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Hey, if you haven't read my first blog do it.

She invited me to her home that day of the first blog because her parents and siblings wouldn't be there.

 She showed me all of her interesting mystical knick knacks. She's very much into magic and knows a lot of stuff about spells, astrology, and her knowledge of the spiritual realm is much more than mine. Walls of pentagram cut-outs, satanic pendants and rings, different amulets and interesting tokens of fortune. Books and books on spirituality, occult teachings, novels, Canadian paranormal stories, and a xbox 360 with her favourite game gears of war. A guitar she thought would impress me did, and she enthusiastically showed me her bongos she plays and loves. She sat me down at her computer desk that had three different sized bongs and a hookah and left to the bathroom to change.

When she came back she hadn't changed her shirt or pants at all, but I saw red lace poking out of her sweatpants that wasn't there before, and her brastraps matched. 

We indulged ourselves in marijuana, blowing the smoke freely in the room. Apparently her father and family smoke marijuana too, so it's not a problem. She said laughing "Do you like my bong or something?" because I kept smoking even after she stopped. It takes more for me to get high. She lit candles in the corner that were marked "seduction" "lust" and "peace".

At one point I asked her to sing for me, and she was very hesitant and scared, but she did it; and it was fucking beautiful. I just listened. I didn't want to look at her and make her feel pressure, I wanted the songbird to fly free. The weed put a rasp in her voice she didn't like, I thought it was really beautiful. She was so happy when she found I was blown away. 

Then she showed me her belly dancing. Her hips moving so fluidly. She explained different styles of belly dancing, like the differences between when you move your knees and when you don't, and when you do this, and when you do that, and when you...I wasn't even listening to her. I was mesmerized by her so sexy body moving like that. She knew, so she kept doing it longer.

She showed me her paintings, and a lot of them were very dark, with hidden symbolism. She explained a few of their meanings to me, some she didn't, which I respected and left alone. I thought I played guitar and sang well. I thought I was an artist. But she warped my mind. 

Her family was coming home, and before I left, we became very passionate together. Kissing and embracing. In heat, she tells me she doesn't care about her boyfriend, she knows she wants to fuck me to my soul. 

The next day after school she came to my house. After telling me stories of her and her boyfriends lives together we fucked for the first time. She said he'd know she screwed someone else because my dick would spread her flower wider than her boyfriend could. I fucked her again, and again, and again, until the garbage was full of condoms.

On her way out she said something I think I should have known before I built this sort of relationship with her; she lives with this boyfriend. They're codependent. She says she's not sorry, she doesn't feel guilty, and she wants me. She lusts for me in ways she hasn't ever felt before.

Oh Satan, thanks for this angel...

I know, shitty first blog post but I have to support and promote my kids. They have a band called Eviternity and it's starting to take off. Like every poor new bunch of starving artists, they have little funds but are gradually getting things together to make this thing a success. So, the audio isn't the best, but posting a video from a show they did the other night. Starts at just over a minute in. Find them on Facebook and give them a like if you actually like it. Thanks, it means a lot to these guys.
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Ox Jan 28 '15 · Tags: band
Hey Dudes.

My name is James Iron. I'm 18 soon to be nineteen. I live in bite-sized city in southern Canada. I go to a school for absentees, dropouts, and junkies and I'm in grade 12. I work at a restaurant in the back kitchen with beautiful women waitressing and cool fucking dudes that cook killer fucking everything and I enjoy spending time with everyone there. I'm six foot three and 175lbs of evil that lives and walks.

I'm Satanist and I've met a satanist woman at my high school. I was emptying my backpack in my guitar class looking for a highlighter and she saw Lavey's Satanic Bible in my backpack and talked to me. She was shocked that I was satanist because I don't play it up with satanic tattoos, jewelry, or clothing, and I don't openly discuss people's private beliefs. Given our rarity she  said we had to spend time together to see how another satanist lives. We bonded and she likes speaking to me and spending time with me. I can see she's trying to figure me out like I'm this mysterious satanic angel in her life and she gets off hearing me talk. I'm so mysterious to her.

She has a lover, who she loves very much, but she tells me she's more attracted to me; explicitly telling me details of dreams and visions she's had with me when she's alone. Given how depressed she sounds as a person outside of when I'm with her I thought this boyfriend is doing a shitty job making his woman happy. When she told me she loved him, but had conflicting attraction for me, I kissed her dominantly in the middle of the day. She was so happy "Okay, now what I'm supposed to just go home to my boyfriend with al these things I want to do to you?" 

I'm becoming a sort of Satanic cuckold to her now, she comes to school dressed for me, trying to get a reaction out of me. Oh boys, I've got my hands all over this vixen. This is my 1st blog, any other day I'd write about something else, but James' got this exciting lady under his finger. I have to go to guitar class now, where I sit with this hot hot hot girl in a dark recording room, wish me fuck! (+luck too)

"Rabbit's clever," said Pooh thoughtfully.
"Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit's clever." "And he has Brain."
"Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit has Brain." There was a long silence.
"I suppose," said Pooh, "that that's why he never understands anything."

Joana, the heroine of the movie "Agnosia", suffers from a peculiar illness. She's blind but not because she sees nothing but because she sees too much. Her mind has no filter and her little brain is constantly flooded with the stimuli it cannot process. As a result, she's in the state of permanent confusion, not able to recognize people and objects around her. One would think that if you see more, you're wiser. Not in the case of Joana, though. Her problematic "gift" cripples her, she cannot even walk properly. You can almost pity her when you see her crawling on the bathroom floor.

Her father produces unique lens for telescopes. Before he dies, he tells Joana his industrial secret. For her, it's only a string of meaningless numbers but it's a treasure for her father's enemies. When he dies, they use her deplorable condition to extract the secret from her. As Joana sees and doesn't see at the same time, she's not aware of the dangerous conspiracy  going around her. Her mind, preoccupied with the insignificant details, can't see the bigger picture, can't focus on what is the most important. As a result, her father's empire is taken over, her relationship with her fiance is destroyed and, finally, she dies shot at the steps to the cathedral.

A petty mind is like a weapon in the hands of a madman. You can never know the day and the hour when it strikes but you can sense the approaching disaster. If you take a ride with a staggering drunkard, you can be damn sure it will be your last ride. The same is with someone who has his head up his ass. If you give in to your own delusions or the bullshit narratives of other people, you will have to pay, if not now, then in months, years or even decades.

You can delude yourself that you are a special snowflake, that you are better and smarter than others. If you can't see further than the end of your nose, if you can't predict the consequences of your actions, if you live only here and now, you are a mere pawn on that chessboard called life.

Some time ago, there was a big scandal in Poland that triggered a national debate about religious freedom, the rights of doctors and patients and democracy, in general. A respectable doctor refused to perform an abortion of a terminally ill child because of his Catholic views. That was hardly surprising, because he had a legal right to do this, however, he also had a legal obligation to send a woman to another doctor. He not only didn't do this but also lied to the woman that her child was healthy. When she finally learned her child was going to die, it was too late for an abortion. The doctor was punished but it hardly compensated for the woman's false hopes and her suffering while she watched her child die.

Many Catholics tried to make a martyr out of the doctor, saying that he was loyal to his Church, that he followed the rules of his faith, they quoted the pope and the Saints, and atheists, as usual, blamed the religion for close-mindedness of its adherents. It's a pity that the doctor forgot the most important imperative of his faith - to see God in another human being. Seeing "God" in another person is nothing more or less than simple human empathy, the ability to put yourself in another person's shoes, to feel what she feels, to understand what she thinks and how she may suffer.

There is a fundamental truth in the words "The kingdom of God is within you." If its religious meaning is put aside, then it simply means that the depth of your mind is the source of wisdom, the unconscious mind that is the dwelling of intuition and the deep empathic understanding of things.

The corruption of knowledge
Knowledge can be found in books and in the heads of other people. It's easy to lose wisdom in the stream of facts and insignificant details. Other people's ideas are like the noise which deafens you to the barely audible inner voice of wisdom. Studying will never replace experience and there can be no insight without being in tune with other people.

As there are many narrow paths to wisdom, there are also many highways to stupidity. Just like a cockroach infesting the poor and the luxurious kitchens, stupidity doesn't care about a religious label. Neither does it care about a social status or a university degree.

The swines and the pearls
It's been said many times that the nine Satanic sins are the sins against reality. They are punished neither by God nor the Devil, but by life. If you try to build castles in the sky, you risk that, eventually, you will be dragged down to face the desert of the real.

One of such sins is solipsism; deluding yourself that other people share your views and values, that they understand your more or less lofty ideas. Most people are mediocre and even if they appear to be intelligent, it's because their heads are full of other people's ideas. Talking to them is like throwing the pearls before the swines. If you try to be honest with them, if you open your heart, they will crucify you or, worse, drag you down to their level of petty and pathetic bullshit.

That some things should be left unsaid was well understood by women in the past, who locked their diaries in safe and secret places. It wasn't so much the fear of compromise as the awareness of the fact that most people are prone to passing judgements without even bothering to understand. Talking to such people is like talking to the wall. Whatever you say will fall on deaf ears.

While the wise look at the horizon, the fools sit on the beach counting the grains of sand. It's a prerogative of an idiot to take everything under his magnifying glass, to adhere to his religion, ideology or philosophy with an unshaken pedantic scrupulosity. In that way, the things that are really important get lost among the things that only appear to be important. Like T.S. Eliot wrote, we lose wisdom in knowledge and knowledge in information. Sometimes, reason can make us blind, like the poor Rabbit, like poor Joana and many others.
Anna Jan 19 '15 · Rate: 3 · Comments: 1 · Tags: personal rant

Is there a God? If there is a God, which religion is right? Which religion best defines my values? Is Monotheism the best option? Could one single being really have created everything that exists? Is this God all knowing, omnipotent, omnipresent, and loving? What if He’s as bad as the Atheists say He is? Do I truly agree with this God’s moral law, and if not, would it be best for me to restrict myself to it anyway?


Are alternative religions a more practical choice, with all the conflict between “The Big Three” religions? Perhaps Buddhism, there are no Gods, but do I entirely agree with the philosophy? Maybe Wicca, there are several Gods, but is deification of natural occurrences explained by most of modern science any more rational or practical? How can I be sure any religion at all is of any benefit to me?


In this year of 2014, the above are but a handful of questions which most individuals ask themselves before ascribing to an organized religion. The general motivation behind seeking answers to such unknown questions is an inherent blank spot in the human psyche. As inquisitive creatures by nature, we need to have an answer, whether the answer be true or not, whether we believe it or not. No question must ever be without answer.


In this day in age, perception of truth is more important than truth itself; and it is precisely, for this very reason, that The God Question is futile.


Politics and religion go together like balls and a nutsack, you simply cannot have one without the other. Many would argue that the sole purpose behind the creation of organized religion was political, while others might argue the reverse. Regardless of order or effect, the “Chicken or the Egg” question remains up for debate, however; the presence of a connection between religion and politics is undeniable.


It’s easy to get caught in the shit-kicking web of political and religious debate, whether it be friendly conversation, social media wars, or drunkard bar-fighting. As the saying goes, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.” Conflict is part of the natural order of the world, however; there is a crucial flaw in the arguments presented by most who engage in such controversial topics, and that is the separation of religion and politics.


In our Attention Deficit Disorder fueled world, whenever a religious or moral topic flashes before us, we knee-jerkingly respond in kind with our either agreeable, or disagreeable views on religion and morality; the same is true of our political and ideological views. We know that religion and politics go together, but when either subject come to the plate we keep them well separated, like macaroni and mashed potatoes.


Unfortunately, for the poor, fussy consumer, the reality is that there are no separate portions in this dish. In fact, there is no dish at all. With a sourly scrunched face, the common human drinks deep the magnificent Religipolie Smoothie, profoundly exclaiming delight in it’s flavor and how easily their taste buds can separate the ingredients, to such an extent that they deny it’s a smoothie at all. Everything has a place, and everything in it’s place.


No. There are no religions, there are no politics, there’s only the Smoothie. Religion is the recruiting tool for politics, and politics are what drive people to their religion. One may not have one without the other. They may comprise of different parts, but they form to make the same, single product. We’re expected to pick a product and stand by it till death. In the midst of all the strife in the name of which Smoothie is the best, does The God Question even retain relevance?


The times of ruminating the existence of the supernatural are ever dwindling, and those of preponderance and power in all the scattered fields of thought no longer even give a shit. It’s all about how many people agree, how many people will devote themselves. It’s about Earthly affairs, neither Heavenly nor Infernal. From the Vatican to Jerusalem to Mecca, to Buddha’s poopie-stained Chougu, the leading Religipolie distributors have long since abandoned the idea of pondering the validity of promise in their recipe books; it’s a shame that so few individuals follow suit. Pondering has turned to pandering, and no one seems to notice.


Pick a God, any God; it doesn’t matter if there’s no Gods, just pick a side and fight for it. Lean to your Left, lean to your Right, try to keep a balance in the middle, it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t fall over! Grab a Religipolie Smoothie and share it with everyone, force feed it if you must! Live for it, and die for it! Anyone who disagrees is wrong, and it’s your duty as a Smoothian to set them straight!

JasinElric Dec 28 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6 · Tags: pondering to pandering, the god question
My introduction into Satanism began with Anton LaVey who promoted the idea of Atheism in his Satanic Bible (for starters, Book of Satan 4:2, as well as Hell The Devil and How to Sell Your soul).  Yet I recently came across a copy of the grotto masters handbook which gives a section on Spirituality that talks as if Satan is a real individual.  Needless to say I was confused by this point. There are a couple points that I am wondering (1) I downloaded the copy of the Grotto Master's Handbook. Since, from my understanding, the grotto system of the Church of Satan has been mostly dismantled, I didn't consider that to be an issue. But maybe the file is a corrupted copy?  (2) That it is actually a contradiction of beliefs within the Laveyan belief structure; or (3) That the emphasis of belief is placed upon a frame work of rationality rather than blind faith such as the Judeo/xian worldview promotes.  I would place my bets on 3, but throughout both the Satanic Bible and Satanic Scriptures, it is very clearly evident that Satan is more of a concept or set of ideas rather than an anthropomorphic deity (as the Christians would claim). 

Perhaps someone with knowledgeable insights could help me understand the issue of Atheism and Satanism more clearly to me in light of the above points?

pete66 Dec 26 '14 · Comments: 4 · Tags: laveyan, contradictions, theology
I recently got popped here where I live for stealing from Walmart. Now obviously I dont have a moral problem with stealing from a buisness that has insurance to make up the difference not to mention how much money they make on the daily. I would like to know what everyone thinks as this relates to Satanism. I would never steal from a friend or acquaintance. But believe me I have learned my lesson and dont plan on stealing again. They amount of restitution and fines I have to pay are monster compared to the $12 item I stole. Plus if i ever wanna get a job the charge gets in the way. I dont like being broke and It definitely wasnt worth it. In my opinion it doesnt necessarily butt up against the morals of satanism in any way. Except one may find it hard to recover from the punishment that insues. 
DEX Dec 22 '14 · Comments: 24 · Tags: satanism, theft, morals
JamesSTL Chapter Head
May your Solstice holiday be spent with loved ones in merriment, inviting the death of the year and expressing aspirations for the oncoming rebirth!

Ave Satanas!


JamesSTL Dec 21 '14
EzrelT Chapter Head
Through life's dreary moment, be warmth for me

In times of hopelessness, be my strength

When all else fails, pave a path of refuge

In pain, soothe my wounds

When lost, come to my rescue

Let your radiance illuminate and compliment the darkness in me

In your lair I draw courage

Not even the tempest of mockery and scorn shall force me to bow to that which I so despise

Your presence draws forth honour; a threshold which seeks out only the noble

Scorch me till all imperfection drips out of my veins

Let thine torment release the floodgates of divine wisdom from within me

Cause thine essence to build a fortress that is safety from the onslaught of my weaknesses

Teach me thy precepts, that I might shun ignorance

Let thy temperance be my counsel, so I might flee every snare of ruin.

- RexDiaboli
EzrelT Dec 3 '14 · Rate: 4.33 · Comments: 2
E)  Worshipful Master: The opportunity is now upon you to take the oath of our order, of which when taken, you will be given knowledge based upon logic and reason. Do you desire to take it?

Initiate: Yes

W.M. Do you promise to use logic and reason, permitting nothing to prevent you from your own primal instincts?

Initiate: yes

W.M: Then return to the front of the altar and raise your left hand. (The initiate does.)

F) W.M: Initiate repeat after me, the words I am about to say:

I deny Jesus Christ the deserver... I abjure the Christian faith and holding in contempt all of its works... as one of Jehovah's "creations" here after to be ... a most faithful servant of his Arch-Angle the Prince Lucifer ... 

... whom is the true regent, lord, and empire of this world... as a being now possessed in a human body... I swear henceforth to be a faithful servant of the earth's lawful master... to honor him, his High Majesty Satan, and no other... To despise all other religions and to bring contempt upon them when ever appropriate... To bring there followers to the dark side when they cry out to do so... I therefore swear to give-up my mind and body unto the designs to the furtherance of my own selfish and animalistic instincts and desires...

If I ever betray my oath, I do now decree... to have my throat cut, my hart and tongue torn out... and to be buried amongst the sands of the oceans... so that the waves of it may carry me away into an eternity of oblivion..."

W.M.: If you ever betray this oath, we shall pronounce sentence upon you that you in the name of Satan so that you may fall into a dangerous disease and leprosy, and in the sign of his vengeance, you shall die a horrible and painful death. And a fire shall consume you and completely crush you! And a flame shall come forth from the mouth of Satan and utterly reduce you to nothing, in Hell!

(The blindfold and bindings are now removed by the W.M., whom asks her to remove her outfit, which may have another outfit underneath if it makes the initiate more comfortable, and then removes the pentagram of Satan.)

Initiate, as a symbolic of your new found dedication to Satan, I now ask you to kiss this pentagram of Satan that is used in every group rite and ceremony.

(The initiate, if willing, now kisses the pentagram of Satan, after word it is put back upon the wall above the altar.)

W.M.: Your soul, if such a thing exists, now belongs to Satan, if he does exists and even if he does want to collect souls is a matter of debate, and thus your soul shall never enter heaven, if such a place exists, upon your death.

(Grabbing the black robe and the amulet of Satan that has been set aside for the initiate and extends them forward to offer the to the Initiate.)

Initiate, you are being given the appropriate clothing to dress yourself in during Satanic rite and ceremonies, please dress yourself in a timely manor, but we our more then patient enough to wait if extra time is needed.

(The Initiate dresses in the black robe and amulet and may utilize the hood if it is desired.)

Neophyte, you have proven yourself as a worthy member of our high order that is dedicated to Satan. Join those assembled amongst us so that you, like them, may receive the benedictions of Satan.

8) W.M.: "Open wide the gates of Hell! The lower heavens beneath you, let them that serve you! Govern those that govern! Cast down such as fall. Bring forth that increase, and destroy the rotten. No place, let it remain in one number. Add and diminish until the stars be numbered. Arise! Move! and appear before the covenant of His mouth, which He hath sworn unto us in His justice. Open the mysteries of your creation, and make us partakers of the UNDEFILED WISDOM."

9) Ringing of bell and all in attendance our dismissed afterwards.

1) Dress for ceremony.

2) Light candles and torches

3) Ring bell 9xs

4) Invocation of Deities such as Satan and others.

5) The blessing of hell.

6) Drinking from chalice or goblet.

7) The Initiation Procedure.

A) Warshipful Master: And now that I am filled with the power of Satan within me I have the power to grant your wishes should it please me to do so. Wast no moment of ilfated chater as it will incure my anger, so lift up your heads and tell me your desires!

Initiate knocks nine times on the door and a member of the procetion or congregation says: Worshipful Master there is an alarm at the door!

W.M. Attend to the alarm.

Said member goes to the door knocks nine times and cracks the door saying: Who seeks entry here?

Initiate whom is dressed in a white robe and chains aroun his/her wrists and anckles says:  One whom no longer lives in ignorance and craves the knowledge of Lord Lucifer.

Participate: You may enter the chamber of Satan and proced with your initiation.

The initiate then walks up to the Worshipful Master.

B) W.M. What is your name? Initiate gives legal name or one that it is to be known within the community. And then it is explained to the initiate the rights and privileges as associated to the order if such exists.

C) W.M. You may now proced to the first of three stations of the ceremony. 

The initiate comes to the first station of whom a "Rabbi" is expecting him/her while he/she is accompanied by two participants.

Rabbi:  I am a high priest of the temple of Judah, from henceforth the true and faithful religion has sprung up. I extend my hand with the true holy texets so that you may know the truth.

Initiate: I deny the existence of your deity and proclaim that Judaism is a false religion built upon lies.

The Rabbi taps the initiate on the forhead while saying that he/she will be damned for life and the initiate falls backwards while the 2 participants catch her him and is raised back up.

Initiate then goes to the next station and approaches the "christian" whom says upon arrival: I am the minister of the truth that has been taught to the apostles by Jesus the Christ, I ask you do you except Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior?

Initiate: The crucifix symbolize paled incompetence hanging on a tree. The so called Gospel of Christ was written no sooner then decades after his supposed life and therefore cannot be truth. I deny the existence of God Jehovah, Christ the son and the Holy Ghost.

Christian: You are surely damned into the fires of Hell.

The Christian then taps the initiate on the forhead, whom falls backwards and is caught by the two participants from behind.

The initiate now approaches the Islamic leader.

Muslim: It is my sworn duty to convert you to Islam or destroy you.

Initiate: Then destroy me because Mohammed was a lier and a child molester.

The Koran is tappet on the initiates forhead and falls backwards. However this time the initiate is gently layed down onto the floor and a funeral march is now played.

D) W.M. (now reading from Lovecraft): The time would be easy to know, the mankind would be like Great Old One's; free and wild and beyond good and evil; with laws and morels throughn out the door. And with all man shouting and killing and revealing in joy. And then the old ones will reveal new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves and the earth would flame with a holocaust of of ecstasy and freedom. Meanwhile the cult, by appropriate rites, must keep alive the memory of the Old ways and shadow of there return. In the elder time chosen men had talked with the entomed Old One's in dreams, but then something happened.

He cut himself off hurriedly, and no amount of persuasion or subtle could elicit in this direction. The size of the Old One's, too, be curiously declined to mention. Of the cult, he said that he thought that the contry lay amid the pathless deserts of Arabia, where Irem, the city of pillars, dreams hidden and untouched. It was not allied with the European witch-cult, and was virtually unknown beyond its members. No book had really hinted at it, though the deathless Chinamen said that there where double meanings in the Necronomican of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred, which the the initiate may read as they choose, especially the much discussed couplet:

That which is dead may eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.

With this pronouncement, the initiate springs to life and, if possible, may stand up under her/his own power.

Note: This rather long so I'll post the remainder at a later point.

possesedbythedevil666 Nov 30 '14 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 1
I often wondered what I could come up with as far as writing an initiation ceremony for a "group like" setting. The following is what I came up with byt first some prefatory notes are needed.

This ceremony is derived from a couple of major different sources. One being the 1st and third initiation ceremonies of Freemasonry, or atleast the first as performed, in part in a History Channel documentary about Freemasonry and the other as perpetuated by detractors. This latter part can be observed in the Covens' performance of the Satanic Mass, which is where I lifted muchh of this litany, but the throught cuting and the gut ripping out dates back, as far as I know, to Masonry but I am not a mason nor do I have any direct connection to any lodge past or present. So one could say that Coven was a source for this ceremony and they would be correct. Also I quote H.P. Lovecraft in this one as well.

Also I want to make clear that the throught cutting and what not is only ment here as imagery and nothing more then another giant middle finger to the Masons in as much as I am sure as they as any group have there Fred Phelps and other self rightiuse ass holes that we have yet to become aware of. This part of the litany is NOT intended to be taken literally.

Now if a group wanted to perform this by the book, please feel free to modify this to your own ends, here is what is required:

1) Altar - This my be a nude altar or a simple platform.

2) Black Robes or Clothing - This applies more to the congregation, a congregation is not a prerequisite.

3) The Worshipful Master Dress - The priest/ess acting in position of the W.M dresses in the usual dress as such but with satanic symbology as oppose to Masonic.

4) Sword or Dagger - to be used for magical purposes, in this case the invocations.

5) Phallus - To place the blessings of Hell upon those in attending.

6) A person dressed as Jewish Rabbi, an Evangelical dressed person, and another dressed as a Islamic I mmam (the more sacred characters, i.e Moses, Christ, Muhammad etc.) the better, butt what ever helps as far as visual imagery.

7) A black and white checkered floor patern.

8) These two items are probably the most optional and both can be easily cut out. One option can be an audio recording such as a cd player or a mp3 player, but in either case the music must be as closely queued to the performance as allowed. Or a musician can be be brought in to play out this role and, for me the best choice if given the option, assuming that this option is agreeable to everyone participating. If the music selection where left up to me, I would find a keyboardist willing and select some works of Bach or something more dramatic that speaks better and adds more to the environment of this ceremony and have it played on an organ or an electronic keyboard with a decent sounding organ option built in, though one such as the later may seem more practical.

9) Candles and Lighting - Lighting is provided by torches attached to the wall, though I must stress caution in this case as these are fire and health hazards so I recommend at least two fire extinguisher equiped users whose so purposes are to focuse exclusively on the on the torches and atleast third participant whom is designated by each exist in case of fire. Also if no one has memorized the entire ceremony then ample light maybe needed. And also a black candle set to the left side of the altar and a white candle to the right side of the altar.

EDIT: 10) A bell to be rung nine times each at the beginning and at the end of the ceremony.

And know that I realize that this is running long I will post this as part one and publish this in the nexed day or so.

EDIT: 11) The pentagram worn around the neck as well as hung on the wall behind the altar.

possesedbythedevil666 Nov 27 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
Zach Black Owner

Alright. Myself and other Satanists are doing a documentary about Satanism, Satanists couples and online satanic networks. This is a professional documentary that will be sold to history channel, CNN or MSNBC. I need to find a GF for the filming. The one I had lined up flaked. And when I say GF I say that loosely. This is acting. Minor acting but still acting. No strings attached.

Requirements are that you will get to Portland OR from the 14th-19th. You are attractive woman and not a dumbass . You are okay with being on TV as my GF for the filming. Mild physical affect such as hugging,holding hands ect is required to make this believable. Once you get to Portland I will provide living arrangements should you be comfortable staying at my place. Or you can get a hotel. I will provide food, drink and entertainment.

There is no financial compensation. I wish there was. I might be able to get the producer to cover the cost of getting you out here. But, unlikely.

So, bottom line if you wanna be on TV with us and can get to Portland on the 14th to the 19th ( 15th to 18th will work to ) hit me up. You will be on TV. You need not use your real name. But there will be a film crew in your face. The clock is ticking. We are gonna do this very soon. And I am gonna do it solo if need be. But, I would prefer to have a woman with me to do this. Same producer who got me on comedy central.. see video.


Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy - the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation. - Eric Hoffer

There comes the time in your life when you realize it is impossible to put together the shattered glass or that the diamond you cherished for so long is only a piece of trash. You can hold the sham in your hand and still delude yourself it is a gem or accept the bitter truth and throw it away.

Disillusionment has many faces. Each will haunt your memory for days, months or even years and hurt like a knife stabbing your chest. Whenever your dreams are shattered, the part of you dies. The reality you must face is too often gloomy, unfriendly or even scary. This and the painful realization that you have been deluding yourself for so long.

When the guy you were in love with turns out to be someone else than a prince in the golden castle, when your dream job turns out to be a nightmare, when your friends reject you, when you lose your religion and when you see you're not as perfect as you thought you were, bafflement, bitter disappointment and remorse are likely to follow. How could I be so stupid? How could I be so blind? I was in love. I was totally enchanted. I trusted my friends. I thought I could do that. Perhaps, I disappointed my friends. I was not a good wife. I could be more attractive. I could do better...

Cold evaluation of yourself and others is definitely in order, though not before you bury your dreams and illusions and let the grief pass. They deserve the mourning like the dead children, because they were part of you. Then and only then can you move on.

Every wall is a door. The end of something is the new beginning, an opportunity to look inside. The God that can save you will come from the darkest depths of your mind, your inner voice, your real self, real, not imaginary, not illusory and that voice will lead you along the path, your own path of life. The feeble voice so often unheard because of the loud and persistent gabble of experts, religious leaders, authority figures and all those who think they know the best how you should live your own life.

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.

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The Stooges were revolutionary in their part of the Punk Rock movement of the 70s. Though they weren't the first, they certainly were one of the best. Also, there's some kickass riffs heard in this album.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH6iDPhUjWs
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There's been a lot of talk lately about furthering Satanism.  Many people seem to feel some need to give back to something that's completely indifferent to them.  It baffles me.  I use Satanism, it does not use me; but this is not the case for the motivated, fresh-cut Satanist.  They need to DO something.  It reminds me a lot of the famous JFK quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

I know there's political motivation behind furthering Satanism, but this is not in regards to anything TST is doing, this is about the individual Satanist who simply wishes to spread the word of Satan.  "Doing the Devil's Work" so to speak.  I've pondered the motivation behind this for some time, and haven't been able to come to many conclusions.  It may be that our differences lay in what the Devil's Work actually entails.

For me, Doing the Devil's Work is using all the knowledge I've gained, in places the meek masses have been horrified to look, to further myself in their world, creating a most gratifying, beneficial personal world for myself.  Satanism has been the pen and paper with which I've been able to draw my own path, where others have just used a pre-made map.  It was the first, but most important tool I've used in building my castle in the sky.  

I cannot deny that Satanism has been the single most important driving force in what has shaped, and continues to shape my life, but do I owe it anything?  If I do owe it something, how would I go about reciprocation?  How do I reimburse an entire lifetime of new understandings and perseverance?  Being that the work itself was all done on my part, and Satan was simply the nudge, how much do I really owe?

My personal conclusion is that I don't owe Satan shit.  I do the Devil's Work every day, what's the most I could offer other than overtime?  

To the fresh-cut Satanist, I suppose handing out fliers for the business could be considered Doing the Devil's Work, but is that really what you want out of all Satanism has to offer?  An entry level job?


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This word, "Equality" is being thrown around entirely too much these days.  It's being misused, misunderstood, and misrepresented to the point where it's almost completely lost it's true meaning.  I understand that the meaning of words change from time to time as the world evolves, but Equality is too valuable a word to surrender to politics so easily.

"We're all equal." we're constantly told.  "Everyone is equal".

No, we're not equal, and that's extremely important to understand and respect.  Our inequality is what makes us distinct from one another, it's what separates the worthy from the worthless, and the exceptional from the mediocre.  Inequality is the backbone of diversity, not it's detriment.  If we're all the fucking same, where's the damn diversity?

There's also this mantra of, "We shouldtreat everyone equally."

No, we should carefully evaluate the character of anyone we come into contact with, assess their value, then come to a rational and practical conclusion of how we should treat them.  There are too many variables with people to shell out equal treatment for all and expect any healthy outcome.

1+1 = 2.

Everyone + Me does not = you.

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LeVi Lockwood

I’ve always found Lavey’s concept of the “good guy badge” to be an interesting one.

I remember when I was thirteen years old and first read the words.  They seemed simple enough to me.

Don’t let anyone tell you when to be a nice guy...you figure that out for yourself.

At least that’s how I took it.

Then I ventured into the world of Satanism and found that quite a few others had a different view of the “good guy badge.”  To some it seems that to be a good guy at all is to be weak.

It’s understandable.

When you sharpen a blade you strike it against a stone stronger than the blade itself.  Minds and philosophies are no different.

And what’s that knife for?  Cutting of course.

To cut out a life for yourself as a Satanist and as an individual we sharpen and hone and polish because we understand more than most how hard the world is to cut through.  We know this because we possess the tool for the job...a beautiful blade that talks to us as we sleep, and see, and fight, and fuck, and live.

The trick of this blade is that it demands use.  Sharpening against stone is necessary and useful, but this blade is destined to cut fruit and flesh alike.

There is no choice in the matter.

The good guy feels hesitance.  The good guy has been taught that the greatest power comes from being able to cut but refraining from doing so.  Just like the white-hat cowboy who shoots the gun out of the bandit's hand.

Power and control.

I’ve felt this...and feel no shame in sharing it...but the truth is the truth.

The blade commands use.

Either on the world or the wielder...it cares not which.

Better to be the butcher than the lamb.

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We are easily confused with the term “sin” because of 2000 years of indoctrination by the Christian regime; when we are called sinners we are told that we are breaking divine moral laws or the will of God.  In the realm of Satanism, sins are not dogmatic where Satan will hunt us down for our insolence, but situational that they have their own consequences.  The Nine Satanic Sins are not preferences or fetishes of Satan, but merely the natural action and reaction of the world we live in, which makes it true wisdom.  The nature of the world we live in is transactional where we give and take most often for goods and/or services.  The dogma of the Christian world applies to the wants of and needs of the Christ, or because “Jesus said so”, not because there is any real merit to the commands of this white-lighter deity.

            What we do in any given situation will determine the outcome, whether it is good for us or have a negative effect.  In the case of the Satanic Sin of self-deceit, if an individual tells himself the speed limit is 60mph rather than 15mph in a school zone he will undoubtedly come to an end of a speeding ticket or even a vehicular manslaughter charge by the end of the day.  Solipsism is an example of a situation where both Christians and Satanists can relate to, but it is the Satanist that is warned to steer clear of those that have a history of burning us and we are encouraged to give back what is given to us, whether positive or negative.  The purpose of one’s pride is to command you to be excellent, and polish your work with perfection; however if your work is so imperfect because you wish to be so different and outside of the box it is up to you to realize the error of your ways and acknowledge the work of those that have come before you as being prudent.  The true wisdom of the Satanic Bible is that it is a self-sustaining, self-sufficient, self-fulfilling belief system that Satan himself doesn’t have to micro-manage and hand out a “righteous judgment” (for lack of a better term), because the consequences are the nature of this world we live in.

            The laws of the Christian God are merely things he would prefer to have happen, in turn this is damaging to the natural order of the animals we are and because he feels he is the Almighty ruler of the universe he feels he can deny or change the natural order of the human animal in any way he sees fit. Satan will not go around punishing those who love their enemies because one’s enemy will make it perfectly clear to the forgiving party that it is not a good idea taking the “higher road.”  The nature of the world is like the wilderness of Africa where one cannot count on God, whoever He is to you, to tuck you in at night making sure you have had a decent meal before the sun goes down.  It is clear that the Christian God is the impersonal entity that you must be warned about, because it would benefit you much more to listen to your natural instincts of survival and run away from the large animal trying to devour you than it would to quiver in the corner and pray for Jehovah to send the predator on another path.  The Left Hand Path is not the personal fetishes of Satan, but only the truth that even He cannot deny nor escape from.

            Life in general is a winter earned and a summer spent, where every meal was an exchange of a few blisters and a lot of sweat for a meal and a bed.  If you become rich and famous, long will the days be forgotten where you can walk down to your favorite taco truck and have a peaceful meal with your girlfriend without someone trying to get a quote, an autograph, and a picture of you stuffing your face.  Should you become an elementary teacher, count on wiping a few noses during the winter and dealing with children that for some reason like the taste of Elmer’s Glue.  The glamorous life of a Kickboxer won’t feel so glamorous after a few broken noses and a strained right bicep.  Our existence generally speaking is a trade, our vocations and passions sometimes come with territory that won’t be so kind in return.

            In the eyes of the Christ-God, we will always be sinners because in the measurement of His bible, survival is not considered a virtue.  Jesus will never account for the times you took care of yourself and denied a stranger a meal because you needed to eat and consider it a “good thing”.  Satan will not punish you because your heart was broken by your wife who you knew was cheating on you.  The dogma of the Christ is now facing something more powerful and forceful than His will of how he himself wishes things would be, but the kingdom of the real, where the lion will not lay down with the lamb, and cats and dogs will not get along, but the pure primal nature of the animal who is willing to survive.  Let the fog lift now that we know the meaning of “sin” and the meaning of “transaction” and what it means to survive in a world full of conditions.


Many theists are criticized harshly in the Satanic Community and by those of the Left Hand Path for their belief in a literal Satan and I felt it was time to answer back at nay-sayers who think we aren’t as intellectual as they are for our more than magical belief system.  Those who merely use Satan as a symbol are constantly looking down upon us and believe that theists are just rebellious teenagers or are angry with God because their wife just died etc. etc. when the situation is more complex than that.  Atheistic thinkers can be a bit insulting by viewing theistic believers as degrading themselves before a master or enslaving themselves and plain out trading one yoke for another, when there is more confusion in this situation than there is space on the page to untie the knot.  And, of course the nature of the Satanist is to question and examine any given situation to come to a logical and rational conclusion and decide if a piece of information is worth keeping; and the question that lingers is, “Where is your proof?”, that this God of beasts and monsters exists at all and isn’t a figment of your own personal version of Dungeons and Dragons.  Having a master, I suppose would be hard for any theist to deny, but everything has a context and to a proper Satanist, theistic or atheistic, it is up to you to figure out what the proper meaning of that phrase is.

            Those who live in Hell are unimpressed with any new arrival that considers himself a rebel or that has lived on the fringe of society.  Any type of Satanist; LaVeyan, theistic, atheistic, or self-styled, I don’t consider purely atheistic, because if they were they would have picked up books like As A Man Thinketh by Earl Nightingale or 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, but instead were drawn to this outlandish outside of the box “religious” book called The Satanic Bible.  I would think that at that point in time all of us chose The Satanic Bible out of resentment for the Christian God and all he represents.  How then can a theist like myself be called delusional when so called atheists have their altar pointed westward and they keep their white candle on the right and their black candle on the left?  The awkward part is having atheists with so much religion in their lives calling themselves revolutionary, well they are half right (or left) because an atheist with a religion is certainly something you don’t run into every day.  To be a true Satanist you have to be more than just be willing to be rebellious and hate your parents, just like it takes more than hating the devil to get into heaven.

            I do call Satan God, I wear His banner upon my forehead and upon my right hand with pride and I don’t feel any less than who I am because of it.  One shouldn’t think that I’m being condescending, however; we shouldn’t confuse Satan with the Christian God ever!  As a theist I have not traded one cross for another, there is no burden of guilt, fasting, or other such non-sense that lies in Christianity when one becomes a Satanist.  The belief system of The Satanic Bible is now and will always be freedom from the Christian or status quo way of life, and what would be the point if Satan should ask us to behave in such a fashion contrary to the works of our bible?  As a believer in a literal devil I do acknowledge the existence of the soul, to which I deny the needs of it.  I choose to satiate the carnal appetites I find much more appealing as opposed to nurturing that which is the primary cause of guilt, abstinence, and pipe dreams of a heaven that I probably would have failed to get into even as a Christian.  To have a spiritual God with carnal desires isn’t as degrading or humiliating as one might think because as the legend goes Pride was Satan’s first sin, and to be like Him is the true spiritual awakening, the true Christ-consciousness.

            The proof of Satan or even the Christian God for that matter is by far the most difficult to explain.  Satan is not a novelty, nor a parlor trick where someone can summon him to non-believers to explain the ins and outs of the universe that we do not see; He is a force in this universe that the Creator God had trouble controlling, so how can we as humans think we can command Him to go here or go there and expect his obedience?  As it so happens the James Randi Educational Foundation has a “Million Dollar Challenge” to anyone who can prove the existence of the paranormal, and the fact of the matter is this is merely prostitution of one’s own God.  Atheistic Satanists appear to be more than willing to disregard pride of oneself and who they are or who they represent for money or fame than theists.  Is there no honor or respect for ourselves as a group, as a community that we are willing to brand it for the highest bidder?  If one would attempt to do this with any form of the supernatural including Jesus Christ, and try to capture it in a glass case it makes you nothing more than a mercenary and there would be no reason to favor you with loyalty or protection.  I’m certainly not saying be careful what you wish for, I hope everyone has their proof in time, but I don’t see Satan humiliating himself for a measly million dollars.

            Enlightenments of the mind seem to be around every corner, and Satanists around the world shouldn’t leave one stone unturned.  Satanists are all black sheep of the Right Hand Path, but to be a black sheep of the Left Hand Path is the real accomplishment.  Satan is the God that allows me to follow my true nature and really isn’t the accuser as His name suggests, but has stood His ground and defended the nature and right of the human race to be in our natural state unlike that “other guy” who always has a reason we should be forgiven.  The proof of Satan will come, because all the false prophets both Christian and Satanic have had their turn trying to squeeze another lie out of us.  In closing, let it not ever be about right and wrong among our kind, we have the Christians to tell us everything we’ve heard a million times and still not care about. 

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Bumped from the forums.

So, I need a new lap top computer. My original Compaq will not boot pass the red splash screen, had a broken hinge for the screen and a bad dvd drive. It is 4 years old.

My back up Sony Viao has this mysterious problem of shutting off whenever it feels like it. Even when it is cold. Well finally the old girl just will not turn on anymore.

Time to put both of em down. They have many miles on em. I will salvage em for parts.

I am looking to buy a second hand lap top at a decent price. If you are like me you probably have/had a stack in your closet. I just need to know the specs and if there is anything wrong with it.

Or, if you have one you are willing to donate I will pay the shipping. Actually I will pay the shipping on one I buy or a used one.

My other route is to go here for 229.00

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I'm getting a bit annoyed with various claims as to what is and isn't a 'Satanic Cross'. Lets establish a fact or two before I continue . . . 

Satan was not Crucified so a cross doesn't really figure in his story or iconography. Generally ancient Demons and Devils are portrayed as animal headed chimeras so a Baphomet or Pazuzu is far more Satanic than a Petrine Cross or the combined Lorraine Cross / Infinity Symbol or Sulphur (Sulfur/Brimstone) icon that heads the 9 Satanic statements page in the Satanic Bible. Most of this Cross business seems to come from teenagers either angry at Christianity or looking to be edgy with symbolism as nothing more than a fashion statement, accessorizing their way through life with badges, tattoos and pendants. Prior to the Roman Empire establishing the Cross as the symbol of Christ under the rule of Constantine the symbol of Christ was a fish, and still is to a lot of Christians. Satan predates Christ by a great many centuries so he's hardly gonna be defined by another religious figure's icon. 

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Anita Lawhorn Charged with Felony Child Abuse

August 4th 2014 a 12 year old boy walked into my family's life without a blink of an eye. Changing absolutely everything in everyone's lives. Until now, I have only casually mentioned the event due to my own pieces and also due to the protection of my family. 

Jamarion Lawhorn, aged 12, stabbed a 9 year old boy to death. Connor -last name withheld to not link my sister and the rest of her family to this site.. sorry I love you guys but they don't need any more press coverage.. esp not this kind). Connor was my nephew and had just barely turned 9 years old. The child came up behind him and stabbed him with a serrated kitchen knife. 

Over the past two months, my brain has been wracked with how such a young child could even do something like that. It's almost like when something that bad happens so close to you, your nativity kicks in again and you forget that some people are just super fucked.

Only a little time past before, of course, accusations of abuse were made against the parents. Today, as the released news proclaims, have the first little steps against them been taken. Jamarion is next.

However small the steps, we celebrate.

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So a friend of mine works for a moving company. He asked me if I wanted to make some cash as a mover, Well, I did. What I did not realize is that it was a 5 story house two levers. Stairs going up to the house and stairs in the house.

This family had two kinds and two dogs that kept getting in the way.It was a well to do family and they had lots of very nice and very heavy shit. Holy shit it sucked balls. It took 3 movers from 830am till 2am to mover their stuff.

I was so fucking tired and exhausted But 10pm I had to stop. I could not take anymore abuse. The other two movers were not happy but understood. Heavy shit up and down stairs aint fun. 700lbs piano,washer/dryer,600lbs refridgerator. shitloads of heavy dresser draws and tables,

Never again. This is not like helping your friend move. Slowly over a beer. Totally different. I do not think even when I was younger and in better shape I could do that shit. Certainly not regularly. On top of it, I made less money than I expected. Although that was my fault. I did not realize that depends on the job and if the customer times you.

I certainly I am not as strong as I was in my 20's. But, I am not a pussy either. What got me was not moving heavy shit. That sucked, but what got me is the stamina. Doing it for 13 hours..

Oh well, hope my job interview goes well at a sushi bar on Monday. I get paid more and it is easy, well for me it is. Also you get to drink. That was another thing that pissed me off. My friend is a drunk to. I figured we would stop and get some drink and hide it. Nope.. fucking sucked.

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Our Sun is 93 million miles away, it has a circumference of around 2.7 million miles, compared to the Earths 25'000, it means that it is roughly 1.3 million times bigger than our home planet.

If you hold a penny at arms length and look at it, it is roughly the same size. That is how far away it is, that is how big it is.

Imagine that. Something so far away that it would take almost 3'000 years to walk there.

Yet it is the single most important thing in our solar system.

And still to this day people still feel the need to have religion and spirituality in their lives. Why?

When did your God, Satan, or pagan deity ever grow the food you eat?

When did they ever give you daylight, warmth, or vitamin D?

When did chanting to Cernunnos or praying to Jesus ever do anything for you, that could't be done by going outside for a walk and thinking for yourself?

People spend so much time filling in the gaps in their lives with invisible men, that they totally neglect how amazing our universe really is. They need God in their living rooms, on the car's rear view mirror and in their office at work.

Yet our sun, is almost 100 million miles away and doing a much grander job.

They forget that we simply do not need any God in our lives.

And this saddens me.

Feel free to cleanse your living room with sage, and a broom. By all means read the Satanic Bible and convince yourself that it is groundbreaking work, written by a literary genius, while you complain about Islamic fundamentalists or the Westboro Baptist Church. You are all as silly as each other.

The Earth will continue to spin, tides will continue to lap upon the beaches, and life will go on in some form or another, but you will still be in your living room, praying to a resin bust of a horned God, or wooden crucifix.

At the very least, please try to stop convincing yourself that you need this junk in your lives.

Think about it.

Zero Oct 9 '14
EzrelT Chapter Head
In times past that accounted for successive generations over the period, there relatively has been a connection between the 'way to life' and 'characteristic of group persons' who constitute or make up every society.

These invariably which are both captured in the concepts of 'philosophy' and 'psychology', no doubt derive their source from the association of such interpreted modes.

An accurate definitive account, however, might help substantiate the value of such claim, as I shall try to expostulate its truth by a further reference to dictionary definitions of the word Philosophy.

The Oxford dictionary defines philosophy in two ways:

1a. "The search for knowledge and understanding of the nature and meaning of the universe and of human life." This strikes an advanced description of my choice definition and unfortunately lacks the intended grip to grasp the claim, and sadly leaves me the option of descending the stairs of my already embarked diction inquiry.

1b. "A particular set or system of beliefs resulting from the search for knowledge." Still, this lacks my intended quotient from definition.

2. "A set of beliefs or an attitude to life (which best fits my description of way to life) that is a guiding principle for behaviour."

Satanism as a religion, I think, utilizes within its philosophy the tool of practicality in its entirety, and to understand this as to why it does, we must pry into the meaning of the word “pragmatism.”

In philosophy, it is a method and theory of truth. As a method, it resolves metaphysical disputes by requesting practical consequences of any suggested idea.

As a theory of truth, it holds or maintains that ideas are true, so long as they are satisfactory; they are satisfactory so long as they are consistent with other ideas, can conform to facts, and can be subjected to the test of practice and experience.

To students of philosophy, such origin of pragmatism is attributed to Charles Sanders Pierce, who conceived this idea after an exposure to the philosophical writings and works of Immanuel Kant – a German philosopher – particularly in his 'Metaphysics of morals'. Pierce held that “the whole meaning of an idea is determined by its conceivable practical bearings and possible sense effects.” William James when emphasizing the reality of particular sensible experience made a further elaboration on Pierce's philosophy.

Similarly, John Dewey accounted an addition to this school of thought by postulating that the proper use of intelligence is to liberate and liberalize action for the satisfaction of needs. Schiller, emphasized that “philosophy as a theory of life is practical, and not a speculative affair, and that the philosophical method should be scientific and based on experience.” (History of philosophy eastern and western, vol.II, p.336-353. George Allen and Unwin. London.1953. See frank Magill, masterpieces of world philosophy in summary form, p. 779-787. George Allen and Unwin. London.1953).

In further expounding his ideas of pragmatism, Dewey identified concepts and theories as instruments, which he identified as “mental modes of adaptation to reality.” How then does Satanism in its Philosophy adapt to Reality?

To corroborate the philosophical worldview on pragmatism, the ontological perspective of anthropomorphism is nullified and subsequently deemed a fallacy given its inconsistency and non-conforming mode to reality bothering around its principle and system of validation.

Also, Satanism identifies with the concept of non-anthropomorphism as a mental mode and instrument that adapts and conforms to practical reality, when it implies and interprets Satan as being an exteriorized and amplified identity of the dark potential permeated by the individual Satanist. This, indeed, a fact intended specifically to be conveyed in clarification of the 'Satanic Statement', “Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams”, and to be found in the 'Nine Satanic Statements' as codified by Sir Dr. A. Szandor Lavey. (See the nine Satanic Statements).

In essence, every religious view within its scope of deification that ascribes and advocates a metaphysical explanation for whatsoever entity it bears as its symbol of worship, unfortunately tours the contingent, introspective and speculative path of anthropomorphism. It is at this point very necessary to indicate a differentiation between 'Satanism' and 'Devil worship', given that the latter integrates and incorporates the idea of Satan as “an entity” within its practices, and absolutely not a system aligned with Satanism granted such contrasting overview of dogma. The Satanist can thus be said a symbol of practical existence marked with the ultimate significance bestowed deification on individuality.

Without wasting time, I shall then now proceed to expound on Satanism's philosophical foundations duly engraved in its 'basic tenets', for most of its philosophical positions and dogmatic assertions derive grounds principally from the secure and sure strength of its firm foothold.

The philosophy of Individualism in Satanism, I think, is one that shares a basic and acquiescent psychological perspective accounted for in the variations on psychologism, methodological individualism, and transindividualism. Wherein the difference comes is but for the subsequent acquaintance of its interpretation to accommodate a religious philosophy whose implication reduces all aspect of action and responsibility to its individual members. Here, the notion 'action' is linked in way with 'responsibility'.

In cases with references to action, it is in direction of accounting for behaviour in terms of man's desires, intentions and purposes, to which only he is held liable. In synch, such behavioural trends are equally traceable and channelled in line to the generality of interests which derive their source from a composition of individual responsibilities, since it is deemed a dangerous fallacy to attribute to a group a purpose or responsibility of its own which is not that of its individual members.

Individualism on the other hand some have argued, accounts for diversity which is reflective of a dissonance than harmony; a stance which unfortunately amounts to being the reverse as Satanism demonstrates. But then again, how can its truth be illustrated?

A recap of principles employed by philosophers of the pre-Socratic era upon which past and present civilizations take their toll show this in fragments which are translations from Diels and Kranz, Die Fragmente der vorsokratiker.

Heraclitus: the flowing philosophy
8. “What is in opposition is useful, and from different things is the fairest harmony” (and all things arise from strife.) (Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics viii.1.1155a4.)

51. They do not grasp how what is at variance with itself is in accord: harmony is stretched tension, like that of the bow and lyre. (Hippolytus of Rome, Refutatio omnium Haeresium ix.9.1.)

111. Disease makes health pleasant and good, hunger satiety, weariness rest (lbid.iii.1.177.)

Heraclitus found no fixed unchanging character for being, as opposed to the Ecleatics who sought the principle in unity, but held that all things are in a flux in which opposites are united – “strife is the father of all things” – and unity is constituted by conflict and contradiction.

Also, the Pythagoreans of the time who found the principle of things in numbers, held that the principle of nature are numbers, which they conceived as sensible entities rather than abstractions, whose elements and therefore of all things are basic contraries like odd and mean, limited and unlimited, one and many. Another was Anaxagoras who reverted from both finite and infinite sensible principles and a single intelligible principle to seek infinite sensible principles. Democritus also sought the infinite principles in the atoms, which move and congregate into larger composites, and collide with each other in the void. The Sophists on the other hand placed thought in the phenomenal framework of the experience of man subsequently conditioned by his perspective and emotion, which lead them to express scepticism concerning changeless being, eternal truths, and in general what is figured to transcend experience. (See western psychology. G & L. Murphy.)

From such adequate account, it therefore can be posited thus that 'harmony' is simply a blend or composition of Opposites or variances. This is in tone with that reflected of a system manned by individualism, bringing to attention a pertinent issue as 'proselytizing' which Satanism disapproves, and subsequently a standpoint which derives its footings from within such conclusive and inseparable role of harmony, duly emphasized in the ninth Satanic Statement “Satan has been the best friend of the church for it has kept it in business over the years.” This stands a fact that needs no changing whatsoever given such frontier views and conventions. Now, is it thus not vivid as to why the aspect of “group hugs” not being a part of the repertoire, or the refutation of the “Evil” status a question which interferes with the swift backstage act of Satanism.

Individualism, I think, further, is the first response assumed in direction of the pronunciatum “I am, I exist” or if you like it plainly the Descartes' way, 'Cogito ergo sum', translated as “I think I am, therefore I think I exist.” Meaning, if we must come to grips with the philosophy of nature and its reality, we then must accommodate a psychology whose constructs are structured after principles upon which confident assertions are given based on one's own existence.

This desire to further devise such confident assertions reside basically on sound observations and reasonable deductions of the reality of itself, figuratively assumed to be the “I”, a denotation of the first individual (person) singular – a path way to “GREATER MAGIC.”

Such thoughts as they exist possess an endearing conscious process which in turn yields and proves the existence of enduring substances as the Ego, Self, the first individual (person) singular that subsequently remains unchanged. In other words, while “Individualism” has going for it a Self-reliant psychology, the philosophy of Satanism bestows it the confidence of vital existence.

To further proceed, philosophers and scientists – Stoics and Epicureans – of the Hellenistic age, a period after the death of Alexander the great, devoted much attention to seeking foundations for inquiries in preliminary determination of standards by which truth and probability are ascertained and thus certified. Such philosophic inquiry whose problems are reflected along new lines, such as the problems of moral and ethics, led to a reorientation and expansion of inquiries into the nature of the passions and emotions. Conception for the Stoic on the function of the mind labeled the passions “perturbations” and the study of these a necessary subordinate of a moral system in which the influence of the perturbations of the mind is controlled or eliminated by reason and duty.

The seventeenth century saw Descartes in his 'treatise on the passions' apply the scientific method to the passions. Though distinct the procedures were of coming to such fulfillment, it must not be ignored that such inspirations are derived from elaboration of Stoic schematisms for the classification and enumeration of the passions.

In retrospect, the Epicureans on the other hand bore the conviction of virtue being in accordance with man's own nature. This objective can be obtained if fear and ignorance – particularly fear of the gods and ignorance of the nature of the world – were reduced or eliminated, since man would then act in response to natural forces rather than to the suppressive and inhibitive whims of anxiety and superstition. For them, the object of such achievement and criterion of success was indulgence. (See THE STOICS AND THE EPICUREANS: THE WAY TO LIVE. R.P. Mckeon.)

Despite these historical accounts, it is observed to this day that many still bear cuffs of ignorance and fear whose influence extends to acts and responses which go way beyond individual apprehension, and mostly monitored by the enslaving grip of abstinence promoted by traditional belief systems.

Indulgence as a Satanic virtue, I think, is a standard patterned after the Phantasia kataleptike of the individual whose lustful cravings are aimed at physical, mental upliftment or emotional gratification duly extolled by a submission of will in distinctions marked of a subtle mind. Its process is simply an apprehension of natural presentations – an aspect aligned with “LESSER MAGIC” - that reflect “fancy” coined from impressions which are cast subsequently by the spontaneity of imagination.

At this point, if we are to recall properly the principle of social Darwinism in the religious play of Satanism, one which aligns with the principle of societal transition taking it source of explanation from the scientific and evolutionary principle of the transmutation of species, implies an agreement with the maxim (though some might want to pass it for paradoxical which is not so the case) of “man being just another animal on all fours.” This in accord with the seventh Satanic Statement sees man as possessing the animal propensity from attachment to cravings that duly need to be exercised to fulfil his carnal desires; and none that Satanism denies or interferes with when codifying the Satanic Statement “Satan represents indulgence not abstinence!”

If we agree to, and accept the explanations and constructs of social Darwinism, then we may as well play along and see man just as another animal. If man is then another animal, this endows him with innate cravings and desires that must be satisfied by virtue of indulgence. If we are to accept the premises, then must we embrace the conclusion!
EzrelT Oct 9 '14 · Comments: 2
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• Episode 1: Secular Transcendence and the (un)Holy Spiritual Experience •On this 1st episode of Deferred Gnosis we discuss the Spiritual/Transcendent experience -
  • What is a Spiritual Experience/Transcendent Experience? What do they mean to an atheist? What do they mean to a Satanist?
  • Does atheism have room for spirituality? Does Satanism?
  • Is there a spiritual world? The necessity for evidence.
  • The fallacies of religious mythology – is there a silver lining? Is there a place for religion in an enlightened world? For spirituality?
  • We draw a line in the sand…

Musicians - Send a link of your musick to - deferredgnosis@gmail.com – or use the comment section below – We will devote a segment to showcase your tune along with a short interview with the artist.


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Satanism; being Satanic; being a Satanist; everyone on the intellectual spectrum has had their hand in one of these titles, and the topic has been discussed, scrutinized, misrepresented, misunderstood, and misused ad nauseum for the better part of the last sixty years or so. These terms have become so incredibly over-saturated that the prospect of a universally accepted definition is impossible to fathom.

Is Satanism open to definition and interpretation by just anyone, are all definitions subjective, will there ever be a “true” Satanism? There are many who would love to answer these questions for you, I’m not one of them. There are Satanic Churches, Temples, Houses, Covens, Blogs, Vlogs, and the ever popular Mom’s basement. I’ve been down many roads on the Left Hand Path, and the only truth I can offer of any substance is, there’s a lot of shit on the pavement; be careful where you walk.

Why bare any title at all; why don’t you just call yourself [insert your name]-ist? What makes Satanism, or being Satanic a more defining term, since it’s a term so loosely defined it could mean anything? Is it a Devil Complex; is it some kind of childish affinity to a fictional character or abstract idea? I could answer those questions; but like all other paradigms, mine is subjective. Allow me instead, to answer these questions with another; why should it matter to you?

What is it you seek, when you type “Satanism” into a search bar? Are you looking for some hidden truth behind pop-culture, are you trying to “sell your soul” for fame and power, or are you the more seasoned type, looking to ridicule the new wave of Satanists, who are little more than Atheists using Satan as a meme? Perhaps you’re looking for like-minded individuals to check for compatibility and form a bond, a friendship, or partnership of some kind. Whatever your reason might be, I personally don’t give a nutsack; please excuse the rhetorical questions.

There are, of course, those who seek to continually redefine Satanism; they’re the types who love to answer questions. Their goals are usually to formulate their own branch philosophy, and additionally, entice others to adhere to their repackaging. Often times, they’ll even replace the term “Satanist” with something else; Luciferian, Setian, etc., in an attempt to separate their “new” perspective from their base understanding of Satanism. If you’re one who enjoys chasing your own tail around and fighting over titles, by all means, take that path.

Disregard my title as a Satanist, disregard whatever denomination you think I might fall under, and I’ll show you an equal regard. There is no, “I” in “Team” and I’m certainly not playing for one. My standards are based in merit, not who wears the shiniest merit badge. My approach to truth is through conflict, not calm, friendly discussion. My morality is not codified by a collective, but a personally defined code of honor, developed over many years of breaking taboos and social norms. Define this approach objectively as you will, I’ve chosen to call it Satanic.

Zach Black Owner
Welcome new member Johnny Watts and Madalyn Magnuson!

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If you should find yourself suspended here are a few thing you should know. We work on the majority vote here. This is not a democracy, but if the majority want you out you are gone. Most suspensions are temporary as a warning. If you get suspended twice you are out for good. The complaints fall on my desk. I do not always know why one gets suspended. But, I stand behind the admins choice. We are pretty fair here. Rarely does someone get bounced for no good reason.
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Welcome new members! We look forward to your involvement.


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The Autumn Equinox is upon us!

The season of maturity and wisdom; of crisp air, falling leaves, and of harvesting deeds sowed.

So to commemorate, here is one of my favorite poems by Yeats...

The Wild Swans at Coole by WB Yeats

The trees are in their autumn beauty,   

The woodland paths are dry,

Under the October twilight the water   

Mirrors a still sky;

Upon the brimming water among the stones   

Are nine-and-fifty swans.

The nineteenth autumn has come upon me   

Since I first made my count;

I saw, before I had well finished,

All suddenly mount

And scatter wheeling in great broken rings   

Upon their clamorous wings.

I have looked upon those brilliant creatures,   

And now my heart is sore.

All's changed since I, hearing at twilight,   

The first time on this shore,

The bell-beat of their wings above my head,   

Trod with a lighter tread.

Unwearied still, lover by lover,

They paddle in the cold

Companionable streams or climb the air;   

Their hearts have not grown old;

Passion or conquest, wander where they will,   

Attend upon them still.

But now they drift on the still water,   

Mysterious, beautiful;   

Among what rushes will they build,

By what lake's edge or pool

Delight men's eyes when I awake some day   

To find they have flown away?

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Khandnalie Member

Satanism in general is a philosophy that discourages false equality. Not everything is equal, some are better than others. Fred is smarter than Greg, but Lucy is smarter than Fred, and Greg is a lot stronger than either of them. People are different, unique, and for the most part inherently unequal in certain categories. Satanism, in general, will acknowledged this, and discourage false equivalency between people who are not equal in a given area.

Why, then, are we so tolerant of the notion that ideas are equal?

There are many cases when we are too quick to jump to the conclusion that two competing ideas are somehow on equal footing, and must be given equal consideration. This is a cancerous, poisonous trend that we should be careful to avoid. We need to realize that yes, you can indeed be wrong.

Define wrong? By wrong, I mean demonstrably, proveably, completely wrong. When the overwhelming majority of evidence weighs against an idea, it is wrong. When all logical arguments point to the invalidity of an idea, it is wrong. When something just is not factually correct, it is wrong. It doesn’t matter that it being wrong offends you, or implies something unpleasant, or that it hurts something. What is wrong is simply wrong. No amount of being offended or petulant whining will change that. This does not apply to abstract ideas, where there is plenty of logical wiggle room, or philosophical ponderings, or where the evidence is anything but overwhelmingly conclusive. Within the realm of thoughts and opinions, it is hard to pin anything down as being demonstrably wrong. You can disagree with them; that does not mean they are wrong. But where facts and evidence come into play, it is much more often cut and dry. If you are wrong, then you are simply wrong.

An example: The recent shitstoem over vaccinations. Now, I don’t know your position on vaccinating children. I don’t really care. What should be clear, however, is that there is an overwhelming scientific consensus: Vaccinations do not cause any significant harm to those who are vaccinated. Vaccines do not cause autism. Some previously suppressed diseases have begun to re-emerge, thanks in large part to the growing trend of parents refusing to vaccinate their children. Not vaccinating your child puts them directly at risk of contracting contagious diseases. Now, notice how each of those sentences ended with a period. They were not qualified, they were not compromised, they were absolute. That is because each of those statements is a fact. Thus, the anti-vaccination position, unless it condones the act of putting children at risk, and has a decidedly pro-polio agenda, is quite simply wrong. They are wrong. Demonstrably, they are wrong. Thus, these ideas should be tossed out without further examination. They should get no platform on which to spread their ignorance. They do not belong on the same stage as properly debatable ideas, or on any stage where facts and evidence come into play.

Now, that is just an example, but the problem should be made clear. When unequal ideas are made equal, it is immensely more harmful and more absurd than the equal treatment of unequal people. With this in mind, be sure to examine your ideas, and examine the ideas of others. Forever seek the truth. When dealing with reality, let logic guide your scrutinizing eye. When the wrong and factually incorrect try to seek equal treatment, demand to be given the same voice as the factual, put your foot down, and do not let ignorance advance any further.

Because yes, you can be wrong. And, when you’re wrong you’re wrong, and you should be told so.

Khandnalie Sep 21 '14 · Comments: 9 · Tags: facts, logic, equality, evidence, reason, rationality
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SIN Shop is up. Still under construction. And more items to come.
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Here below, I am going to try and give out clear differences and meanings of the left hand path and the right hand path. Personally, I am more into the Left hand path but it does of course depend on the individual on what they decide to choose as everyone is free.

The biggest and worst deadly catastrophic, cataclysmic mistake that the right hand path’s did ( ALL of them), are those that based their doctrine  that one has to be purified and reach up to a certain degree, bliss or ‘heaven’. This particular sin I’m talking about is ‘pride’.

Down below is an accurate quote of those who support this ideology also of the  method of thinking, and will be talking about it briefly.

Never forget that God did not make the Devil—Lucifer only became the devil when he arrogantly became infatuated with himself. Yes, Lucifer is a created being. God said, “Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee” (Ezek. 28:15). This beautiful, powerful, intelligent, and gifted cherub fell from his perfect estate when his heart was lifted up because of his own beauty and brightness (v. 17). No longer was he willing to be subservient to the Creator. Staggering pride was to blame for the tragedy in heaven.

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! … For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne … I will sit also upon the mount … I will ascend above the heights…I will be like the most High” (Isa. 14:12-14).

Self-will displaced God’s will, and the Devil emerged. It has been said, “Man is never more like the Devil than when he is full of self-will.” The Bible strictly forbids placing a novice in leadership, “lest being lifted up with pride he falls into the condemnation of the devil” (1 Tim. 3:6). It was pride that caused Lucifer’s fall and subsequent condemnation. The snare of pride is a deadly peril to which new converts should never be wilfully subjected. Nothing does more to set a person out of the devils reach than humility.

The website I've quoted shows the effects of what pride does to you. Some things are also true for those of which have excessive pride in particular, but let us see what is the actual and true definition of pride which is in more detail and found below :





Noun noun: pride; plural noun: prides

1. a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of one's close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

"the faces of the children's parents glowed with pride"

synonyms: pleasure, joy, delight, gratification, fulfilment, satisfaction, sense of achievement; comfort, content, contentment

"many craftsmen take pride in a good job well done"

•a person or thing which arouses a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction.

"the pride of the village is the swimming pool"

synonyms: source of satisfaction, pride and joy, darling, apple of someone's eye, treasured possession, admiration, object of admiration, joy, delight, marvel

"the large vegetable garden was the pride of the hospital gardener"


the best state of something; the prime.

"in the pride of youth"

2. consciousness of one's own dignity.

"he swallowed his pride and asked for help"

synonyms: self-esteem, dignity, honour, self-respect, ego, self-worth, self-image, self-identity, self-regard, pride in oneself, pride in one's abilities, belief in one's worth, faith in oneself; amour proper

"the triumphs of war were a source of pride to them"

•the quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one's importance."

The ideology of the right hand path, has a tendency that one is otherwise humble in contrast to pride, whereby it’s meaning is exactly like this :








adjective: humble; comparative adjective: humbler; superlative adjective: humblest

1. having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance.

"I felt very humble when meeting her"

synonyms: meek, deferential, respectful, submissive, self-effacing, unassertive; modest, unassuming, self-deprecating, free from vanity, hiding one's light under a bushel; obsequious, sycophantic, servile; 

antonyms: proud, overbearing

•(of an action or thought) offered with or affected by a modest estimate of one's importance.

"my humble apologies"

2. of low social, administrative, or political rank.

"she came from a humble, unprivileged background"

synonyms: low-ranking, low, lowly, lower-class, plebeian, proletarian, working-class, undistinguished, poor, mean, ignoble, of low birth, low-born, of low rank; common, commonplace, ordinary, simple, inferior, unimportant, unremarkable, insignificant, 

"she came from a humble, unprivileged background"

antonyms: noble

3. (of a thing) of modest pretensions or dimensions.

"he built the business empire from humble beginnings"

synonyms: unpretentious, modest,  plain, simple, ordinary

"welcome to my humble abode"

antonyms: grand

1. cause (someone) to feel less important or proud.

"he was humbled by his many ordeals"

synonyms: humiliate, abase, demean, belittle, lower, degrade, debase, bring down, bring low; mortify, shame, put to shame, abash, subdue, chasten, make someone eat humble pie, take down a peg or two; informal put down, cut down to size, settle someone's hash; informal make someone eat crow "


It is then of course up to the individual to choose the road they actually want. It’s as though not everyone is destined to live the same kind of life. Something St.Francis of Assisi used to say was, “I've got nothing, but everything all at once”, However then one may reach such extremes that a person such as St.Francis ends up hating the earthly life. The priests in fact used to beat themselves up as corporal punishment, he also used to say for example throw himself amongst thorns because he was obsessed about sin.

Nowadays it is not as popular this thing however, it is a fact that there are people that exaggerate and end up not putting on make-up, do not dress up in an attractive, appealing and sexy way, or in a fashionable way because psychologically they start hating the beauty present in earthly things, that according to them is not beautiful at all and possibly is considered as a sin. Though, there is of course nothing much I can do about such individuals at it is clear they prefer themselves that way and can content themselves that way.

To me, it’s a heresy where if you’re living in a world and do not feel proud and be individualistic and authentic in this world in itself via success. In contrast there are those that are superstitious and get scandalised easily, not to mention that they are happy with whatever comes their own way without really questioning it. I'm not going to judge and ask which is the right road to go, if it’s the right hand path or the left hand path. Because there are some people that can tell you that they are happy as they are. But personally I believe that for a person to be complete, they should be fulfilled in the seven chakras. Not go to the extreme of the crown chakra – the spirit and dislike the root chakra – the earthly life, we aren't talking about this kind of thing here, and one shouldn't live that life vice versa either. It is good to balance  all  things in my opinion. 

When I am talking about spirit here, I am referring to the consciousness that there are some kinds of energies which are cosmic, you can call it whatever you like. It can be called ‘Supreme being, unmoved mover’ or some sort of aura/vital energy that is bigger than you. Being a Satanist for me it is also considered to be positive and living in a healthy way in all seven chakras and if one consider the true essence of black magic, and believing in yourself that "I AM", you are being complete. It’s good to mention, that Anton LaVey believed in forces but hid behind the mask of atheism in my opinion which is a good philosophy and from being sceptic one can move on to science, with proofs, facts and logic, follows also the metaphysics, for example the formation of atoms, the origin of the elements : earth, water, fire, air, and one can otherwise conclude that it’s possible that there are other Smaller elements under the dark particles. Albert Einstein has mentioned where Dark Matter is concerned, that is under the sub atomic particles. It may be the case that beyond that dark matter, there is the spirit or the energy that is in the atom, there are some who say that  an atom consists of : matter, consciousness and from the spirit or ‘energy’. All this originates from Egypt, from gnostic teachings, and kept on being spread around the Greek Philosophy, that from forth has been derived the four elements that Anton La Vey himself, had used in the Satanic Rituals.

Practically the difference between the right hand path and the left hand path is, that the left hand path allows you to believe in yourself, believe in sciences, reason and logic, even scepticism and live a fulfilled life, and appreciate life and nature, in contrast to whomever lives in a different way in the right hand path. There are many debates on if pride is good or bad, but I still think that there is nothing wrong in feeling proud, and having a high-self esteem, praise yourself, aim for perfection, believe you can reach wherever you like and also being a bit  narcissistic. 

Epicurus Sep 17 '14 · Tags: pride
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Proud to announce three new members !

Lucian Greaves ( Satanic Temple founder )

Brian Werner ( Satanic Temple founder & singer of Vital Remains )



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You may have  noticed the new library. Feel free to add to it. Make a link to a PDF file like I did.
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Sleeping and dreaming in this miserable darkness make up.
Certain for sure of empty congregational movements along the river bed.
Some still steal looks, pain is the reason for cowards beliefs.
Are you bold enough to be a coward like me?
None to guide my way in this hasty dusty tunnel to the underground.
Where I write my post it notes and farewells to those I've long since noticed have left.
Poetry is but the long hoped for excuse of wanting to be alone.
Cover my face with sunlight, burning greatness at the weakness in me.
Rattling bones as I close in on myself.
She was just the We in Because not needed.
I waited for Your sign in the night skies along the tree lines just like old times.
Times times and half a time, need not be does it matter ?


Drucifer Sep 12 '14 · Rate: 5 · Tags: poetry, poem, 666
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Welcome new registered members! We appreciate your support and look forward to your further involvement.


Dan Slaughter

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Everdina Kloos

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Welcome new members Enomar, Unhollyroller and apprenticeofsatan!

Thanks for being part of the team.

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Irrespectively of what others think, I'll write out from my own experience, of what is the perspective of Satanism for me.

After a couple of instances and experiences in my life, of what Catholicism really is,  philosophy and even Satanism itself I can actually say that nowadays, I can speak from all different viewpoints as though I'm talking as a representative of these I've mentioned without others really knowing of what I actually feel and think in reality.

This is where the 'Socratic Method' is actually really implied where one understands of what an individual is going through and possibly experiencing, this because, many Christians make assumptions and accuse Satanists with doings that are actually false and vice versa which is not the case.

For me Satanism is a tool, like a hammer to your head, and makes you realise and analyse of what and who you really are. Personally, when I look at the symbol of the baphomet and pentagram, psychologically, it helps one to understand the question of - who am I really?

I look at the structure of the baphomet in itself, I look at the masculine outline and detail of the horns, and remember of the potential that there is within myself as an individual asking myself who am I really? The real Satan in me.

Automatically, the answer to this question follows of what and who I really am - the conscious.

To add to this, you are whoever you are is dependant on the past experiences and the input that has been injected into your mind. That shapes your character, one cannot' exclude the inherited genetics from a scientific point of view. 

If one goes back in time, an individual may realise with their own identity of who they really are during those first six months of their early existence. They will know they exist, but they do not really know who they are. I'm going to reveal the secret of how I know of all this.

Satanism is the study not worship mostly, but more about worship of your true self and this is the key to everything in Satanism, it's a summary of everything put  in one of that with what makes you your true inner self.

I'm going to now hit the nail on the head, one cannot figure out and understand their inner self and who they really are on their own. One closes themselves up in isolation without a book, without methods of communication, without anything at all, completely bare and understand something about yourself because you'll be like that tribe in Africa where you are like some sort of animal - you solely exist but do not reach up to your full potential. Thus, this means that an individual essentially needs interaction with other individuals especially individuals that spend around 20 years that study about certain subjects such as History, Psychology and Science, where then comes along you the "all knowing" and (proud) Satanist thinking that you've actually accomplished the knowledge of these individuals who have studied 20 years, because you think you're your own God, and are able to figure things out all on my own and no one should interfere with my idea of what is right and wrong - you're only limiting yourself from experiencing and learning better things in this case.

After all this, you cannot be a Satanist unless you have an interest about your true self, and ask yourself who are you, where did I come from, how the universe came to be, where is the language coming from practically the Satanist is the philosopher and to accomplish this knowledge I'm going to give some spoon-feeding of this knowledge.

You need to read books. You need to watch documentaries about everything. After reading this, go and search on you-tube for example, what is conscious? what is time? and similar questions and watch these documents with all due respect towards everyone, the real knowledge isn't going to be accomplished solely by opinions on a forum, it's nearly impossible that in a forum you actually write-express  a 2 hours documentary and more on a forum. So pick up your book on say Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Neuroscience and put your ass down on the blasted chair, couch or whatever you've got and start reading or watching  documentaries. I'm talking about and figure out for yourself. On how the mind truly works, of what is conscious, subconscious, what dreams are and so on.

Here I'm going to talk about something that 90 per cent of the Satanists won't agree with here.

Mix with Christians, go to the meetings and gatherings of Christians, and read that bible. How can you criticise a subject that you do not understand about? - the same I used to do when I was Catholic, I used to mix with Christians ( non denominational) to see the differences between them. The same I've done with Satanists, and go to their areas, In shelters underground  or wherever the heck they used to gather. I used to read their material and built a whole library on the subject. Nowadays I can understand 3 different perspectives of mindsets and that  is what makes one a true Satanist - the knowledge of who you truly are, to understand yourself, you need to understand what others are and finally gather what really makes you fulfilled in life.

Personally I wear that pentagram as  a reminder that tells me listen, you're a Satanist, you're a Philosopher, you're in a world in a realistic way and make use of the knowledge you've got with the aid of logic because if I do not wear it and do not have that reminder, it is easy for me to get distracted. It is easy for my mind to get lazy and live in dreaming and fantasy which are also a part of an individual's life, but only to make one happy for a limited period of time, no matter how much you need them.

However I also believe that you need a balance of everything in life. One needs a balance between fun of life and breaking your ass on your chair and being realistic and actually study. Knowledge is power.

Hail Satan  

Epicurus Sep 10 '14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: cogito ergo sum
Epicurus Member

What is ID? The ID is a clue or blueprint of who you are. It can be on an internal level about you knowing yourself better or on an external level how society recognises you.

Internal in this case refers to concious and subconscious, and will talk more about what ‘recognition’ really means.

In pre-modern times, the word identity and recognition was not really widely known because everybody had their own place in the level of society. For example, if you were born on a ranch and your family has been farming all your life, your identity will be recognised as a farmer. This thing can also be found in the ideology of the church, where it had the power that you ‘keep quiet’ and do not question it’s authority. This is still ongoing in the ‘State’ where one of the slogan’s says ‘In God we Trust’ in the US, or in England ‘God Save the Queen’ and more recently in Islam that is an enormous global threat currently for us – Irrespective of what belief, moral or ethical standards you behold.

This instrumental reasoning thus needs to be stopped before it otherwise annihilates ourselves. I’ll come to to the point in this. I'm irritated by the fact, that a person poses as a Satanist and close up within themselves, with the argument that they are in favour of personal individualism and are careless of what is going on around them.

A person like this is not looking at the ‘common good’ of Satanism in itself and is otherwise self-defeating themselves in this case and giving the idea that he is ‘gathering the knowledge’.

I don’t want to give the idea that I am against individualism and authenticity because I believe that one is free to live in whichever way they choose to live in.

However if one takes their ‘individualism to the extreme’, one will end up isolating themselves, go against your own nature where we know that in Satanism we are in favour of nature rather than against. We ourselves have a ‘tongue’ we have a ‘language’. If you remove the faculty of ‘language’ in itself, you will be killing yourself. Language is there for you to transmit this in a wise way.

It is not really of importance to me, who will acknowledge or not this principle so long as I am authentic. I am aware that one needs to be careful of how to tell things as LaVey himself says.

If individualism is taken to the extreme, one will end up with no dialogue, no recognition in society, no friends, no love(no girlfriend) and end up alone and no one and eventually dead. We are in ourselves after all here to live in a society.

Is it possible that in truth the thing of not wanting to share your own knowledge is because you can say something silly and could be made fun of? The biggest Satanists that exist are young children, because they ask everything and are curious about everything. 

Whoever goes against what I am saying, is being disrespectful towards LaVey himself who transmitted his message to us through the Satanic Bible and also towards this community in itself because you cannot be in a website community if you say that you do not care that you do not care about the rest of the world. It’s a sort of paradox so to speak.

One should be an individualist, authentic, live in a society and be proud to be a Satanist. I'm referring to ‘society’ as even two individuals. It’s enough you don’t need a whole mass or group of people. That’s your thing as to how much you want to extend your own message.

Obviously, depending on how much you are going to extend the message you will have people in favour or against you.

If you are going to extend your belief into more than two people do not do it, unless it’s for your own personal gain, for your own pride, and if possible also, for your own personal value.

What do I mean by value? – A Satanic value, when you transmit your own value to others, and others receive that value I am not excluding the fact that you will of course have followers and followers equals money therefore, value equals money.

You aren't fooling  people but you’re giving them value, and you’re getting paid for such a value. An example is the Christian community. The Christian’s give the money to their God for an abundant life and possibly even ‘heaven’.

Satanism can also be used as a business method. If you use Satanism for business, you need to keep a rule in mind, that you are honest and do not make fun of, or fool people. This means, value for money. Many metal bands have otherwise achieved fame and money from making use of 'Satan's name. Personally I say they did well if they recognised the business knowledge. The important thing is that they make people happy with what they are giving.

That is the way, but I admire the fact, that you can be generous and whoever is generous is more honourable and noble that you are giving out your knowledge for free and is really looking at the common good.

Whatever you choose no matter how, the most important is, that the people are satisfied and that you allow the Satanic blood run fervently within such people. Here I'm going to mention a list of people who are individualistic, authentic and surely did not hoard their knowledge solely for their good selves because otherwise their philosophy is already dead. Now it is up to you if you want to add to this list ( dead or alive it does not matter).

-All the philosophers ( Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, Friedrich Nietzsche)

-Sigmund Freud ( the father of psychoanalysis who contributed much in the psychological and psychiatric field)

-Jesus Christ ( whom many have made business from)

-Anton Szandor LaVey


-Adolph Hitler

-John Paul The Great

and many more but this is just to name a great few.....


I do hope that whoever reads what I've written, will really recognise what is their identity, as a true Satanist if they really want to succeed.

Please do note that the value of all this is that one should live a ‘social’ life with whomever is deemed worthy for this and do not go outside yelling, “Hey everyone I'm a Satanist!” if you are aware you’ll only bring disaster to your own self. If you are going to show yourself who you truly and really are, be sure that you are also doing it in favour of your own good self or for the identity of this society thus increases, even if you end up being an martyr for such an ideology and be remembered as a ‘hero’.


Hail Satan!



Epicurus Sep 7 '14 · Tags: identification, business
Smelly Cat Member


I'd really like to throw this one into the mix, described to me as Weird Science but with the Devil instead of a cute broad being summoned from a nerd's computer - Stars Clint Howard as a bullied geek who wreaks havok via a supercompuer, it was banned in the UK by Maggie Thatcher in her war on so-called Video Nasties, at the time Maggie was palling around with Jimmy Savile and screwing the miners.

Smelly Cat Sep 5 '14 · Tags: satanic movies
Epicurus Member

Where 'love' is concerned  there are 2 particular kinds I shall be discussing about that are:

1. Eros

2. Agape


Eros is the kind of love that involves self-interest, is based on an ego-centric foundation and is based on the need that one feels themselves fulfilled in return.

Agape is based more on an unconditional love, self giving, self-sacrificial, and self-giving foundation. However I see that it contains a paradox in a way because of the the 'give & take' concept it involves, which is why I still see that it is otherwise fulfilling.

Let's go into further detail :


Theologically speaking, meaning love that is centred more towards the Christian view, bends more towards the 'agape' aspect of love rather than 'eros'.

As regards 'Eros' one may find many quotes within Scripture that condemn, particularly lust induced feelings, found in the nature of humans and to make use of 'Eros' for means of procreation - please do correct me if I'm wrong in this. 

What is the satanic love and what is it all about?


Anton LaVey does not condemn anyone to not 'love'. He does not make any distinction between agape and Eros in this. Rather he says (for those of you who have read the Satanic Bible) on the topic of love and hate.


"SATANISM represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on


You cannot love everyone; it is ridiculous to think you can. If you love everyone


everything you lose your natural powers of selection and wind up being a pretty


judge of character and quality. If anything is used too freely it loses its true


Therefore, the Satanist believes you should love strongly and completely those

who deserve your love.." Satanic Bible

So in other words LaVey has told us it is allowed to love but in a 'wise' way.

A huge bad mistake that some people from the right hand path have done, possibly even those on the left hand path as well (Theistic Satanists), and amongst them New Agers, those involved in the occult ie; wiccan's and the Christians alike, have said that the 'spirit' goes against 'the body'. Therefore if one want's to mediate they believe in removing all sexual distractions, and focus more on the spirit not the body as they go against each other.

In my view and interpretation, a LaVeyan Satanic love gives more gain than this way of thinking because it focuses more on the 'authentic self', the 'individualistic self', the ego and your own potential in an earthly way meaning that you are part of the elements of the world - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Personally, I believe that one needs to have a balance between both i.e; 'spirit' or 'external' and also 'internal' which is ego-centric, depending on the situation that comes ahead of you. Therefore a LaVeyan satanic love is much more whole from this point of view - therefore it makes one feel 'complete' as a human being.

When I mentioned the 'spirit' I wasn't referring to LaVey being Theistic, but rather Atheist in this method of reasoning. The idea of 'spirit' that I have mentioned, could be interpreted both as an energy that is present around the world that controls everything. It could also be referred to as the 'law of attraction' that is like a magnet in the world, where whatever one focuses on, will attain more of it because you would have otherwise attracted it. It could also be that this 'spirit' is the same chemical of 'love' characteristics present in the human mind - the same chemical 'adrenaline' which can be also 'orgasmic' energy in a negative form or positive form, all present within man.

What can we actually conclude from all this?


If you take a look above at all that has been written, indirectly I'm stating that 'love' which is an abstract thing cannot be defined, except by it's attributes, and hence in reality 'love' in itself does not really exist, and not even hate but it does actually exist where the circumstance actually brings forth this chemical and energy that there is in us. A Satanic love teaches you, that one should be a 'wise devil' and be aware that around you there are other 'devils', in a metaphorical sense that exist that can actually break you, abuse of you and take everything away from you. This is why the Satanic bible tells you that "Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wastedon ingrates!Satanic Bible.

In other words it means that you should love those that are worthwhile, and hate your enemies with as much passion.

A Satanic Authentic Love- Defined


A Satanic Authentic love, implies, the self determinative freedom  - self determinative love, self-determinative sexual orientation. It is an individualistic and social love.

We are not hermits, we are social animals to give and to receive and vice versa and has a self value without any special explanation for it and this is when one realises that in the 'Satanic love' on has the concept of diversity, where the right hand path is biased.

The Satanic love, is not a way of modernity a fashion or a narcissist love.

Being like the rest of the people for example 'fashion' where media portrays how one is supposed to live and act in order to be 'cool' without being original because you figure yourself out and have that self-pride within. This also means that you are otherwise not authentic and the same for Satanic love.

 To conclude, Satanism helps one to figure out real love without prejudice, helps you find out your true self, and figure out what you really want in a wise way. I am aware of the fact that there are those that will disagree with me because they are extremists and concentrate only on an internal point of view in these matters and think that the spirit goes against the body, therefore they focus only on the body. 

Epicurus Sep 4 '14 · Tags: love
Epicurus Member

Do I have to  boast that I am a Satanist ? 

I am a person who is in favour of authenticity and admire who has the courage and show their beliefs and choice of lifestyle as they really believe in what they are doing and saying. Looking at my own experience when I was authentic, boastful and always running around with a Christian Bible everywhere allowed me to make a hit because I became more famous and some people did actually get closer to me. However some people also built a bigger and greater wall between myself and them.

That one is publicly authentic means that you’ll be more productive and efficient in a favourable way for you but you will also have the same force against you. If you see back in history, famous people that are looked at as ‘hero’s like say : ‘Socrates’, ‘Napoleon’, ‘Hitler’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Dr Anton laVey’, ‘Joan of Ark’ and the like.

However you end up seeing that such people ended up either killed and through the ages ended up being considered as ‘Hero’s’ or instead they had this force both in favour and against them.

But if all this  fine to them and they were happy it it, OK that is good. Personally, even though one may not agree with this, I would prefer being inspired from Plato’s words because he was "wiser", much more "A devil" . I will explain why.

I ll give the example of a wood worm that bores it’s way in slowly slowly every day, is invisible but more efficient. You’ll realise it’s  actually there, or maybe realise that sooner or later, but by then the work would've been all done.

For those of you who know the writings of ‘Plato’ I'm referring to the ‘Allegory of the Cave’ I'm going to provide a link with the animation of it, where it’s worthwhile to look at it and it’s pretty much original as well.

If a person feels that they should publicly fight for their rights they are free to do so although there are certain consequences behind such behaviour. But I prefer to even enrol in organisations, institutions and groups that have different beliefs and slowly slowly everyday I am otherwise influencing and indoctrinate indirectly and when the right time comes if and when for me to give my final sentence. It could be by the use of a vote or a lightening bolt in the brink of day. Well I could even end up like these authentic people that have otherwise publicised themselves that had a great opposition.

Lemme give an example. Imagine, the president of America saying openly he’s a Satanist – what would people think of him then? I think he wouldn't last long another day in his post as President.

I believe that sooner or later whatever is hidden and wicked all will someday be exposed and truth will otherwise prevail and it will make you be seen as a traitor, a hypocrite, false, but the message will still be transmitted though more efficient for the people in the society to change their ideas.

The strategy can also lead to the victory of a war in fact most of the people which are widely known that are on the end of the "dark side" all seem to be or have been chess players, is that a coincidence ? . 

Plato's Allegory of the Cave click below

Epicurus Sep 3 '14 · Comments: 1
Epicurus Member

For those of you who read the Satanic Bible, there is the concept of us having an animistic instinct present in us as individuals. It is the philosophy based on earthly things were man and living things are concerned.


There have been people in the course of the past that also gave their own definitions of what the human is. Aristotle was one of them and  looked at humans as a rational and political animal for definition.  He also believed that the public life was much more virtuous than the private one. One can come to the conclusion that, man is also a social animal as opposed to other animals. The animistic instinct is always going to ‘think’ about one’s own interests and in the animal kingdom I agree with Friedrich Nietzsche where he says that ‘survival of the fittest’ hence ‘might is right’ is otherwise correct and we have the rational side too to think before we act.

It is otherwise irrelevant if you are in a political system of socialism, democrats, liberalism, dictatorship. No system is by any means perfect and there are always people who either will be the wisest or else whoever has the majority that will win.

A population can also be utterly ‘stupid’ and ‘ignorant’ or ‘devoid of knowledge’ and still the majority will overpower the rest.

Seeing as individualism is an egocentric thing meaning particularly as ‘I am my own god and I want to find my own path...’ I will try to show the downside of such individualism in favour of the solutions given of the effects of such an individualism.

It’s nice that one feels free, that one has their own authenticity and I encourage it as well however I do not encourage the fact that there could be a tendency for people to be ego-centric and careless from the rest of society. In fact in the topic of love and hate present in the Satanic Bible, La Vey states that you love people that deserve such a response from you "  Therefore, the Satanist believes you should love strongly and completely those who deserve your love"(Satanic Bible).

Individualism could result in instrumental reasoning in the modernised society of today. Instrumental reasoning means that companies amongst them also hotels or factories, increase the production of what they produce, decrease the involvement of people because of the fact that technology is always increasing for the object to work and at the same time decreasing the value of the product being produced  OK there is the fact that there is more work for technical people. I'm talking more on economic factors here that in itself there is the same concept of "might is right" because the company in itself is thinking about it’s own individualism. The same concept is given in politics where politics is the future of a country and is also the future of the same teachings LaVey himself taught here.

I am saying this because one may with their ‘I don’t care thinking’ not care about contributing politically or transmitting their own message out there. So what happens? – A higher level of thinking which is more powerful is more dominant in the society. I am referring to the influence of religion in both the US and European Parliament. If we really want an otherwise secular country or implement the principles of satanic philosophy, we need to out rule the majority with Democracy. Many boast and put up avatars of Friedrich Nietzsche and say out loud that “might is right” but at the same time we are allowing a government to reign and influence the country through their own religion.

The conclusion is that with the same individualism and ego-centric philosophy, one can actually loose their own freedom of expression if we do not willingly participate in the so called Democracy. Now it’s up to you to think over these words and determine the future of Satanic Philosophy.





Epicurus Sep 2 '14 · Tags: authenticity
Epicurus Member

Well being an ex-extreme Christian  who loved the almighty God  I can say that I understand  the mind set of a real Christian.  

When one enter sin that "why"of life for a person who truly loveGod, he will do anything so as not to hurt God.The closer you become to God,the more you will be concious about not sinning and will rebuke lust, because lust is against the spirit.  

Taking  a quote from Jesus himself " But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart"- It is a tiny wee bit unrealistic since 'man' is somewhat sexual. Yes one needs to learn the meaning of 'control' in sexuality but it's a bit exaggerated from my own viewpoint. Even though I see nothing wrong about it.

Believe me, you're more likely to end up hypnotized  to  a point  that  when you sin, that sin will grow each time,guilt will increase and more guilt you feel each time the more you will repeat that sin again.   

They say Jesus will set you free because  he already paid for our guilt by dying on the cross to save us all from the Last Judgement. That statement in itself will eventually rest your mind that on the fact that when  you sin you give all the guilt  to Jesus(Note the external being).It's the magic formula that keeps you going and which eventually removethe guilt and allows you to leave everything in God's hand and alas for him to also do the job.   What is the problem of all this ? One can say it is not a problem. But wait what happens when I fall again and again in the same sin?

Is that actually a problem?   Are you really free in that situation? I think the answers to these are a big 'NO'.   It's a no because in that situation one is taking for granted that an external being is solving that habit for you, it does not matter which kind.    

When I started practising the Satanic philosophy I discovered one thing. That it's OK to be guilty, why  is this?Guilt is the inner "voice" that showyou what is right and wrong for you.  So what am I exactly saying here? That you're the one responsible here guilt or not.  

Voilà. There you go,the magic formula for YOU not God not blaming Satan for it.

It's an internal thing not external.  La Veyan Satanism is based on the individuality of the person and YOU meaning that,I have to deal with my stupidity. I am GOD, I am powerful , I can ,  I am , I have got the potential, I decide what is wrong in me. That will increase the potential  in you to believe in yourself anbe what you want  in life.   So  when you are feeling the guilt feeling, meditate on it and ask yourself this: What is my mind and body saying?   

I've got to believe in myself and take responsibility about things myself and also change things myself!  When  you do that you'll see the difference in your life and things will start to make more sense to you.

Ave Satana! 

Epicurus Sep 1 '14 · Tags: psychology, satanistm

From a thinkers & writers perspective

Since people here seem to post their experiences and thoughts I thought it is about time I started posting mine too.

I was indoctrinated to be religious for most of my life. Unlike others I already used to start thinking with my logical perspective. Why things should be as they dictated and so on. Up until the moment was about seven years of age I never had a care in the world except seeking to do what was right and trying to reason out things and of course doing my best to please my family.

My biggest pitfall came at around the age of seven when I lost someone. He was the last person I thought I would loose, I prayed to 'God' desperately to bring him back to me, as my family told me it was the only thing I could do....well I was wrong. I concluded that if God really cared, the God they preached to me about then he would have never allowed it.

I was torn and tormented bound by a promise I had made to him before his death that I intended ( and still do) to maintain. But I didn't know evil marked, I was so enveloped in my own misery my key point was solely - survival. How it mattered was of little importance to me.

I met someone a few years later, someone who was at my father's funeral, someone who knew what I had been through, someone who knew my mother from an early age, someone who bought my families trust and loyalty, someone who would change life's meaning and someone who destroyed me in most ways I thought were impossible - Ironically enough, he was supposed to be a man of God, however weakened by his own obsessions.

I was ten. I didn't know much about life, nor the world, my family kept me innocent, pure and uncorrupted. I had to go to secondary school and go to PSD classes to actually understand 'something' of what was really going on.

I became a rebel. I tormented anyone who dared to oppose me, I stood up to my bullies. If I got slapped, I wouldn't make a whole scene of it I would just accept it and move on. It urged my bullies to go on but they never had the essence to really break me.

Whilst I was tormented and living in my dark and twisted little world, I even laughed at my friends because they were viewed as pathetic in my eyes. Pathetic because of their innocence.

However, I did have a very close friend. She never pressed me for what was going on with me, her simple friendly gestures just grounded me. They gave me a reason to not be completely corrupted and devoured by the darker side of me.

Now one would ask me. Why didn't you talk ask for help? He was  a man of God. He knew what he was doing because he never left enough bodily proof of what he did to me, he never allowed himself to do that mistake. My family looked at him as though he was almost their savior and there was little I could do, especially because he sad if I talked he would take everything I ever loved. My mother being one of them. He also worked within the higher ranks of the Church the Church was regarded almost higher than law back then. Fear when dominant can lead you to conceal anything -so long as it allows you to protect those who you love and care for.

When I was thirteen the frustration, tension, emotional and psychological chaos began getting at me. My religious faith went down to zero. I challenged anyone who dared to prove me otherwise. I met a fair few decent people but it never inspired me enough to radically change. Darkness got a hold of itself and I began actually practicing it, looking for it's deeper meaning and indulging in things barely any teenager should ever do.

Me and a few friends decided to play the Ouija board and I laughed all the way telling them it was amusing how imagination could evoke such interesting things thus turning them into reality. Nah. That was not what I was looking for, but it opened my mind to start searching and likewise I did.

But whilst I was searching, the key came to me. Someone handed me Anton Szanzor LaVey's Satanic Bible and I knew it would change me in more than one way.

But I was still interested in the spiritualistic aspects of it so I investigated deeper into occultism.

By the time I was fifteen I was so dark, tormented and depressed I barely cared for my own existence any longer. I just did what I had to, to survive and I did what I could to keep my promise.

Obviously I built my own standards and belief, doubted in almost everything and didn't care much for anything or anyone. I had had more than enough by then.

Luckily I never resorted to the use of drugs. But I did get drunk a few times just to get rid of some memories that were haunting me.

I had migraines almost all the time, people thought I was making it up no one made an effort to understand me, so instead of opening up and trying to find a solution I literally closed down.

From the moment I was sixteen up until I was seventeen I met someone who inspired me enough to divert my route of choice. I tried, I did it to the best of my abilities. I became Christian again, I read the bible, prayed and was pretty much ok with what was going on even though judgment from my family did not help me much.

I was definitely much happier, people who knew me asked me what the hell happened to me, because the spark of radiance, love and joy was there. They didn't see the darker side of me that they were so accustomed to.

I stripped away all objects related to occultism , evil and Satanism I chose God iin my life, I even baptized myself in his name to confirm it and I lived his word to the best, attended charismatic services, helped and prayed with others...

But clearly there was something that wasn't balanced. There was something that wanted to remind me who I was what I REALLY was, and that I actually belonged to darkness.

The experience as horrific as much as it was enlightening, up unto this day after consulting with experts AND researching non stop I'm not fully sure what it was, no was I alone.I've witnesses to this story but that is up to you to believe not for me to indoctrinate you about it. I know it changed, me once again. I began doubting in everything I was taught, my rebel nature began to kick in again, and I was returning back to the person I originally was.

Now because I unluckily have what we all 'repressed memory' I have only flashes of what actually occurred to me. What I concluded was that I was all mind generated that it was a mental breakdown because of the confusion going n my mind between choosing the path of darkness or the path of light. Clearly God wasn't there in all the suffering and pain I had to endue and inflict on others unintentionally. I'm not proud of it, but I'm glad to say that I rose up from my own ashes, from the dust I myself created and resurfaced as something stronger, something more real, with a story to share and with a lesson to teach.

Today I can say I'm free. I'm an atheist that built her own philosophy and belief based on knowledge and past experience.

I favor logic and knowledge over spirituality and useless trifling methods to lead oneself into possible insanity. I thrive for knowledge learn and exchange experiences with others.

Last and foremost -I believe in myself and what I allowed myself to be.


Vold3mortia Aug 31 '14 · Comments: 4
Ayporos Chapter Head

I’ve seen far too many people ask and have been asked by far too many people how to become a Satanist or how to be a practitioner of the LHP. I will state this here, you cannot become a Satanist, nor can you become a practitioner of the LHP. You either are one or you aren’t, you cannot just wake up one day, read a book, say some ominous Latin phrases and become one just like that. Satanism and any other LHP philosophy are lifestyles and mindsets. Satanists are people who have innately got the personality traits and thought-processes that drive the Satanic idea and the LHP.

People of the Left-Hand Path are generally those who have always rejected self-proclaimed authority and demanded evidence and reason to believe something or give respect to people whom demand it. However, generally, those people whom demand respect are usually not worthy of it.

Practitioners of the LHP are born with the traits that make them practitioners of the LHP, whether they are consciously aware or not. A practitioner of the LHP simply realises that their personality and thought-process is not dissimilar to that of the various LHP philosophies. It is up to the individual as to whether they decide to use the LHP terms to describe themselves and their ideas or not. Some people may wish to stray away from using the names commonly used within the LHP for one reason or another. The LHP is a highly individualistic set of paths and philosophies however, the one thing that makes them all LHP philosophies are the core components of them which make them LHP.

Most, if not, all LHPs strive towards auto-deification, the act of turning oneself into a God. Be it literally or metaphorically.

Overall, the Satanist or LHP practitioner is not made, he/she is born and awakens to their true nature.

Ayporos Aug 23 '14 · Rate: 5 · Tags: left, satanism, lhp, hand, path, ayporos, earl, awakening
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