tiger -- by informing him how to find these neccessities and stay safe within in a jungle.

A Footnote I: As is obvious at this point, the debate about Nature vs. Nurture isn't really useful when the debate is framed in absolutes. There's very little in us that are solely due one or the other. For example, the ability to learn to walk at a certain age is Nature. Actually learning to walk is Nurture. It's the same with language acquisition.
Actually, to be frank, the debate isn't useful whatsoever. Nature vs. Nurture is only really useful as a lens to look at ourselves with in order to identify which parts are hardwired and which can be changed, and how these two parts within the same system are mutally interdependent and influence each other. Knowing this, it's obvious why people in every part of the world learn to speak and move, yet they learn to do so in a way unique to their culture (environment.)

A Footnote the Sequel: If you're a fan of the Fourth Way and you're thinking "Hey! This is a lot like essence and personality," that's because those are the terms for Nature and Nuture in that system. They're not like them, they ARE them.  
In the next post, I'll show how Nature / Nurture relates to Satanism.

Until then here's some muzak:

Hartnell Nov 10 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: nature, satanism, psychology, nurture
Troll Member
For years and years now i have used Facebook. While chatting in IRC we would review the latest social media sites, receive visits from those who were making them, including a couple from the projects by Cult of Cthulhu folks, one or two from SIN as it was conceived and then came into being, a number familiar with the 600 Club, the Modern Church of Satan, a variety of boards which were temporary using some service which eventually changed their policies and charged money, driving out all users, etc.

Facebook seemed somehow different than the rest in a couple of ways in that they 1) appeared to require the use of legal names, and 2) were apparently implementing a diverse set of interaction applications interior to their network. I was satisfied watching the Satanists come and go, occasionally create a temporary account i rarely used once learning that such things wouldn't be immediately stomped, and unifiedly emphasizing my online projects in an overt fashion.

At some point a few of us who were using IRC in a very small, yet tight-knit, group decided that Facebook might offer an opportunity in that it accommodated chat there in groups, and this might get more traffic than we were seeing in Dalnet. We created a joint account none of us were concerned with losing and shared a login and password amongst us.

Through time this seemed to yield potential. Chat seemed possible and might attract 15-20 or more people simultaneously with only a few technical glitches. At times people were added without providing permission, and the technical idiocy of Facebook provided for absolutely zero (0) moderation or expulsion, making it extremely tentative and restricted to the mature. Gaining group members we soon found out that the only groups *capable* of sustaining the chat feature were those with less than 30 or 40 members maximum. This immediately killed the possibility of using the same group and chatting using it.

Once the chat feature became problematic, enthusiasm for the project began to wane amongst participants. As the weeks and months wore on internecine squabbles erupted and from what we could tell there were reports to Facebook and these compromised a series of accounts of those who became the targets. We could never tell, initially or eventually, from the outside whether someone was having problems with their account due to technical limitations and who was receiving a challenge to their account from Facebook admin, asking for identification or proof of being "Samael Deathbringer" or whatever pseudonym the person was using.

By slow and incremental portions almost everyone began to either resurface with a new, legal name, or simply reappear with a new account and a new, or the same, nickname they had been using before. The technical means of keeping people together as friends or group members or whatnot while all this was happening was somewhat tenuous, and people became more and more quiet within Facebook as a result. Fewer and fewer of our group continued to use the shared account, until pretty much i was left with it.

At that point i decided to see what i might do with it. I had my legal name account, and was exploring the ins and outs of that to good effect. I re-assigned the name of the group Satanist account and quickly learned that there were only so many *times* that this could be done (maybe once or twice more after exploring). Not only this, it wouldn't even ALLOW my Satanic initiated name (either "Troll" or "Towelhead"), so i was stuck with trying to get a variation on my title, winding up with 'Grand Mufti Satanist', all of which apparently passed their mechanical filters.

I then set about issuing friend requests to dozens and dozens of people: anyone with the name 'LaVey', anyone with 'Satan' in their name, etc., and it was only after about the first 40 or 50 that i began to get challenges via the Facebook system that i "might not be using the account as was intended". I discontinued and tried the same thing the next day or a few days later and had similar effect. I built it up to something like 1400 Friends and then it began giving me regular captchas, so i stopped that and instead began to explore its chat feature.

I began to add hundreds of people to chat without asking them and seeing what would happen. There were many who simply remove themselves from the "discussion", some who were very happy to be there and commenced to chatting away, and some who bitterly complained at being dumped there without asking. Some made noise, others began to converse in very interesting ways amongst us.

Eventually it became obvious that chats like this didn't last long and, while we could have a sustained engagement of this type, inevitably a bunch of us would be compromised and our accounts removed and so those who knew one another couldn't really sustain being members of it. The chat was truly a bust, and this after i had abandoned IRC and Dalnet to devote a bunch of time to analyzing and exploring Facebook.

Meanwhile SIN and other boards were going through upheavals and revolutions, and we would occasionally get word from Zach about it. In Aug of last year i heard from him and had to re-sign-up because he'd lost control or the whole thing had been hacked. I dutifully and loyally re-created the Troll account after all that history which had gone before, and posted the 'Triumphant Return' essay which had become my herald upon again returning (prior after having again received a booting from the board, now upon the board itself returning!).

After months i was pretty much the lone standing of us who hadn't been relegated to a legal name account or departed to realms elsewhere. I had joined numerous groups, wrestled with a batch of interested Satanists and quasi-Satanists, Dark Pagans, etc., creating numerous groups, taking over some after they'd been abandoned, seeing some of them set from Public to Closed and from Closed to Secret heavily restricting the likelihood of being found without advertizing.

After some 2-3 years at least of this kind of activity (almost entirely separate from my first account), Facebook finally caught up with me and challenged the Grand Mufti Satanist name, requesting it be changed, and i changed it to 'Satanist Grand Mufti' and wondered how they would possibly leave it untouched. For another 6 months or so i bolstered the groups and pages that i owned with that account by co-owning them with my original account, just in case, watching numerous of my friends lose accounts because of their pseudonyms (mostly Satanists and Neopagans) and sure that that account would be doomed but i'd make my best effort to retain it.

Sure enough some 3.5-4 years into its use i finally got the challenge i was expecting demanding an ID. I examined their rules, which stated that if you had a piece of correspondence and a business card with your name on them, then this would be acceptable proof of identity. I spent the $15 to have a minimal set of business cards with 'Satanist Grand Mufti' on them with my photo and email address, sent myself some mail which arrived without a very heavy cancellation, scanned them both and sent them in for proof.

Perhaps needless to say, despite their rules including this, they did NOT accept this as a name, and froze the account. I then set into the next phase of my plan (which i had only barely prepared to implement -- my efforts were somewhat half-hearted). I designed a means of recreating an account using a RTF file with links to all the friends that i cared to reproduce, plus links to all groups to which i wished to belong, and then used this with different email addresses successively to recreate the Satanist Grand Mufti named account. I got this down to a 15 minute process!

So then i proceeded to watch as the Facebook folks put my IP on a more and more brief watch and hand-refroze the account with less and less intervening time until the last couple were 2 days and about 4 hours. At that point (May of 2015) i gave the whole project up and re-set the pages of Troll Towelhead to operate as my Satanist outlet, noticing a huge decrease in my involvement amongst actual Satanists. I just got the repeat Christians wanting to sell their souls.

Since then i've been busy, and intended to once again set out into the internet to find out whether any of these boards were alive. I did find SIN immediately (someone posted a Facebook ad for the New Testament Satanic Bible with a foreward by Zach Black which drew my interest in looking him and SIN up). That gave me incentive.

So here i have returned, and just in the last few days have resumed IRC Dalnet #satanity involvement as well, letting Venus and other regular denizens of it that this was the intention.

So hello again! :)

Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism


(even pages couldn't contain 'troll' or 'towelhead'! only with zeros!!)

Jason King
Yup. That's me. And we all know that little scene.

To paraphrase a good friend of mine: here, there, everywhere.

And where I run, good times are sure to follow. After all, I read my Tarot Leaves. On a regular/semi-regular basis. Just sayin' . . .
Jason King Sep 5 '15 · Comments: 4 · Tags: doctor seuss fox socks cat hat
Hi to one and all.

I am new here, I am not a practicing Satanist, my interest has always been the occult and all that pertains to it. I am seeking assistance or at the very least, somebody who could possible point me in a direction. As a very young child I had a series of astral experiences which left me seeking answers to things which I have never been able to resolve to my satisfaction. If there is anybody here who would be willing to discuss this with me I would be grateful. Hoping not to be slated for anything I have said thus far, and looking forward to sharing, hearing and exploring things of common interest.


Dion May 28 '15 · Comments: 4
My introduction into Satanism began with Anton LaVey who promoted the idea of Atheism in his Satanic Bible (for starters, Book of Satan 4:2, as well as Hell The Devil and How to Sell Your soul).  Yet I recently came across a copy of the grotto masters handbook which gives a section on Spirituality that talks as if Satan is a real individual.  Needless to say I was confused by this point. There are a couple points that I am wondering (1) I downloaded the copy of the Grotto Master's Handbook. Since, from my understanding, the grotto system of the Church of Satan has been mostly dismantled, I didn't consider that to be an issue. But maybe the file is a corrupted copy?  (2) That it is actually a contradiction of beliefs within the Laveyan belief structure; or (3) That the emphasis of belief is placed upon a frame work of rationality rather than blind faith such as the Judeo/xian worldview promotes.  I would place my bets on 3, but throughout both the Satanic Bible and Satanic Scriptures, it is very clearly evident that Satan is more of a concept or set of ideas rather than an anthropomorphic deity (as the Christians would claim). 

Perhaps someone with knowledgeable insights could help me understand the issue of Atheism and Satanism more clearly to me in light of the above points?

pete66 Dec 26 '14 · Comments: 4 · Tags: laveyan, contradictions, theology


Hmmm. That's a very mysterous word. So, what do you say kiddos? Poke it with a stick? Well, I've already tried and that particular act of wizardry accomplished exactly dick and shit.

How about we makes some shit up? Occultism: the ..uh.. hmm... Tarot cards and magick and shiiit!


Allright. As much as I loathe to do this, I've had to turn to book-with-words for a hint on what this word could possibly mean. After failing to find much of use as the definition for "occultism" (it's an -ism anyway, so fuck it), I looked up the next most logical choice -- "occult."

And folks, there it is, for all to see (sort of):

1. to hide, to shut off from view

Holy shit, man, a verb. Let's nomenalize that bitch:

1. that which is hidden, or shut off from view

So, the occult is really about hidden shit. It's like an easter egg hunt or somethin'. So, it's really about... finding shit?

... more

Shawn Sep 28 '15 · Comments: 4 · Tags: occult, occultism, for beginners
sonofject Member
For people with theistic tendencies that delve into the occult, the path of satanism can be a walk in the moonlight or a jump down a rabbit hole. The pragmatic learner can have a journey of self-discovery, illuminated, whilst the not-so-learned fall into the holes of self-deceit and self-imposed misapprehension of ideas.  

There's a certain something, I always call it an "oh shit" moment, that, for me anyway, clarifies my perceptions and realizations about concepts of learning and studying to retain information. To be able to practically apply what I've learned to the world around me in order to better myself is--in a nutshell--one of many ideologies that I 'worship' (learning is my religion). To me, any other kind of worship places the self secondary. Period.

So many folks that walk this path, I notice, like to throw around this hoary old chestnut said by Anton LaVey: "Satan demands study, not worship." I personally heard this in my youth, when a mentor let me borrow an LP of Nat Freedland's interview of Anton LaVey on the 'Occult Explosion' album, circa 1973. Although the crux of the interview was mostly insight into LaVey's church activities, I basically had an oh shit-type moment when he explained that the theistic bent of his brand of satanism wasn't the be all end all of his 'religion'. I suspect, after seeing the evolution of left-hand-path ideology, that this statement planted the seeds of dissent that caused a major schism in LaVey's loosely organized religion.

It kinda dawned on me that you didn't necessarily have to be a hard-core-reverse-christian-devil-worshiper to be a satanist. It also dawned on me that some aspects of the satanic philosophy promote ideas of selfishness, indulgence, ego, and human carnal/adversarial nature--which ran contrary to many tenets of theistic worship: subjugation, total submission, and self-imposed psychodrama. This simple principle of separation in ideology inherently veers a pragmatic learner onto a more enriching path of study as opposed to ritual-by-rote occultism. Those concepts shouldn't be mutually exclusive, though, and any person worth their salt has an intuitive nature that thrives on conflict.

Satanism as a theosophy doesn't put much emphasis on practical study per se, but rather the embracement of traditional occult archetypes and their 'schools of thought'. It is a highly personalized form of study, I like to see it as selfishness not self-help (philosophically). For the not-so-learned, the path is obdurate without experience and study, while the pragmatic learner seeks occult knowledge as a stepping stone on the path they walk, distinguishing one's ideology all along the way.   

by sonofject
sonofject Jul 18 '15 · Rate: 4.20 · Comments: 4 · Tags: notes from the inferno

For the past twenty-two chapters I've been saying that you are sovereign. You're the absolute final judge of the worth of information you receive; you're the one who decides every one of your actions; you're the person who determines what is right and wrong for you. 

That's the simple reality of it. But many people don't want that responsibility—even though they can't possibly discard it. And so they hope to be handed a ready-made philosophy of life. Such a person wants someone else to guarantee that he's right—no matter what happens. 

You are responsible, because you will experience the consequences of your own acts, and those consequences are the final judge of whether you've been right or wrong. They provide a verdict from which there is no appeal.

The insecure individual hopes somehow to bypass that verdict. He looks for away to believe he's right, no matter what consequences he experiences. 

He looks for a source of "truth" that he can believe in. When he finds it, he accepts it totally. He feels that this gives him the security to know that he's right,and he prefers that kind of security to the need to rely upon his own ability.

The philosophy he finds usually contains three basic ingredients. They are moral rightness, a leader, and an enemy. These ingredients arm him with an assurance that allows him to disregard the test of consequences. 

The sense of moral rightness permits him to believe that he's right no matter what the consequences he receives in life. He settles for whatever happiness he gains from knowing he's adhered strictly to the code. He "knows" he was right in what he did—righter than his successful, wealthy, peaceful, joyous neighbor.

Such a philosophy will usually have a leader to give the individual the confidence that he doesn't have in himself. If questions or doubts arise, the leader can set them to rest. The insecure individual may feel, "I can't tell what is right, but he says it's right—and he must know."

It always seems necessary, too, for the philosophy to have an enemy. That provides a ready-made explanation for any bad consequences that may occur. 

Since the philosophy is usually expressed in terms of "moral truths," the battle with the enemy becomes a moral one. "We" (the good guys) are moral and "they"(the enemy) are immoral. 

The moralistic overtones create an evangelical fervor. The enemy isn't pictured as a group of misguided individuals who don't understand things as well as "we" do. Instead, "they" know what they're doing and know that it's wrong. They're acting deliberately; they're "evil."

This eliminates the need for the moralist to be tolerant or understanding of anyone whose interests conflict with his. Instead, he can be aggressive, violent, nasty, vitriolic, outraged—because he's dealing with someone who is immoral and thus not deserving of benevolence. It's an ideal way to relieve the pent-up frustrations that come from having to bear the bad consequences that might come from living by the philosophy. 

So the insecure individual looks outside himself for intellectual security. He hopes to find a philosophy that will guarantee him moral rightness, a leader to compensate for his lack of confidence, and an enemy to justify whatever goes wrong. Unfortunately, he lives in a fool's paradise. He still has to deal with the world and with the consequences of his own actions.

Meanwhile, the individual who recognizes his own sovereignty considers the consequences of his actions to be the only standard of right and wrong. He knows that he's capable of seeing those consequences and reacting to them as necessary. He can change any course of action that doesn't work; he can handle change and surprises as they occur. He can deal with whatever comes.

He would feel insecure only if he had to act in accordance with someone else's judgment. He would be genuinely afraid if someone else's decisions were determining his future.

He knows that the future is uncertain. But he's willing to be vigilant—to check the results of his actions. And he's willing to be honest—to acknowledge any mistakes and correct them immediately.

He's found the only kind of intellectual security that makes sense—reliance upon his own sovereignty.

--Excerpt from "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" by Harry Browne

Hartnell Oct 24 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: morals, intellectual independence, responsibility, enemy
It was said that Anton Lavey was trying to repent to God on his death bed. I think that it is hogwash. He was too passionate about satanism to repent. Maybe he did though...  do any of you know the truth of what happened?
Bloodthirstyringmaster Jun 2 '16 · Comments: 4 · Tags: anton lavey
Sindy Yalana
Hi Everyone, since I joined this network I would like to share my experiences and my views based on African Satanism. Sadly I'm not able to write at this moment reason being I am not feeling very well and hopefully by Monday I shall be good .looking forward to connect with you all. ☺
Sindy Yalana May 26 '18 · Comments: 4
Zach Black Owner

Another bump ... You can help and make 200 bucks.!

You can maybe. Youtube suspended my account for violating community guidelines. It is fucking bullshit. All I did was talk about my drug past and youtube after years decided that those videos are encouraging illegal and dangerous behavior.

I have tried to appeal and contest my suspension with no luck. Should you desire it cant hurt to contact youtube and google and tell em that is fucked up and that you are a long time subscriber and have learned lots ( education ) from my videos.

Go to youtube/ help /send feed back... You can find help link at the bottom of most youtube pages. If you can find a way to contact a real person , email or phone on google or youtube that will listen to you that is the best. Please let me know I got like three links and have tried em all. I am willing to pay someone 200 bucks that can get youtube to restore my channel. channel was satanicinternational. Email attached to it was satanicinternationalnetwork@gmail.com

Here are the links I have tried. There is a way but they hide it. Tons of blogs and videos about ' how to contact youtube' and ' How to get your account restored' ect ect..

Remember my account was not suspended for copyright violation. The method for that is different and will not work. Mine is for violating community guidelines.

Here are the three links I have tried and I get ignored or a auto message saying I have already appealed and I can not appeal again.

Have a go at it. It can not hurt. 200 BUCKS IF YOU CAN GET YOUTUBE / GOOGLE TO RESTORE MY CHANNEL. It can be done. I have done it before.But seriously though these links are common . Best bet is to find a email or even send snail mail to the right people .. Good luck and if you know someone who WORK AT GOOGLE that would be golden. Here are the links I have tried.

▼The link to the form you will have to fill out▼



Here is a good video about it. 




Zach Black Mar 19 '18 · Comments: 4 · Tags: suspended, zach black, youtube, satanicinternational
I have stumbled across with a serious dilemma: my nephef seems to be lost with Christianity. I was happy to hear that he got his first job (at 16), but the bad part is that he got it from a Christian congregation. 

I really like that kid. He's really smart and I have always been there for him, but this thing could seriously damage our relations if this goes on like this much further. I live in Finland and Christian fanaticism is uncommon in our region, yet his grandparents have way too much influence on his life. They're religious nuts.

I even ordered him a Satanic bible and once he gets it, I really hope that he will read it completely with no presuppositions. 

Any ideas how to convince that the LHP is really the right way? Otherwise he will just screw his own life, having me just watch all this happen on the side...

Thank you for your concern in beforehand. I know you would if you were in my position.

Mikitz Jun 2 '16 · Comments: 4
EpicFail TITS
The human mind seems nearly incapable of accepting that one day we will return to oblivion. Perhaps it's that survival instinct we all have-- that natural drive to cling to life even when we know death is imminent.

Maybe most of us can't grasp the probable reality that this is all there is. Certainly there must be some kind of meaning.. most people grow up, reproduce have mundane jobs and expire. 

life in and of itself is void of meaning.  Human existence in its entirety has no core significance. So yes, this is it.

However, meaning can be created.  One must focus on him or herself. Finding their own little piece of secular paradise.  

Fuck the idea of an uncertain at best afterlife. No speculation on the reality of here and now is necessary. we need to focus every moment possible on things that are significant to us-- make the most of each minute. We have choices. The three obvious ones are, pretend this life is only a bridge and put your faith in a likely imaginary entity, or live a life void of meaning ..a life of simply existing or make the most of it and enjoy.

End of rant
Ok so here are my thoughts on something. I recently got into it with one of my friends about satanism. And all she could do is yell at me about my pendent that I had at the time. (sadly it was stolen) As well as the fact I am curious and learning about the different types of Satanism. So as you can imagine I got really pissed off. Because every Satanist I have ever met was so kind, and so much to hang out. Not only that, the individuals I had the honor of meeting have made me laugh so hard that I damn near had tears running down my eyes!

So when she said all of this, I got extremely heated. And I flipped out at her. I told her that I would rather hang out with Satanist, Luciferians, ect than hang out with a fake christian such as herself. Sense then we have not spoken. Now I know each to their own, everyone can believe in what they want, but....ehh.....I can't stand when you don't practice what you believe in. Honestly I am not sure what I am myself, but what I do know is this, I don't care what you are. I will always be happy to be your friend, and defend you till the day I die, And even after that. 

CrimsonVirus5150 Feb 21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: learning, personal thoughts, personal experiences
So for the most part as many of you that know me also knows my Patron Demonic Spirit King Paimon. Well first off, I've have amazing invocations as well as evocations during this path working with King Paimon. To recently I was lead on the path of knowledge and during this time of enlightenment I was willed to work with Azazel also and guys let me be the first to tell you, I have been absorbing some heavy stuff working with this entity. The amount of power this entity beholds is absolutely insane. I know I've been offline a while but my recent studies and rituals has required me to remove myself from those things that makes us less grounded to this spiritual plain. My path is still incomplete though as I have taken on the full force of possession by both of these Kings I've finally felt the flame of the Infernal Realm and for the first time my Black Magik has grown to the point I can take a full on 18 day possession by these two kings. The feeling of being reborn as a true Black Magician is amazing. And it's good to be back. Looking forward to hearing from a few of my friends on here as I have a lot to talk about as well as catch up on.
Pusher Mod
I have been gone for a little while. I kind of got bored with all the SJW , PC liberal shit here. But, as usual I will make my return to push things in a better direction. 

I see the Dreaded one is back. Nice to see you again. This place needs some kick in the balls. I am tired of tripping through the daisies here. Kicks up my flower allergies. 

Hopefully all parties that post will sharpen their weapons on the cyber egos of the other. Would be nice if this is not a simple 80's pop one hit wonder and is lasting like fucking Keith Richards. 

My UFO closet is filled with anal probes and alien stuff. Tired of carrying tampons and tissues as I have not the room. 

Lets but the ' S ' back in S.I.N. and Satanism. A wise man once said ' Satan is the adversary , ism  is the action .  Lets let the master do his work.. 

In a rough translation in Latin the new Papa Zero says ' My name is Papa Zero, the time for partying is over, now we resort back to the old ways " . 

Pusher Oct 29 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: pusher, satanic international network
Is it true that to be a real satanist you need to be individualistic? And if so, what does it mean? Not caring about other people? 

SatanaeAdorator Aug 17 '18 · Comments: 4 · Tags: individualism
So I made a mistake in my last post. Excuse me while I commit seppuku for dishonouring my ancestors.

Ok, it took a few hundred squares of Bounty, but my brothers floor is all clean now. Does anybody know if human offal is compost-able? On to Transmundane:"reaching beyond or existing outside the physical world" according to dictionary.com, which as we all learned in samurai school is the supreme arbiter of etymological truth. I was under the mistaken impression that transmundane was a word invented by the guys and gals at Bethesda Studios who wrote the in game grimoire "Discerning The Transmundane" in Skyrim, which is a very cool occult questline. I thought that it was a nonsense word like something you would find in the excellent website http://wisdomofchopra.com/ (fyi today my wisdom was "nature is an ingredient of infinite images"). Apparently Transmundane has been used by obscure virginal theologians in the 1800s, and is roughly equivalent to the term paranormal. Not what I intended.

I was hoping to make Transmundane a marketable buzzword for my inevitable Satanic Self-Help books (while reading such books might not be very Satanic, selling them is the very definition), but with the revelation of an association to the paranormal, fuck it. What I meant was something that is simply outside of the mundane, but which is objectively real. Something that can be measured and tested. For example, if I perfect my 180 hook kick, I could probably break a dude's, or dudettes jaw ( I'm not sexist I'll hit a lady if she wants me to) with said kick with much more frequency than the vast majority of people on the Earth. That would be a transmundane accomplishment, because it is awesome, and exquisitely rare. But as I said, that is not the official definition, so fuck it, I'm cancelling my motivational speaking tour.

As an aside, I would use footnotes instead of parentheses, but I don't see how to do that in the word processor here?

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Fergie Ulfhednar
my first ritual
Fergie Ulfhednar Dec 12 '16 · Comments: 4 · Tags: ritual, satanic, first
The Satanist
Just ranting here.

Since the Dawn of Time, Mankind has never really grasped the concepts of speech, either if they believe there, so-called statements has truth, or even adding additional lies, to feed people the ideologies. Throughout History, Mankind has never learnt the concept of living, and respecting each others beliefs or live styles.

The Multicultural, world. We live in.

With many of these peoples, they never seem grasp the concept of law and order in some nations, but only a small majority. Many of these people, have come over to another Country(Nation), and forced us there culture, like they own the right to do so. They have there own laws, which do not fit with our own laws.

Either way, you look at it, Governments are at fault, and there so-called Respect of People's rights, and etc, are placed in a lost cause, and forgotten. Governments, have become a barrier, they do not care about how there own citizens suffer, this when Politically Correct statements are applied.

Meaning of Politically Correct, or should I say, NO free speech.

# someone who is politically correct believes that language and actions that could be offensive to others, especially those relating to sex and race should be avoided.

Second statement of this, is that politically correct word, or expression is Used instead of another one to avoid being offensive.

Basically saying – You have no rights to Free speech, to anything, or any government, groups, or persons.

Free speech was once a term, which we could say what is wrong with the politics, laws, religion, etc, of one's nation, but now in the 21st Century, you have to be correct in all speech, and written statements, and deliver speech with right concepts and duration of what ever you are speaking about, or lecturing. Making sure it does not offend anyone, or everyone.

Nevertheless, I seen this world is coming to one close, we are all going to have no speech or opinion on anything, what the governments say is final, either if its wrong.

Human rights, is becoming another mixed up topic. With so many laws, and rules, which do not govern anything, it is a great ideology on paper, but has not worked for many people in this world, but, cut them off. Our views on this fragile subject, is now being thrown around, like Chinese whispers.

Nevertheless, we need to change, before it becomes worst, but like everything, nothing really happens.

Profit means more than Human Life. To me, Profit, is just plastic materials, and metal pieces, with digital meanings. Just another invention to divide people into classes. Either I am ranting like a Satanist, or just a mad man.

Welcome to Hell, its called Earth.

The Satanist Nov 3 '16 · Comments: 4
Why do i have to be a good satanist?  I love evil people and have no morals. I enjoy incest reading material. Forced sex is my favorite porn. Scat porn is a close second. I hate god fearing people. They lack vision reality 
satanlovesme Aug 14 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4
This idea shouldn't come as a surprise, or a novel idea to any practitioners of the so called "dark arts", "left hand path", or whatever other idiosyncratic label the reader chooses to place on their particular derivation of western occultism. Taking a drug, whether caffeine or heroin is in itself a work of magick in that you are causing something to happen in the objective universe, so long as you intend to experience the direct effect of the drug. That alone is a revelation to anybody who wants to see the "real" magick, especially if you opt for my easily met criteria for magick (you really ought to; you'll feel like Harry fucking Potter).

Used in a ritual context, that simple act of ingesting a psychoactive chemical can have powerful effects on the magick that one is performing. Good rituals evoke powerful emotions, and really there is no easier way to evoke powerful emotions than to take a drug. It goes without saying that caution should be exercised when monkeying around with drugs (yet I'm saying it) and I assume that anyone on this site and reading this post is intelligent enough to figure that out. The same should be noted about magick however. Bad things can happen if you are stupid, and even if you are smart and take every precaution you can think of, things still may go wrong.

SamaelSwine Feb 13 '17 · Comments: 4 · Tags: throwawaypost, drugs
Zach Black Owner

I could be wrong. I know I am damn near to perfection in every since of the word but occasionally I do make a mistake. Usually having to do with women though . Nevertheless this did catch my eye. Seems like a jab at SIN to me. Mainly becaue of the intentional capitalization of words that should not be capitalized to make the abbreviation S.I.N.

Taken from the Church of Satan website ' Satanic Buncho' .

Now I do recall reading this a long time ago and it appears as if it has been revised  and updated. I do not recall if the original one from the 70's included this part. I do not think the term network really had the same meaning back then either.

CoS had a long standing policy not to mention any other Satanic organization. Not because they wanted to be above shit talking but because they want to give the impression they are the only show in town. Kinda like their ' you can not call yourself a Satanist if you are not part of the CoS ' attitude they only recently started to shy away from saying.

I did notice Gilmore taking shots at the Satanic Temple a few times. Likely cause we took shots at him. I say we referring to when I was a chapter head back in 2015.

Village Voice - Trolling Hi Hell

Seems if a organization gets enough attention like say ..... ten times more than the CoS ever got they make an exception.

If indeed it was a shot at SIN I say ' to shay ' you little evil garden gnome.

i was wonder how long you were gonna let me keep slapping you around publicly  before you put your gloves on. Clever way of doing so to not mentioning directly so that it could be denied and if I accused otherwise then I would be perceived as being ' full of myself ' ect ect.

Either way I will continue to promote the CoS as I have been for rthe last decade. My YouTube videos about the CoS have collectively hundreds of thousands of views. That is more than ALL their videos put together. Can not beat free advertising especially when they are unable to drum up the attention even though the tried. And for this I point to as true indication that Gilmore and company are clever, crafty, intelligent even after CoS crumbled following LaVey death.

That being said I will say it once again .... CoS died with its fonder the great Anton LaVey. The CoS is irrelevant and simply stands as a historical monument and Legacy of Dr. LaVey. In the mist of their internal thumb wresting over the estate they simply ignored the internet boom and technology got away from them. Only after I mentioned in a interview Gilmore was on as a live caller that their website looked like it was built on windows 95 did they finally pay someone to update it only a few weeks later.

Guys you coulda just asked me when I was a member to handle your advertising, YouTube and networking. :)

But I will give the CoS this. I have met some interesting and cool people from within the organization. It is a shame some of them though will not allow their picture to be taken with me for fear of being seen with someone on the ' black list' and being booted or demoted. Also the ' originality ' and authentic aesthetics will always be their own.

Zach Black Owner
After ten years I feel that it is time to redo the videos in more detail and higher quality . 
Dark Enlightenment
Foreword: Though I try to be original with my Ironic prose this one is completely stolen.

As the neophyte walked in to the innocuous meeting room he wondered what he got himself into. Various images adorned the wall. Tupac Shakur circa 1992, Mohammed Ali in Zaire, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, and many other fixtures of African culture. Over on a counter were bottles of Alize, Remy Martin, and assorted high class liqueurs. Since this was California, to the left of that was Fransisco, their blunt roller.  'Hitting' on their system was "Aint Nothing But A G Thang". 

Strait out of 1995 Gardena, Carson, or even Hawthorne.

As soon as he could take it all in 'it' began.

A voice spoke.

"A'ight, y'all listen up. You know what time is it? As our brothers have since 1985 it time, y'all niggas shut the fuck up, time for initiation."  

The man speaking they called Cephus X, he was the leader of this particular lodge of The Venerable Transnubian Society.

Cephus X, spoke again.

Come forward our newest member.

"What yo name is?

"Leif Bumnqvist", answered The Neophyte.

"And, my nigga, do you like that name?"


"What name do you want, my nigga?"

"Tone Loki"

"A'ight, A'ight. That what you is now?"


"Naw, say that shit right. Like you my transnubian nigga." 

"Let's crack it" 

"I present to y'all Tone Loki. Now bump that shit."

A tone pitched voice comes on, "California Love..."

The gentlemen and their social club were a peculiar lot. As they would say, they were born that way. They didn't fit their environment and this outlet was the unleashing of an inner person they all knew they REALLY were.  Among their contemporaries they could kick back and truly enjoy what it meant to be all about T.V.T.S. (The Venerable Transnubian Society). In an instant Evansville, Indiana became 8-Mile. Morphed from the caged them into this vibrant player in the field of "Mac Daddy".

Like minds indeed. 

Dark Enlightenment Feb 22 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: acronyms can mislead

Since this is my first blog post, I suppose I will talk about my first impressions of this lovely website. At very first, I thought the design was a bit lacking because I was trying to access the site on my smart phone and the java script is apparently not designed for use on a smart phone since the chat box wasn't lining up correctly. So I got on the Laptop.

After getting on the laptop, the site features work fine with the laptop display. Obviously designed for computer based access. Now that I've been able to access the features better I'm actually quite impressed. There is a list of further reading material, which is always nice. There's discussions and groups. The chat feature is quite nice too.

As for the usefulness of collaboration, this is yet to be seen as this is my second day or so. Hopefully I will meet some equally talented individuals for these type of discussions, as to how we can further the cause of Satanism within our local communities and the world at large.

WolfHyde666 Dec 31 '18 · Comments: 3 · Tags: first impressions of site
why do all these poor people especially in the south keep voting republican.when we all no that is against their own interest , they dont  have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of. and to be frank the republicians like  mr trump laugh at them he thinks they are a joke he wants no part of them they are poor trash to him.i mean birds of a feather flock together, but your coins say you are not apart of that bird flock.what really is the kicker most of them have to beg the democrats for benefits but they still want  to hold on to the republican fantasy.

Gypsiegirl920 Nov 8 '18 · Comments: 3 · Tags: gypsiegirl920
Obscura TITS
I actually HATE anything creepy.  And nothing is creepier than Samael.  In order for him to become Sa'el, I think all demons need to turn into puppies, kittens, and rainbows.  Also, Hell should yuppify and have frozen yogurt everywhere and start filtering the blood out of the Styx and Samael should stop going around as a corpse half the time.  Beelzebub really needs a makeover.  Even during sex, he won't take off the horned helmets and capes.  Hello Sauron, have you ever heard of business casual?  This isn't Lord of the fucking Rings.  Asmodeus needs to stop being such a manwhore and close down all his bars and turn them into hedgehog cafes or arcades.  Lilith and the girls (I mean you, Agrath, Naamah, and Eisheth) need to dye their hair blonde, stop stripping, and stop go go dancing all the time.  Belial needs to stop being stoned.  I will campaign to turn all demons into liberal Millenials.  I am cutting Samael's hair, buying him new clothes that are not fucking red or black (have you heard of salmon? and why so many fucking skulls and distressed band tees???), cutting off his alcohol and drugs, and making him into a puppy.  I am also defanging Satan and making all demons absorb all Disney movies for valuable life lessons.  Peppa the Pig and Sesame Street are also good remedial lessons.  I think Dora the Explorer could really teach the Goetics to stop swiping.  I'm talking about totally revamping hell.  I will recruit Jesus to help me.  Buddy Jesus.  From Dogma.  I will cast a spell to make all the cannibalistic blood orgies and weed party turn into Millenial board game parties.  Fuck weed, we are playing Settlers of Cataan.  Goodbye alcohol, I am turning it all into diet coke sponsored by Taylor Swift.  Hell is a very bad place to raise a child in.  Think about the bad examples Satan is setting.  I do not approve.  Also, he's fucking creepy.  The Antichrist needs to be raised in a wholesome environment.  The End Times need to be sanitized.  Revelations needs to be written with the romance novel demanded Happily Ever After.  I am turning Samael into a puppy.  I am turning all demons into bubbles.  I am making all their claws and fangs and talons childproof.  I am turning Hell into a Chuck E Cheese.  Only then can I take my students there.  SJWs demand priviledges be revoked and instituting a social democratic state with free Gehenna University and universal healthcare in Sheol.  I will force Hell to be Millenial approved.  Millenials are inheriting the Earth, and we do not approve of wanton hellion ways.

Samael is becoming a puppy.

Obscura Sep 4 '18 · Comments: 3
Obscura TITS

“Maybe you’re not the hero you thought you were.”

I sit with scarred, armored, war-torn Zadkiel on a threadbare couch, my twin angel and second-in-command general of Michael, of whom we are both standard bearers, I reconnaissance, he defense.  We are reminiscing about the War (there is only ever one War, don’t let mortals fool you otherwise) and Zeke’s eyes are alight with fire and rambunctiousness.  He clutches his sword between his kneecaps, driven down into the wood of the floor, and chortles like a jackal.

“Gaby kept running around delivering messages he didn’t see my infantry plowing through him.  That was the first time he died.  Oh, what a little bird flitting about, unaware he’s in the way with those high falutin messages straight from Mikey himself.”

I bring my knees to my lap and nestle against his wing.  He has a familiar face lit with fire, like the gentle soul that houses him is in vengeance mode.  The night before I fell asleep, I saw him in pointed spidery silver and gold armor with gauntlets and lamellar plating and a visor that hid darkness and burning blue eyes that would flicker to red like coals.  Zadkiel kept cutting the air with his flaming sword as if to spell betrayal out for me, only I couldn’t catch on, not in the awake state at least.

“How did you die, Zadkiel?” I ask, hesitantly.

Zadkiel gives  wild laugh.  “Oh, how didn’t I die?  I bled out in the trenches.  I took bullets through the heart.  Stabbed by an underling that didn’t like my iron fist.  The question, my dear, is that I always die, it’s only a matter of time.  Some more gruesome than others.”

I think back to my death, that first fall from grace, and can’t help but ask: “Do you remember me, Zad?”

Zadkiel sighs like wind through an empty carnival.  Like he is haunted by me, which is likely the case: “You were put on trial for corrupting demons during your reconnaissance missions, Jo. Up to scale 11, you ruined the . At the end, we couldn’t tell whose side you were on but your own. You were judged as a traitor.  Due for execution but you died anyway in one last coup d etat.  Always the wild child, Jo.”

There are tears in his eyes and he doesn’t look at me.  I can barely look at my own legs.

“Oh…” I speak softly, remembering the lore.  Zophael, the Herald of Hell, with sympathies towards the fallen.  Zophiel, the fallen angel of Maria del Ocidente’s poem.  Zophael, the one who took the side of the fallen and rebelled against heaven.  Zophiel, Heaven’s double-timing spy that got in too deep.

Three battalions met the day I died.  My own rebels, hewn from fallen and angels.  Samael’s forces.  Michael’s legions.  Three separate battles: those that would restore balance, those that would drag the world to Hell, and those that would enforce the mono-culture of Heaven.  I have met those that took my side.  They were much fewer, possibly not a third, but perhaps the neutral angels that fell to Earth and became the land, sea, and forest elementals.  Perhaps we did make a stand, however brief, and when I took Satan’s spear through the heart for Michael, I abandoned not only my post but betrayed both sides.

A traitor to both heaven and hell.  Playing my own little games.  Turning angels on demons and demons on angels.

We are not always heroes in our own stories.  At best, we might wrangle some sympathy from those who wronged us.  To fight for Satan is a noble misguided cause.  To fight for Michael is a glory train of bad choices and patriarchal fuckups that gets you nailed to a cross.

To fight for the traitor, why, that takes special madness.  You get put on Earth, in the end.

We are never the heroes in our stories, and my sadness runs deep as the liar’s grave I fill.  In the end, I hurt everyone, all because I wanted to be the architect of my own story, or perhaps I was playing both sides all along.  An instigator for the war.  Flying to steal the glory of god for humanity, too close to the sun I touched eternal fire and brought it back for those hairless apes.  Goading on Samael and Michael to rough it out over me.  I am  the only thing they cared about, at least momentarily, in the end (of my life, not there’s – there’s is a cause, a higher purpose, and mine is the trickster mentality).

Whatever happened, history may be doomed ot repeat.  Or maybe now, I finally get the chance to redeem myself.  Maybe now, I won’t bleed black ink from adamant veins.

We are never the heroes we thought we were, but maybe, on the flight of a lark, on a vespertine moon’s last rays, we can become something like God.

Obscura Sep 11 '18 · Comments: 3
EpicFail TITS
so.. There was never any doubt for me that the disney films that most of you enjoyed as kids are pure evil. I could never tolerate them.  animated characters bursting out in song every five minutes, annoy(ed) me with their subliminal messages.. damn them to hell!

only thing I have in common with bible thumpers is that I 100 percent agree that these films are heinous.(but for very different reasons.)  Take beauty and the beast for example.  The beast supposedly portrays the anti-christ. Xians take a literal approach. The world's most well known antagonist is called the "beast" in the final chapter of the world's most notorious book of hatred.  

walt disney likely meant no correlation between his film and the "good book." I do wonder sometimes if Disney himself was affiliated with something real and truly nefarious.  

Beauty kinda symbolizes the following of Christ.  When the alleged apocalypse happens (hypothetically speaking of course,) the epic conflict between team jesus and team lucifer will occur. Of course in both the bible and the film, beauty prevails. sigh I hate happy endings.. and I especially hate it when they burst into sappy disney style tunes or boring hymns. 

so anyone here team jesus? team lucifer? mostly don't give a fuck.. but interesting allegory

EpicFail Sep 25 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: beast, bible, christianity, disney, protagonist, antagonist, allegory, apocalypse, revelations, sappy
EdMenonymous Member
Hello Lilith...

Fuck I have been so weak... 

I have been waking up everyday.. in panic and stress to get independant and on my own.

I have been worried childish and whiney about everything that goes wrong and a total asshole when everything is working out my way..

I wish to explore why I express myself in this way.. or better yet, I wish to strenghthen my own love and villigance towards myself.

I wish to give myself the love//well maybe not..

Buut when i go about my day hoping that everyone else will be hAappy with me and doing everything so that they will.. 

Perhaps we can look into this behavior of mine if it is not yet done expressing itself and work it so i play into my own favor and not against myself. 

I am done hiding

i am done asking for the aPProval of others

i am done believing that everyone else is waay better and more capable than me.

I wish to commune with you tonight to infuse brand inscribe upon my mind and body with hellishry fire 



ok well if you are my true SATANIC BREATHREN 


Focus for me fukkin visualize..

And anyone who WILL Burn me or put me out

EdMenonymous Mar 15 '18 · Comments: 3 · Tags: lilith, naahmah, eirashtetz, aglabitch!
I don’t know much about this stuff, not really sure if I fit but I want to learn
BubblesMd Oct 31 '18 · Comments: 3 · Tags: #new #knowlegde
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